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Whispers-MORE Pics!:)

I think this scene is QUICKLY becoming one of the members’ favorites here at, and I REALLY like these pics so much, that I had to post a blog and share!! (And give all of you non-members something to drool over.. and a reason to rethink your decision to NOT be a member!!! LOL!!)


This is the 1st scene of this kind I have done, but so many of you have told me how sexy my “whispers” were.. and you took my advice and wore the headphones!;)  This can be a new way for me to be intimate with you thru my scenes, and give you a better sense of being right here with me, on top of me, inside of me.. OMG!:)


Some of you like this scene so much that I have even been asked to shoot some custom videos in the same fashion! I need to talk to my girl, Lily Cade, to find out if she can help me figure out how to get that style of audio just right.. but I am pretty confident we can figure it out! (sidenote: if you want a custom vid of Lily and I together, or Lily filming me, that can be arranged!)

And if I get enough requests for another video like this, I will be more than happy to shoot if for my lovely members!:) So let me know you guys!;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


ps-this is actually the SECOND blog post I’ve made about this scene.. I just really like sharing these pics.. and I want you all to do the same! Here is the other post:


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2 Xmas Scenes This Year and a Question

I’m just letting all of my lovely members know what I have in store for you all this holiday season.. I was able to get TWO X-mas scenes to post for you, one “from the vaults” and one we JUST shot, last week (I usually shoot my X-mas scene in November.. but better late than never, right?!) If you follow me on Twitter, or saw my last blog post, I’m sure you have already seen several pics from this year’s scene.. you guys know once I get my handson those pics, I can’t help but start posting them RIGHT AWAY!!!:)

The first one is a girl/girl scene that Lily Cade and I shot 2 years ago.. but I never got to post it!


It’s funny and interesting for us both to watch one of our first scenes together, so long ago! Now we are roommates and have fucked 1001 times since then.. but it’s obvious we had attraction and chemistry from the start!;)


There’s also a small (about 45pics) solo pic set of Lily and I in our cute X-mas outfits that will be posted with this scene!:)


Then.. of course, the solo, pin-up scene we just shot! I know I have been posting these pics all over the place, and I’m going to CONTINUE to do so until X-mas day!!:) Everyone seems to really be liking them, I’m SO GLAD.. and it took a TEAM of people to pull it off.. but we did it! My X-mas scenes have taken a turn into pin-up these past few years, and I like it!:)


I can’t wait to see the feedback/comments for this scene! I think members are going to really enjoy this X-mas present of a scene I have in store for you all..


And now, for my question.. I am thinking about doing a member’s webcam show on X-mas night.. I am staying home for the holidays this year, and I’m sure many of you are, or will have a chance to get away from the “holiday madness” sometime later in the day.. I am hanging out with girlfriends and going to a movie in the afternoon, we already bought our movie tickets and everything.. so I won’t be able to get home until later.. I figure 6pm (PST) so I would be able to log on around 7.. if I did a webcam show from 7-9pm (PST) how many would you come? I know it’s later than some of the shows I usually do, so I thought I’d ask, before I rush home from cuddles and cocktails with my sexy girls! Soooo let me know.. and SOON!:)

Love you all! HAPPY HOLIDAZE!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3



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Xmas Throughout the Years from

As you all know, my X-mas scene that I produce every year for is kinda a big deal to me.. They take the most time, energy, money and planning on my part, and I think they turn our pretty awesome if I must say so myself:)



I was just going thru all of the X-mas scenes I’ve shot over the years and I decided to collect some pics from all of them and share them here in an extra special, holiday porn themed blog post!:)


I used to send X-mas cards to my “top 20 fans” around this time every year, but this year has been crazy for me, and I didn’t have the time or money.. so I hope you all consider this my X-mas present to you!

XXXmas.Aaliyah (3) XXXmas.Aaliyah (2) XXXmas.Aaliyah (1)

To every member, and to everyone who takes the time to read this blog.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!:)

wm.XXXmas.Lily.Aaliyah1  wm.XXXmas.Lily.Aaliyah

I love you all and wish you the best this holiday season!:)

AaliyahLove.BW.Xmas.2 AaliyahLove.BW.Xmas.1 AaliyahLove.BW.Xmas

And, I can’t WAIT for you guys to see this year’s scene.. I hope you like it!!:)


..I have a feeling you WILL;)


Love, Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

XXXmas.Aaliyah (4)



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As I sit here rubbing Arnica lotion on the slight bruises in the faint shape of fingers on my ass from a shoot I did 2 days ago and smiling, I’m thinking about spankings..

I love being spanked, in the middle of sex, when I am at my horniest, and my entire body is buzzing, and I’m clenching my eyes tight, or they’re rolling back in my head, I’m making all sorts of noises and faces and then.. WHAP!! A nice, hard slap to my ass brings me back to the moment, I open my eyes, and I’m present again.. and the slight pain mixed with pleasure feels soooo good for me..

Then it’s usually followed by a couple more good spanks.. which I like.. (to a point.) If you’ve ever seen me in a scene, where I actually cover my ass, stop arching my back, pout hard, then give the man I’m fucking that look. “don’t you dare!:)” that’s the moment.. you have to watch very closely.. have you ever sen this in any of y scenes? Which one? Just know that at that moment, my ass is BURNING, my pussy is tingling, and I am sooo happy lol!

..then he spanks me ONE MORE TIME and I smile and turn my face, arch my back, and push onto his dick harder, faster.. because that’s what the men like to fuck do, and l knew it was coming:)

ok my pussy is so wet from writing this I’m going to go masturbate now LOL!


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Showcase Movie Finally Listed in Online Store!

You all have been SO patient.. but it’s FINALLY HERE! Adult Empire just released my showcase movie, titled All You Need Is Love, and I have DVDs for sale!! I listed them here, in my online store:


Here is a blog I posted in the past about the shooting of the movie, if you’re interested:


And if you’ve ordered from me in the past, you can skip going thru the “check-out” page on my online store and just send payment directly to my email address, then simply email me your address.

I’m giving away free autographed pin-up pics to the first 15 DVDs sold.. I still have a few spots left!;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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