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Whispers Teaser And BTS Pics

As you all should know by now, unless you’ve been living under a rock this past month, I’m baaaack to shooting porno! I have shot a lot of new hot scenes for other companies, so I should have a lot of hot new scenes coming out across the board with many of the major companies.. And even more exciting, is I’m back to shooting scenes for!

My photographer and I have hit the ground running and have shot some amazing new scenes! I have already uploaded a few to my webmaster, so soon the website will be updating every Wednesday with a video AND matching pic set, and soon after that, once they get all of my new scenes in the system, members will see my next 5 scenes in the “My Upcoming Scenes” list, so you can catch a peek at what sort of new scenes I have planned for you for the next 5 weeks!:)



I wanted to give you all a sneak peek into this scene, which I’m simply calling “Blue” right now, until I come up with a better title.. I can’t give too much away about the video yet, simple because I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out! Because like everything in porn, we had to change up our plan the very last minute, so we got the chance to try out something completely new, a way I’ve never shot a scene or it’s audio before.. so we will see!



..But I can share some of my fav pics from the scene, and some behind the scenes pics my makeup artist took the day we shot it..


Then, just for the hell of it, I put on some cat ears for the last 10 pics of so, and things got really crazy..


And my awesome makeup artist, Connie, aka @pornstarkareoke stayed busy snapping tons of behind the scenes pics while we were shooting..



As you can see by the look on my face, I was super stoked with the pics Dean was showing me as we went along..


And here’s 2 bts pics she took while I shot a super sexy custom video for someone special;) This is all I can show you from that one tho, because my custom videos are “exclusive” aka “for their eyes ONLY!”


As you can tell, I was feeling myself that day! In more ways than one!:)




Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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My Crazy, Awesome Week:)

Hey there everyone, I hope you all had a great week!  I bet some of you are wondering “She did an ‘Ask Me Anything’ blog post then never came back to it.. wtf?” Well, please don’t fret, because I have been busy every day this week shooting porn for your enjoyment;)

This week I..
-Started out with rough, passionate, fast paced, hard pound-fucking (you get the idea) sex with a new partner, Isiah Maxwell, whom I had AMAZING chemistry with (I have been masturbating to his dirty talk almost every night since that shoot to be honest tehehe) for a director I’ve never worked for before, Mason, for a company I never shot for before.. HardX! Not a bad way to start the week, eh?:)

-Next I had lesbian sex with 2 hotties in one day.. Both girls I had never fucked before, but lusted after both.. first up was Natalia Starr, who I will DEF be getting in scenes and webcam shows here at and Cherry Pimps SOON! (You guys will LOVE watching us together! It was one of my fav g/g scenes ever I think!)

And the 2nd girl was the beautiful Jana Jordan, whom I’ve been a HUGE fan of her work with Twistys since I STARTED shooting with them! Oh, and they both massaged me all over, (like, REAL massages) before the sex.. yeah, it was a GOOD DAY! These scenes will be at AllGirlMassage soon!:) (or.. ‘AGM,’ for those “in the know” lol)

-Then I got banged out for some more hot b/g sex, in Vegas, with Moe the Monster, whom I LOVE to kiss (AND FUCK!) we had FUN flirting and joking and fucking ALL day in a hot, sweaty office (yeah, I was a bratty and horny schoolgirl..and I wore a schoolgirl skirt that didn’t even cover my big round ass.. are you surprised? lol!!;)
_And today I got to lie on a massage table, naked, as the beautiful Alisson Tyler massages me all over, rubbed those beautiful, HUGE breasts in my face, then tribbed me and tribbed me and tribbed me (the director even taught us a NEW trib position! Imagine that..) until my pussy was so sensitive I couldn’t take anymore! ahhhh!
So.. it was an AWESOME WEEK, to say the least.. an I humble bragging? Maybe, a little.. lol! But I also wanted to let you all know of some of the new scenes I will be having come out soon, shot by other companies..


And tomorrow I am shooting porn for the enjoyment of members!:) (so.. members, email me all of your scene suggestions/requests NOW.. I will check my email tonight after I spend probably 5 hours cleaning up my shoot space (AFTER I decide exactly WHERE in this space I’m shooting this lovely pornography.) and before I write the scripts and send them to my photographer and make-up artist.. I’ll just tell you these things right now.. I will NOT be wearing stockings probably, because it is 103 degrees in the valley, and we have to turn off all fans and AC while we shoot video..I call it ‘Bukram porn..’ we will wait for it to cool off to start rocking those again! Also, I have no outdoor area to work with this time (too hot out there anyways!) so any outdoor/swimming pool requests will go on the shoot list for later, but won’t work this time.  I’m shooting 2 solo scenes (which is the type of scene I have gotten the most requests for since my last shoot, so long, long ago!) I did invite 2 girls, but neither could show, one of them because my little budget can’t afford to fly a hottie out from Vegas.. (next time maybe if I plan it better!) and I didn’t invite any boys since you guys wanted more solos, AND I have a scene that’s already shot and ready to turn into my webmaster ASAP.. (So it will prob be the next live scene on my website) that’s a hot “POV BJ-like” scene, I say “like” because it starts off as POV BJ, but then I got horny so it turned into a fingering, licking, blowjobbing, fucking, more blowjobbing type of thing.. so there are a lot of full-body, “typical b/g scene” type of shots in there too.. and lots of hot pics of me solo and suckin that dick!;) And.. if I get enough requests (I’ve already gotten a LOT, actually) I just MIGHT shoot another JOI scene this time.. but apparently my others are too easy.. so this one will be EXTRA hard to finish.. which means I’ll be turning my inner sex kitten WAY UP this time.. 😉


So, on Sunday, this pornstar rests.. and will be back to members’ emails, and answering your questions in my last blog post (if there is that much interest, I will run it for a week or two..) And I have very good news.. If you read this blog, you all know I basically lost 7 months of my life, which included working, earlier this year. I have been back in Cali for awhile, and back to porn for a few weeks.. I have been hustling REALLY HARD to catch up with everything.. including emails, online store orders, custom video orders, and BILLS.. well I’m happy to say, in another 10-12days from now, if 80% of the shoots on my calendar actually happen (which is usually about the average anyways) I will be back on my feet financially, enough to be able to take back control of my schedule, which means instead of having to leave ALL Of my days open, in case someone books me, 2 weeks in advance, I can take days off of my calendar.. you see where I’m going with this?!;)
It means.. I will FINALLY be able to get back on on webcam here for my weekly shows, free for all members!!!;) I even have a brand new webcam studio, all decked out in sexy furniture and all of my favorite outfits/costumes/toys and shoes, of course;) I can’t wait! SO.. My question to you guys is.. can you give me TWO MORE WEEKS, I will put the next 2 webcam dates after my shoot tmrw, but they will start after those 2 weeks.. I can’t wait to come back to you guys! I’ve missed it sooo much! And in the meantime, of course, you can enjoy the archived webcam shows from the past in the “Webcam archives” back to.. 2008? OMG lol..



I’m not sure I will have time to set it up tonight, but I MIGHT live broadcast just some from set tomorrow.. maybe while I’m getting my makeup done, or while we are shooting pics for 1 of the 2 scenes I’m shooting..if I AM.. I will try to give you guys as much warning as possible.. on my blog here, and on Twitter. And if you miss it, it will also be in the archives:)

Ahhh it feels so good to be back!:)

I love you all, Aaliyah Love XOXO <3






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Ask Me Anything!

Well.. it’s been so long since I’ve blogged, I just sat down and started a blog and decided to simply ramble on about EVERYTHING.. how hard it has been to catch-up on everything in my life since I took 7 months off for my Mother’s death, how I plan on webcamming for the website soon AND I have 3 new scenes to turn in, AND 3 more shoots scheduled in the next 2 weeks, (and I might even broadcast them live.) Then I started talking about the shoots I’ve been doing, and even got on the topic of selfies and crotchless panties.. but my OCD-like brain just wouldn’t let me post it, it was too.. ramble-y! I have always needed a sense of “order” to this blog.. Such as, I can not blog about a shoot I did last week before I blogged about a shoot I did 2 weeks ago, they HAD to be in chronological order! I know, I’m crazy..

So, I thought a great way to start would be to do another Ask Me ANYTHING (AMA) blog post. These are always a big hit, and I haven’t done one in awhile.. Actually, here is my last one, on Feb 4, 2014, which got up to 169 comments before I had to cut it off and move on!

As always, I’m an open book, but I have to approve of any comment before it appears publicly on my blog, so all rude/mean comments will be blocked.. duh!

Ok, let’s do this! Ask away..


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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I Need Beach Advice!

Ok my California friends, beach afficianados, I need your advice, and fast, please! ! I am stumped about where to take my Dad to get him the best beach experiences for these last 2 our of 4 days he’s here (the other 2 days we already have plans to do other things.) my dilemma is this:

When we planned a few weeks ago about what he wanted to do specifically concerning the beaches nearest to me, he wanted to to 2 things in particular: Rent rollerblades and skate for a few hours taking pics, so I took him to Venice and let him skate down to Santa Monica Pier, and have a look around there..

And we wanted to return to one of my fav places, Zuma Beach, it’s a private beach in Malibu where you can rent an umbrella and actually order bear or beach food! I wanted to treat my Dad to a day in the sun with no worries there.. and we did that too! (it was AMAZING and much needed for us!!) And now he says he wants as much sand between his toes as he can get before he leaves in a few days:( 🙁 And although I have been a beach girl since the day I moved to SoCal, I just moved up North to the valley, and I’m still getting to know my surroundings up here.. I have only had 3 or 4 chances to get to the beach in the last 2 years, I have been too busy SHOOTING PORN!! lol! I am used to the Orange County Beaches and Long Beach mostly.. we DEF won’t be going to LB, I’ve had enough of that disgusting beach for EVER:(

So, he says he doesn’t want to go to a beach to just “layout in the sun on a towel, I can only last about 10 minutes in the sun before I start to get sunburned+it’s kind of boring after you take a dip in the ocean” (especially since we have spent basically all day every day for the last 4days in the sun.)
Sooo I’m not sure where to bring my Pops.. can anybody give me any suggestions? Feel free to throw out any and all suggestions.. I’m not aware of any cool places to grab a lunch and a beer or some fish tacos for a late lunch somewhere on the sea, or a cute cafe on some tucked away little beach in Malibu where we can grab a sandwich and a coffee then go walk on a clean beach.. ya know, something with THAT kinda vibe!:) And I promise I won’t blow up your spot, you can even tell me in private (I already regret mentioning Zuma, it’s already too crowded, but I figured that would be a lot of people’s suggestion’s always mine! lol)

Or.. is my only option to bring him back to Santa Monica? I love SM but let’s face it.. it’s so touristy and expensive, and he already saw it, even tho it was brief. AND I’m going to be difficult and say it also can’t be too far away.. We will be Ubering (my only other thought was Laguna, but unfortunately that’s just too far. I would love to show him Laguna though!!!)
Thank youuuu guys!
😎<-that’s me
🏊😎<-that’s my Dad


And I hope EVERYBODY had a happy and safe July 4th!! I threw a little BBQ party for some of my favorite people, and or COURSE Cherie Deville and I took a LOT of pics together so I’ll be posting them here on my blog within the next few days..

oooh I have to slip this also.. (that’s what he said) Once my Dad leaves, for the first time this year, I will be 100% ready to get back into shooting, webcamming, 100% full speed ahead. It took me some time, and you were all so sweet and understanding and supportive, thank you for that! So plz plz give me a few more days with my family, (especially if you are waiting on anything from my online store related, or perhaps an email or DM on Twitter,) then I will be all yours again. I have missed it, ALL of it, especially connecting with you all, in group chat and 1 on 1, thru emails and even occasional, hilarious, random convos on Twitter..

I’ll also elaborate on all of this in a blog post coming soon!;)

Love, kisses, and hugs

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Inside The Pornstar

I would like to share with you all this project that Holly Randall, my friend and one of my favorite photographers has been working on. She invited Dani Daniels, Nikki Benz and I to talk about our lives, the porn we shoot, and what happens on camera, and off.. We all did these interviews for her sometime last year, which was the start of something that hopefully turns out to be pretty special..


Holly Randall had to say: “My idea behind this series of interviews was to “demystify” the public’s idea of what a porn star is like, and show that not only are many of them down to earth, REAL people, but also smart, driven, and personable. Today’s pornstar is a businesswoman, who controls her own career and makes her own choices. Today’s porn star is a sexually empowered woman in control of her life, not a victimized, broken woman. The series of interviews is not only informative, but really funny, and I think it will surprise and delight so many porn fans to see what their favorite girl is really like in person.”


“Inside The Pornstar” project, as you can see here:


(This is the only pic we managed to take on set that day.. doh! What am I laughing about so hard?!)


As you all know, anybody who has ever attended one of my webcam shows.. I LET IT ALL OUT when talking to my fans, or talking about my porn life.. I am the queen of TMI, and I didn’t disappoint during this interview..LOL! I think we ended up going at it for about 2 hours straight! Another thing I am is LONG WINDED.. and.. I got some stories!:) So I really can’t wait to go forward with this project and see where we can take it! It’s a crowdfunded project, all of the details are in the video, if you click the link you can check it out:)

And please feel free to let @HollyRandall @MissDaniDaniels and @nikkibenz what you think about this Inside the Pornstar project!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Shooting New Scenes on Sunday

..and I just lost my girl! So now it’ll be 2 solo scenes.. and I need ideas/requests/suggestions from my members! Email me NOW if you think you got a good idea, or there’s something you’ve always wanted to see me do, but haven’t yet;)


Also.. I want to tell you guys.. I’m SORRY the site hasn’t updated in a few weeks. I promised you all that would NEVER happen, and I honestly didn’t think it would, but if you read my other blog posts, you will know what I have been going thru, and I’m sure you will understand why I had to take 6 weeks off from porn to be with my family.

But I’m now back in LA, back to porn.. I shot by 1st scene back today, it as a live b/g show, which will be posted on my website and the Cherry Pimps website SOON! I also just dropped them a harddrive with 12 g/g scenes (I will explain more about this later) soo I’m back on track!

I’m also obv behind on emails, store orders, Twitter DMs, ETC!!! BUT.. I have a (VERY LONG) to do list, and I will get to every one as soon as I can. Thank you to those who have been patient and trusting with me.. (of COURSE a bunch of store orders came in like the FIRST day I was off.. lol!) So if you want to drop me an email and remind me, I won’t be offended, but if you don’t, just know, I will get to you ASAP!

Thank you to all members who have stuck with me thru the hardest year of my life so far, I love you all:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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45% Off Sale in my Smut Store

..for the next 24hours! On Tuesday morning I am leaving for another 8 days to be with family on the East Coast. By now you all know I’ll be gone and why I’ve been down in the dumps lately, etc.. so I thought why not try a fast and sleazy mega sale on my smut, especially since I just spent 2 hours listing a few new products (and I still have a pile of 18 more DVD titles I haven’t even entered in yet.. argh! It would probably help if I listed them here, wouldnt it? LOL!)

My best friend who is driving me to the airport Tuesday morning so graciously offered to walk my dogs AND take all of my porno packages to the post office Tuesday afternoon.. so I have spent most of the weekend catching up on orders (I’m 90% of the way there.. bare with me! You will get an email once your order is “fulfilled,” I promise) ..and I will be spending a good portion of tomorrow stuffing more envelopes full of signed magazines, DVDs, 8x10s, and other fun stuff (I always like to throw in some “extras,” no matter what the person orders.. only people who have made that purchase in the past know what I’m talkin about!;) So I figured, if anybody wants me to stuff an envelope for them also, now is the time! Esp with everything being 45% off.. why not.. TREAT YO SELF! and it would be a great help for me, too! Please, help me get rid of some of these DVDs! They are overrunning my apartment! I need to do some smut Spring Cleaning!:)

(note to self.. do another “name that scene” or “make me laugh DVD giveaway contest when I get back to LA.. good idea Aaliyah! But I digtess..) 😉

So if you have anything in mind and have ordered before, just skip the checkout page and contact me directly or feel free to click thru to the payment page, where there is specific directions.. it’s fast and easy, I promise;) (that’s what she said)

And you just enter the discount code TreatYourself at checkout and you’ll receive 45% off your entire order!;)

And.. if there are any titles that I’m in that you’re interested in, (or outfits from scenes for that matter,) that you don’t see listed here in my store, I just might have it, it might be a part of the 18 titles I haven’t gotten around to listing yet.. (I will TRY to at least make a list of those DVDs here in m=a blog post before I leave, but no promises!

Have a great weekend everybody!

And members, plz feel free to keep in touch with me thru email while I’m gone! I’m bringing my laptop this time, and will def have more time to check email from my lovely members the to check into the jibber jabber on Twitter, (for sanity’s sake if nothing else.. LOL!)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3



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No Webcam Show This Week

I’m sorry you guys, I just can’t do a webcam show this week. I know you all have waited so long and many of you were excited for tonight, and I thought mentally I was.. but I’m just not. I’m really sad and don’t want to even try to put on a fake happy face and fake an hour of my life for you guys. you deserve better and I’ve never done that (on webcam, sure, but not during a members’ show!)

Plus, I had a shoot today that got canceled because I hurt my neck DIVING for a large box marked FRAGILE full of my Mom’s glass figurines that a postman carelessly tossed at me this morning. It would of been my first day back, with a really hot chick and her cool photographer whom I spent a LOT of time texting back and forth with, making sure we were on the same page about everything (we WERE.. that hardly ever happens in a trade shoot!) AND a b/g/g scene with one of my fav male talents whom I haven’t fucked in way too long, Steven St Croix. Well.. it turns out they had a small delay at the testing center today, and I wouldn’t of gotten my STD test results back until the end of the day, so everyone would of showed up, probably set up, waited around, and I wouldn’t of been able to fuck anyways. So I’m not sure if any shooting was done today, but if there was, I was in bed, on icepacks, crying and talking to my Dad on the phone.. it wasn’t my proudest moment.

I AM catching up on things here in LA, I have now answered all emails several times, I have a harddrive with TWELVE scenes to be posted here at on it, plus the matching BTS video to the black+white photo set I recently posted on my blog, so my 1st priority is to get those scenes to my webmaster ASAP (within the next 5 days, I’m waiting on a 2nd harddrive to arrive Monday night) so the site can start updating again. I’m glad the 3 or 4 scenes posted right before the SMALL lapse in updates (only the 3rd time in history this has happened.. I’m so ashamed:( were some of my best.. and I see they quickly became “most popular” vids on the site.. so I guess you guys are enjoying them.. so THAT makes me feel good.. I also have about 12 packages from online store orders to send out on Monday/Tuesday, and I also have about 6 shoots for other companies in my calendar for the next 10 days..

I WAS going to stay here in LA for 2 weeks and shoot as much as possible, then go home for 7 days for my Mom’s funeral, but I just emailed my agent to not book me for anymore than I have. I am going to call Southwest (thank goodness for their lax policy on changing the dates of your flights without charging you!) and change it to me only being here in LA for 1.5 weeks, and going home for 10 days. If I’m going to be depressed and sad and not want to be around people sometimes, I might as well do it with my family, who are all probably doing the same right now. It is REALLY tough to leave California, especially this time of year, and my doggies, and this website which is so important to me, but I know in my heart it’s the best thing for me to do.

So please bear with me everybody and give me just a few more days to be sad, read books, write in my journal, play with my gardening (figure out why my plants are always dying would be a great start? lol) and just try to find joy in everyday life again. I had no way how I would react or what my life would feel like after all of this would happen, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to control it, but I now know, and this is it. And right now I’m just trying to get back to happy, grateful, cheery, HORNY Aaliyah.

Thanx everyone for being so cool and understanding thru this entire thing. I haven’t gotten ONE complaints from someone who had to wait a week or more on an email reply or a purchased porn package (try saying that 5 times fast LOL!) and I REALLY appreciate it! I KNOW I get back as much love as I try to show you all! That’s one of my favorite parts about this website!!!:)

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday. I will be checking my email several times today, so if anybody wants to get a hold of me that way, please do! I want to hear from you!!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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“Morning After” Teaser Pics From Upcoming Scene

I woke up the morning after, and he was gone..

Just thinking about the night we had got me all turned on..

..I wonder if he’s coming back soon?

You guys are gna love this scene.. coming soon to

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Morning After Noir Behind the Scenes

So I’m excited to share with you guys the 2 latest scenes I recently shot for This was a fan requested scene (Actually, I’ve been getting this request for YEARS, but MarkUK suggested it to me at midnight the night before the shoot, minutes after our other idea fell thru.. sooo I said “your wish is my command!” and we shot it!:)

Here’s some fun/silly behind the scenes pics from that day..

and of course, there’s always lots of laughter on my sets..

..would you like to see more pics from this upcoming scene?;)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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