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Changed Webcam Day+Maybe a Surprise?

Hey you guys, I haven’t had the time to blog it out yet, but I hope you noticed that recently I scheduled my members’ webcam shows for the next few weeks-which can be found on the Live Shows Calendar in the members’ area!:)

Since I am taking a short break (to visit family) in the middle of February, I was able to plan my schedule out for the next few weeks.. which is awesome, because it doesn’t happen that often in this industry.. Personally, I would love to know what I’m doing, and where I’m going, (and who I’m fucking lol!) for the next 2-3 weeks out, but it’s usually more like 6 days out.. don’t ask me why LOL! But this time, I was able to book up as many porno shoots that I could, then plan things like sleep here and there, seeing my dogs every once in awhile, (as much as I can!) of COURSE webcam shows for my lovely members, and.. I even got to squeeze a shoot for Aaliyah in.. the day before I leave!!

So because we will be shooting that day, and the location is a bit far from my home, AND I just added someone to the shoot that might stretch our day out a little longer than usual, I have decided to still do a webcam show for you all that night, since I leave at like 4am the next morning (looks like Ill be sleepin on the plane!) but I have to move the time..

It was originally scheduled for 5pm (PST) but I’m going to change it to 8:30pm (PST) (this will guarantee my crew and the location owner that we will be done by 6pm, which will def make them happy!) This is the LATEST members’ webcam show I have ever done, so I am hoping many of you can make it? (if you remember, I try to alternate my webcam shows between Fri/Sat 5pm or 7pm, and those times have seemed to work out pretty good so far!)

Also.. I will get into details once our plans are more solidified (like I said, this is way further into the future than more porn people are used to scheduling.. lol!) but you know me, once I get any sort of info, or pics, or ANYTHING, I have to run to my blog and share it wit YOU.. So, I just had a lovely text convo w Penny Pax, and I am pretty sure, fingers crossed, that she will be able to join me for the 2nd scene. I shoot 2 scenes in a day, and the members get to dictate what I shoot, and I have had SO MANY requests for a certain solo act, that scene #1 is already planned out.. but if all goes well, scene #2 will either be a girl/girl lesbian scene with Penny Pax, or a boy/girl/girl with Penny Pax and Alex Legend.. OMG!

This has been an idea that Penny and I have been excited about since LAST YEAR! We even got as far as everyone on set one day.. then I went right out of the makeup chair.. to an Uber..where I went home and got in bed for about 5 days! I got SO SICK.. DOH! Talk about bad timing!! And Penny and I have already agreed to plan to shot MANY scenes for each other’s websites this year (I just KNOW you guys are going to love her, and the chemistry we have!! What’s not to love?) By the way, who saw our g/g anal scene in my Adult Empire AE showcase movie??

AND, what would be REALLY COOL.. IF we can make it happen, we just may live webcam broadcast parts of our shoot.. wouldn’t that be AWESOME?! It would be like the typical members’ webcam shows, free for members as long as they log in thru, and the show will be recorded and saved in the archives for ever and ever! And not just this shoot.. I REALLY need to start doing this with more of my shoots, don’tcha think?! You guys need to get on me about that LOL! I KNOW behind the scenes/voyeur shows will never trump the live shows where you guys have my undivided attention (there’s always that guy in the chatroom complaining, usually in all caps, something like “HELLO?? IS SHE THERE? WHY WONT SHE TALK TO ME? GET NAKED! THIS IS THE WORST WEBCAM SHOW EVER!!” lol! BUT.. I think it would be a fun addition to the live shows here! Between the weekly solo shows I do from my bedroom, the monthly b/g or g/g hour long shows I do from the studio, and broadcasting the 2-3 shoots I do a month, you guys will be seeing a LOT of me live! Along with the scenes I put out each week, of course;)

So that’s the news, plz change the times in your calendars, and if you’re an member, plz let me know in the comments here if you plan on coming to the show or not. And if not, what is the best time for YOU to attend my live solo shows, on either Friday or Saturdays?


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps-this is what happened last time Penny Pax and I got together! (those are both my pretty gold-plated buttplugs.. aren’t they pretty? tehehe)




One thought on “Changed Webcam Day+Maybe a Surprise?”

  1. Yep those are some very pretty gold-plated buttplugs and very pretty butts to go with them. More please!!!
    I am happy to hear you are booked solid for several weeks out and able to plan your life a little bit. Have a safe trip and nice visit with your family.

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