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Bad News

Hey everyone, I have terrible news. I have thought about sharing this long and hard with you all over the last few days.. I normally try to not share things about my family, because that’s opening them up to scrutiny that they did not sign up for. And I love my family so much, I am very protective over them. But.. I have to tell you all SOMETHING, members will notice I canceled my next 2 members’ webcam shows, and I might not answer their emails as fast as normal.. and I would NEVER lie to you all, I love you guys. I have always told you all as much about me and my real life as I could. Anybody who has been to a webcam show of mine knows I’m all about “TMI” and telling it like it is. So I guess.. why should I stop now, right? I just ask you all to try to keep it off of Twitter. I am going to try to keep my Twitter happy and positive and updating on the porn, even if it’s just RTing what other people post. Twitter is NOT the place for serious or personal conversations, thank you.

I received horrible news 7 days ago. I was in shock for a few days before it set in. Now that the reality is hitting me, I am so very sad. My heart is broken and I feel lost. My Mother, who has always been one of my best friends, whom I am very close with, got cancer for a 2nd time. This time, all over her spine. They tried to operate and she quickly went thru 9 treatments of chemo, and after that the doctors realized that the treatment no longer works, the cancer is spreading, and they have sent her home. With less than 2 months to live.

So I am flying home to be with my family. I have canceled all photoshoots and dropped everything to go be with them. This is a very sad time for my family, but my Mom does not want to waste one second of it, and we all want to spend as much time together as possible. I ask you all to just please respect my privacy during this time. (How ironic, me telling you this while posting a public blog) I appreciate any well wishes, but answering them all has become overwhelming. Other than expecting me to live thru this and return to LA and shooting when I can, please don’t expect any more from me, because I don’t have any more to give.

As far as the website goes, it will still update every Wednesday (and some Fridays with bonus content) with new scenes. Like I said I won’t be doing live shows for a bit, but I’ve already done 2 new shows these past few weeks that are in the archives for members to enjoy, and hundreds more from back in the day. I can’t say if I’ll be checking my email much or not, we will see.

Thank you all, have Happy Holidays. I love you.

Aaliyah Love

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Christmas Scene Teaser

This is the trailer or “teaser video” from the sexy X-mas scene Dean Capture and I just shot for!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Sneek Peek From This Week’s Scene

I update EVERY WEDNESDAY, like clockwork. And I just thought I would share with you all some pics from this week’s update.. if you’re a member, you’re really gna enjoy this one! If you’re not a member.. you’re missing out;)


I post a lot of solo scenes, and each one is different from the rest. I post what my members request, and you all still appreciate and ask for more solos, so here you are! This one is a new fav of mine, it’s a more “glam” solo set, shot by one of the BEST glam photographers I’ve ever worked with, Tammy Sands. I like this scene so much, I have started using mostly pics from it for my PR stuff.


This pic here just got a fullpage print in the latest XBiz magazine, next to an interview of mine!:)


So I hope all of my lovely members enjoy this one, because I shot it with them in mind!;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps I also posted more pics from this scene long ago, when I first got them back.. here they are:

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Latest News-XBiz Noms:)

Hey everyone, here is my latest press release about my FIVE XBIZ nominations that were just announced!:)


Monday, November 17th, 2014
Aaliyah Love

Aaliyah Love Collects Five XBIZ Noms


(Hollywood, CA) 2014 has been quite a year for Aaliyah Love. She’s gone from rising star to adult star with the relaunch of her website and countless movie titles released, along with her yet another showcase film, “Aaliyah Love Vol. 1” from Naughty America, and her breakout role as Roslyn Rosenfeld in Smash Pictures’ parody “American Hustle XXX”. Now, she’s collected five XBIZ Awards nominations for Female Performer of the Year, Best Actress in a Parody Release for “American Hustle XXX”, Best Actress in an All-Girl Release for Filly Films’ “Carrie’s Secret”, Best Scene in a Parody Release for her scene with Tommy Pistol in “American Hustle XXX”, and yet another nomination for her site,


“I have given 110% this year and it’s definitely paying off,” says Aaliyah Love. “I was so happy when the XBIZ Awards nominations were announced—I had no idea that I would get so many nominations, and I was extremely honored to be nominated for Female Performer of the Year. Thank you so much, XBIZ, for paying attention to the work I did in 2014. I’m going to do even more in 2015.”


Hosted by James Deen and presented by Fleshlight, the XBIZ Awards will take place at L.A. Live on January 15th.

  To interview Aaliyah Love for your site or publication, contact Erika Icon of The Rub PR at



Blonde, bubbly adult star Aaliyah Love is always smiling, whether she’s in front of the camera playing a babysitter or a schoolgirl, or out in the world walking her cute, little, fluffy dogs. She’s gone from preschool teacher to webcam spokesmodel to porn star, and in the last year, from a girl/girl only performer to doing everyone (boys and girls) on screen, which has made her career explode.

  Aaliyah’s worked for every studio in the industry including top-shelf companies Evil Angel, Elegant Angel, Twistys, Brazzers, Wicked Pictures and Adam & Eve, and she’s a favorite of Girlfriend Films. You can find her gracing box covers of countless DVD titles, including her own movies, Naughty America’s “Aaliyah Love Vol. 1” and Vivid’s “Aaliyah Love’s Female Obsession”. She’s had breakout roles in porn parodies like Filly Films’ “Lesbian Fuck Club”, Zero Tolerance’s “Game of Bones” and Will Ryder’s “American Hustle XXX”.

  Aaliyah has appeared on the pages of Barely Legal, Cheri, Ravers DVD and Club DVD in addition to holding the title of Twistys Treat of the Month. She’s been nominated multiple times by XBIZ for her website,, and in 2013 she received her first AVN Awards nomination for her site. 2014 brought five XBIZ nominations for Female Performer of the Year, Best Actress in a Parody Release, Best Actress in an All-Girl Release, Best Scene in a Parody Release, and yet another nomination for her site,

  Keep up with all her adventures by being one of her 200,000+ followers on Twitter @AaliyahLove69 and like her on Facebook You can also find her on Instagram and Tumblr, and read her official blog Make sure to join her recently relaunched site through the CherryPimps Network. And, take her home with you, by buying her official merchandise at her store

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Webcam Schedule for Rest of 2014

I thought it would be best if I plan out my schedule for my weekly webcam shows for the rest of the year and post it on the calendar (in the members’ area) now.. so you guys know when they are and we all can plan ahead! I just sent these dates over to my webmaster, and I’m sure by Monday they will be in the calendar, but I wanted to post them here, also.

BTW, thank you to everyone who came to this week’s show! After taking a 2 year hiatus, I have to say, that was a perfect “welcome back” to webcams, and I had a blast! I need to get myself some more toys (some vibrators, MAYBE another suction cup dildo, like old times!) and if anybody has outfit requests for next week, now is the time to email me and let me know your suggestion!;)

If you missed the show you can always watch it in the archives whenever you want!;)

Hope to see you in my chatroom next Friday around 4pm! And as always, non-members can always click in and join the party here: #webcamslut 🙂

Friday Nov 28- 4pm
Sat Dec 6- 7pm
Friday Dec 12- 4pm
Friday Dec 19- 7pm
Saturday Dec 27- 4pm
Friday Jan 2- 7pm
(all times are PST)
Aaliyah Love XOXO <3
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The New And Improved!

I have been waiting A LONG TIME to say this, but, here we are… The new and improved is finally live!! In fact, it has now been live for an entire week. A very exciting and satisfying week for me!

So I’m writing this blog to explain to you guys all of the features of the new website, and answer any questions you may have about it. I anxiously await your feedback, but I am pretty sure that you guys are going to love how interactive the members area is! I dare day it’s even easier to navigate, and all around better than the first And that’s saying a lot!
So, let’s see… What do I want to tell you guys about the new website? Hmmm.. Well, first of all, after taking a two year hiatus, I will start doing a live WebCam shows regularly again. Only through the members area of Aaliyah They will be through streammate, so non-members can login and join the party also!:) The link to that is The shows will be at least one hour long, every Friday. You can check the calendar. I alternate the times so people in different time-zones can hopefully catch at least some shows live. And every show is recorded and archived for the members to watch later. We have almost every live show I have ever done on this website in the archives as of now, dating back to 2010!!
I will also be doing at least one live show a month from the Cherry Pimps studio, alternating between g/g and b/g shows. Members, feel free to suggest to me guys and girls you would like me to invite onto the shows with me. I am definitely open to suggestions!;)
Speaking of live shows, you also have access to every live show the Cherry Pimps do from their studio. Which is one pornstar a day. And access to every girl in our networks live shows, too!
And, of course, you also have full access to every area of every website and our entire network. (I myself spent about two hours poking around on each website last night.. I admit it! Haha..)
There is an email system through the members area and I encourage you all to email me as much as you would like. I am asking you for any and all feedback, positive or negative. I need and can use all of it. And any scene ideas, suggestions or requests. (I can’t promise that I will be able to shoot all of your ideas, but I am definitely open to suggestion and have honestly found some of my best ideas through members in the past!!:) It will only help me make the website better! There is also a scene rating system. I am going to give it about two months and then I’m going to start paying very close attention to the rating.. So there are many ways for you to let me know what you would like to see more of!

I think the new system is pretty simple and easy to navigate, but I’m sure some of you may have some questions. There is always a learning curve with a new website. So feel free to ask them here or email them to me 🙂


Soooo I hope you all decide that you want to see me do what I do best, having the sex that I want to have, in the type of scenes that I want to do! is MY naughty, crazy mind and fantasies, come to life. Cya at my live show tonight?;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3




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Another Hot Scene Alert!

Every once in awhile, I do a scene that is so fucking hot, so sexy, so creative, or for whatever reason stands out in my mind, long after the handful of promo pics that circulate Twitter stop showing up on my timeline on the daily, I’m still thinking about it.. and I feel the need to tel everyone and SPREAD THE WORD that if they like my scenes, this is a scene that they MUST watch!!

I’ve shot MANY scenes for Naughty America, but this one is def one of my favs.. I would say top 3 for sure!;) (I’ve posted about one of these other 2 here in another blog post earlier this year, btw)

This scene is special to me for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is because my biggest fan, known on Twitter as @FYAaliyahLove and known on this blog and my webcam chatrooms as “kbal” actually write the script! And although I think the cupcakes and messiness and the feet might of been a little too much for some NA fans, I thought it was JUST RIGHT and I had a FUCK BLAST shooting this scene!!!:) If you watch it, you will see what I mean!

And here’s a sneak peek video of the scene.. and if you’re so inclined to see the rest of it, you can click thru there and get a membership! I have one, and I HIGHLY recommend it!;) NA is one of my favorite companies to shoot for, because the sex is NEVER scripted, or directed! They just say “Action!” and let us do whatever we want for 35min straight.. whatever happens during that time.. is what you see in the scene! I think that’s the best way not only to capture real, genuine passion and orgasms, but you get to see the real us come out thru whatever themes we are playing with!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Who Bought Me Stuff?!

Someone bought me 2 items from my wishlist recently and I demand to know who it is so I can promptly thank them and send them some free porn!!

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