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Another Name That Scene Contest!

My photographer and I just shot a lovely “housewife turned messy slut” themed scene.. I think it turned out awesome!:)


But I have a dilemma.. I’m kinda feeling the guilt I always feel when I have a super awesome scene that I’m really proud of, then I give it some lame name that it doesn’t deserve.. So because of that, and because it’s been awhile since I’ve done a free porn giveaway blog contest, I am doing a “Name That Scene” contest! You guys always come up with the BEST scene names, so many of you are WAY BETTER at this part than I am.. So I will continue to crank out the sexy porno that I provide with my lovely members of on a weekly basis, and you guys can hook it up with the witty titles you never fail to come up with!;)

So I will share a few more pics from the scene with you all, so you can get an idea of what type of scene it is.. Basically it’s a solo masturbation scene, that starts off with me being the perfect housewife to come home to (I’m not wearing ANYTHING under that apron!;) with lots of playing and eating and drooling and stomping around on cupcakes before I come.. a very colorful, silly, playful scene that I hope you all enjoy!!:)



Oops! I seem to of dropped a few.. that’s ok, I made PLENTY!:) Would you like to lick some of this decadent frosting off of my little feet? Pretty please?


And like all food scenes I shoot.. things got a little.. MESSY:) (I LOVE creating a huge mess and literally “playing with my food” I swear, I’m borderlining on it become a fetish of mine.. I get SO GIDDY getting naked and rolling around in super messy food! Is there even a name for that?;)


Oops! I’m such a DIRTY girl! You don’t mind, do you? Why don’t you come join me here in this mess, we can have the sweetest sex you’ve ever had!;)

Anybody can participate, but only members of will be eligible for prizes (if you’re not a member, you’re not going to get to see the scene anyways!) I will name the top 3 winners, who will be awarded with either a signed 8×10 picture or magazine (remember those?!) of their choice from my online store, autographed to their liking:)

The winner will get a copy of my new feature DVD from Adult Empire @adultempire that just came out! I picked the wardrobe, my sex partners, and the type of sex for every scene, so this one is really special to me!:) or, if they prefer girl/girl only movies, they can have their choice of any Girlfriends Films DVD from my online store (I have SO MANY! lol)
Also, of course, I will use their title for the title of the scene on my website!:)


I will pick the winner a week from now, and announce it here and on Twitter. I leave for Thanksgiving for a week tomrrow (Tuesday) and get back Friday night, then all day Saturday and Sunday I am shooting 3 scenes for and a bunch of customs videos (thank you for you orders!) So once all of taht craziness if over, sometime on Monday the 30th I will pick the winners. The winners can email me thru the members’ area of to claim their prize!

Good luck everyone! Let’s see what you can come up with!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps- here is a link to check out the details of my Adult Empire showcase movie, and watch some previews of every scene. AND.. I now have these DVDs in my possession, and I really wanted to list them for sale before I left for Thanksgiving, but I RAN OUT OF TIME! But, those of you that have ordered from me before, know the drill, simply send the payment to my email,, and I promise your package will go out Monday afternoon, Nov 30. I am also giving away 5 medium sized pics or 1 large (8×10) autographed pin-up pics to the first 10 people to purchase this DVD from me. SO, you CAN email me, ask any questions you may have, purchase it from me now and wait a week to get it, or you can pay for it over the weekend, or when I get home, it’s up to you! I got plenty so don’t worry everybody, I’m NOT going to run out! This is my FIRST feature DVD and I wanted to do it right and have enough for everyone who wants to own one!:)

Good luck on the contest everyone! I have al faith in you to come up with a better title than I ever would haha!;)


Love you, Aaliyah Love XOXO <3



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Next Few Weeks of Webcsm Shows Scheduled

Nov. 28, Saturday 9pm

Dec 4, Friday 5pm

Dec 9, Wednesday 9pm

Dec 18, Friday 7pm

These dates are now in the live shows calendar, where members can keep track of the lives shows every Cherry Pimps network girl is doing.. there’s at least 1 show almost every single day! (HOW MUCH CAN YOU MASTURBATE?! lol)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


Non-members can click in thru

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Caption This Blooper Funny Times w Cherie

I just got a hard drive with 9 g/g and g/g/g scenes that will be new to, and I have had a WONDERFUL TIME going thru the pics.. sooo many sexy pics! And some of these scenes were shot a few years ago, so I am remembering the scenes all over again, and the sex, and the vibe on set that day.. I’m sitting here and smiling, while I click click away on my mouse..

I have told you all before, one of my favorite parts about producing my own scenes (besides what happens on set, especially.. THE SEX! of course..) is when I get a picture set sent to me from a newly shot scene, (I shoot a matching pic set for every video, and post them together every Wednesday, a new update!) and I get to go thru the pictures, one by one, for the first time, then I start the task of narrowing them down to my favs.. picking them apart, finding the best angles and lighting and the pictures that really capture the action and the intensity in our eyes and bodies the best.. I LOVE IT!  It’s really FUN for me, actually!:)

When we have enough time to shoot the way I like, we usually shoot about 130-150 (although on a few sets, we have shot over 1000! Like the black+white Xmas scene from 2013!!) and I try to narrow them down to about 85 of my favorites. Sometimes I love every pic and simply can’t delete that many and keep about 100, and sometimes I only keep like 65.. I always wondered what my dear members thought was the perfect number of pics per scene, or if they even look at the pictures, or go straight to the video? (I want to know!) But anyways, I digress!

I used to hate bloopers, they were so embarrassing to me, I remember one of my 1st “professional shoots” I had a look around their website after the shoot, and saw the bloopers page and called them IN TEARS, practically begging them not to post any of mine.. so silly, right?! Now I’m the opposite.. I LOVE bloopers.. and porn blooper pics are THE BEST, because everything is funnier and more awkward when everyone is naked! And there are always plenty.. Sometimes I’ll be flipping thru a set, and there’s 4 or 5 super sexy pics in a row, then one where we are both looking off camera, with blank looks on our faces.. obv taking direction from the cameraman or.. something! Who knows!

And it seems that the best bloopers I’ve been finding are always with the beautiful, but incredibly silly, Cherie DeVille and I! And it’s no surprise, whenever we are on set together, there is so much laughing and goofing around.. you all have seen how we can joke and giggle but also love on each other at the same time.. it’s one of the things I love about her the most! My sex is NEVER serious.. I love to be silly and smile and laugh while cumming!!:)

So I never thought Cherie and I would never produce better porn bloopers than we got from this scene.. and this ENTIRE scene, besides about 6 pics, are bloopers..

But, I just found this one, from a g/g scene we did for Filly Films, a movie called Sugar Mamas, directed by Lily Cade.. And I will soon have permission to post it in the members’ area of YAY!!:)

I thought this pic was so funny.. like, WTF are we doing?! My hair is a mess, I’m making the funniest face, obv Cherie is cracking up, maybe at something I said? I honestly don’t remember..

But I think we all need a good laugh, so I think you should caption this pic! Let’s see who makes me laugh the hardest! Who knows? Maybe I’ll even give out some free porn!;)

Reminder: click on the pics to make them BIGGER!


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


BTW, it’s from THIS scene.. anybody remember it?:) I can’t wait to share it with my members! Because there can NEVER, EVER be enough Cherie DeVille/Aaliyah Love g.g scenes on my website, CAN THERE?!:) I know you guys enjoy them as much (well, ALMOST AS MUCH!) as I do. And I love that about you!;)


..after the scene was over, and we were in post-coital bliss, with the behind the scenes cameras still rolling, our director Lily Cade jumped on the bed, ravished us both, and fingered us both and made us cum HARD.. now I don’t have the pics or video of THAT, wish I did! But maybe if we all ask Lily Cade real nicely, she might be able to find some of that content! Ah I love my life, esp on days that my sexy friends are also directing me.. to have sex with my other sexy friends!!:)

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Toy Advice: Clitoral Stimulation Vibrators

Somebody recently asked me advice about buying their first sex toy to masturbate solo with. My answer ended up so detailed I decided I might as well share thisinfo with the World.. who knows? It might help pother people searching for beginner sex toy advice.. that would be cool!:) ..and I’d like to consider myself an “expert” on sex toys, by now!I mean, one of my 3 or 4 biggest “free chat” webcam model “moves” was to pan my webcam over to a towel, neatly folded, with about 15 sex toys lined up perfectly, just waiting to be used. And they ALL got used! Plus, I would frequently switch out the toys for newer, better models. Don’t even ask about my “fancy butt plug collection!” I literally have a 7 foot tall, pink+white (Hello Kitty lol) shelves w drawers, completely busting at the seams with sex toys, plus 2 more boxes full in my bedroom closet, PLUS I always carry a stainless steal buttplug, a glass toy that says “fuck my ass,” a pink Lelo vibrator, and a purple Doc Johnson dildo.vibrator in my “shoot suitcase,” just in case!;)

So, here’s my advice to my female fan:


To be honest with you, I never used, or even TOUCHED a sex toy until my 1st day on webcam. The webcam studio boss asked me, in a gruff voice, “You got a dong or two you could fuck?” and I blushed.. “Um, well, I don’t do THAT..” LOL! Needlessly to say, my very 1st private webcam show asked me to use it.. and the next, and the next.. the I understood! lol..
But with most women who use vibrators, if it’s an orgasm you’re looking for, I think it’s not about penetration, but more about clitoral stimulation? Because of that, I see no use for the toys like “eggs,” which you are supposed to put inside and leave it there, but it will only vibrate the inside of your pussy, unless you push it hard against your clit the entire time, and it gets slippery, and it’s small.. just kinda.. awkward! I would say if you’re “new’ to toys, then your clit is prob pretty sensitive to vibrators, so you don’t need to go all out and get a Hitachi or anything like that.. (they’re very large, very loud, and I have actually INJURED myself using a Hitachi more than once! I would say the ?Hitachi is a level expert when it comes to vibrating toys lol..)
And although most don’t vibrate, I have to warn you to NOT get any “jellie” toys, they have possible toxic chemicals in them, are not regulated by the FDA, and can cause many health problems for you! Yes, they are CHEAP (like $10-40) but NOT WORTH IT! Touch it to the tip of your tongue before inserting it.. if it burns your mouth at all, or makes it tingly, THROW IT IN THE GARBAGE!! (I will do a blog post sometime on all of my findings on that subject!)
SO I would say get a hard plastic vibrator that vibrates HARD.. (most sex stores will take the toy out of the package, put new batteries in it, and let you try it out right there at he’s standard practice to do this every time someone buys a toy..) so if the toy seems wimpy when you do this, feel no shame in saying “nah, I don’t like this one, Ill keep on looking around for a better one!”
The only toys that I have found that do NOT feel like they are vibrating so hard on your hand during the “vibrate check” with the store clerk, but can REALLY rock your World, are the Lelo toys. These are considered “high-end, luxury” sex toys.. They’re very well made, they’re actually beautiful “works of art” you can leave around on shelves for your guests to see, “fancy schmancy” toys that make me cum hard, and are made with only top quality materials, but are VERY expensive and have WAY too many bells and whistles if you ask me.. the 2 that I have.. it will have 4 or 5 “modes” and then you can adjust the intensity of each mode.. and the button is always in some place where I’m gripping during the masturbation and then the speed gets all switched up in the worst possible time, and I have to stop what I’m doing and push the button like 14x in a row to get back to where I was.. damnit! Can’t I just set it to “vibrate steadily, the hardest it can” until I tell it other wise?!
So you can spend $100-300 on a Lelo, and you def won’t regret your purchase, and have a beautiful toy that will def get you off and impress your friends..
Or you can get a cheaper, simple $50-70 vibrator, prob in any color you want, that takes 2 AA batteries and will make you cum endlessly.. my favs are a certain type of Doc Johnson (ask @FYAaliyahLove what specific type they are? I would also like to know.. I need a few more lol!)
Just be sure to clean the toy well with antibacterial or gentle soap before using, and make sure to not get the insides wet when there’s batteries in there (I once had a vibrator leak rust out of the battery case because I was using it near the bathtub.. ewww!)
So good luck with your 1st toy experience! You KNOW I’m going to be a perv and ask you to send me a pic or a few of you enjoying the toy on Dream Lover after all of this.. I would like to see my advice put to use..tehehe;)
Now, if you want to talk about vaginal stimulation toys, or butt plugs, or strap-ons, I have plenty of info/advice for you in those departments, too. Just ask!;)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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Girls I Plan To Shoot w Soon

..And when I say SOON, I mean within the next MONTH! There are MANY performers on my “wishlist,” and I’m constantly adding more (because I’m a greedy slut! LOL!) but these are girls I’ve actually talked to and have made solid plans to shoot some sexy g/g scenes for our websites with! Which means, you can expect to see girl/girl scenes with the following girls here at coming soon.. within the next few months!:)

Feel free to tell me which of these scenes you’re the most excited to see, so maybe I can plan ahead and prioritize my shoots/scene release schedule.. and go ahead and let me know which sexy porn girls you would like to see me shoot for that maybe aren’t on this list.

Like I always say, this website is a place for me to act out not just MY fantasies, but YOURS, too! YOU are a member, and I want to produce the videos and pics that YOU want to see.. makes sense, right?;) And as always, as a member, you could also email me your requests/suggestions for ANYTHING you want to see, ranging from performers you want to see me with, sex acts you want to see me do, the type of clothes you would like me to wear, the location of the scenes (obviously limited by my budget, but I’ll see what I can do!) or even specific words that turn you on.. To be honest, requests contained in members’ emails get the most “clout” with me.. members of (or any of the websites in the Cherry Pimps network!) are the only people that are going to see these super awesome scenes, anyways!;)

So here are my golden girls!

Trinity St Clair

Amarna Miller

3some with Dani Daniels and Cherie DeVille (honestly we’ve been trying to arrange this for a LONG ASS TIME, but I’m feelin lucky this month!!!)

Alison Tyler

Bianca Breeze (this one is already on the calendar.. I’m STOKED!)

Lily Cade (we have gotten REALLY good at POV g/g, and I really want to get one of these on my website! I just needed a way to get a set of matching pics for the vid.. and I do now! Turns out my makeup artist is a pretty kick-ass photographer, also.. Viola! this is gna be GOOOOOD)

I can’t make every shoot with every girl happen.. I can’t afford to hire some girls, (unless someone wants to order a few custom videos from that day, that would usually cover it) or sometimes they live out of town, or are just too busy to book. When most girls approach me to shoot, I ask them if they have a location, a photographer, or an editor, and most don’t, unfort. I do, obviously, but they cost money, and the goal of a “trade shoot” is to produce some hot scenes that we both can use for whatever we want, for FREE. It’s a way for performers to save money and get the scenes that they want to shoot created, because it’s not financially responsible to pay out of pocket for EVERY SHOOT we do, so most don’t have it in their budget to split the cost of an expensive shoot day with me, that’s just the facts. But I try to make it work when I can! And the girls who get the highest rated stars and comments on my website, I assume are everybody’s favs, and I ALWAYS try to get them back for more scenes!:)

Can’t wait to hear your feedback, everyone!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3





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BTS Pics From a Recent Shoot W Cherie and Dani

I was excited and honored to be involved in Dani Daniel’s directorial debut scene for Brazzers! I don’t want to give too much about the scene or shoot day away just yet, esp since I’m not exactly SURE how much I can give away, so I’m just going to share with you all some of the fun behind the scenes pics I got on set that day..

And I had a little fun with Photoshop with a few of the pics.. adding text and playing around with colors..

So I got to wear and pose in pin-up style, which I obv love.. AND Dani let ME pics my fav outfit out of the 7 looks I brought.. “PIN-UP?! Oh, I got pin-up.. no need for you guys to bring me ANY wardrobe for this one.. I can even bring Cherie several options, too!” I squealed into the phone when Dani Daniels told me the theme of the shoot.. AND I got to make sweet love (well, actually, this scene was more like “super intense, rough, hardcore lesbian FUCKING!!”) to my favorite girl.. but I got to spend the day on set with one of my fav people, Dani Daniels, and some other good friends were also on set. Plus, it was awesome watching Dani work, putting her and Cherie’s vision of the scene together, directing her 1st scene for BraZZers.. It was AWESOME! It’s the kind of day on set that you wish would never end.. I wish every day was this magical!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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Custom Porn Videos

For those of you asking about custom videos, I hope this page answers most of your questions, it can save the both of us some time:

Of course, what you want (and custom videos are ALL about you getting exactly what you want to see!) me to do in the video will determine the price, and how fast I can get it shot, and emailed to you, so like I repeat on that page a few times, I encourage you to email me before placing any orders.. I like to go back and forth with anybody ordering a custom video, and try to get as many details as possible out of them before we make any agreements, to make sure we are on the same page and I send you the video you pictured in your head.. only sexier;)

As of now, I don’t have much on my calendar this week, so in the next few days would be the perfect time to order a custom from me, honestly. (pssst.. you might even be able to catch me on webcam, doing pvt 1on1 and group chats on Streamate some day.. or days.. this week!!!)

And if you didn’t know, I now have a redheaded lesbian living with me fulltime, who goes by the name of Lily Cade, and it wouldn’t take much convincing to either get her in the video with me, or get her to hold the camera and shoot me.. for those of you wanting specific camera angles (like close-ups) We have become VERY good at shooting g/g POV videos, or we could set the camera down and shoot us that way, so our hands are free.. or a little bit of both! (I suggest both, personally)

I also have a few other girls I know who would be willing.. (cough cough..) Jessica Ryan and Cherie DeVille live right down the street with me, and Dixie Comet would come shoot with me if I got any orders this week, we already discussed!:)

So plz email me and we can discuss if this is something you would want to do. And please, only serious inquiries. Don’t be a weirdo time waster, you’re better than that!;) lol

Happy Monday everybody!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3



ps-I don’t remember if I already mentioned this, but along with a new “look” that I recently gave my Shopify store (I LOVE that color teal, it’s all over my apartment! I’m sure you’ve seen it in many of my videos if you’re a member of I also added a new category: “Newest Items” I just can’t believe I didn’t come up with idea sooner.. DUH!:) So from now on all new items, when I list them in the store, I will also list here. I will drop older items off of the list as I add new stuff, AND there is the feature to sort those items “newest to oldest” VIOLA! Now you’ll never have to wonder which items are new or you’ve already seen it!:) Here’s the link: ..If I were you, I would just go ahead and bookmark that link, it may come in handy in the future!;)

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Actually.. Tomorrow

Hey guys I’m still on set for Twistys and I’m far from home, and tonight’s webcam show is supposed to start in 8mins from now.. soooo I’m moving it to tomorrow (Monday night) at 7pm (PST) I’m sorry about that, but I was expecting to be off of set hours ago! (it happens! Nothing went wrong per se, we just had to wait until the sun went down to get the lighting just perfect for the video)
The good news is I’m working with a brand new girl today and she’s GORGEOUS.. She has been a webcam model for years (like how I got MY START in porn!) sooo although she’s never licked pussy on a professional set before, she KNOWS how to perform for the camera, and this def ISN’T her 1st (not even her 2nd lol) time with a woman.. I’m having SO MUCH FUN and I will DEF let you all know when this scene comes out, for 🙂
Cya tmrw night in my chatroom?:)

Non-members can click in at BUT I warn you.. because this my weekly member’s show, I usually spend about the first 40mins simply talking to my members, mostly about the website, my newest scene updates, etc.. so do NOT click in and say repeatedly “WHEN ARE YOU GETTING NAKED?” I will when I’m ready.. then I usually masturbate for a solid 25-35mins.. so if you only want to see that, click in for the 2nd part of the show, please:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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Last Night’s Webcam Show

I’m so sorry I missed it last night you guys, it’s a long story.. To make up for it, I will be doing a show tonight at 8pm (PST) I hope some of you can make it.. I KNOW it’s late for people not living on the West Coast.. but I look forward to it! I’m shooting for Twistys today, so I will be in my pretty porno makeup and have lots of stories for you all:)

And if you can’t come tonight, my webcam schedule is posted for the next 3 weeks in the member’s area and in one of my latest blog posts:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Next 3 Weeks of Webcams Scheduled

I just realized since I am now back to webcamming, I also need to get back to scheduling the next 3-4 weeks of shows, to get the days and times on the calendar.. so my lovely members can plan ahead and make it to as many live shows as they can!;)

Like I explained in an earlier blog post, I usually do my live shows Friday or Sat, 5pm or 7pm, alternating. I feel like that was the best way to cover several time zones+lifestyles of my lovely members.. and the chatroom is usually pretty full, so I think I got it right!;) BUT.. this week I will be on WEDNESDAY, since I am shooting/working this Fri/Sat, AND I have already taken Wed off of my shoot calendar, so it just seemed right to spend my day off on webcam, playing with you all!;)

The days/times ARE subject to change, if I get booked for a shoot on the same day as a webcam show, and I’m sure I won’t be home on time, depending, I will reschedule the show for later that night, or, more often that not, just change the day. (depending on what I’m shooting, MOST of the time I get home exhausted+in need of a bath, BUT sometimes I arrive home still looking sexy in my porn makeup, still full of energy and super horny from the shoot..) but if and when that happens, I will always give you guys a heads up on Twitter (@AaliyahLove69) AND post a quick blog about it here, so no worries on that:)

You can always check out the calendar under the “Live Shows” tab in the members’ area, to check out my webcam schedule, and all of the other Cherry Pimps girls’ shows, which are also free for members! Basically there’s at least ONE, but usually, SEVERAL live shows every day you could join, if you wanted to, as long as you are a member!;)

I’ll also list them here for you. My next 4 hour long webcam shows are:

Wed Oct 28, 7pm
Sat Nov 7, 5pm
Friday Nov 13, 7pm
Friday Nov 20, 5pm

(all times are PST, West Coast time)

Hope to see you in my chatroom later today!;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3 the #webcamslut is baaaaaack!

ps-Hmmm should I wear a Halloween costume to the webcam show? Sound off now! Maybe you guys will inspire me to wear something fun..





oh, the possibilities are almost endless.. I have been collecting sexy costumes for many years now.. and I can never get enough! Sexy costumes and crazy accessories take up about 80% of the closet space in my home.. ask my new roommate, Lily Cade LOL!




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