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New Listings

I get a lot of requests for things that aren’t listed in my online store yet. Items I DEF have in my porn closet, but just haven’t gotten around to listing yet.. The #1 request I get is for PANTIES! Sooo I took some time the other day and shot some new outfits/panties/bikinis to list in my store.. but I thought I would post the pics here on my blog first, to give you guys “first dibs.” AKA if anybody wants to buy them from me directly, instead of going thru an online store, it would be beneficial, and easier for both of us.. So here’s what I got:

Red polka dot fullback scrunch butt panties. I wear these around x-mas time. Wore them a lot on webcam. But they’re faded so I can’t do anymore shoots in them so thought I’d sell them to a lucky fan instead;) SOLD

Black and white thong bikini from Another item that doesn’t fit me perfectly anymore..

Black Lacey thongs SOLD


Fullback Black Lacey Panties SOLD


Cute purple Victorias Secret thongs I’ve worn in many webcam shows SOLD



green bikini


I’ll also sign these pics to you and throw them in with the panties if you want;)

My panties are always $55, the bikinis are $65, unless you live outside of the USA, then please add another $5 for shipping. Plz contact me for any serious inquiries. If they don’t sell, I will be listing them in my store in a few days from now..

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps-click on the pics to make them BIGGER (my new and improved blog that will be launched with my new and improved website will be so much better lol!)

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Pics/Gif From Last Week’s Feature Webcam Show

I just wanted to post some screen cap and a fun gif from the last weekly member’s feature webcam show.  If you weren’t there and/or you aren’t a member and watched it in the recorded show in the archives, this is what you missed:


I love my new VS bra/panty set!  I def need to get more lingerie in this color!:) panties seem to be stuck on my heels!;) hehee..

We do this every Wednesday here at The show is free for all members and we always have a great time!:)

Next show is a later one, 7-8pm this Wednesday. Cya there?

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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ScreenCaps From Last Night’s Feature Webcam Show

Last nite’s webcam show was great!  And I’m glad, since it’s the first webcam show of the year, I think we started off on a high note;)

I’m actually glad now that I had to reschedule the show, I had such a good turnout and a good crowd, so it all worked out better anyway:)  See?  Plan B always seems to be what works out for me in the end hehe!:)

Here’s some screencaps from the panty stuffing portion of last night’s member’s webcam show:

I haven’t panty stuffed in awhile.. not since the Golden Glamor Girl scene went live in November!  And I finally found something to match the rainbow thigh highs I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to work into every photoshoot I do.. BLACK..and naked!  So glad I finally figured that out LOL:)

If you are a member and you missed the show, no worries!  It was recorded and archived with the rest of the shows in my WEBCAM ARCHIVES page for you to watch whenever you want;)

And if ur not a member welllll.. ur missin out LOL!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps-Thank you @GoldenGamingGod for the screencaps!  You always seem to chose the most flattering pics.. thanx for that hehe!:)

I actually have more screencaps like this form my last 5 shows or so..if you guys like this blog post so much I could post more??

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Aaliyah Love Interview with Christys Panties

So I recently made a new friend who goes by the name of Christy. She is a sweetheart and a sexy girl who has beenruns panty auctions and even sells her own used panties, all for Breast Cancer Charities!  As many of you know, this is an issue close to my heart and I think what she is doing is so great!  I even helped, and we raised a total of $250 with my panties!
She recently contacted me to do an interview for her site, She was such a good question asker,and I was impressed with some of the long winded answers she got out of me, things I have never told before!  So I had to post it here for you all to read!:)

Lots of girls get into porn with a bottle of vodka, and lube, a killer smile, sensational titties and big dreams of making a splash in the industry. Some succeed. Most do not. Aaliyah Love is one of the real success stories, carving out a winning modelling career in magazines, solo girl sites, web-camming and now with her own very personal website,

I first met Aaliyah when she very generously donated her dirty panties, and her time, to help me raise money for Breast Cancer research. Now Aaliyah has very kindly agreed to tell us a bit more about herself, and I can’t wait to tell you more about this wonderful chicky babe.


This is Part One of her interview with me:

1. Hi Aaliyah, thanks for talking to me. First up, how long have you been in the adult modelling business?

I have been getting naked on the internet as a webcam girl for 5 years now, since I turned 18. Blazing Bucks and I launched my website, back in October 2008.

2. So what was your first job?

I started babysiitting when I was in 5th grade! I found a bike abandoned in the woods near my house and I took it home and cleaned it up and rode around my neighborhood putting up flyers I had made advertising my “professional and affordable babysitting services”. I used to run home from the bus stop afterschool and jump on my bike and ride off to my jobs! I think I charged $4 an hour. That was big bucks to me back then!!

I also started working at a local pet store when I was 15 years old. The youngest age to work there was 16, but I have always been a very convincing girl.;)  It was a fun job but I got to see first-hand how puppy mills worked and even then I knew how wrong it was. I felt so bad for the dogs and I saved up my money and spent $600 on a St. Bernard puppy that I was convinced needed me to save her. My Dad FLIPPED OUT when he found out. Needless to say I didn’t have that dog for very long.

3. As a teen, were you more sexually adventurous than most girls you knew?

Yes and no. I was always boy crazy and wanted to “fall in love” since I had my first boyfriend in 1st grade. I always chased the boys on the playground and tried to kiss them! As I got older, I always had a “serious boyfriend” and the guy I lost my virginity to when I was 16 years old was my high school sweetheart of two years! But I was always shy about my body and not very openly sexual at all!  I wasn’t the school cheerleader slut that lots of guys fantasize I was!

Recently I talked to one of my old best girlfriends from when I was like 17 or 18 years old and she couldn’t believe I am a webcam model now! She said “you used to wear baggy men’s t-shirts over your bathing suit on the beach so nobody would see your stomach or ass! You never wore makeup! Now you are on the cover of those dirty magazines my boyfriend keeps on the back of his toilet!?” LOL!


4. What’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?

On my high school football field’s 50 yard line was fun. So was fucking at the beach, in the water that was about waist deep with people standing all around us but no one knew. But the craziest probably was in the backroom of a small used CD store when I was working there, with a line of customers waiting for me to come out and ring them up. They could hear everything! I came out of the backroom with my hair all messed up and a big smile on my face hehe.

5. What do your friends and family think of your career choice? Have you tried to shield them from your choice to become an adult model?

I tried to hide it for a couple years and that went alright, until everyone figured it out, which was bound to happen..then that was alright too! Me and my Mom talk about it sometimes, but we never discuss details. She thinks it’s exciting I get to go to all of these crazy photo shoots and conventions, have an ad in Maxim magazine and do commercials. She is really proud of me actually. But I think she’s a little confused about what it is I really do because every time it comes up, she asks me if I have ever met the “Girls Next Door” and if I know what the latest gossip at the Playboy mansion is. If I do try to give specifics at all, she quickly changes the subject! She just says “I’ll make sure your father doesn’t see it or he would have a heart attack!” then asks me about my dog or the weather and I’m very respectful about it, of course.  I’m not trying to rub it in their faces!

My Aunt told me I look very pretty on my Myspace pics “like a pin-up girl, very tasteful and classy”. And my Dad and I never talk about it really..I tell him :I’ve been working a lot” or stuff like that.. he knows what i do but has no reason to talk to me about it, and I’m fine with that! I think my parents realize I am a grown woman who’s going to do what she wants no matter what, and they are going to love me no matter what. He just says “are you happy, are you healthy, are you safe?” and the answer is “YES YES YES!”, so he’s happy.

I had a great childhood and I love my parents so much.  I’m sure this job choice was a huge surprise to them, it was a surprise to ME!  But my Dad thinks it’s great I am living my life out here in California and I even overheard him say to my big brother once “She is where she belongs and she is living the single life out there.. taking chances and getting everything out of life that she can while she is young and beautiful!” and he sounded really happy for me, not worried or upset.. and that is important to me 🙂

6. Do you get recognised publicly? Has anyone ever given you a hard time? Yes I have been recognized just a couple of times, I even wrote a super long blog about every time in my blog at if you really want all of the funny details! Let’s just say I am usually dressed like a homeless person in sweatpants and no makeup every time I get recognized. Why?! LOL!

7. I see you’ve also done several girl-girl photo shoots and videos. This might be difficult to answer, but who’s your favourite girl you’ve worked with?

Oh I couldn’t play favorites! Every girl I’ve worked with has been amazing and totally “my type”!! Because I don’t make a living doing porn shoots, every girl/girl shoot I’ve done has been hand-picked by me!

Ashley Fires is a girl that makes lots of appearances on my site. She is one of my best friends out here and sooo fucking hot! We’ve done a couple webcam shows where we set up 2 webcams in the same room, and the members on got to see us from one angle, and the members on saw another. We had 1000+ chatters in each room during the entire chat! That was fun and what we did after the cameras were turned off was fun too! And now that we share the same photographer (and same company that manages out sites, Blazing Bucks!) everyone can expect Ashley to appear in lots of future pic/vid sets and webcam shows with me!!

8. We only ever see you doing solo or girl-girl stuff. Do you like boys?

I have never done a boy/girl scene unless you count when I make my photographer banter back and forth with me in the beginning of some of my videos on my site. I am bisexual and I love having sex with men and women. I just prefer to fuck my men off camera. B/G never even seemed like an option for me for many reasons, but I did webcam for a long time before I started my website, and it was mostly just me and my outfits and toys, solo…and sometimes I would bring in a girlfriend (or two!) and everyone seemed to love what I was doing.

What hurts my feelings is when people say things like “oh you must be a lesbian” or “you must not like men since you don’t even fuck them on your website” and that is sooooo not true! If I didn’t love men and if I didn’t love the cock, how could I spend all day, every day talking with them and getting off with them on webcam? For me, I can meet a girl and fuck the shit outta her on cam, or off, 5 minutes later, but with men it’s more intimate for me. I am very particular who I have sex with and I couldn’t just fuck a stranger just because we were paired together to shoot a scene that day…I guess that’s a big difference between me and the pornstars 🙂

I have tried to share some of my sexual stories about my sexual exploits with men on my blog but most of my members don’t want to hear about that, which I totally understand.:)


9. Do you see yourself ever doing boy-girl work?

As I already said, the answer for now is NO, but I am def going to keep doing more girl/girl scenes and pushing my limits and the types of girls I chose to fuck on camera..I have a lot planned for shoots in the future! I just posted my second all girl four some orgy on my featuring Wild Natalie, Trisha Uptown and Ariel Spinner!   Like I said..I always have so many plans for the future, so many dirty nasty photo shoot ideas, so little time. I have also been thinking of arranging a shoot where we can get like 10 hot girls in one place, set up a bunch of cameras and webcams and we all just fuck each other all day long! Imagine the possibilities!

I also have a “thing” for Asian girls and I’m always looking for more hot young Asian girls to fuck on camera, so if you know any, send them my way!

10. Now, your panties were a HUGE hit in my recent Breast Cancer Charity Pornstar Panty Auction. Have you ever thought of getting more involved in the used panty fetish?

I think I am pretty involved in the used panty fetish actually. I get asked to do panty stuffing all of the time for videos on and during webcam shows and lots of times guys will ask to buy those panties after. I get asked at least once or twice a month if I sell my panties, and the answer is always YES! Are there other ways for me to get involved in this fetish that I don’t know about yet? If so, please tell me!!

11. Finally, which celebrity would you most like to meet?

Give me 2 hours alone with Mark Wahlberg and I would rock his world! I mean, what girl hasn’t fantasized about Dirk Diggler? I also think Anderson Cooper is a very sexy silver fox grrr! And I admit, I have flicked the bean while watching Conan O’ Brien….wait, was this question which celeb I would like to meet, or fuck?

Thank you so much Aaliyah for letting me interview you and for putting up with my constant pestering LOL. I’m looking forward to Part Two which I’ll hopefully be able to put up really soon.

Ok guys, to see more of Aaliyah Love, or to contact her (she is so friendly and easy to talk to), just check out her details below. Oh and don’t forget to sign up for her website and check out her amazing cam shows!!!


Go to Christy’s site, to see the full interview, some of my fav pics I picked out for Christy, and all of the other fun stuff she has on her site, including future panty auctions that I might be participating in!:)

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