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Toy Advice: Clitoral Stimulation Vibrators

Somebody recently asked me advice about buying their first sex toy to masturbate solo with. My answer ended up so detailed I decided I might as well share thisinfo with the World.. who knows? It might help pother people searching for beginner sex toy advice.. that would be cool!:) ..and I’d like to consider myself an “expert” on sex toys, by now!I mean, one of my 3 or 4 biggest “free chat” webcam model “moves” was to pan my webcam over to a towel, neatly folded, with about 15 sex toys lined up perfectly, just waiting to be used. And they ALL got used! Plus, I would frequently switch out the toys for newer, better models. Don’t even ask about my “fancy butt plug collection!” I literally have a 7 foot tall, pink+white (Hello Kitty lol) shelves w drawers, completely busting at the seams with sex toys, plus 2 more boxes full in my bedroom closet, PLUS I always carry a stainless steal buttplug, a glass toy that says “fuck my ass,” a pink Lelo vibrator, and a purple Doc Johnson dildo.vibrator in my “shoot suitcase,” just in case!;)

So, here’s my advice to my female fan:


To be honest with you, I never used, or even TOUCHED a sex toy until my 1st day on webcam. The webcam studio boss asked me, in a gruff voice, “You got a dong or two you could fuck?” and I blushed.. “Um, well, I don’t do THAT..” LOL! Needlessly to say, my very 1st private webcam show asked me to use it.. and the next, and the next.. the I understood! lol..
But with most women who use vibrators, if it’s an orgasm you’re looking for, I think it’s not about penetration, but more about clitoral stimulation? Because of that, I see no use for the toys like “eggs,” which you are supposed to put inside and leave it there, but it will only vibrate the inside of your pussy, unless you push it hard against your clit the entire time, and it gets slippery, and it’s small.. just kinda.. awkward! I would say if you’re “new’ to toys, then your clit is prob pretty sensitive to vibrators, so you don’t need to go all out and get a Hitachi or anything like that.. (they’re very large, very loud, and I have actually INJURED myself using a Hitachi more than once! I would say the ?Hitachi is a level expert when it comes to vibrating toys lol..)
And although most don’t vibrate, I have to warn you to NOT get any “jellie” toys, they have possible toxic chemicals in them, are not regulated by the FDA, and can cause many health problems for you! Yes, they are CHEAP (like $10-40) but NOT WORTH IT! Touch it to the tip of your tongue before inserting it.. if it burns your mouth at all, or makes it tingly, THROW IT IN THE GARBAGE!! (I will do a blog post sometime on all of my findings on that subject!)
SO I would say get a hard plastic vibrator that vibrates HARD.. (most sex stores will take the toy out of the package, put new batteries in it, and let you try it out right there at he’s standard practice to do this every time someone buys a toy..) so if the toy seems wimpy when you do this, feel no shame in saying “nah, I don’t like this one, Ill keep on looking around for a better one!”
The only toys that I have found that do NOT feel like they are vibrating so hard on your hand during the “vibrate check” with the store clerk, but can REALLY rock your World, are the Lelo toys. These are considered “high-end, luxury” sex toys.. They’re very well made, they’re actually beautiful “works of art” you can leave around on shelves for your guests to see, “fancy schmancy” toys that make me cum hard, and are made with only top quality materials, but are VERY expensive and have WAY too many bells and whistles if you ask me.. the 2 that I have.. it will have 4 or 5 “modes” and then you can adjust the intensity of each mode.. and the button is always in some place where I’m gripping during the masturbation and then the speed gets all switched up in the worst possible time, and I have to stop what I’m doing and push the button like 14x in a row to get back to where I was.. damnit! Can’t I just set it to “vibrate steadily, the hardest it can” until I tell it other wise?!
So you can spend $100-300 on a Lelo, and you def won’t regret your purchase, and have a beautiful toy that will def get you off and impress your friends..
Or you can get a cheaper, simple $50-70 vibrator, prob in any color you want, that takes 2 AA batteries and will make you cum endlessly.. my favs are a certain type of Doc Johnson (ask @FYAaliyahLove what specific type they are? I would also like to know.. I need a few more lol!)
Just be sure to clean the toy well with antibacterial or gentle soap before using, and make sure to not get the insides wet when there’s batteries in there (I once had a vibrator leak rust out of the battery case because I was using it near the bathtub.. ewww!)
So good luck with your 1st toy experience! You KNOW I’m going to be a perv and ask you to send me a pic or a few of you enjoying the toy on Dream Lover after all of this.. I would like to see my advice put to use..tehehe;)
Now, if you want to talk about vaginal stimulation toys, or butt plugs, or strap-ons, I have plenty of info/advice for you in those departments, too. Just ask!;)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


2 thoughts on “Toy Advice: Clitoral Stimulation Vibrators”

  1. The Doc Johnson vibrators are in their Velvet Touch line 😉

    Lots of pretty colors to choose from!

  2. Dakota says:

    Thanks for the advice! I haven't found a toy yet but I need to tho!

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