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Also Added New Payment Method to Online Store

Sooo everyone knows my paypal got shut down. They stole from me $460, but 6 months later decided to refund me a whopping $43.. huh? LOL! But this isn’t a blog post to bitch about paypal, or the lack or payment processors in the adult industry.. it is what it is! I’m all about solutions, not problems.. and what I’ve been doing seems to work pretty well.

Up until now, I had “amazon gift certificate” or “money order” (obviously one is faster than the other!) as payment options on my online store, and they’re seem to be working out just fine. But I also just added “Whole Foods gift card” to that list. I wanted to only use stores/companies I shop at often, and buy practical stuff with. And I couldn’t think of a store I end up spending MORE money at than Whole Foods!

So now when you check out, you will be given the option to send to my email an amazon gift certificate as payment, the link is this:

OR, a Whole Foods gift certifcate, the link is this:

OR, if you simply wanted to send me one or the other out of the goodness of your heart, during my time in crisis (and BOY is my life a crisis right now! But I’m not gna let it get me down!) I would STILL send you a package, that is, if you’re able to accept packages.. full of porn goodies, as a thank you, from me to you.

(something like this:)

I hope everyone reading this is having a better weekend than I am! I love you all.

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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Well.. long story short I had a very bad and scary panic attack on the plane yesterday. I couldn’t breathe, I was gasping for breath, I got dizzy, I was so embarrassed I was crying.. they had to let me off of the plane in Oakland, and I had to pay for my own flight home. I woke up today hoping it would be better, but it wwas worse. I’ve only had 2 other panic attacks my entire life.. One when I Was just chillin, watching tv, for no appareant reason, and the other way during a photoshoot from hell.. but it has never been this bad.

I’m not saying this for sympathy.. Just wanted to let you guys know I’m still stuck in LA, but I have all intentions of leaving until tmrw. So.. most people avoid work when they’re stressed/anxious, it actually relaxes me and is my fav thing to do. So.. later today I’m going to be doing emails and fulfilling any online store orders. So those of you I told you you would have to wait.. your wait just got shorter lol!;)

I hope you’re all having a better day and weekend than I am. I love you all!


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Webcam Show Today, Thurs Feb 26

So I rescheduled this week’s webcam show for later today, and I hope many of my lovely members can make it. I will be doing a vote, about the order of my next 5 scenes, and explaining some stuff to you guys.. Sure, you can watch it in the archives later, but I would like everybody’s opinion!;) See you there?
Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Update/Leaving on a Jet Plane

So I have to be honest, at this point, sometimes I feel weird discussing such intimate details about my family and my Mother here with you all, but since I couldn’t hide it from you from the beginning, I obv HAVEN’T been myself all of 2015, I missed XBiz and AVN, I felt the need to tell you. And because my fans are so sweet and caring people, they’ve been asking me for an update. Sooo I might as well post a blog, so you all know what’s going on with me.

My Mom is awesome, and strong, and feisty! She made it longer than anybody thought. It was November 25 the doctors told us “2 months, maybe less.” Now that doesn’t mean that the cancer isn’t spreading, and her bones are breaking, and she’s now on oxygen.. but she’s still talking, living and breathing. And FEISTY!  I Skyped with my parents yesterday and I had to yell at them because they spent the entire time fighting for camera space and who gets to hold the laptop.. LOL! Her Birthday is March 3. She’s such an angel, she told us all “let’s just not tell anybody it’s my Birthday, I don’t want anybody to make a fuss, just tell them later.” And my Dad screamed “YEAH RIGHT!” So I asked him if I could buy anything for the party (fuck rent! she comes 1st right now) and he said “I got this covered. Just show up.”

Soo I’m leaving Friday morning to be home with them for another week. I’m planning my life in 3 week increments right now. Sure, I wish I could be there 24/7, but realistically, I just can’t. I have bills to pay. I need to work and make sure my “affairs” are ok here, my dogs are still alive and happy, my friends haven’t burnt my house down, etc. Then once I make rent, I rush back there. I’ll keep on doing this, until I can’t no more. Then I will still do it, to take care of my Dad. I wish I could move him to California with me, but he’s a stubborn old man and would NEVER, he won’t even accept money from me, even tho he hasn’t worked in 3 months, taking care of her.. so I find creative ways to give him money, when I can.. but I digress..

Soooo I will be gone Friday Feb27-Friday March6. OBVIOUSLY there won’t be a webcam show that week, (and honestly I won’t schedule one for Saturday and Sunday for when I get back.. last 2 times I got back, it took me 3-4 days to.. compose myself.. before going back to work. Life is HARD right now, but I just try to find beauty in every day) Plus I won’t be doing emails (can’t login thru my Dad’s computer lol) and all store orders will be halted. But my store orders usually go out every Monday/Tuesday anyways, so there won’t be MUCH of a delay in orders, anyways, no big deal.

So there you have it folks.

You will get one more time to chat w me before I leave, I’ll be doing a webcam show tmrw (later today) Thursday, it’s on the calendar, and Ill be answering emails up to the hour my plane takes off Friday morning.

I love you all, thank you all for your support and love.


Aaliyah Love


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Weekend Special on SMUT

I just spent the last 2 hours putting together packages for my sweet fans.. DVD or panty orders from my online store, “spoil back” or “thank you” packages for those who have made me feel special in one way or another over the past few weeks, etc..

As I look at my datebook, I can tell it’s going to be a BUSY week for me, shoot wise. Meaning I will only have one day this week to get all of my packages out.. and that will be MONDAY MORNING, Feb 23.

So I thought I would see if anybody else would like a package?:) I would be willing to send anybody who spends over $50 on any of my amazon wishlist items a special “spoil back” package, with some DVDs, pics, and other goodies.. My list is here for those interested:

OR.. I have set a discount on any items, as many purchases as you like, on my online store, starting NOW, ending.. you guessed it! Midnight, Monday morning. This is a short and fast discount, quick and dirty.. just how I like it;) lol

It’s a 15% off discount, and to get it, you just type “weekend” into the discount box at the end of check-out. You then email me your payment in the form of giftcard (all instructions are there for you on the check out page) and viola! Your package o’ porn goes out Monday morning, you could have it mid-week. (or next week if you live outside of the US)

Some of you have other discount codes.. I have set a discount that never expires for members of only.. which members can simply email me thru the members’ area to get.. One thing I do not know is if you can use multiple discount codes.. I assume so? If anybody checks this out, please let me know:)

Oh, and here’s the link to my online store:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here or email/tweet me:)

Oh, and I just received soooo many new DVD titles that I haven’t had the chance to list yet.. here they are:
(All Girlfriends Films titles)

Women Seeking Women 112
Women Seeking Women 108
Women Seeking Women 106
Women Seeking Women 096
Best of Tammy Sands
Newswomen 4
Lesbian TV Network
Lesbian Touch
Lesbian Touch 3
Cheer Squad Sleepover 09


Have a great weekend everyone!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3



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Most Underrated Scenes at

I was thinking about asking the members of what they think the most underrated scenes on the website are, but then I realized, DUH! They probably don’t know, that’s why they’re UNDERRATED.. There are certain scenes on this site, for whatever reason, I think don’t get the credit they deserve. Maybe it’s a lame scene title or a misleading cover pic, or maybe.. you just skipped over it, in the endless sea of scenes to choose to watch.. So I thought I would share my thoughts on the matter with you all.. and who knows?  You might discover a new favorite scene! And, as always, I am still curious to hear your opinions on this post.. so let me know!;)

I don’t have many b/g scenes released just yet, but the ones that I have, I have been sure to be of A+ quality.. that’s the best male talent I could find, whom I have the most chemistry with, having the most passionate sex, in the most beautiful of locations.. Some of them, such as the “POV BJ” scene, get a LOT of airplay. And some.. just don’t. I’m wondering if a few of them have gotten lost in the sea of endless porn I have provided for you all. One of my favorites, I would say top 3 b/g scenes on, IMO, is “Aaliyah Punished” starring Johnny Sins. This is actually part of a 2 scene story I told, starting with a g/g scene with Soverign Syre.. (these scenes were listed in order on my last website, but obv my scene order got all messed up when I switched over to this new website.. a small price to pay tho, I say!) In this scene Soverign Syre is my best friend, whom I had a drunken night of passion with, and is jealous of my new boyfriend. She doesn’t understand why I would choose him, over her. I tell her to “stop being weird, and you have to leave, he’s coming home soon!” So she proceeds to give me a hickey, to mark me, and show him who I really belong to.. Then “Aaliyah Punished” starts with Johnny coming home to me, and discovering my hickey. He’s pissed, esp when he finds out it’s Soverign who gave it to me, and kinda “hate fucks me” (but of course, I end up smiling and giggling, enjoying it all way to much, as usual) I’m not sure why this scene doesn’t get watched more.. it might be the bad title? I might have to change it.. or maybe there’s another reason it’s not as popular as “POV BJ” ..what do you guys think? Have YOU watched this scene yet?


Another scene I think should be more popular than it is, is a solo scene called “Who’s Your Caddy” This scene was ahot about 4 years ago, so that may account for some of it’s unpopularity.. but I stick a golf club in my pussy and hit golf balls with it, for Christ’s sake! Nuff said..

Same goes for the solo scene “Magic Marker Magic,” where I stick a permanent marker in my pussy and write fansigns with it! (Note to self: if this scene DOES pick up in popularity, maybe try it again.. I think my pussy skills have gotten stronger over the years! Literally.. haha)

“Masturbation Interview” is a fun and sexy scene that is me, doing an interview all about how and where and why I masturbate, spliced into a video of me actually masturbating. And I really love the pics that go with this video. They’re gritty and dirty, shot on an old chair pushed up against a wall in a dirty porn warehouse.. it doesn’t get more porny than that!;)


“Smore of That Ass with Dani Jensen” will always be one of my my fav girl/girl scenes! Dani Jensen plays a girl who is selling S’mores door to door. I invite her in to give me her sales pitch, but the entire time, I’m not listening, too busy fantasizing about fucking her! Finally I give into temptation, and surprise surprise.. she’s just as into it as I am! I love fucking little Dani, the baby voice she gets when she’s horny, her tight, natural little body, her striking red hair.. and the chemistry we have is undeniable! Damn.. now I’m dreaming about shooting another scene with her for this website soon.. what do you guys think?



Also, many members who are JOI (masturbation instruction) fans have asked me not only to shoot MORE JOI scenes (coming soon! 2 in the next 5 weeks!) but wanted to know where all of the JOI scenes I have shot in the past are.. too bad I didn’t just name them “JOI 1,” “JOI 2,” and so on. but that would of made it too easy for you, right? LOL! So I just spent an HOUR combing thru all of the pages of scenes.. I’m not sure I got them all (if you notice which ones I missed, please, chime in!) But here’s what I found:

-“Masturbation Instructions” (white outfit, blue heels, outdoors)
-“Do As I Say” (purple satin bra/panties, blue wall)
-“Purple Kush” (orange bra/panty set, white stockings, purple stripped wall)
-“Show Me Your Pink” (pink wig, pink panties, pink couch, large pink dildo) (There’s also a fun BTS video we shot during the pic set called “Show Me Your Pink BTS)
-I also remember another one, shot about 4-5 years ago, by a fireplace. The cover pic shows me in a blue nighty, black heels, pointing at a purple suction cup dildo, with a very serious face.. but I could not find it.. can any of you? If not, I will search my old harddrives for it and try to repost it!)



So there you have it, folks! Some scenes my lovely members might want to check out.. if you haven’t already!;) I’ll be curious to read your opinions in the comments section of the scenes, and how many stars they get in the rating system;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

(pic from next upcoming JOI scene titled “Hot Pink JOI)

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My first ever BGG 3some (boy/girl/girl) was on camera…no pressure! (but hey, go BIG or go home, amIright?) Not only that, but it was only my 5th or 6th b/g scene. Luckily for me, I got to pick who I wanted to be a part of one of my “firsts” that I will never forget.. so naturally I picked Cherie DeVille (NO surprise there!) and together we went to town on each other, and Danny Mountain. And A love affair with 3somes was born inside of me..


Since then I have done MANY BGG 3somes on camera. The company I have done the most for is Naughty America.. and they ALWAYS let me pick the talent.. So I have had some FUN sharing a cock with some of the hottest girls in porn..

I thought I would make it easy on you all and make a collection of all of these hot scenes here, for you all. If you’re a member of NA, please check out my scenes and give them high ratings if you like! (many companies pay close attention to members’ likes/dislikes, and requests, this is how us girls get hired back to shoot more!)

My latest BGG 3some scene is with the beautiful Ashley Fires. REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOOD! Last time Ashley and I shot together, it was YEARS ago.. maybe 4 or 5.. for our websites, and 


The fans have been asking for a reunion ever since! The best thing is, we weren’t even supposed to shoot together this day.. we were both on set to shoot b/g scenes that day, and we kept on asking the photographer, Huggy, if we could shoot together. He made a phone call, they said yes, and the rest is history.. I asked Ashley to wear those cute red glasses.. I really think I have a “girls in glases” fetish!

Here’s another scene with the sexy milf, Ava Adams (and her amazing boobs!) I played the babysitter, she played the wife of an overly excited Johnny Castle, who THOUGHT I was trying to fuck them both.. we.. obv it didn’t take much convincing.. lol

I couldn’t wait to shoot with the adorable Kagney Lynn Karter for this scene, I have been watching her porn for years! It was a hot July day, and when they decided to put heron a bike and me on skates, I was elated. And yes, I kept the skates on for half of the sex!;)

Tasha Reign and I share Tyler Nixon’s cock in this bathroom 3some, it was my most popular Naughty America scene for a long time!

This isn’t exactly a 3some.. it was a BGGG.. my 1st and only so far! This was a special day.. I finally got to meet, and make love to the beautiful Allie Haze, and Amanda Tate was still fairly new, shy, and adorable. Steven St Croix handled the 3 of us like a CHAMP! I still masturbate to the memory of this scene sometimes;)

Aaaaand this weekend, I am flying to Vegas to shoot a new BGG 3some scene with Cherie Deville and man who BETTER be bringing his A-game, because I know we will be! I love Naughty America and if I had to encourage you all to join one website BESIDES, of course, it would be Check out the trailer vids and teaser pics from these hot scenes and let me know what you think!;)

 Aaliyah Love XOXO <3
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New Webcam Show Sched

The next webcam show, free for all members of will be Friday the 13th! See you all then!:)

And if any members want a shoutout at the beginning of the show (new tradition) email me thru the members’ area now!

And as always, non-members can also click in and join the party here: but if you’re looking for the naughty part, I suggest you click in about half way thru the show, I usually talk thru the first half, discuss new scenes, answer questions, talk about random stuff.. and around 30-35mins if when I usually get naked and start “playing” if you know what I mean;)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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Confession: Sorry!!

SOOO ya know how I took a week off to go be with my Mom, and I got back 4 days ago.. and I announced hereon my blog and on my Twitter several times “I will get to ALL of the email!” Then “I answered ALL of the email! Check your inboxes!” Well.. I was LYING!!! gasp! But not on purpose. I just found about 10 emails that were HIDING FROM ME on a PAGE 2 that I never bothered to click.. I had no idea.. sooo.. several of you were probably wondering “wtf, Aaliyah?” oops! I’m sorry and I’ll be getting to your emails tonight!

And just to keep everyone up to date on my schedule.. by now I’m sure most, if not all of you understand what’s going on with my family.. Well right now we decided it’s best if I do 2-3 weeks herein Cali, to work, so I can pay my bills, check on my dogs, my home, etc.. then 1-2 weeks there, and so on.. My Mom is stronger than we thought and although he situation is terminal, she will be holding on for longer than we originally thought, which is wonderful. (of course we’re all just guessing..sigh) So as of now, I am home until Feb 23 or so.. I haven’t bought my plane tickets yet, I can’t even afford them, so I can’t give an exact date, but what that means is I will be up on emails and I will schedule my next few webcam shows and Ill be here for you guys until then. And I promise I’ll always keep you up to date with what’s going on with me, so you’re never left in the dark.

So there you go and I’m sorry about those hidden emails.. DOH!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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I Sleep With Whom I Want/Bisexuality

When I was younger, I was very uncomfortable with the word “bisexual.” Instead, I would say “I sleep was whom I want” and thought I was being quite witty.
My problem with it was, yes, I had feelings, sexual and other, for men and women, but the feelings were not the same. I do not feel the same during sex with men or women and I did not have the same feelings in my heart for men and women. I would write cheesy blogs like this…

“I love a women’s body, how soft and sweet it is…” THAT’S how I explained the wonderfulness that women are? Weak!

But when I was young, I did not have the chance to have the same experiences sexually with women that I did with men. Until then, I had only slept with women on camera. Most of the time it was someone I have just met. I didn’t have the time to go on a date with a girl, to flirt with a girl, to hold her she sleeps and wake up next to her in the morning (but now I have!;)
It doesn’t help that bisexuality is not completely socially acceptable yet. Even in the gay community, by lesbians and gay men, I have seen it many times. (But that’s a conversation for another blog post on another day..)

And now I realize how ridiculous that sentiment was. I don’t even have the same feelings for each PERSON I’ve dated. Or each person I’ve fucked. I have different feelings of all sorts for each person I’ve been with. Each person as an individual, I’m attracted to in a certain way. I have certain chemistry which with each person that only we can share. The way we fuck each other and relate to each other is different for each person, obviously.
When I’m with the woman I’m attracted to, I instantly feel a sisterhood. I can relate to the things she goes through socially, mentally, and physically. We share common experiences and when we will talk, I can connect on that level of us both being women. (Something only women would understand, I think, and I’m having a hard time explaining it) and the sex.. Sex with women is amazing for me. I touch them everywhere and they touch me everywhere because everywhere they touch, well, feels incredible. They please me, I please them, and it’s so easy because we have the same “parts,” we kiss, we hold each other, it’s amazing.


And when I am with a man.. I feel like men and women sort of see each other as a mystery. We are two different people of different genders trying to figure each other out. We see the world through different eyes, and we’re trying to explain it to each other. It’s kind of a game of chase, there’s mystery and excitement involved. In the bedroom when I’m with a man, I like to be a little more submissive. I like my man to take control of me. Tell me what to do. Tell me I’m doing it just right. I like to touch him in certain areas, and he touches me in certain areas, because those are the areas men and women like to feel on each other. And out of the bedroom, sort of the same. Sometimes I need a man to tell me “You’ve been getting ready for two hours now, we are leaving right now or we will be late.” I think it’s sexy when I can trust a man enough to give up control for a few minutes.. I feel safe, protected, cared for.


I love men. I love women. I enjoy sex with both. I guess that makes me.. Bisexual.
I’m bisexual.

I’m Aaliyah Love and I sleep with whom I want.


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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