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Aaliyah Loves Bryci Part 1

SO.. I’ve known this hottie named Bryci for YEARS, since we both launched our little solo-girl websites so many years ago. I always looked up to her.. she always seemed so.. FUCKING PERFECT. Her pics were always SO beautiful.. not a hair out of place, not a twisted bra strap, every pose so sexy but effortless.. WHO WAS THIS GIRL?! I always lusted after her from afar, until we started emailing, tweeting, and eventually texting back and forth. We became really good friends, but I never thought what happened last week would actually happen.. (doesn’t EVERY Penthouse Forum story start off that way? lol)


Sexually, Bryci was always unattainable for me. She lived in Canada, she shot exclusively with her man, James, and her website was “solo only” long past I started adding g/g to my website, (and eventually for other companies..) But that never stopped me from flirting!:)


I mean… LOOK. AT. HER.

Then one day about 2 years ago, I got a text from her.. “Guess what?! I’m doing b/g now! (with her husband only)” and I yelled “OMG, guess what? ME TOO!!!” We just HAPPENED to make the same decision around the exact same time.. kinda crazy!!:) We texted almost daily about how excited, nervous, and everything in between about it. Of course, my experience was a bit different than hers, because I was fucking many (many, many) men, and she was only fucking her husband.. but still, it was a BIG change for both of us!

Well, just recently Bryci and James made me an offer I could not refuse.. they said they were thinking about “starting to shoot with other people, and we would be honored if you would be our first” OMG, OMG! ..and when they said “first,” they didn’t just mean first girl on camera, they meant that the two of them have not had sex with another girl for TEN YEARS, since they’ve been together..


WOW! I said I would be so honored and was so pleased that they picked ME.. I mean, ANYBODY in porn valley would of jumped at the chance (you have no idea how many times her name has come up on an LA porn set, and some photographer/director has said to me “You know Bryci?! Can you get her on my set?!” and I would always sadly say “Nope, sorry.” But guess what LA? Guess what members? I had her.. and it was just as amazing as I knew it would be!;)


So one day last week, they flew me down in a little private plane from Burbank to San Diego (it was all so very VIP, I felt like a princess lol) and I met them for the first time, face to face.

As my Uber pulled up to their hotel I texted James “Ummm, James.. I admit, I don’t know what your face looks like? Just.. the lower half of your body.. so I guess, you just look for me?” hahaha.. Well, long story short, we shot 3 awesome scenes, all in 1 day, and had an amazing time!

We shot a girl/girl scene with Bryci and I first, then a double blowjob scene, and finished with a boy/girl/girl scene. My pussy was the only other pussy besides Bryci’s he has touched in TEN years.. I was DETERMINED to give these two the “pornstar experience,” and I think I succeeded LOL!;)

ALSO, my dear members, the first scene is already edited and almost ready to go! It will either be posted here at this week or the next. SURPRISE!!:)

Sooooo I have more pics and more stories from our sexy day together, but I’m going to leave it at that for now.. teasing you ALL.. but members will soon get to see it ALL;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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OMG! Webcam?!

I know what you’re saying to yourself right now, “OMG, did Aaliyah just.. schedule 2 member’s webcam shows?!”  YES, I did! I am finally ready to get back at it, I have missed these intimate shows with you guys..  A lot has happened this year, and I’m not gna get into it, most of you know, and even if you don’t, I’m in the mood to focus on the present and future right now.. and my one true love, and all of my lovely members!

I tried to pick times that not only won’t interfere with my shooting schedule, but also are times that I think would be the most convenient to the most of my members, if that makes sense?:)

So as of now, I’ll be webcamming:

Saturday, Oct 17 at 4pm (PST)
Friday Oct 23 at 5pm

I MIGHT have to change Oct 23’s time, ONLY if I get booked for an all day shoot (you NEVER know in this biz, most of my work gets booked last minute.. why can’t anybody pan ahead a week or two? Don’t ask me LOL!) But if I do that, it will either be moved to later that night, or the next day, Sat the 24th. And of course I’ll announce it here and let you all know.. but it PROB won’t happen, so don’t even worry about it lol!;)

I can’t wait to see you all in my webcam chatroom this Friday.. I’m sure we all have so much to discuss! What should I wear?! Taking requests/suggestions from members now!;)

I love you guys!;)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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Congrats to the Winners of My Blog Contest!

ok I’ve finally decided!
The top 3 winners to the “Name That Scene” contest are…

1. Haikibuckaroo: “Get Yourself Some Cheap Sunglasses”
2. Rob: (Porn) Valley Girl or I thought of “She’s Just a (Porn) Valley Girl!”
3. LuvPornGirls: “Aaliyah just wants to have fun”

you ALL win a prize of your choice..
– “Game of Bones” DVD
– High Society Magazine March, 2012
-autographed 8×10 pic “Aaliyah Noir”

aaaaaaand.. drumroll please! The winner isssssssss…..











Haikibuckaroo!!! I loved your title, it made me laugh the first time I read it, I loved rocking those 80’s sunglasses and I think everyone will totally get the reference.. congrats my friend!
You get your choice of one of the above 3 prizes like the other 2, AND 1 free DVD from my store, or 2 if you’re a member of (see, I toldja I make up the rules of my contests as I go along.. teheheh) .. any you want. And I will autograph/personalize them, of course!:) If you are a member, email me thru the members’ area and we can discuss details;)

I will email my webmaster tomorrow morning to change the title of this scene, it will be going live at SOON!:)

By the way, you guys are going to love this hot solo scene, I think. The pics/vids Holly Randall and I have shot together over the last few years have always been top rated, very popular scenes on my website.. And some of my fav pics of myself are shot by her! So I can’t wait to read all of your comments on the scene in the members’ area once it goes live!!!:)

Well that was fun! Thanx for playing my game, everyone! I usually have several contests here on my blog every year, I’m already planning my next one!;)  I think you should bookmark this place so you can check back often.. Just sayin;)


Aaliyah Love XOXO


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Congrats to the.. Almost Winners? LOL

So you guys, I’ve had a rough 6 days, being sick in bed, sweating out a bad fever.. A nasty flu is going around the porn industry right now, and ever since I got home form the 2 day Wicked Feature I was working on, I woke up the next day sick, and haven’t done much since! This is not uncommon for me to happen after working really hard on a feature.. when a group of porn people are sharing VERY close spaces with each other, sleep hours are down, you’re eating a lot of set food, oh, and sharing germs with each other, of course.. am I turning you all on with my sexy talk yet? LOL! Well what I mean to say is the feature shoot went GREAT, I can’t wait for it to come out, but I have been sick in bed and falling behind on everything ever since, which I’m bummed about..

So I pushed the announcement of the winner of my latest blog contest.. “Name The Scene”
(found here->)

Aaaand I ALMOST have a winner.. You guys just really nailed this one and gave me SO MANY awesome options to choose from, I’m having a really hard time deciding LOL! I just want to shoot more 80’s themed scenes for now, so I can use all of your ideas, lol!;) Also, I think I’m going to have to choose
a winner, and some “runners up” and send them free porn.. you all deserve it for making me laugh and participating so much in my little contest, I LOVE when you all take the time to leave comments on my blog here!;) Sooo I will announce who those lucky guys are soon, but I wanted to show you I AM thinking about it, and I
have narrowed it down to these submissions:

potential winners:
-Rob: (Porn) Valley Girl or I thought of “She’s Just a (Porn) Valley Girl!”
-Dylan: Finger Blast From the Past
-ok DragonJoe14 you have to explain what “Goat Boy from SNL” means..I really don’t know but it still made me LOL!;)
-ILoveAaliyah:  Hotter Than the 80s
-Reyes: “Just Beat It”
-Haikibuckaroo: “Get Yourself Some Cheap Sunglasses”
-LuvPornGirls: “Aaliyah just wants to have fun”-
-bad boy: “Aaliyah Rocks the 80s”
-aaliyahlover1991: “I want my… Aaliyah Love” (I’m just wondering how many people will get THIS reference? I certainly do tho, and thought all of yours were very witty!)

Sooo let me “sleep on it” and let you all know tmrw.. I had to cancel a THIRD shoot that SHOULD be happening on Thurs, but instead, I will be here, still trying to get well, and I will have plenty of time to finally make a decision here (and start putting your free porn packages together!)

I love you all,

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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Ill Be Picking A Winner Tonight!

I’ve been sick in bed for 4 long boring, miserable days, but I’m feeling 50% better today, and tonight I will be picking a winner(s) to my blog contest.. meaning it’s not too late to join!

I just don’t know how I’m going to pick one winner.. I might need to quickly shoot more 80’s themed scenes so I can use several of the awesome titles submitted to me.. some of you guys are funny as fuck lol!;)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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Funniest Quote From A Porn Review, EVER

Sometimes I read my reviews, sometimes I don’t. I just happened to come upon this one the other day, after posting a pic of this DVD cover, because it’s one of my fav covers I’ve ever received. Thank you Mike Quasar, Pat Myne, and Zero Tolerance!;)

I just thought this was the funniest quite I’ve EVER read in a porn review, EVER. IF you have ever seen funnier, please share it with me! I don’t think I know the reviewer personally, but he goes by the name “Dragon Sign.” So Dragon, if you’re out there, reading this, thank you for the laugh, you are quite the wordsmith!;)

The movie is called “Staying In 2” by Zero Tolerance, obv a boy/girl scene about.. creampies! Mmmmm one of my favorites.. can you guys tell?;)

And here’s what Dragon had to say, amongst other things:

“Will Powers, can soon start a new career as a jive dancer goes gigpreacher for the Church of Porn, because he will probably never pop in such an angel again. ”

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA whaaaaa?! Love it! Porn is silly and sexy and hilarious and not to be taken so serious, and I love people that think the same way.. we’re all just here to get laid, get paid, have some laughs, and hopefully.. entertain you all! (Gladiator voice) “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!”

Here’s the rest of the review, on Adult DVD Talk, if you’d like to check it out:


Totally unrelated, but I was just going thru my old hard drives to let a friend borrow one, and I FOUND THIS SCENE on one of them, vids, pics, and all! Sooo that means I have yet another b/g scene to post here in the members’ area of!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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New Changes to My Online Store

I’ve been up all night updating and working on my online store! I added some new 8×10 pics I think people might like, listed some DVDs I never had the time to list, and deleted 3 DVDs that I just sold the last copy of! I also got a bright idea.. instead of announcing it here on my blog every time I list a new item, (and who knows if the same people who look at my store look at my blog.. and visa-versa?) Or just hoping people notice, I added a new category: “Newest Items:
you can find it here:


Actually, I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this sooner.. DUH! lol! But, my store has come a long way since I first started it, with like 5 DVDs and a couple pairs of panties.. and I still have SO much more to add to it! I have a whole box of panties and lingerie and heels and socks that I have worn in so many scenes, or just in every day life, that I have to now let them go to a good home.:)  I need to make room for all of the pretty, new lingerie and shoes I have been getting lately!

ALSO, I already took some pics myself wit 4 or 5 pairs of some of my fav frilly panties I plan on listing in the store.. just with my iphone, in a mirror, one night when I was having a little fun, playing dress up with my new and old stuff.. and I have a few sets like this I will be listing.:) (these are the most tame pics in the bunch, each set ALWAYS includes panty-stuffing.. of COURSE!;)




And now that my good friend Lily Cade practically lives with me, very soon we are going to take a night to get in a sexy mood (maybe have a little wine, maybe play in the hottub a bit.. who knows?;) and she promises to she shoot pics of me in all of it, and help me list it, too!:)



So, there’s now 2 options available in my online store if you just want panties..soon to be 3!
1.You can purchase just a pair of panties of your choice that smell like me, with no included pics,
2.or a pair of panties, with 6 matching custom pics of me wearing them..emailed to you, or printed out and autographed to you, (or both if you want) and included in the package (and YES, you can choose the poses if you want!;)
3.But I figure it would also be cool to have some sets where I already have a matching pic sets of 10 or so pics of me rocking the lingerie..that I shot on a night I was feelin sexy..
Basically, I’m going to list my lingerie, panties and shoes all sorts of ways and let you guys pick however you want them;)  ..why not?:) (does that make sense?)

So if you’re the kind of person who digs browsing or purchasing stuff from my online store of smut, you can now find the newest items listed much easier, and there will be PLENTY new items sooooon!:)

Oh yeah, I also made a list of the discounted items here: (sometimes I put certain popular items on sale for awhile just for the heck of it, or if I have a LOT of a DVD, etc..)


So there ya go! I’m back on my game in every way possible and back to improving the experience in anyways I can think.. and as always, I’m always open to suggestions/requests from my lovely members!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Name That Scene Contest

I haven’t done one of these type of contests on my blog in awhile.. And this scene that I just shot is soooo cool, I think it deserves the honor of a “Name That Scene” contest!:)
This is a scene Holly Randall shot for both her website and mine just a few weeks ago.. Holly named hers “I Love the 80’s,” which I think is a perfect name, but I can’t use the exact same title.. so I need your help!:)


It’s a solo scene. Obv very colorful and decked out in 80’s gear.. Holly said this jacket was DEF worn in some old school SUZE RANDALL shoots from the 1980-90’s.. so I was wearing a part of porn history!;)


The winner of the contest obviously gets to name the scene, but who knows? I might feel generous if someone really makes me laugh.. I might even give out some free porn in the process.. DVDs, panties, 8×10 pics.. who knows? I like to make the rules of my contests up as I go;)


I will decide in ONE WEEK from now the winner of this contest, this scene, along with a b/g scene with Chad White, a g/g scene with Lily Cade and 2 sexy solos I just turned in to my webmaster over at Cherry Pimps, and they will be going live soon in the members’ area of!:)

Aaliyah Love xoxo <3


ps- just a reminder to click on the pics to make them bigger;)

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Adult Empire Podcast/Interview

Since my Adult Empire showcase DVD is coming out soon (in October) I was searching around their website for my name, things we have collaborated on in the past, or blog posts about me.. and I came across this almost 2 hours long podcast/phone call we had awhile back.. So I thought I’d share it here!:)



Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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I Want a Dream Lover, So I Don’t Have To Dream Alone


I love Dream Lover! it’s becoming the best way to keep in touch w people who like to chat w me, even when I don’t have time to check my emails or hop on webcam (my last webcam show was March, even tho EVERY DAY I say I want to do it and I miss it.. I’m always spending all of my time on porn sets lately, tho!) and it’s def better than trying to communicate thru Twitter, obviously!

No matter where I am, one thing I am ALWAYS doing, is looking at my phone! So texts come thru right away, usually.. I love having random sweet or naughty texts popping up on my phone throughout my day! And I, in turn, think I try my best to add a little sunshine (or.. cum! lol) to YOUR day!;)

Plus, speaking of missing the webcams so much, a lot of my Dream Lover experience has REALLY reminded me of my webcamming days! When I got to connect with and sometimes get to know very well, form friendships, or sometimes, just have an intense, fast, sexual connection with one of my fans, ONE ON ONE.. there is nothing like it. Only now, I can chat you up or make you cum without spending an hour putting on makeup and setting up lights, testing camera angles, etc first!;) yessss!

We can chat about ANYTHING you want, you can ask me anything, you can send me pics, or request pics from me. (Tell me whatever type of pic you want, and I’ll snap one for you right then.. for your eyes only!) Yes, I will never post the pics I send my Dream Lovers on social media or on my blog! They are YOUR PERSONAL pics!


I have also been brainstorming of ways to make Dream Lover more fun for my “regular” users, OR, for people trying it out for the first time.. and I came up with this idea so far.. On occasion, I will do “discount days” (or weekends) where receiving pics from me will be a % cheaper.. (My word texts are already set as cheap as they can be anyways, and there’s something special about custom/personal pics.) So it would have to be an exciting day (or two) such as.. when I’m shooting for my website, or on a vacation (ah, I wish!) ..perhaps some tropical beach where I can go topless? These are just examples.. (but pretty awesome examples if you ask me haha)

And as with most of what I do in porno, I am also open to suggestions/requests when it comes to my Dream Lover account.. I would especially like to hear from those of you who I chat with on the regular on here.. what would YOU like to see from my Dream Lover, or DL in general, that would put a smile on your face?

Also, I just like how they set up my profile page. It’s connected to my IG page, they used all “non-raunchy, non-nude” pics, and you can easily browse thru the other girls available (I’ve basically convinced all of my porn girl friends, and even a few guys, to check out the app.. most are having as much fun with it as I am!)  AND.. it’s super easy to sign-up.. Now I’m blatantly trying to convince you to try it out, can you tell?;)

If you do, I’ll be looking forward to your text.. Here’s my profile page:

And I was playing around w Photoshop last night and made a few of these pics using pics I just shot for a scene on my site last week.. what do you think?:)


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