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Cum Question

Someone recently found a post I made on some website about the taste of men’s cum, and sent me this question. I thought my reply might be helpful for more of you guys if I shared it here on my blog:

“Hello there, I read one of your post about the taste of man cum and being “respectful” by eating healthy. Simply wondering if there something special to eat in particular that would create a nice experience for her.”

My reply:

Well some people simple say “eat pineapple!” ..but it goes beyond that.. If you eat all fast food, drink soda, not enough water, etc.. then chow down on some pineapple before sex, that’s not going to cut it. I think being well hydrated has a LOT to do with it, also. When you’re dehydrated, your cum is thick, chunky, not in a good way! In fact, male pornstars go as far to chug coconut water and eat food like celery (I’m sure watermelon would also work as well!) on set, right before sex, mostly to increase the amount of their “pop shot.”
Things I have noticed that cause cum to taste bad: too much beer (my boyfriend in college drank beer every day, his cum tasted like warm beer.. gross!) too much red meat, soda, garlic, junk food..
Things that make your cum taste good: fruits (obviously) and basically eating clean.. fresh veggies, and water dense foods, stuff like that..
I think the taste of your cum is VERY important, esp if you expect your partner to play with your cum, or eat it!
If a man has delicious tasting cum, I will WANT to swallow it, I will crave it, look forward to it, and when he does explode, I’ll make sure to not waste one little drop!
If a dude has bad tasting cum, even if the sex is great (I mean, I’m not gna turn down good sex simply over the taste of his jizz.. BUT..) I’m not exactly looking forward to that surprise at the end. In fact, he just may be cumming all over my tits or stomach and leave it at that lol!
Hope that helps? I think it’s very thoughtful and respectful of you to care about the way your cum tastes for your partner, all men should be so mindful.
And, of course, you could/should always taste it yourself, to be sure;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


3 thoughts on “Cum Question”

  1. Chris says:

    Wow, I never really thought about the type of foods you eat or what you drink have that big of an impact on your cum. Thanks for posting this and will keep this in mind.

  2. Aaliyah Love says:

    It absolutely does! It also effects your overall spell, like how stinky your sweat it.. Trust me, take it from someone who has tasted a LOT of cum.. I can always tell what sort of lifestyle a guy has depending on how his cum tastes!!

  3. Ben says:

    That was weirdly educational. I always wondered how the volume was achieved in porn, but was ashamed to ask because it is an odd question and I was really only curious from a scientific (ish) standpoint and not for personal reasons. I always assumed some it had to be fake as the sheer amount of it seemed absurd. The more you I guess.

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