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Caption This Blooper Funny Times w Cherie

I just got a hard drive with 9 g/g and g/g/g scenes that will be new to, and I have had a WONDERFUL TIME going thru the pics.. sooo many sexy pics! And some of these scenes were shot a few years ago, so I am remembering the scenes all over again, and the sex, and the vibe on set that day.. I’m sitting here and smiling, while I click click away on my mouse..

I have told you all before, one of my favorite parts about producing my own scenes (besides what happens on set, especially.. THE SEX! of course..) is when I get a picture set sent to me from a newly shot scene, (I shoot a matching pic set for every video, and post them together every Wednesday, a new update!) and I get to go thru the pictures, one by one, for the first time, then I start the task of narrowing them down to my favs.. picking them apart, finding the best angles and lighting and the pictures that really capture the action and the intensity in our eyes and bodies the best.. I LOVE IT!  It’s really FUN for me, actually!:)

When we have enough time to shoot the way I like, we usually shoot about 130-150 (although on a few sets, we have shot over 1000! Like the black+white Xmas scene from 2013!!) and I try to narrow them down to about 85 of my favorites. Sometimes I love every pic and simply can’t delete that many and keep about 100, and sometimes I only keep like 65.. I always wondered what my dear members thought was the perfect number of pics per scene, or if they even look at the pictures, or go straight to the video? (I want to know!) But anyways, I digress!

I used to hate bloopers, they were so embarrassing to me, I remember one of my 1st “professional shoots” I had a look around their website after the shoot, and saw the bloopers page and called them IN TEARS, practically begging them not to post any of mine.. so silly, right?! Now I’m the opposite.. I LOVE bloopers.. and porn blooper pics are THE BEST, because everything is funnier and more awkward when everyone is naked! And there are always plenty.. Sometimes I’ll be flipping thru a set, and there’s 4 or 5 super sexy pics in a row, then one where we are both looking off camera, with blank looks on our faces.. obv taking direction from the cameraman or.. something! Who knows!

And it seems that the best bloopers I’ve been finding are always with the beautiful, but incredibly silly, Cherie DeVille and I! And it’s no surprise, whenever we are on set together, there is so much laughing and goofing around.. you all have seen how we can joke and giggle but also love on each other at the same time.. it’s one of the things I love about her the most! My sex is NEVER serious.. I love to be silly and smile and laugh while cumming!!:)

So I never thought Cherie and I would never produce better porn bloopers than we got from this scene.. and this ENTIRE scene, besides about 6 pics, are bloopers..

But, I just found this one, from a g/g scene we did for Filly Films, a movie called Sugar Mamas, directed by Lily Cade.. And I will soon have permission to post it in the members’ area of YAY!!:)

I thought this pic was so funny.. like, WTF are we doing?! My hair is a mess, I’m making the funniest face, obv Cherie is cracking up, maybe at something I said? I honestly don’t remember..

But I think we all need a good laugh, so I think you should caption this pic! Let’s see who makes me laugh the hardest! Who knows? Maybe I’ll even give out some free porn!;)

Reminder: click on the pics to make them BIGGER!


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


BTW, it’s from THIS scene.. anybody remember it?:) I can’t wait to share it with my members! Because there can NEVER, EVER be enough Cherie DeVille/Aaliyah Love g.g scenes on my website, CAN THERE?!:) I know you guys enjoy them as much (well, ALMOST AS MUCH!) as I do. And I love that about you!;)


..after the scene was over, and we were in post-coital bliss, with the behind the scenes cameras still rolling, our director Lily Cade jumped on the bed, ravished us both, and fingered us both and made us cum HARD.. now I don’t have the pics or video of THAT, wish I did! But maybe if we all ask Lily Cade real nicely, she might be able to find some of that content! Ah I love my life, esp on days that my sexy friends are also directing me.. to have sex with my other sexy friends!!:)

6 thoughts on “Caption This Blooper Funny Times w Cherie”

  1. Anthony Jarvis says:

    Cherie: Ok, one more time 'Doggy Style' does not mean, Lick my face, sniff my butt and rip my clothes to shreds with your bare teeth and bury them down the bottom of the garden 🙂

  2. Cherie: Yes, I did insure my booty for $1 beeeeelion dollars, and you should too!

  3. ben says:

    Cherie: "Pull my finger"
    Aaliyah: "I'm not going to fall for that… again!"

  4. Lisaxena says:

    *well..You told meto eat those beans*

  5. Rob G says:

    Aaliyah: "Guuurl… Imma lick you like a stamp wit yo fine ass!"

  6. Aaliyah Love says:

    @RobG "lick like a stamp" LOL that's a new one!

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