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“Fan Mail”

The type of fan mail (the snail mail kind) that I am getting lately baffles me. Let me explain.. the bulk of what I get these days is a manilla envelope, stuffed full (ALWAYS several) of printed out 8×10 pics of me, with a printed out letter, basically asking me to sign the pics and send them back. Sometimes they ask nicely, sometimes they are demanding. Sometimes they include a SASE, sometimes they don’t. But they don’t offer to pay for the pics, and they all seem to EXPECT me to obey, sign the pics, and mail them back. I had a feeling most of these people are autograph seekers, who send the same letter to tons of porn girls, just switching out our names at the top of these letters.. You can Google my name on websites like Ebay and see my autographed stuff being sold, and the seller most def ISN’T me, although I DO sell signed 8×10’s in my online store.. You see where I’m going with this? After asking several of my porn girl friends, they told me they get the same thing.. Hmmm.. not surprising..

Now I have to say there are some exceptions to this.. One guy included a $10 bill. Now I charge more than that for my 8x10s, but the sentiment was there.. I appreciate anybody who sends me cash money in the mail LOL! He got his pics signed, plus a little extra. There was a handwritten letter from a lesbian couple who told me they are fans, and included a picture of themselves.. it brought a tear to my eye.. if those ladies ever contacted me again, I would do anything for them. (If you’re reading this, please tweet or email me!!) I absolutely love my true fans. They show me love and I always try to show them love back 10x.

But.. I would say out of the 20 envelopes I’m getting a week, at least 19 of them are these autograph seeker-types. And even if they genuinely want the picture to keep, they don’t offer any sort of pay, don’t acknowledge that most of us charge for something like this.. it IS a picture that I paid to have produced.. I can tell most of them just do a Google search and print out the first 5 that pop up (your fav picture of me is 6 years old and blurry, really?) And I’m sure none of these people even read my blog, because like I said.. they’re not REAL fans.. So I guess I’m just venting.. but I did want to share one amusing thing with you guys..

edit: I forgot one essential point. Also, I have NEVER heard back from ONE Of these people after sending them their pics (I was a sucker and actually did it for a few months..) Now.. if you were such a good fan of mine, that you typed up a letter, printed out my pics, and paid to snail mail them to me, hoping for my signature.. when you got it back, wouldn’t you contact me on my Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, blog, email, etc and say “thank you” or just let me know you got it? THAT is the shadiest part to me..

From now on anyone who sends me said envelope, gets this:


..and I save the pics they send me to include as “extras” in the packages of people who actually make purchases from my online store;)

And side note: a big thank you to everyone who does pay for their porn, and orders from my online store. So many of you took advantage of my 40% off “spoil yourself” sale that I’m ALMOST overwhelmed here putting together packages.. but I love it! Thank you!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

5 thoughts on ““Fan Mail””

  1. Guido says:

    This reminds me of an old Futurama episode in which Leela becomes the first professional female blernsball player. At one point, she's signing autographs and a little girl asks her to make it out to "eBay". To which, Leela comments on how that seems to be such a popular name.

  2. Len says:

    I remember seeing one of these bozos actually get offended at AEE last year when the star whose line I was in told him that she could sign the first five he had but she had to charge him for the other ones, probably had 30 or so. Again, if they were true fans, they'd want all their items personalized (another pet peeve of mine) in my opinion. The lack of personalization is, to me, a giveaway of the elevated potential for resale.

  3. kbal24 says:

    I'll bet they all start their letter with, "I'm your biggest fan" too. That one's a dead giveaway lol.

  4. Joe S says:

    I want to buy a pair ofyour panties ,but I want a pair from a girlfriends film. Please let me know how I order them please. Send an email.

  5. Dave says:

    Without wanting anything other then having you read a story, how would I go about mailing or even emailing you?
    If you could please.

    Thank You for your time

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