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Random Confessions #4 Damn Buttplug!!

I have a ritual I go thru everyday to transform myself into the webcamslut who is “down for whatever” that you all know and love:)

About 15mins before my login time, I insert a buttplug, just to “warm up” my butt and prepare it for a long day of “Ass Fuck Schoolgirl” shows:)  Then do the last minute things I need to do to get ready..grab a drink, wash my dildos, pick out an outfit..

But somewhere between walking around with that plug in my ass rubbing all of my most sensitive areas and looking at the toys as I’m lining them up on the bed, I always get super horny and decide to masturbate.  Sometimes it takes 5 mins, but more times than not, 1 orgasm isn’t enough for me and it takes longer.. 20 mins, 40 mins.. an HOUR!

So if you see me post on Twitter “I’m about to log on in 5mins!” then you don’t hear from me for awhile, then I log on super late.. you know why;)

Can you blame me?!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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3 Responses to “Random Confessions #4 Damn Buttplug!!”

  1. Eric Says:

    Next time setup a cam to capture everything and the upload it to your website. Don’t worry I won’t mind.

  2. kbal24 Says:

    I don’t think anyone can blame you for this, though sometimes waiting for you to log in is such sweet agony ;) But that’s ok, when you get on, we all get off and that’s all that matters!

    I’ve often said that you’re like the elite athlete of smut, and athletes all have their pregame rituals … yours is a little different than most athletes, but then again most athletes don’t spend their hours fucking their mouths and fucking their pussies and fucking their asses! It’s very important to warm up because we don’t want to see your career cut short by injury!

  3. Zippy Says:

    You might as well just start the webcam early! we would love to see all that!

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