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PicHunter Girl of the Month!

I should have posted this sooner, but obv I’ve been slacking on the blog lately.  I have no excuse except I’m a fucking slacker.  There, I said it!:)

But I was PSYCHED at the beginning of this month when named me their GIRL OF THE MONTH!  This is HUGE considering PicHunter has MILLIONS GAZILLIONS of hot porn babes on their site.. I feel the love!:)

Here’s where they first announced it on their site:

This was my fav thing they had to say about me:

“I’ve said it before but Aaliyah Love is feel good porn.  I’m pretty sure it’s the type of porn that if your significant other walked in on you checking it out….she might just go, “Oh she’s cute” and you wouldn’t have that argument you had when you were caught watching three oiled up German Midgets re-enacting an odd Oompa Loompa scene with Big Willy Wonka”

and LOL at some of the comments at the bottom!:)

Then I did an interview for them, they asked me some funny ass questions!  I’ll post a couple of the questions for you here:

Mr. Blue:  First question is always the hardest but you made it somewhat easy for me.  You sent along some of your favorite pictures and it features you with Pink Hair.
Sugar, Spice, Everything Nice, and Chemical X.  That’s right, if a Power Puff girl ever went into porn, she’d be you.  The question is, do you realize just how cute, adorable, and sexy you are?  I mean do you wake in the morning and go, “Damn I’m cute” and work at it or is it just your natural state?

Aaliyah Love:  LOL!  Is this really a question?  Well THANK YOU!  I consider it a huge compliment to be compared to a XXX Power Puff girl!  But um yeah, I don’t wake up looking like this:)  I’m pretty crabby when I was up usually..I’m not a morning person!

Mr. Blue:  I was talking to Tarpy and as I was pretending to listen to what he was saying and he got on the topic of you possibly coming down his way after visiting family.

Aaliyah Love:  Yeah my family lives in Baltimore and I’d love to visit you guys and do some shoots w Tarpy!  I’ve shot w Tarpy before and not only did he do a good job, but he’s super chill to work with!  I remember one day he was filming a 3some with me, Trisha Uptown and Ava Knight and for awhile he handed the cam off to Trisha and let her get up in the mix with it.. Shit like that stands out in my mind and is FUN!  But last year I said the same thing about visiting and shooting, then I only came out there for Thanksgiving and Xmas and I was too busy doing family stuff to shoot, so it just all depends on when I come out.. damn, why don’t you guys just come out to LA already?!  It’s almost beach weather!!:)

Mr. Blue:  Once I heard, Aaliyah Love, family, I again stopped listening to him.  I kept thinking, “I bet her mom is hot as well”.  So, does hot run in the family?

Aaliyah Love:  ummm..let’s not talk about my family like that haha.

Mr. Blue: Having a solo site, most models think if you put up some naked pics and make a fortune, but it’s not that easy.  How hard do you work on site and advertising it?

Aaliyah Love:  LOL! It’s a 7 day a week job.  Everyday I’m hustlin!  Getting naked on camera is such a small part of it.  (but my fav part!!)

you can read the rest of the interview and see lots of sexy pics of me here:

I will also be doing a FREE webcam show to thank PicHunter that can be seen at, and  I’m not sure what date yet, but once I know, I will post it here of course!

Thank you Pichunter I <3 you!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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8 Responses to “PicHunter Girl of the Month!”

  1. kbal24 Says:

    Babe, you are rocking April in true Aaliyah Love fashion! You earned Babe of the Month, Freak of the Week, Sexiest Girl in the History of EVER, all of those titles and more :) Love your site baby, and love that you’re getting the recognition you deserve.

    There’s less than a week left in April, but once it’s over, you’re time will just be getting started. I think when we all look back on this, 2010 will clearly be the Year of Aaliyah Love. Then, we have the Decade of Aaliyah Love to look forward to ;)

    Keep up the awesome work Aaliyah! You get better and better every day <3

  2. VixenBlu Says:

    In my mind, you look 17 in alot of your pics. I have seen the other extreme in the industry where they seem to want to look like “yeah, you cant handle this.” You dont go that route so your features are alot more soft, hence the youthful appearance. That smile of yours carries it in that direction.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Congratulations! You’re like pizza. Even when you’re bad, you’re good. lol

  4. Siq Says:

    Congrats babe. You are so sexy and cute.

  5. Kevin Says:

    Love ya a ton bb! It’s awesome to see that everyone else is showing you the love as well. You do work your butt off to earn it though(figuratively speaking of course, because you still have that great ass). The recognition and success will continue to build from here because I know you won’t settle for anything less. So, keep up the amazing work hon!!!

    Much luv!!!

  6. Aaliyah Says:


  7. Dragonj14 Says:

    You work really hard on everything you do, whether it’s your website, your cam shows, or shoots you do for other sites. I’m glad you are getting recognized for your hard work. Here’s hoping that Aaliyah April continues into May. Congratulations!

  8. Markl2310 Says:

    Congrats on being the girl of the month you definatly deserve it. This show you that the month of Aaliyah has been a success

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