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My Crazy, Awesome Week:)

Hey there everyone, I hope you all had a great week!  I bet some of you are wondering “She did an ‘Ask Me Anything’ blog post then never came back to it.. wtf?” Well, please don’t fret, because I have been busy every day this week shooting porn for your enjoyment;)

This week I..
-Started out with rough, passionate, fast paced, hard pound-fucking (you get the idea) sex with a new partner, Isiah Maxwell, whom I had AMAZING chemistry with (I have been masturbating to his dirty talk almost every night since that shoot to be honest tehehe) for a director I’ve never worked for before, Mason, for a company I never shot for before.. HardX! Not a bad way to start the week, eh?:)

-Next I had lesbian sex with 2 hotties in one day.. Both girls I had never fucked before, but lusted after both.. first up was Natalia Starr, who I will DEF be getting in scenes and webcam shows here at AaliyahLove.com and Cherry Pimps SOON! (You guys will LOVE watching us together! It was one of my fav g/g scenes ever I think!)

And the 2nd girl was the beautiful Jana Jordan, whom I’ve been a HUGE fan of her work with Twistys since I STARTED shooting with them! Oh, and they both massaged me all over, (like, REAL massages) before the sex.. yeah, it was a GOOD DAY! These scenes will be at AllGirlMassage soon!:) (or.. ‘AGM,’ for those “in the know” lol)

-Then I got banged out for some more hot b/g sex, in Vegas, with Moe the Monster, whom I LOVE to kiss (AND FUCK!) we had FUN flirting and joking and fucking ALL day in a hot, sweaty office (yeah, I was a bratty and horny schoolgirl..and I wore a schoolgirl skirt that didn’t even cover my big round ass.. are you surprised? lol!!;)
_And today I got to lie on a massage table, naked, as the beautiful Alisson Tyler massages me all over, rubbed those beautiful, HUGE breasts in my face, then tribbed me and tribbed me and tribbed me (the director even taught us a NEW trib position! Imagine that..) until my pussy was so sensitive I couldn’t take anymore! ahhhh!
So.. it was an AWESOME WEEK, to say the least.. an I humble bragging? Maybe, a little.. lol! But I also wanted to let you all know of some of the new scenes I will be having come out soon, shot by other companies..


And tomorrow I am shooting porn for the enjoyment of AaliyahLove.com members!:) (so.. members, email me all of your scene suggestions/requests NOW.. I will check my email tonight after I spend probably 5 hours cleaning up my shoot space (AFTER I decide exactly WHERE in this space I’m shooting this lovely pornography.) and before I write the scripts and send them to my photographer and make-up artist.. I’ll just tell you these things right now.. I will NOT be wearing stockings probably, because it is 103 degrees in the valley, and we have to turn off all fans and AC while we shoot video..I call it ‘Bukram porn..’ we will wait for it to cool off to start rocking those again! Also, I have no outdoor area to work with this time (too hot out there anyways!) so any outdoor/swimming pool requests will go on the shoot list for later, but won’t work this time.  I’m shooting 2 solo scenes (which is the type of scene I have gotten the most requests for since my last shoot, so long, long ago!) I did invite 2 girls, but neither could show, one of them because my little budget can’t afford to fly a hottie out from Vegas.. (next time maybe if I plan it better!) and I didn’t invite any boys since you guys wanted more solos, AND I have a scene that’s already shot and ready to turn into my webmaster ASAP.. (So it will prob be the next live scene on my website) that’s a hot “POV BJ-like” scene, I say “like” because it starts off as POV BJ, but then I got horny so it turned into a fingering, licking, blowjobbing, fucking, more blowjobbing type of thing.. so there are a lot of full-body, “typical b/g scene” type of shots in there too.. and lots of hot pics of me solo and suckin that dick!;) And.. if I get enough requests (I’ve already gotten a LOT, actually) I just MIGHT shoot another JOI scene this time.. but apparently my others are too easy.. so this one will be EXTRA hard to finish.. which means I’ll be turning my inner sex kitten WAY UP this time.. 😉


So, on Sunday, this pornstar rests.. and will be back to members’ emails, and answering your questions in my last blog post (if there is that much interest, I will run it for a week or two..) And I have very good news.. If you read this blog, you all know I basically lost 7 months of my life, which included working, earlier this year. I have been back in Cali for awhile, and back to porn for a few weeks.. I have been hustling REALLY HARD to catch up with everything.. including emails, online store orders, custom video orders, and BILLS.. well I’m happy to say, in another 10-12days from now, if 80% of the shoots on my calendar actually happen (which is usually about the average anyways) I will be back on my feet financially, enough to be able to take back control of my schedule, which means instead of having to leave ALL Of my days open, in case someone books me, 2 weeks in advance, I can take days off of my calendar.. you see where I’m going with this?!;)
It means.. I will FINALLY be able to get back on on webcam here for my weekly shows, free for all members!!!;) I even have a brand new webcam studio, all decked out in sexy furniture and all of my favorite outfits/costumes/toys and shoes, of course;) I can’t wait! SO.. My question to you guys is.. can you give me TWO MORE WEEKS, I will put the next 2 webcam dates after my shoot tmrw, but they will start after those 2 weeks.. I can’t wait to come back to you guys! I’ve missed it sooo much! And in the meantime, of course, you can enjoy the archived webcam shows from the past in the “Webcam archives” ..dating back to.. 2008? OMG lol..



I’m not sure I will have time to set it up tonight, but I MIGHT live broadcast just some from set tomorrow.. maybe while I’m getting my makeup done, or while we are shooting pics for 1 of the 2 scenes I’m shooting..if I AM.. I will try to give you guys as much warning as possible.. on my blog here, and on Twitter. And if you miss it, it will also be in the archives:)

Ahhh it feels so good to be back!:)

I love you all, Aaliyah Love XOXO <3






Mirror Monday


This scene is already live in the member’s area of AaliyahLove.com

But I just love sharing these pics.. This is one of my more “sensual” solo scenes, and one of my favs from 2014

Love this pic. Caught deep in thought, in between poses..


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

I like to work mirrors into my scenes when I can.. I just posted a scene where I try on some sexy outfits in front of a mirror, before ripping them all off and playing with myself, called “Fashion Show” AND Dean Capture and I JUST did a scene last Friday with a mirror that I’m super excited about. It starts out voyeuristic, with some sexy, creative mirror shots, moves into the  naughty close-ups and artistic camera angles,  then gets straight up dirty and nasty with a very BIG SURPRISE in the end.. and that’s all I’m gna say about it for now! If I post any pics or give more info, the surprise will be ruined;) (although you all know me.. will I be able to sit on a set of pics that I absolutely LOVE for the 5 weeks or so until it’s released? naaah prob not LOL.. we will see..)



Aaliyah Love OXOX <3

Happy Easter!

The photographer and friend of mine, Rick Garcia, and I took these silly pics a few years ago for AaliyahLove.com and I thought this would be a good time to share some of these pics with you all!:)


Members can find the full set, and a matching behind the scenes video in the members’ area of the website, you just have to dig a fews years back to find it.. we shot this in 2011 to be exact! (time flies, huh?:)


And yes, we regretted not bringing carrots to the set this day, and I’m not talking about for a snack.. lol! But this wasn’t a planned holiday shoot specifically, we were just playing dress up and shooting silly/fun pics this day.


(Random behind the scenes tidbit:Rick and I also shot a solo, heel fucking, DP pic set that made it into Fox magazine, but it caused CONTROVERSY.. gasp! They were GOING to put me on the cover, but not only could they not, but they almost couldn’t run the pics at all, considering what I did in them was considered “too naughty for all of Canada.. LOL! Ah, memories.. )


I’m pretty sure Rick told me to just put on ALL of the crazy, colorful stuff I had in my suitcase that I don’t normally get to wear on a typical porn shoot.. this was the result.. LOL!:)


Happy Easter everybody! I just got back to LA, by the way, and I am trying to “hit the ground running” and get as much “biz stuff” and shoots in before I hurry back home to the East Coast.. which means all members’ emails will be answered tonight, and if you made a purchase from my online store in the last 9-10 days, and I didn’t already email you to let you know your package o’ smut has been mailed, it will be mailed tomorrow, Monday, or Tuesday!:)


I love you all, Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


ps-let’s see how many of you pay attention and read the blog posts until the very end (or do you just come here for the pics? Hey, that’s ok too.. LOL!)

Since I’m home for at least a week, and I’m feeling generous AND would love to get rid of some of this smut I  have.. I have just created a 30% discount code for my online store. It will only last for about 48 hours.. so if you enter “whynot” at checkout (because WHY NOT discount my porn? Anybody who spends their hard earned money on MY porn deserves at least that!)

(pssst.. reminder: All members of AaliyahLove.com also have a permanent 10% off discount code they can use forever, even if they cease being a member.. all you have to do is email me and ask for it!:)

Also, I will be doing a 2 for 1 deal on DVDs.. which means if you order any DVD from my store, please contact me and let me know which 2nd DVD you would like absolutely for FREE.. Again, because WHY NOT?:!)

Here’s the link to my online store: https://aaliyahlovesmut.myshopify.com
And here’s the link to my list of DVDs available thru my store, always autographed/personalized just for you!;) https://aaliyahlovesmut.myshopify.com/collections/dvds
And it includes all of the newest DVDs I’ve listed, including “Ultimate Blondes,” “American Hustle,” Girlfriends Film’s “Cheer Squad Sleepovers,” “Lesbian TV Network,” and “The Best of Tammy Sands.” 😉

I hope you’re all having a great weekend!:) XOXO


Nice Guys DON’T Finish Last!

“I read several dozen stories a year from miserable, lonely guys who insist that women won’t come near them despite the fact that they are just the nicest guys in the world.

..I’m asking what do you offer? Are you smart? Funny? Interesting? Talented? Ambitious? Creative? OK, now what do you do to demonstrate those attributes to the world? Don’t say that you’re a nice guy — that’s the bare minimum.

“Well, I’m not sexist or racist or greedy or shallow or abusive! Not like those other douchebags!”

I’m sorry, I know that this is hard to hear, but if all you can do is list a bunch of faults you don’t have, then back the fuck away…

Don’t complain about how girls fall for jerks; they fall for those jerks because those jerks have other things they can offer. “But I’m a great listener!” Are you? Because you’re willing to sit quietly in exchange for the chance to be in the proximity of a pretty girl (and spend every second imagining how soft her skin must be)? Well guess what, there’s another guy in her life who also knows how to do that, and he can play the guitar. Saying that you’re a nice guy is like a restaurant whose only selling point is that the food doesn’t make you sick. You’re like a new movie whose title is This Movie Is in English, and its tagline is “The actors are clearly visible”.”

David Wong (via thatlitsite)

And I wanted to give this writing a credit, I would never take credit for something someone else wrote, but this is the closest I could find. I HOPE it’s written by David Wong, here is a link to his Tumblr blog page. If anybody has anymore info than this, please share! I think I would like to read more of this author’s work!;)

My take:

I agree with this to a degree, and I like the message that it’s sending, but I have to make one personal note: I DON’T “fall for jerks.” (Sure, maybe in my teens and early 20s, but I’m way past the point of letting ANYBODY “jerky” in my life. Also, I’m over dating guys who woo me with playing the guitar.. but it was just an example..

I think what they’re saying, and what I’m def saying is.. “Being “NICE” IS a requirement, but it’s a BARE MINIMUM.” I’m attracted to genuine, honest, sweet, generous men. ? But there has to be MORE.. Personally, I’m a very motivated person with many interests, hobbies. I do porn, but I also do many other things.. I’m never bored! I always have a list of things I would like to do, places I have yet to explore, things I want to do.. I always want MORE out of life.. there is so much out there, and I want to see it ALL.. I need to be with someone who is the same. If a man or woman didn’t have as many passions and interesting things about them that make them DYNAMIC, I couldn’t bring myself to be with them.
I’ve been in relationships where I was the “motivated one” and the other person took a more “chill” outlook on life, and I would come home after working 12hours of webcamming, and go straight to answering emails, then started cleaning up the mess he made..and he would be playing video games.. Now I have nothing against people like that, sometimes I wish I could be more laid back like that.. but would it work out in the long run for me and that person? Def not..
Also, do we have the same outlook/style sexually? If he’s “cool with my job,” that’s a big plus.. but if he doesn’t like fucking that much, is very vanilla in his fucking style, if the sex is same every time.. well, he might be “NICE” AND dynamic, and charming, and all of the other tributes I listed, but if our sexual styles aren’t the same, it’s not going to work out, and there will end up being a lot of frustration/resentment over time.. Just 2 examples off of the top of my head..
Plus, I can’t be somebody’s “EVERYTHING,” even they completely love me, even if I completely love them. First of all, I simple don’t have the time to be with someone 24/7. Also, that’s not exactly healthy, and WILL get boring.

Anybody who thinks they’re being “too nice” or think maybe they should act like a jerk, even if they aren’t, because they think that attracts women, (or being anything except their exact SELVES) is being silly.. and even if it did work, would you want to be with a woman who is attracted to the BAD, or a fake side of you? If she doesn’t appreciate you for YOU, she doesn’t deserve to be with you, and you deserve better.. And if your rebuttal is “well, the girls I always like tend to be attracted to assholes..” Well, then maybe you need to start picking better women!;)

So, if you’re thinking things like “nice guys finish last,” I have to disagree with you, that’s just not true. Sure, some women date men that are wrong for them, everyone has done it, some of us more than once.. But being NICE to a woman and wondering why she’s not attracted to you isn’t going to do you any good, and it villifies woman and it puts you in a “victim” mentality.. I know it’s cliche, but to find love, you need LOVE YOURSELF first! Find out what, besides SEX, that interests you, and learn about it, research, find some things in your life to be passionate about. This is what will make you attractive to women, being INTERESTING, DYNAMIC, HAVING DEPTH, HAVING A LIFE outside of HER.. on top of bring NICE;)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


Custom Videos

Custom videos are a special thing some porn girls offer to their fans. It’s a way for the fans to get exactly the type of scene they want, from the girl that they want, for their eyes only!

But alas, it is something I haven’t had much time for these past few years. I have said NO to about 95% of the questions/inquiries over the last 2 years, simply because I didn’t have the time.. and it didn’t help that I didn’t exactly have all of the right equipment to make it easy enough for me to take the time to shoot and edit myself, and justify it.

But.. I missed doing it. And I’ve been starting to get a LOT of inquiries. I hate telling you guys no. And I love shooting custom vids! So now I’ve got a better grip on my schedule, I find a week or two a month where I COULD have time to shoot it, so I try to announce it ahead of time, and take 3 or 4 requests, then I’m not avail again for a month or so. Plus, admittedly, sometimes, such as now with my family situation and traveling back and forth, the extra income these custom videos I shoot “on the side” are a big help financially, and the give me something to do, and concentrate on.

I have never publicly posted my custom video prices, and I feel pretty weird doing it. Some girls do, some don’t, and I understand why both decide to do it that way. Some have a sliding scale depending on the acts requested in the video.. So I’m going to change how I’ve been doing it, answering emails/DMs/inquiries individually, and many times going back and forth 10 times, only to have wasted my time. And like I said, I’ve been getting way more questions about it that usual, and now for the next 2 weeks is the perfect time for me to shoot a few, if anybody wants them.. So here is an email reply I just sent a member of AaliyahLove.com, I figured, eh, why the hell not, I will just post it publicly, and see if that helps. And knowing me, I might change my mind posting these prices and details by tomorrow, so read up now while you can LOL!

I hope this answers some questions for those of you considering purchasing custom porn from me. Every girl does it differently, we all have our own “style..” This is mine:


My custom videos are usually $550 for a 15 min video, or $600 cut into 2 8 min videos.

BUT.. for members of AaliyahLove.com, I give huge discounts on everything (I also have a permanent discount code for my online store for members, if you’re ever interested in that, let me know, you can use it even after you stop being a member, if you would ever do such a bad thing! LOL!)
So for members,, it’s $400 for a 15min video, $420 for 2 10min clips. You can add an extra $50 for anything anal (I have my fingers, MANY buttplugs, or I can fuck myself with a toy..I can even DP myself with 2 toys if you want)

And you can choose the following: what I wear, what I say, the setting: on a couch, a bed, the floor, or on my kitchen counter. The way I masturbate, positions and the toy, or no toy (fingers) You can be as specific or general as you want, and I can include 5 custom pics taken from my phone just for you. If you want a different location that that, for example: outdoors, by a pool, or a hotel room, or a fancy shower or bathtub, I will have to rent a location, which is completely doable, but will add another $400-550 to the overall price, and can only be done when I have the time..just something to keep in mind)

Also, it will never be posted anywhere on the internet, except for a link I will send to your email, 4 days or less after you have sent payment and I have confirmed it. This custom scene will be for YOUR EYES ONLY!!:)

If you want a girl/girl custom scene, I can also do that, but it’s an extra $500, to pay her, and there’s really only 3 girls I can get for sure. But that can be discussed and arranged!

As far as shooting schedule, I am leaving for the East Coast again around April 12.. so if you order and pay for your video by April 19, I can have your video and pics shot and emailed to you by the night before I leave. If not, you will have to wait until probably the middle of June, but honestly, it could be later than that.  I do not know my next availability to be able to shoot the next batch of custom vids, you would have to wait for that announcement. Usually I will know 1-2 weeks ahead.

I am only home for a week to 10 days this time. I need to raise enough $ to pay for next time rent is due, and the plane ticket, which is usually around $1000-1200 on Southwest. I need to get back to my family AS SOON AS I CAN, so I would consider any custom video or online store orders between now and then as a PERSONAL FAVOR that will help me, and help me be there for my family when they need me the most.. which is NOW!

Please let me know what you’re thinking, and Ill reply ASAP:) We can iron out what you want, discuss if I’m capable of all of it, set a solid price, and get the ball rolling! Then you can get your balls rolling! (ok, corny, weird joke, I know)

Custom porn is one of my fav things to do in the porn industry! I love acting out other people’s fantasies!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


Friday 13th Webcam Show

I’ll be doing a member’s webcam show tomorrow (or today, depending on when you’re reading this) on Friday the 13th.
As always it’s free for all AaliyahLove.com members, you just click in thru the website. And all webcam shows are recorded and archived in the “live shows” area, if you can’t make it in person to my online party, or if you just want to watch it again! (omg I checked the other day.. they go back to 2011!)

and non-members can click in at AaliyahLove.CamModels.com
You can even plan ahead and sign up for a free CamModels account thru that link, so you don’t miss one minute of the fun;)

See you all then!!

Aaliyah Love XOXO


ps- and if any members want a shout-out at the start of tonight’s show, email me NOW! I will take requests up until 2 hours before the show.. then I wil be too busy getting pretty and cleaning my messy rom for you guys to be checking emails;)

Random Confession: Glory Holes

I have a confession to make: you know what really bums me out? I have never seen a real life glory hole. I don’t know why, but they fascinate me. I’m not talking about the kind that are made on a porn set, (which I still have yet to experience, but really really want to.. What companies do this? Can we start a campaign or something?) but the kind found “in the real World” You see, being a “hag,” or a “fruit fly” aka a girl who mostly hangs out with gay men, I hear stories about these things all of the time. My assistant once went to pick up my packages from my mailbox. He arranged with some random dude on Grindr to meet in a public bathroom conveniently across the street from my mailbox. Good for him! Well, he arrived before the other guy, got into the bathroom stall, and discovered a hole in the wall.. So, of course he put his dick in it., and some random person jerked him off! OMG! I never have that much fun when I run errands.. I prob shouldn’t of paid him for that day!
And it’s not just my gay friends who have confessed to me their sexy, juicy glory hole stories.. Having webcammed for many years, one of my favorite parts was always complete “strangers” (although many felt like close friends to me, I mean, after all of the intimacy we shared) have told me stories about glory hole experiences.. Most of the time in secret corridors in sex shops or places like that.. And I always listen intently, begging for more details.. I don’t know why, but I’m soooo intrigued!
BUT.. Every time I ask someone to take me to one of these places and show me one, they always have the same answer.. “AALIYAH! NO! You don’t want to go.. To a place like that!!” (Oh yes I do!) And what exactly do they mean.. A place.. “Like that?” Are they dirty? Scandalous? Don’t they realize I spend my time on porn sets? It just makes me want to go to one even more..

And for those of you wondering, NO, sorry, I wouldn’t participate.. I haven’t had any sort of sexual contact with someone who wasn’t STD tested within the last 14 days for.. I don’t even know how long.. over 6 years.. It’s part of my job to keep myself, and my sexual partners safe, it’s a social contract us pornstars enter to when we join the industry. It’s VERY sexy to know the person you’re with is clean and you can have no-holds-barred sex with them! Plus.. I’m very picky about the penises I touch in any way.. But.. would I like watch someone else participate? You betcha! I would probably pay to see it.. And I’m not talking about on film.. In person. I could be like, their cheerleader, encouraging both parties.. “Suck that dick! Get that cum! Have fun!”

So if any of you know of a glory hole, or have a story for me (no making it up! I only want true experiences!) plz plz tell me! You can post anon here, or, if you’re a member of AaliyahLove.com, you can email it to me.. It won’t be anon, but hey, you know I won’t judge.. And anyways, you’ve seen me do “worse” 😉 LOL


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

Recent Interview For ‘Interracial Porn 411″

I’m really proud of this recent interview I did for the website, “Interracial Porn 411.” I have a lot of thoughts about the way the porn industry classifies our scenes, and us as performers, and the presence of racism in porn. But, I also try to keep a positive and hopeful thought towards the change I think we need and deserve, and I do see the industry headed in that direction lately, even if it’s not moving as fast as some of us would like.

Interracial porn 411 gave me an opportunity to voice my opinion on the matter, they called me up and let me go off for a bit. I’m very happy with how this interview/article turned out, so I wanted to share it all with you! Here are some snippets from the article here:

Aaliyah Love Interview – Where Brains & Beauty Collide

CB: You’re here because you have recently begun performing in interracial scenes. And your first interracial scene was for Elegant Angel in the movie Pretty Petite correct?

Aaliyah: Yes that’s correct. It was a choice and I chose that project in particular.


CB: What was it about that project in particular that made you choose that to be your first?

Aaliyah: LOL! Oh yes I had a lot of offers before this one but I wanted every interracial scene, especially my very first, to be just right. My biggest issue with interracial porn, and many performers share my sentiment, is the way it’s portrayed. Not throughout the industry, but what I believe to be “the majority” is something I don’t agree with. Ya know the whole “big scary black man taking advantage of an unsuspecting white woman” I just don’t agree with that. I just wanted it to be two beautiful people making love. So I went to Mimefreak, who directed the film, and I spoke to him about it. Luckily he agreed with me. I didn’t want the whole scene to be mentioning his big black cock or anything like that. I just wanted it to be two people fucking and that’s what we did.

CB: How do you feel about the term “interracial” in porn?

Aaliyah: I think the term interracial is absolutely ridiculous. When I fucked Keni Styles, who is an Asian man, it wasn’t labeled as interracial. When I fuck all those beautiful Latina girls that’s not labeled as interracial either. When you say interracial what you really mean is black guy and white woman. Now I understand it’s a category and in certain circumstances can even be considered a fetish. However, to fetishize it every single time kind of makes it seem as if it’s not a normal thing and I disagree. As a businesswoman I understand that some things like MILFs, teens, etc. are categorized for traffic purposes or to sell movies. But as a human being I think there is a level of racism involved in that characterization and I disagree. I know many female performers who refuse to do interracial. Many people like to speculate about their reasoning’s and call them racists or whatever. But I know many of these girls simply do not agree with the term interracial and don’t want to be part of any of that. Me personally, I did not want to limit any of my experiences or my performances and I knew me boycotting the term or the category wasn’t going to change anything in the industry. Therefore, I decided to do it. I’m very fortunate that I’m in a place that I can do so on my terms as far as who I fuck, how I fuck and personally I will never be a part of the derogatory, racist IR porn that we see from some. Now thankfully I’m seeing some progress in the market and industry taking a turn I think for the better. There are companies going for the romantic side and not even acknowledging or establishing in the scene that he’s black and white. However, we still have a long way to go.

CB: If there is one myth that you could debunk about interracial porn what would it be?

Aaliyah: A lot of the interracial porn that is already on the market portrays these black men as thugs, as rough men who disrespect women, etc. and the women as unsuspecting victims who are afraid of black men. I want you guys to truly know that these people are following scripts and nobody is there unless they want to be there. A lot of times you see these men arrive in very nice clothes speaking very properly and being very respectful. Only to be given a jersey and a gold chain by the producer and told to talk with the ghetto accent. Just because you see it on camera does not mean that is who that person is a real life. Porn performers are just that, “performers”.  I know this is a fantasy for some, but I think there are many fantasies that involve black men. I am just glad that the industry is turning somewhat to depict black men as the intelligent, strong, sexual beings that they are instead of the derogatory stereotype that racist white people think black people are which is ridiculous.

CB: Spoken like a true educator


You can read the rest of the article here:


And can I just say love is love, lust is lust, attraction is attraction, and that’s all that should matter. Labels are dumb, and my heart and vagina doesn’t discriminate based upon race, age, size, or gender;)

And feel free to repost or comment on this blog post! I would love to hear my fans opinions on the subject. And the article was done by @IRP411, fel free to follow him for more like this, or tweet him and let him know what you thought of this article.

Aaliyah Love <3


My first ever BGG 3some (boy/girl/girl) was on camera…no pressure! (but hey, go BIG or go home, amIright?) Not only that, but it was only my 5th or 6th b/g scene. Luckily for me, I got to pick who I wanted to be a part of one of my “firsts” that I will never forget.. so naturally I picked Cherie DeVille (NO surprise there!) and together we went to town on each other, and Danny Mountain. And A love affair with 3somes was born inside of me..


Since then I have done MANY BGG 3somes on camera. The company I have done the most for is Naughty America.. and they ALWAYS let me pick the talent.. So I have had some FUN sharing a cock with some of the hottest girls in porn..

I thought I would make it easy on you all and make a collection of all of these hot scenes here, for you all. If you’re a member of NA, please check out my scenes and give them high ratings if you like! (many companies pay close attention to members’ likes/dislikes, and requests, this is how us girls get hired back to shoot more!)

My latest BGG 3some scene is with the beautiful Ashley Fires. REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOOD! Last time Ashley and I shot together, it was YEARS ago.. maybe 4 or 5.. for our websites, AaliyahLove.com and Ashleyfires.com 


The fans have been asking for a reunion ever since! The best thing is, we weren’t even supposed to shoot together this day.. we were both on set to shoot b/g scenes that day, and we kept on asking the photographer, Huggy, if we could shoot together. He made a phone call, they said yes, and the rest is history.. I asked Ashley to wear those cute red glasses.. I really think I have a “girls in glases” fetish!


Here’s another scene with the sexy milf, Ava Adams (and her amazing boobs!) I played the babysitter, she played the wife of an overly excited Johnny Castle, who THOUGHT I was trying to fuck them both.. we.. obv it didn’t take much convincing.. lol


I couldn’t wait to shoot with the adorable Kagney Lynn Karter for this scene, I have been watching her porn for years! It was a hot July day, and when they decided to put heron a bike and me on skates, I was elated. And yes, I kept the skates on for half of the sex!;)


Tasha Reign and I share Tyler Nixon’s cock in this bathroom 3some, it was my most popular Naughty America scene for a long time!


This isn’t exactly a 3some.. it was a BGGG.. my 1st and only so far! This was a special day.. I finally got to meet, and make love to the beautiful Allie Haze, and Amanda Tate was still fairly new, shy, and adorable. Steven St Croix handled the 3 of us like a CHAMP! I still masturbate to the memory of this scene sometimes;)


Aaaaand this weekend, I am flying to Vegas to shoot a new BGG 3some scene with Cherie Deville and man who BETTER be bringing his A-game, because I know we will be! I love Naughty America and if I had to encourage you all to join one website BESIDES AaliyahLove.com, of course, it would be NaughtyAmerica.com. Check out the trailer vids and teaser pics from these hot scenes and let me know what you think!;)


 Aaliyah Love XOXO <3
New Webcam Show Sched

The next webcam show, free for all members of AaliyahLove.com will be Friday the 13th! See you all then!:)

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Aaliyah Love XOXO <3