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Orgy Face

Like I was talking about in my last members’ webcam show, I was given the rights to post a few choice old scenes from Filly Films.. some “Lesbian #TBT,” if you will. I am obviously spacing these classics in between the typical fresh, new, and EXCLUSIVE scenes I’m forever cranking out for my lovely members every week.. I figure one of these type of scenes for every 3-4 new scene I put out sounds about right.. which would be one a month, for the next few months. (but if you’re a MEMBER, feel free to comment here or email me your opinion!)

Well, right now the scene I am working on, one I am SUPER EXCITED to get to post here at, my highest selling DVD in my Shopify store of all time, the 9 girl orgy titles Fuck Club, directed/produced by Lily Cade! (not sure if I should change the title for this website or not. I’m going to ask Lily Cade what would like and respect that!) Right now I have the task of sorting thru literally THOUSANDS of pics of that day.. a LOT happened in that hot warehouse in the middle of porn valley on a random Summer day.. 4 years ago? There’s behind the scenes footage of EVERYTHING.. before, during and after we shot the actual orgy.. there’s girls making out and groping each other and fucking each other, on and “off camera” and there are HUNDREDS of pics that look like a blurry mash of human body parts.. there was NINE people having intense sex at the SAME TIME.. at least one girl is blurry in every pic it seems! AHHH! so many pics are mostly backs and arms and spread legs and sometimes you get a glance of a toe.. every face is buried in a pussy one way or another in every one of these shots, and most of the pussies are covered by backs of heads, or fingers, or fists.. you get the idea. The type of behind the scenes where nobody stopped to pose for a pic, no photographer saying “Ladies, look over hear for a moment!” or “now raise your pussy off of her face about two inches, and you just kind os stick your tongue our long and awkwardly, so the camera and light can get in there!” FUCK NO! we just WENT AT IT, and the people holding the cameras just shot what they could LOL!

Well I will be sharing many of these pics with you guys here on the blog long before the scene comes out here at!! First of all, I already know what the next 4 updates are going to be (wouldn’t YOU like to know??) Second, you KNOW how much I have come to love behind the scenes AND porn blooper pics.. and boy do I have some GOOD ONES! I mean, my look that day was comedy enough.. I only had one white dress, that swallowed me whole and gave me no shape, down to my KNEES.. then I was tan.. I mean T A N! I didn’t realize until I got the Fuck Club DVDs in my hand and realized that I’m a different shade than all of the other girls on the boxcover. (I’ve included some “boxcover outtakes” that will be added to the large set of behind the scenes pics I’ll be sharing as a “bonus update” a few days or weeks after the scene goes live. (or it might be TWO scenes.. more on that when I dig deeper into this hard drive to see exactly WHAT content I have here..)

pics by Rick Garcia @industryRick

So here’s my first share from this HUGE AMOUNT of sexy and intimate and funny and absolutely ridiculous pics I have from the day I had sex with 8 other women, all at once. #AaliyahPornBlooper


Up until this day, a g/g/g/g (four girls) scene was the most people I had ever had sex with. I had done a few g/g/g scenes for, and I had never had any 3somes off camera, with boys or girls (yet!) So what I’m saying is, this was def the most INTENSE, SEXY, and absolutely overwhelming in the best way possible sex I had had with the most amount of people up until this day in my life. Here’s a BTS pic of us all about an hour into the sex.. they had to change batteries on the cameras and we were all obviously pussy drunk, catching our breath, waiting to start again.. I just couldn’t stop LOLing at my face.. the BTS cameras catch some really “real” moments sometimes!;)


LOLLL I think I’m just.. in shock!


hahahaha Happy Thursday everyone! Members, check your calendars.. I am doing a webcam show tonight from 8-9pm (PST) I’m still wondering tho hmmm what should I wear? And what toys should I brinnnggg?:)
As always, non-members can always join in on the webcam show at any time, you can find it at 🙂

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3




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April’s Webcam Schedule

April 14, Thurs. 8-9pm PST
April 18, Monday 3-4:30pm -OR-
.Plan B: 8:30-9:30pm
– it’s been awhile since I’ve done an “earlier show” and you know I always try to cover several time zones so members can attend the shows live! BUT there is always a chance I will get booked for a porn scene that day.. if that happens, unless by a porno miracle I get, like, an 8am blowjob scene where I know I’ll be home by 1pm, I would reschedule this show for the same day, just later, 8:30-9:30. But plan on there being a webcam show that day, either way!;)
April 30, Saturday 7-8pm


Then… I have a big surprise for you guys!!! Sometime between May 22-27, Shyla Jennings will be here to webcam with me! We will probably webcam more than once, and some of those times might just be impromptu, where we announce on Twitter an hour or so before we are ready to login, and see who shows up.. BUT there will def be one show that we schedule ahead of time, announce here, there, and everywhere the date and time, (so none of you have an excuse to not be there.. I mean, this is LIVE ACTION Aaliyah+Shyla goodness DAMNIT!) Sooo I will let you all know as soon as Shyla and I can figure out when that will be!;)
We will also be shooting girl/girl custom videos;) More on that soon!;)


Aaliyah Love XOXO

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