Kenzie Kai on Aug. 21 @ 5pm PST
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Another Name That Scene Contest!

My photographer and I just shot a lovely “housewife turned messy slut” themed scene.. I think it turned out awesome!:)


But I have a dilemma.. I’m kinda feeling the guilt I always feel when I have a super awesome scene that I’m really proud of, then I give it some lame name that it doesn’t deserve.. So because of that, and because it’s been awhile since I’ve done a free porn giveaway blog contest, I am doing a “Name That Scene” contest! You guys always come up with the BEST scene names, so many of you are WAY BETTER at this part than I am.. So I will continue to crank out the sexy porno that I provide with my lovely members of on a weekly basis, and you guys can hook it up with the witty titles you never fail to come up with!;)

So I will share a few more pics from the scene with you all, so you can get an idea of what type of scene it is.. Basically it’s a solo masturbation scene, that starts off with me being the perfect housewife to come home to (I’m not wearing ANYTHING under that apron!;) with lots of playing and eating and drooling and stomping around on cupcakes before I come.. a very colorful, silly, playful scene that I hope you all enjoy!!:)



Oops! I seem to of dropped a few.. that’s ok, I made PLENTY!:) Would you like to lick some of this decadent frosting off of my little feet? Pretty please?


And like all food scenes I shoot.. things got a little.. MESSY:) (I LOVE creating a huge mess and literally “playing with my food” I swear, I’m borderlining on it become a fetish of mine.. I get SO GIDDY getting naked and rolling around in super messy food! Is there even a name for that?;)


Oops! I’m such a DIRTY girl! You don’t mind, do you? Why don’t you come join me here in this mess, we can have the sweetest sex you’ve ever had!;)

Anybody can participate, but only members of will be eligible for prizes (if you’re not a member, you’re not going to get to see the scene anyways!) I will name the top 3 winners, who will be awarded with either a signed 8×10 picture or magazine (remember those?!) of their choice from my online store, autographed to their liking:)

The winner will get a copy of my new feature DVD from Adult Empire @adultempire that just came out! I picked the wardrobe, my sex partners, and the type of sex for every scene, so this one is really special to me!:) or, if they prefer girl/girl only movies, they can have their choice of any Girlfriends Films DVD from my online store (I have SO MANY! lol)
Also, of course, I will use their title for the title of the scene on my website!:)


I will pick the winner a week from now, and announce it here and on Twitter. I leave for Thanksgiving for a week tomrrow (Tuesday) and get back Friday night, then all day Saturday and Sunday I am shooting 3 scenes for and a bunch of customs videos (thank you for you orders!) So once all of taht craziness if over, sometime on Monday the 30th I will pick the winners. The winners can email me thru the members’ area of to claim their prize!

Good luck everyone! Let’s see what you can come up with!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps- here is a link to check out the details of my Adult Empire showcase movie, and watch some previews of every scene. AND.. I now have these DVDs in my possession, and I really wanted to list them for sale before I left for Thanksgiving, but I RAN OUT OF TIME! But, those of you that have ordered from me before, know the drill, simply send the payment to my email,, and I promise your package will go out Monday afternoon, Nov 30. I am also giving away 5 medium sized pics or 1 large (8×10) autographed pin-up pics to the first 10 people to purchase this DVD from me. SO, you CAN email me, ask any questions you may have, purchase it from me now and wait a week to get it, or you can pay for it over the weekend, or when I get home, it’s up to you! I got plenty so don’t worry everybody, I’m NOT going to run out! This is my FIRST feature DVD and I wanted to do it right and have enough for everyone who wants to own one!:)

Good luck on the contest everyone! I have al faith in you to come up with a better title than I ever would haha!;)


Love you, Aaliyah Love XOXO <3