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As I sit here rubbing Arnica lotion on the slight bruises in the faint shape of fingers on my ass from a shoot I did 2 days ago and smiling, I’m thinking about spankings..

I love being spanked, in the middle of sex, when I am at my horniest, and my entire body is buzzing, and I’m clenching my eyes tight, or they’re rolling back in my head, I’m making all sorts of noises and faces and then.. WHAP!! A nice, hard slap to my ass brings me back to the moment, I open my eyes, and I’m present again.. and the slight pain mixed with pleasure feels soooo good for me..

Then it’s usually followed by a couple more good spanks.. which I like.. (to a point.) If you’ve ever seen me in a scene, where I actually cover my ass, stop arching my back, pout hard, then give the man I’m fucking that look. “don’t you dare!:)” that’s the moment.. you have to watch very closely.. have you ever sen this in any of y scenes? Which one? Just know that at that moment, my ass is BURNING, my pussy is tingling, and I am sooo happy lol!

..then he spanks me ONE MORE TIME and I smile and turn my face, arch my back, and push onto his dick harder, faster.. because that’s what the men like to fuck do, and l knew it was coming:)

ok my pussy is so wet from writing this I’m going to go masturbate now LOL!


2 thoughts on “Spankings”

  1. Um … that's the sexiest thing I've ever read. I'll be in my bunk.

  2. ILuvAaliyah says:

    Don't know if I could spank your lovely ass, but I do know I would love to caress it. It is a lovely ass.

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