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The 3 Part Lesbian Saga Coming Soon to!:)

I just turned in 2.5 really sexy scenes to Cherry Pimps to be released here at soon! (I say 2.5 because I have 2 “regular weekly update” video+matching pic set scenes, and one pic set that will be posted as a “bonus update” in between the other 2 scenes.. all 3 together tell a story.. A twisted tale of lesbian ballerinas, longing, feet, sexual tensions, dominance, and lots of S E X!;)

You all know I couldn’t possibly post blogs with “sneak peek pics” for EVERY scene that goes live in the members’ area, there is a new one once a week! BUT.. I always make sure to post lots of pics, and show lots of love (and hope my fans do the same!) here and on my Twitter of my favorite scenes, the ones I am most proud of.. and these three scenes really deserve some special attention! I just KNOW my lovely members are going to love this this one!

These scenes are actually from a movie I was lucky enough to work on, called “Carrie’s Secret” and I was Carrie, the ballerina teacher who fantasies about feet, toes, legs, stockings, leggings, especially the ones worn by her ballerina class students..


(..can you blame me?!)!


(these pics are from Part one!)

This amazing movie was written and directed by Kayla-Jane Danger, and it is one of the most erotic and sensual movies I’ve ever been a part of! It was an AWESOME time working for her, I have always been a huge fan of her work, which stands out because it’s unlike any other porn I have ever seen. She def has her own sense of style and it always seemed so classy, so sexy, so “a cut above the rest!” I think I learned a lot from her during the filming of this feature, actually. And also, it is always a different vibe on a woman’s set, which I enjoy.. especially some of my favorite women were included in this project!:)

It also stars Jenna J Ross, Bree Daniels, Sovereign Syre, and Ashley Stone. And like I mentioned, these scenes are VERY foot, (ballerinas have the ultimate arches, do they not?!) leg, pantyhose-centric, with lots of teasing, longing, fantasizing.. more so than any other scene on I think..


I just might even post a 2nd, or even a 3rd blog with more pics from this series, if I see that you all are enjoying them.. 😉


(these pics are from Part 2, titled “Tights Obsession)

(actually I am about to travel East to visit family for a few weeks, so I wrote a few blogs ahead of time, with lots of fun pics, and scheduled them ahead of time, so even tho you all know that I won’t be here to read emails or do webcam shows, my blog cant stop won’t stop sharing with you all sorts of fun! I hope to come home to lots of fun comments.. on my blog posts and my scenes!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3



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Another Hot Scene Alert!

Every once in awhile, I do a scene that is so fucking hot, so sexy, so creative, or for whatever reason stands out in my mind, long after the handful of promo pics that circulate Twitter stop showing up on my timeline on the daily, I’m still thinking about it.. and I feel the need to tel everyone and SPREAD THE WORD that if they like my scenes, this is a scene that they MUST watch!!

I’ve shot MANY scenes for Naughty America, but this one is def one of my favs.. I would say top 3 for sure!;) (I’ve posted about one of these other 2 here in another blog post earlier this year, btw)

This scene is special to me for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is because my biggest fan, known on Twitter as @FYAaliyahLove and known on this blog and my webcam chatrooms as “kbal” actually write the script! And although I think the cupcakes and messiness and the feet might of been a little too much for some NA fans, I thought it was JUST RIGHT and I had a FUCK BLAST shooting this scene!!!:) If you watch it, you will see what I mean!

And here’s a sneak peek video of the scene.. and if you’re so inclined to see the rest of it, you can click thru there and get a membership! I have one, and I HIGHLY recommend it!;) NA is one of my favorite companies to shoot for, because the sex is NEVER scripted, or directed! They just say “Action!” and let us do whatever we want for 35min straight.. whatever happens during that time.. is what you see in the scene! I think that’s the best way not only to capture real, genuine passion and orgasms, but you get to see the real us come out thru whatever themes we are playing with!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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New Personal Pics Folder Added:Random Phone Pics 2011 Part 2

I finally finished and posted my next collection of candid pics in the personal folders section.. yay! It’s called “Random Phone Pics From 2011 Part 2” and, you guessed it, it’s pics I took with my phone from June 2011-Dec 2011..duh!:)

Boy did I have SO MANY pics to go thru, it took me HOURS and eyes are bleeding now I think!  But my picture sorting project is all done, and I can breath a sign of relief! Phew!:) Now it’s time for me to get to posting them for my members to see every intimate detail of my life off camera..

And just like the folder that comes before this one, “Random Phone Pics From 2011, Part 1” I continued to take a bunch of random pictures of my feet..

..and my shoes

and there are a lot of Summertime fun pics, especially from Disneyland, of course.

It’s really funny to see half of a year chronicled in silly pics such as:

This was OBVIOUSLY taken in Halloween.. aww Bear hates his little pumpkin costume..look at his sad face!  ..which makes it so FUNNY!

I got my new puppy Teddy Bear in September of 2011, so I had probably over 500 pics of him to wade thru, but don’t worry, I sparred you guys hundred of pics of Bear doing EVERYTHING and only posted 3 or 4 of the cutest or funniest ones:) Sometimes I think maybe I should just give Bear his own pic folder, what do you guys think?

I also had over 100 x-mas pics that I narrowed down to 6.. This is a Hello Kitty onesie my friends bought me for X-mas. I wore it for the rest of that day to make them laugh..and laugh they did!:) ..Its interesting to go back to my last personal pics folder to see what I did with the same x-mas decorations 2 years in a row. (Well, interesting to me anyways!)

This pic folder also contains more pictures than the last.. I think the 2nd half of 2011 was more interesting because I moved and got a new dog and started creating a new life for myself.  I think the excitement and happiness really shine thru in some of these pics. Some were really personal and/or not very flattering, not something you would see on a normal porn website.. but I decided to “let it all hang out” (I already do, why stop now!) and post them all.. I always say if I can’t make you cum I want to at least make you laugh and we can all have a good laugh at me together!:)

The next 3 folders I’m working on is a “Bloopers” folder (which I think is prob going to be the most popular folder, def the funniest!) “Personal Pics From 2012 Part 1,” and “Behind the Scenes Photoshoots From 2011” (this will be the next folder posted.. I’m almost finished putting them in chronological order.. yeah, I’m really OCD with my pics like that!)

I hope you guys these little extras on my website besides the main scenes and webcam shows, which are obviously the “main attraction” I think it gives me even more of a chance to share my life and my personality with you guys. Like I always ask, if you do happen to stop by my pics and if you like them, the best way to let me know is to leave a little comment. It doesn’t have to be thoughtful or a lot of effort put into it, even a simple “that’s hot” or “gross” or whatever, just lets me know that I’m not the only person that spends time in that part of my website.:)  AKA comments make me a happy little girl, and you want to make me happy, don’t you?:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Just Added 2 New Personal Pics Folders!

Hey I just wanted to let you all know that I just added two new folders to my ever growing personal pics section!

The first one is a folder I added during “Foot Fetish Week” then forgot to add pics to.. the “Foot Fun (+mani/pedi pics)” folder now has about 20 pics of my fav foot shots, such as these:



and the 2nd folder I added is “Aaliyah Love Bloopers Pics” which is prob going to be everyone’s fav folder.  I even added a hilarious caption to every pic.  Some of the pics were taken form my past “WTF Am I Doing In This Pic? AKA Aaliyah Love Bloopers” (this title was too long for the personal pics folder so I just shortened it to “Aaliyah Love Blooper Pics” hehe) and some are sooo embarrassing that I couldn’t bear to post them on my blog but had to share them with my members. There’s 2 in particular that I will prob take down in a day or two so hurry up and go see them now and have yourself a good laugh before I change my mind!

I was thinking if the bloopers pic folder is a hit I could add an “Aaliyah Love Blooper Vids” section sometime in the near future.  Too bad I am such a perfectionist that most vids and pics that get taken of me that aren’t perfect get deleted right away but I am always making more mistakes and doing funny clumsy things at my shoots so it would prob not take long to get a good collection for that section hehe!:)

So plz do me a favor and if you check out my personal pics (under “Aaliyah’s Corner” go to the left hand side click on personal pics) and you like the pics that I post plz leave a comment so I know you were there and you are liking what you see? 🙂

Aaliyah Love XOXO  I<3 U!

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Some Fun Feet Pics to Start Off Foot Fetish Week at!

So on Wednesday I will post a blog all about the photo shoot I did with famous foot fetish photographer Ed Fox last summer that goes along with the hot pic/vid set that goes up that day.  I actually found the blog that I wrote the day after the shoot last year saved in my drafts so I’ll be posting that and some other things abt Ed Fox and our fun foot fetish filled day, but right now I just wanted to start Foot Fetish Week off by teasing you guys and posting some hot feet pics we shot that day.

You will all see that even if you don’t find feet or toes to be your fetish, Ed finds a way to show you my entire body and turn you on no matter what your kink is!  His work is a little more artistic than the stuff I usually put up, but I think variety is the spice of life!  He plays around with lighting and different poses and stuff I never got the chance to even think about until we shot together so I hope you guys like it too!:)  I like shooting with different photographers and get to do different looks it’s fun!


Sooo what do YOU guys think?


There are PLENTY more foot fetish pics coming I’ll be posting blogs here everyday!  So plz check back here often and show me some comment l<3ve 🙂


The purple suction cup dildo makes yet another appearance!:)  Actually, this is about 3 suction cup dildo’s ago, I tend to fuck them to death!:)

These pic aren’t from the pic/vid set that is going up Wednesday, I’m saving this goodie for another day:)  The set you will see is another “voyeur” type of video (since you guys liked the last voyeur vid I posted two weeks ago so much!), where you will be sitting inside, watching me through a big picture window, getting naked and soapy outside!:)

So Happy Foot Fetish Week everyone!  Let’s have some fun!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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My Vegas Adventures Story #1- I Heart Kaylee Love!! (Day 6)

I have sooo many pics and stories about my Vegas trip to share with you guys, and it is waaay too much to type out in one sitting or to put into one blog, so I am going to write a blog about each photo shoot I did and include a couple of my fav pics.. hows that sound? 🙂

The shoot I want to tell you guys about tonight is my last day in Vegas, with Ric Young the photographer, his lovely girlfriend Judy was assisting and cute as a button Kaylee Love!
This being my 2nd day shooting with Ric I was already totally comfortable with him and his girl and knew he would make us look amazing, which he did 🙂 (Tomorrow I’ll post a blog abt our 1st shoot together and how fucking cool Ric is!:)
and Kaylee was sooo sweet! She showed up at the shoot with a present for me.. 2 necklaces, one an big rhinestone “A” and the other a heart, she got herself a “K” and a matching heart for us to wear during one of our scenes.. And she bought the necklaces from one of my fav stores called Forever21! “I used to manage one of those stores believe it or not!” I said “me too!” she said! Between that and her pulling out a bunch of Hello Kitty swag from her suitcase, I knew we would get along 🙂
I hope this doesn’t embarrass her, (and if it does I will take it down right away!) But I found out that this was Kaylee Love‘s only 3rd time shooting, and I was her 2nd girl/girl scene ever! She didn’t act inexperienced or shy at all though, she was very hot! She’s a great kisser, she has a cute tight little pussy… she was sooo much fun! The only thing I had to get used to is she is one of those quiet cummers (the total opposite of me!) At one point the though crossed my mind “is she not that into this? Is she faking it when she barely says out loud that she is coming?” Until I felt her pussy grip tight around my finger and saw a bunch of white creamy cum dripping out of her pussy.. which I proceeded to lick up.. mmm 🙂
We ended up shooting 3 scenes, the last one we spent playing in the HUGE jacuzzi tub! This is prob one of the biggest tubs I have ever been in, we could of fit 6 girls in there, and when we filled it all the way up with water and bubbles (I dumped an entire bottle of shampoo then turned on the jets!!) it came up to our chests if we sat on our butts!
Here are a couple pics of us in the tub..


Did I mention she is yummy?:)


I wanted one of the last pics to be my putting bubbles on her nose.. she was so cute I couldn’t help it 🙂


Here she’s trying to drip bubbles back onto my nose, but I’m kinda scared cause it looks like it might land in my eye instead!


…and a parting shot for all of you foot worshipers 🙂

Gnite guys!:) I’ll be online on my webcam 3-9:30tmrw cum play w me!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO

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