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Happy Sunday Give Away

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

My little brother is coming into town for an entire week in a few days from now. I am SOOO EXCITED to see him, and since I will be taking 7 days in a row off from work it’s MY vacation, too! So in celebration of my upcoming vacation, and in a last ditch effort attempt to get rid of this pile of porn DVDs in my living room before I have company over, I will be giving away more FREE PORN!:)

The first 5 people to reply to this blog post will receive a free copy of one of these 2 DVDs in the mail from me to them:

Game of Bones includes a hot g/g scene between Tanya Tate and I

Bangin the Boss includes a hot office setting b/g scene between Mark Wood and I

All you have to do is reply to this blog post, then tell me which DVD you prefer. The first 5 replies are the winners, it’s that simple!:)

ALSO, since I am trying to get rid of as much of this porn before my bro comes that I possibly can.. from today until Tuesday morning, when I will be taking all packages to the post office, any DVD purchase you make, you get a free DVD of your choice. You can look at my online store, then purchase them from me directly. I just got my paypal account taken away from me, so I will be accepting amazon gift certificates as payment. $25 plus shipping if you’re outside of the US gets you TWO DVDs.

Hope everyone had a kick ass weekend!!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


More Porn Goodies:)

Friday, July 4th, 2014

I’ve been a very busy little girl! So far I’ve spent the last 2 days reviewing 4 new scenes that I will be posting here at after the relaunch. That’s 3 solo scenes and one hot b/g scene. That’s all I’m giving away about that for now.. ;)

I also just added a lot of new items to my online store! Including these:

These DVDS:


This lingerie:These pics:

And for the next week, I added a discount code for 20% all purchases in the next week. Because why not:) And you can use it as many times as you like! Just type in “fuckmeAaliyah” in the discount promo box at check out.

And here’s the link to my store:

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone I hope you are having a great Summer!!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

Lets Get Physical w Ana Foxxx

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Soooo I have been shooting some of my hottest scenes, stock piling them, getting them all ready for when I relaunch this Summer. And I am trying so hard to not post pics or stories from EVERY scene I have been sitting would be nice if SOME of it could be a surprise.. but you guys KNOW how hard it is for me to do that! You should know me well enough by now to know that the minute I receive pictures from a new scene, no matter what time it is or what I’m doing, I drop everything and look thru them. Then the next thing I do is start posting them on my blog here and on my Twitter.. I just can’t help myself!

Especially.. when it’s a scene as hot as this one.. OMG!

I have been wanting to play with Ana Foxxx since the day I met her during Glenn King’s radio show. I was mesmerized by her, and instinctively asked “You used to be a mainstream model, right?” the answer was yes.. I spent the rest of the night following her around like a puppy dog, telling her how pretty she is.. lol! Yup, I got no game when it comes to hot chicks.. what can I say?

Well, I had to wait a very long time to get my wish, but it was worth the wait! And I don’t think this scene could of turned out any better.. I am so obsessed with this pic set.. Holly Randall shot us, and she is a fucking genius!:)


I am going to make sure that this scene is one of the first to be released once my website is back up and running! In the meantime.. enjoy these teasers;)

Aaliyah Love xoxo <3

Bondage Fetish Book PreOrder

Sunday, June 1st, 2014

So do you guys remember back in January when I told you about the “glam-core” bondage art book I would be in? Well, I just got the link for the pre-order! The book will be coming out right around X-mas time.. You could order it now and receive it as a gift for yourself.. or one of your kinky loved ones?;) I just ordered one for myself and 3 more for my naughty friends whom I know would appreciate this sort of photography art!;)

And if you want the book autographed by yours truly, you could always mail it to me with a SASE and I will sign it and mail it back with a little free gift from me to you;)

Here is the link for pre-order: (link opens in a separate window)

And here is the link to the blog post with some behind the scenes and sneak peek pics from this project:

You can see more of Lord Morpheous’s visions at and his Twitter is @LordMorpheous


I hope everyone is having a great weekend? Tell me what you did! Me.. I’m having a somewhat rough weekend. I had to cancel today’s shoot due to a mistake a hairdresser made last night.. He turned half of my head into this ugly shade of brunette/purple. I spent all night crying.. it’s fixed now, thank goodness, and just in time for a shoot that’s happening tomorrow that I have been trying to make happen for 3 years now. I can’t say more about it just yet, but you all will find out soon enough:) (ahh I hate it when porn girls are cryptic/mysterious on purpose and now I’m doing that! sorry! lol)

Also, I’m getting ready for my 4 day trip to Hawaii that I leave for in a few days. This time it’s for work.. A 4 day shoot in Kauai. I’m pretty excited about it but have so much to do before I leave that I’m stressed out trying to get it all done! Ahhhh! Wish me luck!

I love you all

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


Just Wondering..

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

I want to ask anybody who has ever been, or currently is a member of What is your favorite scene (or your few fav scenes) and why?

I’m very curious for your answers, I hope this isn’t something too embarrassing/personal for some of you to share..

I often wonder how many of you watch every new scene I post each week, or if you have your fav video you always watch, or what you do the most when you log onto my website? Do you browse for awhile, or do you go right to a video, jerk off, and log off after a few minutes?

I could tell you guys about my fav videos, but since I don’t masturbate to my own work, my reasons would be totally different than yours.

But I can tell you this.. For me personaly, when I am a member of a porn website and I’m logging on solely to masturbate, I will have my favorite 1 or 2 videos, and my favorite 2 or 3 mins that I will fast forward to.. and it will be something specific in those few mins that always gets me off.. then I usually log off right away, but sometimes I browse around, just out of curiosity after I’m done cumming.

Ok. your turn!:)


Aaliyah Love xoxo <3

Blue Dream Pics

Monday, May 19th, 2014

I just got another set of pics back from Tammy Sands and I’m so stoked about them!:)

They match another new scene I just shot for I can’t wait to relaunch the site next month and start posting all of this sexiness!:)

These pics will be part of a hot solo masturbation scene called “Blue Dreams”

I know I’m being a big tease by posting these pics over a month before the scene goes live, but I just can’t help myself!:) I hope you guys like them, I KNOW you’re going to like the scene!;)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


Latest Interview

Monday, May 12th, 2014

I recently did an interview for Captain Jack for AdultDVDTalk. Here’s a sample:

Captain Jack: Tell me about Aaliyah Love. What kind of girl were you growing up?

Aaliyah: I grew up in Illinois in a really small cornfield town. Moved out to the east coast, Baltimore area, went to some college there. I was actually on track to be a pre-school teacher. I was currently teaching and going to college and, long story short, I was going broke because teachers don’t get paid much. (laughs) I discovered webcam and immediately fell in love. My first time ever touching a dildo was my first time on webcam. The studio owners thrust a dildo at me and I put my hands up because I was too embarrassed to touch it! I said to him, ‘What am I supposed to do with this?’ (laughs) I was really shy, I wasn’t that sexual. I was outgoing and silly but probably only had sex with about 4 or 5 guys at that point. So, anyways, I discovered webcamming and slowly fell in love with it. After a few months, I became the spokeswoman for the webcam company I was working for. Back then, webcams were fairly new. There were only about 25 girls online and only 2 or 3 of them were American. So it didn’t take much for me to become the top webcam girl. (laughs) So as the spokeswoman, I got to go to parties at the Playboy Mansion and went to porn conventions. That’s when I met porn people and they started telling me about websites. I thought maybe I should get one of those and started my solo girl website. I started shooting amateurish content, mostly solo. That was 5 ½ years ago and I slowly progressed into porn. My progression has always been slow. About 3 years ago, I started shooting girl/girl for other companies, mostly Twistys and Girlfriend Films and that’s how the porn world discovered me. I enjoyed that and about a year ago, I started doing boy/girl. And the rest is history! (laughs)

CJ: In the 5 years you’ve been it it, do you have any favorite scenes? If someone were to ask, the ultimate Aaliyah Love scene, what would you say?

Aaliyah: Hmmmm. The first thing that comes to mind, is any of the scenes I’ve shot with Cherie Deville. She is my all-time favorite.

CJ: How often do you cum, if ever, during a scene?

Aaliyah: It is a problem how much I cum during a scene actually, believe it or not. I cum a lot, a lot, a lot. Usually, it takes 2-3 minutes to get me off. So it becomes a problem, especially in girl/girl scenes, where you do a position on me, I cum. I do a position on you, I cum. We do 3-4 positions, I cum and then the director’s like, ‘OK, you’ve done 3 or 4 positions, Aaliyah’s come 5-6 times, we have 12 minutes so I need another 15 minutes, what are you girls going to do?’ I end up apologizing. It’s gotten to the point where Dan from Girlfriend Films tells the other girls, ‘don’t you dare touch Aaliyah for the first 5 minutes! You can kiss her. You can touch her boobs, don’t even look at her pussy because she’s going to cum.’ And I cum a lot in the boy/girl scenes because excitement makes me cum too. Every scene, I’m like ‘I can’t believe this is happening! I get to fuck this hot guy!’ I just did a Wicked Feature with Tyler Nixon and I was so excited and so nervous, he stuck his dick in my pussy and 10 seconds later, I start cumming. They say, ‘Sit up and pose’ and I say, ‘Excuuuseee me, I’m cuuuummmmmming!’ And everyone’s like, ‘Jesus Christ, Aaliyah, pull yourself together!’ So I say I cum at least twice per scene but it’s usually 5 or 6 times!


..and you can see the rest here:


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

Name That Scene Contest/DVD Giveaway

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

I’m sure it’s become painfully obvious by now that I suck at naming scenes and writing scene descriptions. I absolutely hate it. It’s one of my least favorite parts of my job lol! So as you scroll thru my scenes, you can come across a beautifully shot scene in an extravagant location, shot by some hotshot photographer, and it’s this intense, romantic, sexually charged scene with one of the hottest girls in the biz and I.. then it’ll be named something lame like “2 girls on a bed” or “lesbians fuck each other” Yeah, I’m TERRIBLE at this!

So that means whenever I do a contest like this, I’m just asking you guys to do my dirty work for me!;) And anyways, you guys are SO MUCH BETTER at this than I am! Every time I have a “name that scene” contest, you guys come up with the most genius and hilarious titles!

Sooo since I have a bunch of porn DVDs to get rid of, AND just today I sorted thru the next NINE scenes that will be posted here at, I came up with the brilliant idea to have this contest.

So I’m going to post pics from 3 hot scenes that will be posted in the members’ area of sometime in May/June/July.

Feel free to come up with names for any or all of the scenes.  I will pick a winner for each scene and that person gets a free DVD of their choice from my online store.

Let’s see what you guys come up with, I know you won’t let me down!;)

#1 This scene is a hot 3some with 2 of the prettiest girls in porn.. Cherie DeVille and Kendall Karson. Shot by Tammy Sands so you know there’s a glam aspect to the scene, but it’s also adorable, silly and sexually charged. Basically it’s just a sleepover 3some with a little bit of a pillow fight, (we tried SO HARD to get the feathers out of the pillows.. we hit poor Cherie way too many times before giving up) and lots of pussy eating. I love these pics, I hope you guys do too!;)

#2 This is a beautifully shot solo scene that includes totally glam pictures and the video is the longest Masturbation Instruction (17 minutes) I have ever shot. It includes lots of teaching and lots of.. instruction, duh! Now if I were to name this scene I’d come up with “Do As I Say” (I’m sure I already have at LEAST 2 masturbation instruction scenes named that) or “Teal Fantasies” because my lingerie is teal or something as lame.. you guys can do better!

Scene #3 Is a creative solo I shot last year but I’m just now getting around to posting it. It’s different than my other solo scenes, because it was shot in natural light only. It also has more of an artistic, slow, sensual lead in into the masturbation. It starts off with flashes of different camera angles, close ups, pans, etc of me trying on different panties in the mirror. It started off as a voyeur idea but then morphed into something else on it’s own. It’s hard for me to explain, especially since I haven’t seen the final edited video yet. But it’s sweet and mysterious and artsy and sexy. Or at least, that’s what I was going for. Now if I were to name this, I would go with something simple and way too obvious, like “Reflections” Come on, I KNOW you guys can do better than that!;)

So good luck everyone! I will be picking and announcing the 3 winners May 5-6.

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

Random Confession

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

So obviously (just take a glance at my latest blog posts) I will sell the shit out of porn DVDs. I can almost always go back and buy more from the companies if I run out of stock of a certain title..

BUT.. These days I am weary and even a little sad to sell some of the magazines I have. Because I KNOW, for most of them, I can NEVER get more! Most magazine companies are slowly fading away and even in the short time I have been shooting and featured in magazines, it has changed drastically. Before, whenever I was in one, I could call the manufacturer or even sometimes the photographer and order a bunch.. at a reduced cost. But the last few I was in, when I called I was told “we don’t keep extra stock on our shelves. We might have 5 or 10 you can buy, but at full rate. Maybe you should get a subscription?” :( !!

So there are some titles that I have, that are very special to me, that I am reluctant to sell..even if I have more than one of them. (don’t worry if you are thinking about purchasing any from my online store, the ones I don’t want to sell I haven’t listed)

I’m like hoarding my oldschool smut magazines for.. what? What will I do with them? I really don’t NEED to have more than one. It’s not like I look thru them and masturbate anymore. But I just.. like to have them:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

Hot Scene Alert!

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

So I don’t promote every scene I’ve done. I simply wouldn’t have the time. These days, porn is just one great fuck after another, day after day,  pussy, and dick, and boobies, and cameras, and cum and. you get the idea. I remember my first 6 or 7 b/g scenes.. then it’s all a blur after that. (My life is SO hard!)

But sometimes I do a scene that as it’s happening I just know “Oh, this is going to be special.” These are the scenes that bring out the passion in me, The scenes that I walk away from being completely physically and mentally SPENT! When it’s sooo good, I forget about the cameras completely, and I just close my eyes and have orgasm after orgasm.. Mmmm:)

So my last scene shot for Naughty America, with the sexy Steven St Croix, shot by King Razor for Tonight’s Girlfriend is one of those scenes. I didn’t write the script, but whoever did knows me and my perversions very well if ya know what I mean;)

I hope you all check it out. And those of you that have seen it, let me know what you think!;)

Link to free preview vid/pics and the scene are here:

haha I love this pic. Sometimes it’s hard to act conflicted when I’m really not.. ;)


I think this pic sums it all up better than any words I could use here


I love you all,

Aaliyah Love <3


ps-click on the pics to make them bigger!

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