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Winners of the Scavenger Hunt!!

You all have been so patiently waiting for these results.. and I am finally ready to announce the winners of my Scavenger Hunt! This is the first of many “free porn giveaway contests” I will be doing this year.. so keep on checking back here to my blog for the next one!;)

First I want to say I was pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed at the amount of replies I got for this one.. Thank you all for playing my game! And almost everyone got every question right.. wow! You all put a lot of time and effort into your answers, and it’s noticed and appreciated!;)

To refresh your memory, here is the Scavenger Hunt:

And the prizes are as follows:

First Prize is 2 DVDs of their choice, selected from my online store:  A copy of “Best of Barely Legal All Blondes” Issue 94 (which is practially a collectors item by now, I am unable to get anymore copies!) and an 8×10 photo of their choice and a shout out on Twitter. (they can be pics already listed in my store or ANY pic off of my website!)

Winners who place 2nd and 3rd will get a DVD of their choice, and a shout out on Twitter.

I am going home for a week starting Friday, so I will be able to send everyone’s packages out once I get back, on Jan 30.


Drum roll please!!!!

And the winners are:



#1. Member Anunnaki
Not only did he get his answers in before anyone else, but he got all of the answers correct, congrats babe! Please email me and let me know which DVDs and pics you would like!

#2. Mark_UK
Mark got his answers in minutes after Anunnaki, and also got all of the answers correct. Congrats Mark!

#3. Famdoc
Famdoc got his answers in minutes after Mark, but he did not attempt the bonus questions. When I gave him a hard time about it, he asked me “but do you take bribes?” I told him YES, of COURSE I do! So the pretty lingerie he bought me off of amazon landed him in spot #3..

4. And because I always make up the rules as I go along (it’s MY contest, I do what I want!) and this person got all of the questions PLUS the 4 bonus questions correct, he will also be receiving the same prize as the 2nd and 3rd winner. congrats Starz4257!


So congrats to all of the weiners and I will be looking for your emails with the info I need to send you your packages!:) Please include which DVDs you would like and your address please.


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3



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Sneak Peek Pics From 2 Upcoming Scenes

Well you all asked for them.. and you know I have been dying to share some of these hot pics from the last 2 scenes I shot for! They are the 2 scenes completely written by fan requests, that I discussed in this blog post: You asked for solo, JOI, boots, dark lipstick and bush, so I gave it to you, and I gave it to you good and HARD!;)

I will be uploading these scenes to my site admin next week, and they will go live in Feb.. And not only do I have the videos AND matching pics, but I shot a lot of behind the scenes vids that ran the length of the entire time we shot the pics.. there’s never a dull moment on my sets! (so the vid/pic scene will be released on a Wednesday, and the matching bts video will go live 2 days later, that Friday! I’m trying to shoot more behind the scenes on every shoot I do for now.. I think people really enjoy them!)


I did one scene in boots.. my favorite boots that I’ve never worn on camera, but have worn almost every day this winter.. This is one of my fav pic sets I’ve ever shot for this website, it’s got a very gritty and sexy feel to it I think:)


Then the other, scene, although it’s another JOI (aka masturbation instruction) scene, like I have 6 or 7 more on my website, but it’s different than the rest.



..but I don’t want to give too much away just yet..

This set and outfit were thought up on the spot. I had to change everything I had planned for that day after I saw the set (you will see on the bts vid) but I am really happy with how it turned out.. AND it’s a different look and sty;e than I’ve ever done before! I hardly ever wear dark lipstick, but it was a request, so I thought I’d try it!:)


I was REALLY feeling naughty and sexy this day, can you tell?;)




And, needless to say, I had a LOT of fun with it!:)

(click on the pics to see a larger size!;)


I know you guys have been dying to see these scenes, we have been talking about them and your requests/suggestions for this one since.. November? So I got them edited as fast as I could, and there were some other scenes I really wanted to get out first, including the 2 girl/girl’s with Marie McCray and the g/g with Kendall Karson, and next week’s g/g with Cherie, and the solo Teal Fantasy pic set, but after that, they’re going up! Thank you for your patience and I promise, it’ll be worth the wait!

Now, members, go login to your emails and send me MORE requests! What ELSE do you want me to do for you?;)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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I just got in a conversation with a new member about secene requests/ideas. So I just wanted to quickly remind my sweet members how important it is for you to keep on telling me exactly what you want to see here at

Whenever you guys send me an email, telling me what you like to see in my scenes, I save these emails to a specific folder. And then when I go to write the scripts for the scenes I shoot for you all, I write them straight from these requests.

Example: last time I asked, and you guys answered, I shot two scenes 100% from your requests. You guys requested solo scenes, you requested a JOI scene, you requested dark lipstick, boots, and for me to keep my bush. So I shot two solo JOI (aka masturbation instruction) scenes with all of these elements, except the two scenes are very different from each other. One is a huge tease, and I’ll be surprised if ANY of you make it thru the whole scene, and the other is more of a challenge/game.. You’ll see!;) I’m waiting to get the pictures back from my editor, but once I do, they will both be going live soon. Probably in February and March.

Also, I’m curious and nosy! It really intrigues me to find out what people are turned on by. I have been conducting a 12 year experiment on you guys and the results have been very intriguing.. I used to look down on people who are into something different than I was, now I celebrate it. Also, it really interests me the wide variety of things you guys are all into, with a common thread in all of them being you are fans of… Me 🙂 I love it! And I love u all!

Aaliyah Love xoxo

ps-sorry for any typos, I did “Talk to text” with this post, my brain works faster than my fingers

ps2-Do you guys want to see “sneek peak” some pics from these 2 JOI scenes?;)

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New Items Added to Store!

I’ve been a busy little girl and adding new items to my online streo like crazy! It is a new year and a fresh start to a new me, and like many people, one of my many resolutions is to “be more organized” and “clear the clutter!” Which involves finally clearing out the entire ROOM I have full of smut.. DVDs, outfits, costumes, magazines, pics, etc..



(Girls of Summer by Digital Playground feature DVD has several acting and sex scenes starring yours truly and Stevie Shae, Destiny Dixon)

I spent HOURS listing mostly new DVDs and magazines.. I still have SO MUCH to list, but I thought this was a great start!


(Laws of Romance by New Sensations/Jacky St James is a feature DVD with several acting scenes and a soft, romantic, passionate b/g scene starring yours truly and Van Wylder. Also

starring Romi Rain and Anikka Albrite)


I also was sure to add a LOT of clothing to my listings, since that seems to be what you all want the most! Bra/panty sets work in popular scenes, socks, gloves, etc.. and most of them come with a set of autographed pics of me wearing the item also!:)

(Victoria’s Secret satin bra, panties and garter belt. Still in excellent condition so can be worn again! Plus many sexy pics from this scene.. personalized just for you!)


Some of the items I only have 1 or 2 in my possession, with no hopes to get anymore ever again (like some of those “vintage” magazines lol! They just don’t exist anymore!) and I marked those items as so, and also marked some of those items as “discount.”


(Club Magazine came out recently in 2014 featuring a several page interview of mine and a free porn DVD included!)

Speaking of discount, I also added a “Discount” category to my store.. so you can easily see the items I have marked down, or simply marked at a discount rate to begin. Here’s the direct link:

I also finally got to add some fun items to the “Special” section.. two listings in particular I think we could have a LOT of fun with!:)

As always, you can pay with a money order, or amazon or Whole Foods gift certificate, sent to my email Any questions/inquiries you can also email me there! Thank youuuu

And if you have any ideas/requests of other items you would like to see me add to my online store, please let me know!:) I have a few special items I still need to list.. including my VIP name badges and tickets to the red carpet at the last few AVN and XBIZ awards shows!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Question For Members:

If you had to choose what the next 2 scene updates are, would you choose g/g, solo, or b/g, and why?;) Or..get more specific than that.. I want to know!

I’m thinking my “top videos” section isn’t exactly accurate, because I assume many of you download the videos and watch them offline. AND many of you aren’t rating the videos or pic sets, still.

So let me know, if you could pick any of my scenes to be the next 2 week’s new updates, what would YOU want to see in those spots?:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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