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What Do Porn Directors/Producers… DO?

Someone recently asked me “What do porn producers/directors.. do? Just stand in the corner and say “ok, now fuck!” ?” And my answer was so long, I thought, why not share this info on my blog too? In case any of you were curious what goes on “behind the scenes” on a porn set, here is one facet..

“it really depends on the company and what we are shooting (what a general answer, I know lol..)
Like during features, we could get a 30 page script 10 days ahead of time, the cast/crew might get together the night before for a “table read,” the producer tells me what outfits I’m wearing, exactly where to stand, which way to turn my head and what shoulder to look over during dialog, exactly how to flip my hair, etc..
They might have picked out/bought us specific wardrobe days before, they also picked out and booked the location, booked all of the talent thru our agents, probably haggling prices and figuring out dates we are all available, pairing up performers who have actual chemistry with each other, making sure nobody is on each other’s NO list (no drama on set, please!) finding a makeup artist who can do what you want for what’s in your (increasingly shrinking) budget, book the photographer (if they aren’t shooting themselves) and making sure the photographer’s PA are dependable and hard working, either buying and bringing a bunch of food to set to feed everyone while they work hard, or figure out a place to get the entire crew food to munch on, then buying everyone lunch if you’re on set that long, (one company had someone on set COOKING us breakfast, lunch, and dinner.. it was pretty cool!) having a reliable and affordable pic and video editor on stand by to work on the content ASAP you send it to them, then turning the scene into the company you shot it for on time!
Back to what they actually do ON SET.. in the gonzo (simply sex) videos, it depends on the director.. I’ve had a directors narrate every minute of what I was doing, and it was awkward, and I was thinking “if you don’t trust me to have good sex, why did you hire me?” but that was just their style..a “micro-manager..” For example, they would say “slowly kiss your way down her body, now take your left hand and play w her right boob, now kiss for a solid 2 mins, I want to see tongue!”
Where some other gonzo scenes we just get to FUCK, but we might be stopped one or two times to adjust the lighting or change a battery on a camera, those pauses are usually 2-3 mins tops, then we go back at it.. Personally, if I know they are trying to shoot “straight thru,” sometimes I will take a 4-5min break about 20mins into it, to cool off and catch my breath.. so the last 10-15mns of the video I’m not feeling/looking tired or thinking “is it almost over?!” Instead, I get to give the end of the scene my ALL and fucking it out gooood.. The directors that know me, know I do this, and have no problem with it. Some directors keep it simple, they only yell out small directions during the sex, where we are not supposed to look at them when they talk, or stop the action.. they just say things like:
“Aaliyah, put your right knee down, we cant see your vagina from here” (then the male talent will lean on my knee for me and keep on fucking me, the camera now has a perfect view of the vag and it looks completely natural!:) or
“flip your hair to the left, we can’t see the dick in your mouth right now” or
“turn your face/ass to the light a little more!” (because the more light that is on you, the more flattering it is!) Or, the one we hear on set the most:
“OPEN UP MORE!!” (which really means “fuck at a 90 degree angle so there’s room for the camera, and plenty of light to get in there, so everyone can SEE the fucking!” So if you ever see a girl in the middle of doing something, then she awkwardly looks off camera for a minute, or stops for a sec and makes an adjustment, it’s prob because someone gave her an you know! Some performers are good at effortlessly continuing what they’re doing while slipping the adjustments into their movement, and some people, it completely throws them off of their game.
Also, we usually do the “sex stills” first.. which means we take pics of the sex, then the girl gets touched up by makeup, does one last potty break, puts her clothes back on, then we start the video (yes, the poor guy has to get a rock hard penis, have awkward, slow sex while posing for a good 10mins-1hour, then everyone leaves him alone for like 20-30mins before he has to get it hard RIGHT AWAY and fuck for real this time..) But the sex still time is useful, because:
#1: if this is your 1st time meeting somebody, it’s a nice “Hi, nice to meet you, let’s build some chemistry here.. let’s figure out how the other fucks” ..before the video, and
#2 you figure out what 4-5 positions work the best for you 2, depending on body type and the location you’re in, and then usually you just do the same positions during the video! The producer usually suggests or TELLS US what positions we will be doing during these pics. Especially if they know one of the performers well, or have shot some creative positions in the same location before, or if they know what positions their members like the most, etc..
So there’s your super long answer! I’m sure most people think porn producers just go “ummm.. just have some sex, Ill tell you when 35 mins is up” ..and then collects their check.. but there’s way more to it than that!;)
The producer/director of a movie could make or break the scenes. I’ve worked with some amazing and inspiring directors who motivate everyone to do their best, and you trust them and their set to the point where you know you can push your mental and physical boundries on camera, and they MAKE you want to do your best, for THEM and their movie. On the other hand, you can have a producer that doesn’t care about the finished product/or doesn’t exactly know what they’re doing, and even tho they have hired 2 amazing performers who share a real chemistry, the overall scene turns out “just ok.” ..And I’m sure we have all seen scenes on both sides of that coin!;) ”

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Next Webcam Show

..will be this Wednesday at 7pm PST!

I know I usually do webcam shows Fridays or Saturdays, but this Friday I will be doing a live g/g show from the Cherry Pimps studio (free for all and Cherry Pimps members, of course!) with the lovely Cherie DeVille.. and Saturday I’m HOPING to get a booking (you never know, until last minute, usually.. so you just have to hope hope hope!) AND I already took this Wednesday off so I could take care of some things that morning.. I figure it was a great idea to plan a show for that night, since there is no way I will get booked and have to change the date… if that makes sense:)

I hope to see you all there!;) The show will be free for all members, and non-members can click in thru here:

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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Shooting on Monday

You guys know what that means! I’m looking for member requests/suggestions on what I should shoot.. email me NOW!! Who knows I just might shoot your fantasy on Monday.. (more than half of my scenes are member requests!)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Halloween Scene Selfies

I was going thru the pics on my phone tonight, and I found a bunch of selfies I took on set the day of the Halloween shoot! I have been telling myself I need to start taking more behind the scenes pics with my phone during my shoots, to share with you guys here.. and I’m glad I found a little time to do it this day!:)

So since I have been sharing soooo many pics from the upcoming Halloween scene here, I thought I would first share the Halloween pics! (we also shot a b+w pic set and a super cute solo scene of me on a bed, reliving a dirty dream I had that day, I have lots of stories and pics from those to share with you also, but that’s for another blog post on another day!;)


I was really feeling the long, dark hair look! But don’t worry everyone, it was JUST A WIG! (yes, I have received MANY emails from people thinking it was my “new look” hahaha!)


And, as always, I had to be a total goof.. I still think I’m better at silly faces than SEXY faces.. that’s just how I roll;)


I tried on the pigtails, but for once, decided against them, they just weren’t right for this look.. although I was really feelin the lion vibe with them on for a minute:)




And, of course, I had to document the side-boob as much as I could that day.. except, it’s wasn’t really easy to find the right angle while trying to hold a phone steady.. this was the best I could do by myself:)


And this is what I looked like while driving home. After a scene where I basically cover myself from head to toe in spit (spoiler alert! lol!) and shot some footage of me “going crazy,” doing my best to smear my makeup all over.. this is what I was left with!

The best part is, when I got home, I was wearing the outfit I wore in scene #1, an outfit you guys haven’t seen yet.. but it’s VERY low cut, it’s basically a 1-piece pajamas, showing off my entire chest and my buttcheeks.. so I made sure to hold my datebook over my chest, hiding everything slutty from my conservative neighbors in the elevator.. but I forgot about the smeared remnants of cat makeup on my face! There were several people I know in the elevator, and I played with their dogs, and made some normal chit-chat, wished them a good night as I got off.. and not one person said a THING!! I screamed when I got into my apartment and had a look in the mirror… oooooops! LOL! I wonder what they were thinking about me?! hahaha

Hope you guys enjoy these pics and the last few blog posts about the Halloween scene. It’s going to be a good one!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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Halloween SideBoob!!

I have to admit, I picked this sexy black bodysuit for my Halloween scene exclusively for the MAJOR SIDEBOOB ACTION!

4.Aaliyah.Love.Haloween.2015, do you think I made the right choice?;)


Not to sound egotistical, but that pic above might be the best pic of my left boob EVER! lol!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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Happy Halloweenie!

I edited a couple pics from my upcoming Halloween scene last night.. what do you guys think?


Feel free to post this pic wherever you want! Maybe it’ll help your social media friends.. get in the Halloween spirit;) Teheheh


I am so excited about this year’s Halloween porno scene.. I hope you guys enjoy it.. but until the day it goes live, I’m just going to keep on teasing you, leaking pics from the scene out slowly.. 😉

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Shot for Today.. BTS Pics

Hey you guys, it’s a little past midnight here, and I have been chained to my computer since the moment I got home tonight around 8pm from my shoot.. I have so much to say and tell you all and show you all..

But first, a confession.. there wasn’t going to be an Halloween scene this year. I have many pre-written blog posts I have been working on with pics from all of my past Halloween scenes in my Drafts folder that I was going to post instead. There just wasn’t the time (my Halloween scene is usually edited and in my webmaster’s hands by mid-Sept, I was building my X-mas set by this time last year..) or money for it (my Halloween and X-mas scenes usually take up twice the shooting time, aka a crew of 4 people take about 10 hours to shoot ONE scene, and they usually cost twice as much as it does for me to produce one holiday scene than it does to get TWO scenes.. and that’s why they’re some of the best and coolest scenes on the website, IMO) I knew you guys would be bummed but understand. Then yesterday, as I’m planning the fastest and easiest 2 scenes for my crew and I to fly thru today, since I am so behind on everything, including scenes, and I thought maybe just this one time, I would just do whatever was easiest, and think about “quantity over quality” for once.. until I read 2 things..

One was an email from a member. His email said “I can not wait for your Halloween scene this year, they are always some of the BEST on your website!”

Then I read all of your replies to this blog post:

and I thought.. ok, I HAVE TO SHOOT A HALLOWEEN SCENE!!!!

Sooo I stayed up until 2am last night, when I should of been sleeping, because we all had an early morning today, but instead I was trying on costume after costume.. Honestly, I prob own every slutty version of every costume ever made in the whole wide world! Then I figured out what I wanted to wear and do.. it was a very simple concept.. and once I got to set, Dean and I spent a few hours discussing and coming up w something even better.. and I can’t wait to see it for myself AND post it! It’s going to be scary and creepy but funny and sexy!

I could go on and on but I bet you guys would rather see some pics here over more words, and I’m super tired and it’s almost past my bedtime, so here’s some pics from today:




My makeup artist worked her magic.. thank you @MUAKonnie for making me a sexy kitty kat!;)


I also climbed into some bushes.. this will end up being a bonus update, a black+white pic set!:)




Ok guys, that’s all I have to share with you all tonight.. I am off to take a long, hot bath, then go to bed!

You can check me out on the Lora Samoza’s radio show tmrw at 3pm PST, details are on her Twitter @LoraSamoza

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Random Thoughts About Old Content vs New

So tonight I’m looking at all of the scenes I’ve ever shot for I spend a lot of time logged into my website as a member, just lookin at everything, wondering how I could make it BETTER, trying to figure out not what we are lacking, but what we could ADD, to make it BETTER.. And of course a lot of what I look at is.. THE SCENES!

As I have been going back and forth with Dean Capture, my photographer, and my make-up artist, Connie, ALL WEEK LONG about the shoot I’m doing for on Sunday (they usually get at least 50 texts and emails about ideas and questions I have before every shoot.. still trying to figure out if it drives them crazy but they’re just being polite. or they like it.. Dean and I have gotten into 2 hour text convos about lighting and shooting style lol!) and I started looking at my most popular scenes from years ago.. I noticed a few things..

Now, of course the that I launched years ago, and what it is now, is very different. We have switched webmasters twice, there have been many changes to the member’s area website design, but most importantly, the scenes I shot.. Back then, this website was a little “amateur photography done by a webcam girl” SOLO scene website. And at one time, I was updating SIX scenes (a full video PLUS matching pic set) a month, sooo I had to get REALLY creative with the scene ideas and wardrobe, concepts, all of that.. I always prided myself on never just showing up with some bras and panties and a dildo, and shot “Girl on couch with dildo” and “Girl on bed with dildo” type of scenes.. you guys were seeing me on my bed with dildos EVERY DAY.. on webcam! lol!

As a girl, who, I admit, has always loved to play dress up, I always give a lot of thought into the wardrobe and colors and scenery.. many of my male fans have said “I’m a man, I don’t care about this kinda stuff Aaliyah, you shouldn’t worry so much about it, I just want to see you have fun, and cum for me.” And that may be true for many of my members, and that’s TOTALLY fine, I GET it.. but I have fun with it, and I have always LOVED the pics and video my photographers and I came up with, and felt proud whenever someone noticed the subtle creative touches I always tried to do to everything.. Because on the other hand, I’ve never had someone COMPLAIN that there was a twirling yellow asian parasol that just happened to match my heels and the flowers behind me WHILE I have fun and cum;)


Soooo I said to my makeup artist today exactly this:

“my old content is a lot more costumes, colors, pigtails, food, fun stuff like that, I think we need to not forget about this stuff and work more of it into the future shoots!”


Sooo I just thought I would ask you guys what you think? In my solo scenes, or even the hardcore g/g and b/g scenes I’m now shooting for the website.. do you still want the silly, playful Aaliyah who used to rock pink wigs and crazy makeup, or do you prefer to see more “casual” or “sexy?”


I was just a random thought I had today, and thought I’d ask you all to see what you think about it!:)

Have a great weekend everybody!

And see you at tomorrow’s webcam show?;) Free for members, or non-members can click in here:

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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Behind The Scenes Pics From “Uncontrollable Desires” Scene

Sorry guys, I did not get to shoot any behind the scenes video during my 1950’s prom girl solo scene that recently went live, titled “Uncontrollable Desires.” Shot by my new photographer, Dean Capture, we were REALLY pressed for time that day!  But one my fav lovely makeup artists, Connie, (aka @pornstarkareoka on Twitter) took some awesome BTS pics while we were shooting, then emailed them all to me .. she’s a keeper!:) I know how much you guys love it when I share behind the scenes with you all, so I thought I would post some here for you.. 😉



Such a prim and proper lady lol..

But not for too long, of course;)




Two creative, sexy solo scenes and a custom video were shot by Dean and I that day.. and I think you guys are really gna like them!:)


I love it when he shares with me the pics as we are shooting.. some photographers will, and some won’t.. everyone has their own style! But I like it because I always feel awkard in a strange pose, them he shows me and.. oooh maybe that DID work out..


One rule about posing: If it feels awkward, it’s probably a good pose. And the more it hurts, the sexier it is (arch that ass up until it HURTS, ladies! hhahahha)


This is one of MANY “Porn Prom Girl” scenes you will be seeing here in the next few months.. but I don’t want to give too much away just yet;) This one was inspired by a member’s suggestion and we back and forth and finally came up w something very cool.. I try to make most of my scenes here requests and suggestions from my lovely members;) This scene will DEF have a “Part 2” (Bobby hasn’t even shown up yet!) and maybe even a “Part 3” which will be shot sometime in the next 2 months!




And here is just a little sneak peek of the action that took place during the shooting of a custom video for a good fan of mine, that same day. Only he gets to see the rest!;)




Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps-just a reminder to click on the pics to make them BIGGER;)

ps2-if you like my blog posts, plz post them on your social media accounts! I want my smut plastered all over every single website I can reach hahaha;)


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Aaliyah Loves Bryci Part 2

Today the b/g/g blowjob scene Bryci, James (aka @jdpics) and I shot last week went live on their website, and will be going live here at within days.. If you check back here tomorrow, I just might post a few more teaser pics from that scene.. if you guys want me to?;)

In the meantime, I just found this and had to share with you all.. (in case you don’t read my friend Jame’s blog.. you should, damnit! lol)

This is what he had to say about the shoot day on his very candid blog,

“If I am being honest from a nitpicky photographer point of view, I wished 100 times I had other lens with me for this shoot.

I thought the photos didn’t come out as sharp as I know I can shoot, but I was wrong.

The photos came out great. Since then I have bought better lenses too so next time… holy fuck balls batman.

Before writing this blog, I wrote a quick entry in my tumblr over at (WTF James has TWO BLOGS? Yes. I am cool like that.)

This answer is about as uncensored as it gets.

Anonymous asks: So dude every guy what’s to know, how was the threesome with two incredible hotties?

I want to tell you it was easy and no big deal, in short… lie to you. Thing is, it was one of those things you joke about happening but never expect it to go down.

I don’t know how old you were when you lost your virginity but if you remember that feeling of excitement but uncertainty juuuust before things started. You know what you’re about to do, you’re excited about it but you’re also pretty confused at the order of things. ummm… how to porn?

Do I stick my dick here first and then there or….

All in all pretty comical, the thoughts going on in my brain. I found myself wanting to leave my body, then grab me by the scruff of the shirt and pull me around the corner and kick my own ass.

Most guys would look at the situation and think.. meh, if I was in that situation, I’d do this, then this, then this… like it’s no big deal but having sex with two women at the same time is one thing, trying to maintain a hard on while filming and holding a 4k camera, keeping the scene in frame, in focus etc and THEN also enjoying what is happening… not as easy as one might think.

Somehow we shot a b/g/g pov blowjob scene and then within 40 minutes, we were shoiting a second b/g/g pov scene with blowjob, riding, fucking, cum swap etc. I shot twice in 40-50 minutes area, although for a moment my dick didn’t want to cooperate and shoot the second load.

It was having too much damn fun!


I am used to guys hating me because of being @Bryci’s husband but when you add in… and this guy fucks porn stars with his wife… yup, I’m now officially hated.

So how was it you ask? Fucking awesome.

Two girls going up and down on your pole at the same time, your eyes roll back in your head.

You’re pretty much okay with dying at this very moment because getting better than this? Unfuckinglikely.

A girl sucking on the head of your cock while another sucks your balls.

Seriously JD? Just go fuck yourself.

That’s what I kept saying to myself.

It’s just a job, and Aaliyah was amazing to work with. We’ve known her for so long so to hang out with her and power through scene after scene… it was like working with an old friend. Everything clicked, she was amazing.

We had scheduled three scenes, two of which will find themselves inside our site ( and Aaliyah’s site ( in Oct/Nov/Dec.. not sure the release schedule. The third scene which is the b/g/g fucking scene.. will release in January on our first dvd we’re putting out. There will also be other stuff on there… but I’m not allowed to talk about that yet. 😉

So yeah, good fucking day for sure.”



The funny thing is, he’s just being hard on himself. He came at a completely normal time, it was just the time of my FLIGHT pressing on us.. really, he came about 2mins after we started asking him to.. and ummm can you blame him? Cum now, OR hold out for another 2 mins while Bryci and I stroke him and worship his dick, begging for his cum? (By the way James, I’ve seen some LA male talent take up to 20mins.. but that’s another story for another day lol!)  They were both an amazing fuck! They preempted me by saying things like “we don’t fuck like pornstars, we just fuck like 2 normal people.” But it was a REALLY satisfying sexual experience.. during the b/g/g sex scene (the one scene we have to delay posting until sometime next year.. yeah, it’s gna be a LONG tease lol!) at one point, he was fucking me from behind in doggystyle, and I was licking Bryci’s pussy, and I gripped onto her thigh and pressed my face into it, looking up at her, like, “Damn girl, this is what you get every day?!” LOL!

I’m so glad we are able to post the first scene so fast so you all can enjoy some of the sexual tension finally let go after 6-7 years along with me, instead of just reading about it here on my blog!;)

I can’t wait to read the comments on this scene and see what you all have to say about it!!;)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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