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Another Hot Scene Alert!

Every once in awhile, I do a scene that is so fucking hot, so sexy, so creative, or for whatever reason stands out in my mind, long after the handful of promo pics that circulate Twitter stop showing up on my timeline on the daily, I’m still thinking about it.. and I feel the need to tel everyone and SPREAD THE WORD that if they like my scenes, this is a scene that they MUST watch!!

I’ve shot MANY scenes for Naughty America, but this one is def one of my favs.. I would say top 3 for sure!;) (I’ve posted about one of these other 2 here in another blog post earlier this year, btw)

This scene is special to me for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is because my biggest fan, known on Twitter as @FYAaliyahLove and known on this blog and my webcam chatrooms as “kbal” actually write the script! And although I think the cupcakes and messiness and the feet might of been a little too much for some NA fans, I thought it was JUST RIGHT and I had a FUCK BLAST shooting this scene!!!:) If you watch it, you will see what I mean!

And here’s a sneak peek video of the scene.. and if you’re so inclined to see the rest of it, you can click thru there and get a membership! I have one, and I HIGHLY recommend it!;) NA is one of my favorite companies to shoot for, because the sex is NEVER scripted, or directed! They just say “Action!” and let us do whatever we want for 35min straight.. whatever happens during that time.. is what you see in the scene! I think that’s the best way not only to capture real, genuine passion and orgasms, but you get to see the real us come out thru whatever themes we are playing with!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

Butterfly Toes:)

So I was just checking in on my FetLife profile, and I was going thru my “list of fetishes” that I’ve been slowly putting together since I joined that website like a year ago. (I would just click here and there whenever something that interested me would pop up, but never really put too much time or thought into it) And for some reason, I just found this list highly amusing. And pretty accurate. Although, of course, there are many things I could add to the list.. And I would label them more “turn-ons” than “fetishes” of mine.. but that’s besides the point lol! So I just thought I would share my list.. and ask you all.. what would be on YOUR list?;)




being wanted, because i am worth wanting” (everything to do with it),

begging (receiving),

being a sex kitten (giving),

being happy because i am exactly who i am (everything to do with it),

black & white photography (everything to do with it),

black and white erotic photography (everything to do with it),

bondage art (receiving),

cbt (giving),

chastity devices (giving),

cock and ball torture (giving),

combining aggression and tenderness (everything to do with it),

creampie (receiving),

creativity (everything to do with it),

cuckold (giving),

cyber sex (everything to do with it),

daddy daughter roleplay (receiving),

eating her pussy while she gets high (receiving),

erotic photography (everything to do with it),

female superheroes (everything to do with it),

financial domination (giving),

fluency in english, sarcasm, and profanity. (everything to do with it),

foot worship (receiving),

forced cross cross-dressing (giving),

geisha (everything to do with it),

giggling while doing something really evil (giving),

humiliation (giving),

i’m allergic to bullshit & drama (everything to do with it),

intelligence (everything to do with it),

intelligence as well as beauty (everything to do with it),

JOI (giving)

kidnapping roleplay (everything to do with it),

kissing (everything to do with it),

male submission (giving),

modeling (everything to do with it),

multiple orgasms (receiving),

nude modeling (everything to do with it),

panty sniffing (giving),

photography (everything to do with it),

pussy worship (receiving),

role play (everything to do with it),

self awareness… creativity… passion (everything to do with it),

service-oriented male submission (everything to do with it),

service-oriented submission (receiving),

small penis humiliation (giving),

spanking (receiving),

superheroes (everything to do with it),

superheroine (everything to do with it),

talking in a sweet voice while you’re doing something really mean (giving),

unpretentious intelligence (everything to do with it),

webcam (everything to do with it),

youth, beauty, strength, intelligence, health (everything to do with it).


Pics From Recent Shoot

So last week I got together with my fav photographer, Alan E and shot 3 hot scenes for He was nice enough to share these pics on Tumblr/Twitter last night so I saved them to repost here for you all. These are the only pics from the 3 scenes I have seen so far, so we are all seeing these sneak peeks for the first time!:)

I just had to do the low pigtails again. I always love this look:) What’s not to love? pigtails by the pool!:) (FHCNTP, anyone?;)

Scene #2:

Scene #3

Also, I was going to do a members’ webcam show this weekend (last 2 days) to discuss SO MUCH with you guys.. but I got sick instead and spent the entire weekend in bed:( I’m actually going to the doctor tmrw morning. So that’s going to have to be rescheduled, I’m sorry guys!:(

I’m taking my sick ass back to bed now! Hope you all enjoy the pictures!;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

New Personal Pics Folder Added:Random Phone Pics 2011 Part 2

I finally finished and posted my next collection of candid pics in the personal folders section.. yay! It’s called “Random Phone Pics From 2011 Part 2” and, you guessed it, it’s pics I took with my phone from June 2011-Dec 2011..duh!:)

Boy did I have SO MANY pics to go thru, it took me HOURS and eyes are bleeding now I think!  But my picture sorting project is all done, and I can breath a sign of relief! Phew!:) Now it’s time for me to get to posting them for my members to see every intimate detail of my life off camera..

And just like the folder that comes before this one, “Random Phone Pics From 2011, Part 1” I continued to take a bunch of random pictures of my feet..

..and my shoes

and there are a lot of Summertime fun pics, especially from Disneyland, of course.

It’s really funny to see half of a year chronicled in silly pics such as:

This was OBVIOUSLY taken in Halloween.. aww Bear hates his little pumpkin costume..look at his sad face!  ..which makes it so FUNNY!

I got my new puppy Teddy Bear in September of 2011, so I had probably over 500 pics of him to wade thru, but don’t worry, I sparred you guys hundred of pics of Bear doing EVERYTHING and only posted 3 or 4 of the cutest or funniest ones:) Sometimes I think maybe I should just give Bear his own pic folder, what do you guys think?

I also had over 100 x-mas pics that I narrowed down to 6.. This is a Hello Kitty onesie my friends bought me for X-mas. I wore it for the rest of that day to make them laugh..and laugh they did!:) ..Its interesting to go back to my last personal pics folder to see what I did with the same x-mas decorations 2 years in a row. (Well, interesting to me anyways!)

This pic folder also contains more pictures than the last.. I think the 2nd half of 2011 was more interesting because I moved and got a new dog and started creating a new life for myself.  I think the excitement and happiness really shine thru in some of these pics. Some were really personal and/or not very flattering, not something you would see on a normal porn website.. but I decided to “let it all hang out” (I already do, why stop now!) and post them all.. I always say if I can’t make you cum I want to at least make you laugh and we can all have a good laugh at me together!:)

The next 3 folders I’m working on is a “Bloopers” folder (which I think is prob going to be the most popular folder, def the funniest!) “Personal Pics From 2012 Part 1,” and “Behind the Scenes Photoshoots From 2011” (this will be the next folder posted.. I’m almost finished putting them in chronological order.. yeah, I’m really OCD with my pics like that!)

I hope you guys these little extras on my website besides the main scenes and webcam shows, which are obviously the “main attraction” I think it gives me even more of a chance to share my life and my personality with you guys. Like I always ask, if you do happen to stop by my pics and if you like them, the best way to let me know is to leave a little comment. It doesn’t have to be thoughtful or a lot of effort put into it, even a simple “that’s hot” or “gross” or whatever, just lets me know that I’m not the only person that spends time in that part of my website.:)  AKA comments make me a happy little girl, and you want to make me happy, don’t you?:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

New Personal Pics Folder Added “Random Pics from 2011 Part 1”

I’ve been going thru a lot of folders of pics on my computer lately. When it comes to pics, all of my folders are anally categorized by date, photographer, etc. But when it comes to personal pics, it’s a MESS!  Many times I have dumped all of the pics from my phone to my computer, to be sorted later. So lately I have been picking thru folders with names such as:






So I decided to put these totally random pics to good use, and post some on my website for my members to enjoy!  I am going to sort them into 2011 and 2012 folders. Right now I am working on 2011 and working my way to the present.

So far I have sorted thru about 3000 pics. And I have learned something about my picture-taking style.. I take a LOT of pics of..

my feet

my pussy

and my dog

(although I left out all pics of my dogs, except for this weird, blurry pic. I just find it weird when girls put pics of their animals next to naked pics of themselves.. Besides, as cute as my dog is, I’m sure you guys wouldn’t appreciate the 500+pics I found of him in 2011 alone. Even I know, that’s a bit much)

Today I posted the folder “Random Phone Pics 2011, Part 1” (there will be a part 2 coming out soon, I plan on posting it in 2 weeks from now.) and I warn you guys, they are TOTALLY RANDOM. Why do I take pics of the weirdo things that I do sometimes? Who knows! But now you guys can enjoy the randomness too:) Some of the pics I remember where and when they were taken, and I try to put that in the description when I can. Others are just totally RANDOM pics.

Right now there are 56 pictures in this folder, and they were anally retentive-ly put in chronological order by me. Although I may add more pics to it in the future, I still have SEVERAL folder pics to go thru..ughhh. If and when I do, like anytime I add ANY personal pics to any folders, I will post it on the calendar here:

and also post a little blog to let you guys know.

So I hope you guys enjoy this little piece of my personal life that I’m sharing with you, and if you do, I hope you leave me comments on my pics so I know you do.  Stay tuned for more.. I have LOTS AND LOTS more to share with my sweet members:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

Sexy Toe Tease

Here’s a gif from yesterday’s  feature webcam show!  Somebody asked me to take off my super awesome purple owl socks to show off my tiny toes, so I did!:)

It was a fun show with a good crowd, I feel like the feature shows are getting better and better with every show I do, esp since I’ve set in stone doing them on Wednesday nights!

Thank you everyone who comes to my shows and shows me love, you guys rock!  I love my job so much and I wouldn’t be able to do it without you, so I am always grateful for you, my sweet members!:)

So what is everyone doing this weekend?  I have no plans except to work and get an AIM test, fun fun!  That’s what I get for slacking off all week I guess hehe!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

My View From the Bathtub
Ode to Food Fucking!

To commemorate the food fucking scene that will be going live tomorrow morning here at I thought I’d post a little blog about some of the food fucking scenes I have done in the past..

mmm..yummy grapes!:)

I’ll give you one guess what happens to this strawberry!:)

Lemonade, anyone?  Those lemons were sooo sour!! But I sweetened it up hehe

This is from the scene that I’ll be posting tmrw morning.  I inserted a LOT of produce that day!  That’s all I’m telling you:)

Those ice cubes made my nipples sooo hard!  Brrrr!

quick..what does this make you think of?:)

So I hope you all enjoy my fun and silly scene tomorrow called “Food Fun” and I hope you all leave me lots of scene reviews/comments to read when I wake up!  The behind the scenes video is hilarious!!

I also wanted to point out that I just posted another personal video (pod) of me going thru the pics form this scene and discussing my feelings about sticking food in my tight little holes.. It’s in the PODS section with the other 2 new pods I posted over the weekend!;) Enjoy!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

My Crazy Shoot With Angela/ATK

OMG I have to tell you guys about my crazy ass photoshoot that I did yesterday!  This as my 2nd time shooting for and it was def a memorable one hehe:)

So the photographer was a sexy and really fun girl named Angela Zodiak.  (I just realized I’ve been calling her Angel Zodiak for 2 days straight and she never corrected me once..doh!)  She was my first female photographer ever, would you believe it?  So I was kinda nervous on the drive over to her penthouse apartment, but once I met her all of my worries melted away, she was way cool!:)

So we shot a bunch of sexy picture sets which I was thrilled about, because shooting pics is one of my fav things to do!  I got to rock 10 sexy outfits so I was pretty thrilled about that, you guys know how much I love playing dress up!:)  I wore everything from sexy lingerie with heels to cutesy Hello Kitty rompers with pigtails and knee high socks..I like to mix it up:)

But I haven’t even told you guys about the most exciting parts yet!  Two crazy things happened during this shoot that make it totally memorable!  The first one was the EEEAAARRTHHHQQUUAAAKKEEEE!!  OMG!

So we were in the middle of shooting a scene, I’m wearing my red and blue rollergirl outfit, minus the rollerskates, and I’m bending over this red beanbag chair while Angela is getting some close-up shots of me spreading my pussy when the apartment starts rattling, then shaking back and forth!  We stop what we are doing and I’m like “um, is this an earthquake?!”  We didn’t know what to do so she moved close to me because we were both kinda scared and we just sat there, like “when is it going to end?!”  Did I mention we were on the penthouse floor of a tall, old building?   Everything in her place was shaking, the lights were moving back and forth, we were praying that they wouldn’t come crashing down!  Her boyfriend, Matt Zodiak was upstairs and he was yelling “should I come downstairs or stay up here?! I don’t know what to do!” and we were like “We don’t know what to do either!”  I have felt 5 earthquakes since I moved to Cali and this one was the strongest by far!  And it lasted for a super long time, we even heard the neighbors yell “IT KEEPS GOING AND GOING!!”  It was sooo surreal there wasn’t much we could do but just sit there and say “OMG OMG!”

All I could think of was “if this is the BIG ONE and we end up dying, this is the way to go! At least I went out rocking a super cute rollergirl outfit doing what I love to do, shooting porn!” LOL!!!  When everything finally stopped shaking, I was kind of dizzy because the apartment building rocked back and forth for a couple minutes after.  After Twittering about it and trying to find some news about it, we went back to shooting.  (how funny is it my first reaction is “is everyone ok?  ok good, I gotta Twitter about this!” haha) I would love to see the look on my face in the last 20 pics we shot for that set, if I look shaken up or if you can’t tell hehe..

The SECOND crazy thing that happened was the last scene Angela had planned for me.  When I first got there, like all good photographers, she had a list of all of the scenes she wanted to shoot.  So she asks me “I want to know if you would be ok with this, I wasn’t sure, it’s ok if you say no do you feel about mashing a cake up with your feet?” and I say “well just yesterday I was wearing bunny ears while fucking my pussy with carrots, so I’d say I feel pretty good about it!”  Little did she know I was totally looking forward to it all day hehe!

So the time comes and I had this great idea to wear her apron.  At first I wanted to wear only the apron during the entire scene but it covered up too much of my body!   I don’t want to give away the entire scene, but can I just say it feels FUCKING AWESOME to smash two entire cakes with your feet then rub them all over yourself!  And the best part was after it was all mashed in between my toes, and I’m spread eagle on the kitchen floor, sitting in a pile of cake mush, fucking my pussy with a dildo, and my feet are above my head..and I’m wiggling my toes while I fuck myself and cake is raining down on me as I’m masturbating.. I can not believe this is my job.  I love my life!

Now cleaning up two entirely smashed cakes off of myself and the kitchen floor is another story..not so easy or hot haha..but I’m not going to go into detail about that LOL!:)



All in all, it was a pretty awesome day.  Angela was lots of fun to shoot with and I would def shoot with her again!  There’s lots of ideas Angela and I came up with during the shoot that we didn’t get to do, so I hope that ATK invites me back for a 3rd time!  I will let you all know when they post this stuff on their site and if you like it maybe you guys can help me and email them and request they shoot me more!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


ps-I think I took a couple behind the scenes pics with my phone too, I will have to look for them and post them if I can find them!:)