I would like to share with you all this project that Holly Randall, my friend and one of my favorite photographers has been working on. She invited Dani Daniels, Nikki Benz and I to talk about our lives, the porn we shoot, and what happens on camera, and off.. We all did these interviews for her sometime last year, which was the start of something that hopefully turns out to be pretty special..


Holly Randall had to say: “My idea behind this series of interviews was to “demystify” the public’s idea of what a porn star is like, and show that not only are many of them down to earth, REAL people, but also smart, driven, and personable. Today’s pornstar is a businesswoman, who controls her own career and makes her own choices. Today’s porn star is a sexually empowered woman in control of her life, not a victimized, broken woman. The series of interviews is not only informative, but really funny, and I think it will surprise and delight so many porn fans to see what their favorite girl is really like in person.”


“Inside The Pornstar” project, as you can see here: https://www.tubestart.com/projects/inside-the-pornstar/7627



(This is the only pic we managed to take on set that day.. doh! What am I laughing about so hard?!)


As you all know, anybody who has ever attended one of my webcam shows.. I LET IT ALL OUT when talking to my fans, or talking about my porn life.. I am the queen of TMI, and I didn’t disappoint during this interview..LOL! I think we ended up going at it for about 2 hours straight! Another thing I am is LONG WINDED.. and.. I got some stories!:) So I really can’t wait to go forward with this project and see where we can take it! It’s a crowdfunded project, all of the details are in the video, if you click the link you can check it out:)

And please feel free to let @HollyRandall @MissDaniDaniels and @nikkibenz what you think about this Inside the Pornstar project!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3