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2 Xmas Scenes This Year and a Question

I’m just letting all of my lovely members know what I have in store for you all this holiday season.. I was able to get TWO X-mas scenes to post for you, one “from the vaults” and one we JUST shot, last week (I usually shoot my X-mas scene in November.. but better late than never, right?!) If you follow me on Twitter, or saw my last blog post, I’m sure you have already seen several pics from this year’s scene.. you guys know once I get my handson those pics, I can’t help but start posting them RIGHT AWAY!!!:)

The first one is a girl/girl scene that Lily Cade and I shot 2 years ago.. but I never got to post it!


It’s funny and interesting for us both to watch one of our first scenes together, so long ago! Now we are roommates and have fucked 1001 times since then.. but it’s obvious we had attraction and chemistry from the start!;)


There’s also a small (about 45pics) solo pic set of Lily and I in our cute X-mas outfits that will be posted with this scene!:)


Then.. of course, the solo, pin-up scene we just shot! I know I have been posting these pics all over the place, and I’m going to CONTINUE to do so until X-mas day!!:) Everyone seems to really be liking them, I’m SO GLAD.. and it took a TEAM of people to pull it off.. but we did it! My X-mas scenes have taken a turn into pin-up these past few years, and I like it!:)


I can’t wait to see the feedback/comments for this scene! I think members are going to really enjoy this X-mas present of a scene I have in store for you all..


And now, for my question.. I am thinking about doing a member’s webcam show on X-mas night.. I am staying home for the holidays this year, and I’m sure many of you are, or will have a chance to get away from the “holiday madness” sometime later in the day.. I am hanging out with girlfriends and going to a movie in the afternoon, we already bought our movie tickets and everything.. so I won’t be able to get home until later.. I figure 6pm (PST) so I would be able to log on around 7.. if I did a webcam show from 7-9pm (PST) how many would you come? I know it’s later than some of the shows I usually do, so I thought I’d ask, before I rush home from cuddles and cocktails with my sexy girls! Soooo let me know.. and SOON!:)

Love you all! HAPPY HOLIDAZE!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3



10 thoughts on “2 Xmas Scenes This Year and a Question”

  1. DragonJ14 says:

    I'm really looking forward to your Xmas scene this year. I know you always go all out for the Xmas shoot & it really shows in how the scenes turn out.

    I will show up for a members show on Xmas night if I get done with the family fairly early, which I should, and 7-9 your time is fine with me.

  2. Great shots! I love classic Aaliyah Love and I LOVE new Aaliyah Love 😉

    I would definitely be there for a XXXmas night show, I'd be there with XXXmas appropriate bells on!

  3. ILuvAaliyah says:

    Love the older Aaliyah Christmas scenes and can't wait for the entire red and white candy cane Christmas this year. As for a Christmas show, would love to be there, but doubt I'll get home in time from my sister's place. Can watch the replay, but it's not like being there with you live. Glad you have plans for Christmas. Merry Christmas Baby.

  4. Dakota says:

    I can't wait til ur these scenes come out!! You look amazing as always! I would totally be at the webcam show on Christmas Day! Merry Christmas beautiful!!

  5. Chris says:

    Aaliyah, I was wondering if you would be selling any picks from your Xmas scenes (especially of you in that sexy green outfit) in your store? I really wish I could see your Xmas scenes and webcam shows because I love your stuff and you're freakin awesome, but sadly I'm not a member of your site anymore (at least for now).

  6. Aaliyah Love says:

    @Chris great idea! Ill list some tonight.. but if there's a specific pic of me you want as a signed 8×10, I can get you a print of ANY pic you want, as long as I own it, aka it wasn't produced by another porn company. So if there's a specific pic you'd like, let me know!;) But thanx for the suggestion I will list some of my fav Xmas pics in my sore tonight.. do you think it's not too late?

  7. Aaliyah Love says:

    Like, would I have to take them down after X-mas, in a few days? Or leave them up?

    1. Chris says:

      I say leave them up for a few days and then take them down. Kind of like an after Christmas Day Sale.

  8. I love your Pin-Up XXX-Mas shoots. Thank you and for doing them for us. I know they involve hours of preparation and hard work. I love'em. I love all the Pin-Up type shoots you have done like Uncontrollable Desires. Keep it up. I prefer my porn to have some class and style and not be wam-bam thank you mam shoots.
    Thank you for making every Christmas special for your members. Thank you for a wonderful 2015.

    P.S. I won't be able to make it to your XXX-Mas show. 🙁

  9. Markluk says:

    I'll definatly be able to make the show, if I can stay awake long enough. I'll try my hardest to make the show

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