Ok my California friends, beach afficianados, I need your advice, and fast, please! ! I am stumped about where to take my Dad to get him the best beach experiences for these last 2 our of 4 days he’s here (the other 2 days we already have plans to do other things.) my dilemma is this:

When we planned a few weeks ago about what he wanted to do specifically concerning the beaches nearest to me, he wanted to to 2 things in particular: Rent rollerblades and skate for a few hours taking pics, so I took him to Venice and let him skate down to Santa Monica Pier, and have a look around there..

And we wanted to return to one of my fav places, Zuma Beach, it’s a private beach in Malibu where you can rent an umbrella and actually order bear or beach food! I wanted to treat my Dad to a day in the sun with no worries there.. and we did that too! (it was AMAZING and much needed for us!!) And now he says he wants as much sand between his toes as he can get before he leaves in a few days:( 🙁 And although I have been a beach girl since the day I moved to SoCal, I just moved up North to the valley, and I’m still getting to know my surroundings up here.. I have only had 3 or 4 chances to get to the beach in the last 2 years, I have been too busy SHOOTING PORN!! lol! I am used to the Orange County Beaches and Long Beach mostly.. we DEF won’t be going to LB, I’ve had enough of that disgusting beach for EVER:(

So, he says he doesn’t want to go to a beach to just “layout in the sun on a towel, I can only last about 10 minutes in the sun before I start to get sunburned+it’s kind of boring after you take a dip in the ocean” (especially since we have spent basically all day every day for the last 4days in the sun.)
Sooo I’m not sure where to bring my Pops.. can anybody give me any suggestions? Feel free to throw out any and all suggestions.. I’m not aware of any cool places to grab a lunch and a beer or some fish tacos for a late lunch somewhere on the sea, or a cute cafe on some tucked away little beach in Malibu where we can grab a sandwich and a coffee then go walk on a clean beach.. ya know, something with THAT kinda vibe!:) And I promise I won’t blow up your spot, you can even tell me in private (I already regret mentioning Zuma, it’s already too crowded, but I figured that would be a lot of people’s suggestion anyways..it’s always mine! lol)

Or.. is my only option to bring him back to Santa Monica? I love SM but let’s face it.. it’s so touristy and expensive, and he already saw it, even tho it was brief. AND I’m going to be difficult and say it also can’t be too far away.. We will be Ubering (my only other thought was Laguna, but unfortunately that’s just too far. I would love to show him Laguna though!!!)
Thank youuuu guys!
😎<-that’s me
🏊😎<-that’s my Dad


And I hope EVERYBODY had a happy and safe July 4th!! I threw a little BBQ party for some of my favorite people, and or COURSE Cherie Deville and I took a LOT of pics together so I’ll be posting them here on my blog within the next few days..

oooh I have to slip this also.. (that’s what he said) Once my Dad leaves, for the first time this year, I will be 100% ready to get back into shooting, webcamming, 100% full speed ahead. It took me some time, and you were all so sweet and understanding and supportive, thank you for that! So plz plz give me a few more days with my family, (especially if you are waiting on anything from my online store related, or perhaps an email or DM on Twitter,) then I will be all yours again. I have missed it, ALL of it, especially connecting with you all, in group chat and 1 on 1, thru emails and even occasional, hilarious, random convos on Twitter..

I’ll also elaborate on all of this in a blog post coming soon!;)

Love, kisses, and hugs

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3