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So I was just browsing thru the new and improved as a member (blog coming soon about that and all the details!) and I had to do a second, triple take at this scene.. Next thing I know, it’s 25mins later and I’m downloading pics from my OWN scene one by one onto my laptop.. It’s been a LONG time since I was entranced by a porn scene, especially.. one of my own! LOL!

So for no other reason that “DAMN, LOOK AT THIS” I’m posting these pics for you all. Who thinks I should get Ana Foxx back here on for a “round 2?!?”

hr717_aaliyahlove_002 hr717_aaliyahlove_016


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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The Story of GoldiLoxxx

So, how many of you remember the story? —>



“Hello.. is anybody home?” (Goldiloxxx does a little breaking+entering)


Oh, what do we have here?!


Nah, this one is too small..


OMG! This one is TOO BIG!


Mmmmm this one is JUST RIGHT!:)


..who the fuck is THIS?!


OH NO!!!!


Want to know what happens next??

You can find out at and soon!;)



Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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My Latest Scenes..

Hey guys, so someone just asked me about my latest scenes on Tumblr.. and since I took the time to answer him on a website that I feel like hardly anybody looks at anymore, I thought I would also share this info here, where I’m hoping MANY of you check on the regular;)

I just realized I don’t do this as often as I should.. I can’t stay up to date with EVERY scene I shoot.. Honestly, sometimes I shoot a scene and it’s online 3 days later, and sometimes it takes months or YEARS to post! (I shot a g/g for a certain company that took 2.5 years to post, and there are 2 scenes I’ve shot for a certain company around this time last year, and every time I ask the director about it, he says “oh yeah.. THAT scene! Hmm..I should do something with that movie!” DAMNIT! LOL!) But I DO always post pics from my favorite scenes here on my blog (usually before it even comes out, because I can’t wait!) and every once in awhile you can see I post links to my fav scenes for other companies here, too.

I’m sure I even forgot about some scenes, I was only trying to focus on what I would guess JUST came out last week or will be coming out in the next 2 weeks.. let’s see how correct I end up being!

As far as new scenes… I’m not sure when they come out specifically, different productions have different schedules..
-I know a Jules Jordan movie just came out, it’s a Lisa Ann movie where I did a hot G/G scene w her for it..
-I have a Brazzers BGG scene w Veruca James and a dude w a 12inch cock (Danny D.. OMFG!) They play perverted doctors who hate fuck each other over me, and make me fuck both of them.. it was SO HOT!
-I have 3 Zero Tolerance scenes that are already shot and should come out soon.. 2 B/G and one G/G with Penny Pax.. they usually release scenes VERY fast after shooting them! I also JUST had a boxcover and scene for the come out, it’s a creampie B/G with Marcos Bandera (we weren’t planing on making it a creampie, but I begged for it, so they ended up shooting an entire creampie movie for me LOL!;)
-I just had a G/G scene  w Anikka Albrite for Reality Kings that just came out last week. It was shot and directed by Greg Lansky and this one is special for me, since I wanted to shoot for We Live Together for SIX YEARS.. and it turned out VERY beautiful!:)
-I recently shot a B/G  w Seth Gamble for Naughty America that should be out any day now
-I have 2 movies I’ve shot for Girlfriends Films, directed by BSkow that I’m HOPING come out soon, including a lesbian ghost story movie where I’M the scary ghost!! I’m DYING to see this one! I do a g/g scene w Evi Fox in this one
-And before Halloween, my website relaunches, and with that comes about 300 old scenes, 3 brand-new never before scenes already live, (prob gna be a G/G, a G/G/G and a POV BJ scene) and then a new scene every week after that…(actually, there will be about 5 updates a month, since I will be psting at LEAST 1 bonus scene, which will usually be a pic set or some sort of behind the scenes video) the first scene update will be my g/g Halloween scene with Cherie DeVille..but you obv have to be a member to see it!:)

So there you have it folks.. fresh porn. I’ve been working my little booty off to get these scenes shot.. and there’s more on the way! Not to give away too much.. but in the near future, I have:

-a 1980’s themed G/G scene w Cherie DeVille for and
-I’m already setting up for my solo X-mas scene, which I have literally been planning and buying stuff for for MONTHS..I can’t say anything more about this one just yet!;)
-I will have more than one X-mas scene here at… again, I can’t say anymore!;)
-I have a G/G AND a B/G/G set up with Penny Pax for
-I’m shooting my own feature movie next week with 5 hot scenes I cast, wrote the scripts for, and will be directing (not sure I’m allowed to say what company yet.. I’m not even sure if I’m allowed to say THIS MUCH.. but. you guys know how I am.. I trust you to keep the secret!;) LOL!)
-I will be shooting a special Brazzers scene here soon
-I have 2 BJ scenes for Zero Tolerance on the books
-I have more scheduled, but I can’t spill the beans on some of these.. but STAY TUNED!;)


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Beauty Tips Blog Post

So I got this idea to do a type of “beauty tips” blog post awhile ago while reading one of my good friend Bryci’s blog. She used to do these (or maybe she still does?) and I still use some of the tips she recommended, years ago. (Olive Oil in your hair actually does wonders.. thanx Bryci!)

Now, I’m def NO EXPERT on “how to be beautiful” or anything like that.. and most of you guys who read my blog prob have no use for a post like this (that’s fine, move alone to the ass and boobs posts, kthanxbye!) BUT.. I do have extensive experience trying out all sorts of beauty products/regimens.. I have bought it ALL! Especially with some of my best friends being professional makeup artists, and always trying out the stuff that they use.. I have dropped some serious cash at makeup stores! Esp working in a business focused on looks, I feel like by now, I’ve tried EVERYTHING! Some things have worked, and some have completely wasted my time/money. And many times I wish I could share this knowledge with all of my girls.. I’ve tried posting on Twitter, but with the 140 char limit, it’s not the best place to do so.. and I got a lot of dudes saying things like “less makeup talk, more pics of your pussy plz!” so I thought.. why not post a couple of blogs about it and see how it goes? This is MY blog, I do what I want! (Cartman voice) So.. here it goes..

And girls.. PLEASE chime in! This is an interactive blog, these posts, in particular, I would like to get some girl talk going here.. this is a new experiment for me.. so the more feedback/comments I get, the more I’ll be encouraged to do more!:)

First of all, ALL makeup I have ever purchased form amazon has been old, broken, or defective in some sort of way.. Have you girls had the same experience? I would chalk it up to bad luck, except.. EVERY SINGLE TIME this has happened, and with SO many different products! Here’s some that I found were a waste of my money:

MAC nail polish, particularly, in the color Snob. It was obv old and chalky and didn’t go on right.. what a bummer!

And speaking of MAC products.. I got this lip pencil, in the color “St Germain,” and it was chalky, clumpy, and gross. Turns out it had to be super old because MAC doesn’t even make this color anymore.. thanx for letting me know, amazon!
(couldn’t find a link.. maybe they finally stopped selling it.. well, that’s good!)

Anastasia eyebrow wiz.. I got 2 of these after my friend Lola Foxx, who is the eyebrow QUEEN recommended. I could tell it’s prob an amazing product, when it doesn’t arrive BROKEN and crumbling.. I opened this $25 pencil, and the ENTIRE content fell out of the holder and right down my sink drain! There goes $25 of my hard earned money.. no prob, I got a second one and. SAME THING! DAMN!

There are MANY other instances of bad makeup purchased from amazon (you would think I would learn my lesson, but I haven’t? LOL!) but these are just the 1st 3 off of the top of my head.. I’m wondering, do you girls have the same issue? What makeup products have you bought from amazon and how did it go?

Most of the times I wear heels, I only have to stand in them for a few minutes while I pose, then they go over my head as I lay in bed and get fucked. LOL! But sometimes I’m required to stand around in very high heels for long periods of time, while I smile and act as if I’m not in great pain.. I have tried all sorts of things (I would love you ladies to chime in here, especially, with any tricks you may have? Esp wth AVN coming up.. I feel like it sometimes takes my feet a whole month to recover.. no joke!) and I have tried all sorts of shoe inserts, but I feel like these are the best I have found, I’ve been using these for about 5 years. They come in all sorts of shapes, depending on where in the shoe you want to put them. Just don’t try to transfer them from one shoe to another.. once they lose the stickiness on the bottom, they’re useless.

So in porn we go thru a LOT of babywipes.. we use them for all sorts of things! But I started researching what’s in some of these things.. just because they’re “made for” baby skin doesn’t mean they’re good for you! And lets face it, these porn producers aren’t researching the best wipes for our vaginal health, they just buy whatever’s cheapest. (I don’t blame them!) But some (most) of these wipes contain stuff like fragrances, chlorine, chemicals I can’t even pronounce, and other things that I personally, don’t want in or around my sensitive vagina. So I did some research and found some wipes that are much less harsh..
First I found these, it doesn’t get more “natural” that wipes that are all water, and a little bit of Grapeseed Extract!. But after reading the reviews, the often come with MOLD on them, since it’s really just WET CLOTHS.. no thanx! I could just wet a paper towel in the sink and get the same effect..
Then I found these, and have been bringing them to set and using them in my home ever since! Yeah, they’re kind of expensive for babywipes, but aren’t your holes worth it?;) So girls, if you see me on set, feel free to ask to use my wipes! They’re so much better for your precious little vagina!;)

And I swear by this product, Tend Skin, for razor burn/ingrown hairs. I use this product and I try to not shave 2 days in a row, NEVER 3 days in a row! What do you girls do to fight razor burn?

Also, for bruises, I always liked to use Arnica. I take the pellets orally, AND I do the cream! These are the brands I use, you can also get these at Whole Foods: -pellets -cream

But then my friend Kendall Karson taught me about Bromelain extract, she says she would take it before and during her feature dancing tours, and she would never get bruises, no matter how much she beat herself up on stage! For me, they really seemed to help, but the bromelain hurt my stomach a little bit the first few times I took it, but then I got used to it:) These are the pills I like: (you can also find both of these at Whole Foods)
or this one:


Ok I think I’ll stop here, this is a good start for what could be a reoccurring blog theme here.. or a huge disaster that generates n0 interest. But, I had to try!:) Any and all comments are welcome;)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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More Pics From Our Halloween Scene

So if you haven’t figured it out yet, I was Goldilocks and Cherie Deville was Mama Bear for for our Halloween scene this year.  The scene is super hot, but I already told you that. Just wait until you see it for yourself!;) These pics are so much fun, I wanted to share some more with you guys..

I’ll probably call this scene something silly/cheesy like “Goldiloxxx and Mama Bear Halloween 2014” ..unless any of you guys have any better ideas? (you guys ALWAYS seem to have great scene name ideas.. better than mine!) And I wonder what Cherie will choose to call it on her website hmmm.. 🙂

OMG look how fucking cute Cherie looks in her Mama Bear costume! She REALLY loved it too, she kept on walking around the house, with her hood up, growling and giggling.. she is so adorable!

..and she’s drop dead sexy! I mean.. look at THAT! I am so very lucky I get to play with this beautiful creature as often as I do!:)

Wow, look what I found! After breaking into the bear’s house, and snooping around in their stuff..

Oh no! Busted! Mama Bear caught me playing with her sex toys.. now what?! Lollll..


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Butterfly Toes:)

Ever time I’m wearing my butterfly shoes and I look down at my own feet, it makes me smile. I just thought this shot might make some of you smile, too.

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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1st Look Halloween Scene

Anybody who has ever been, or is currently a member of knows that I go ALL OUT for my holiday scenes. Halloween and X-mas to be more specific. (Although I have had some killer Valentines Day ideas, for the past few years I haven’t gotten around to actually shooting a V-day scene, bummer.. but anyways..) These are the scenes I put the most money and time, and “planning ahead” into.. and I’d like to think it shows! This year’s Halloween scene turned out GREAT, I LOVE it! And I’m hoping you guys love it, too! Actually, it will be special because it will probably be the 1st scene to go live once we relaunch oooh!:)

I did it with my favorite girl, Cherie DeVille. I’m not going to give it ALL away, just yet, but here’s some fun pics.. just a peek.. this is officially the “first look” at this year’s Halloween scene..

Keep on checking back here.. I will be sharing more pics over the next week or so!;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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New Listings

I get a lot of requests for things that aren’t listed in my online store yet. Items I DEF have in my porn closet, but just haven’t gotten around to listing yet.. The #1 request I get is for PANTIES! Sooo I took some time the other day and shot some new outfits/panties/bikinis to list in my store.. but I thought I would post the pics here on my blog first, to give you guys “first dibs.” AKA if anybody wants to buy them from me directly, instead of going thru an online store, it would be beneficial, and easier for both of us.. So here’s what I got:

Red polka dot fullback scrunch butt panties. I wear these around x-mas time. Wore them a lot on webcam. But they’re faded so I can’t do anymore shoots in them so thought I’d sell them to a lucky fan instead;) SOLD

Black and white thong bikini from Another item that doesn’t fit me perfectly anymore..

Black Lacey thongs SOLD


Fullback Black Lacey Panties SOLD


Cute purple Victorias Secret thongs I’ve worn in many webcam shows SOLD



green bikini


I’ll also sign these pics to you and throw them in with the panties if you want;)

My panties are always $55, the bikinis are $65, unless you live outside of the USA, then please add another $5 for shipping. Plz contact me for any serious inquiries. If they don’t sell, I will be listing them in my store in a few days from now..

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps-click on the pics to make them BIGGER (my new and improved blog that will be launched with my new and improved website will be so much better lol!)

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Random Questionaire

So sometimes while I’m scanning mindlessly thru porn pics on Tumblr, I will save all of the questionaire posts I come across. Most of the time nothing ever comes of them, but sometimes if I feel like if has some half decent questions, I like to kill time and dig into one, and post the results here! Some questions are a bit serious and deep, and some are absolutely silly. But I have been sharing myself.. inside and out.. physically and mentally with you all for so long.. why stop now?

And now I want you guys to share yourself with me, please? I challenge everyone who reads this blog post to pick ANY FIVE questions that I answered, and answer them for yourself here, in the comments section. It’s one way for me to get to know you better, and for us all to strike up what could be a fun convo! Let’s do it!:)

-Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?

LOL no! Talking about sex is my JOB!

-What does the most recent text that you sent say?

A txt to my agent “Cherie says she’s avail on the 10th?”

-Do you believe in luck and miracles?

I believe the harder you work and remain positive, and driven towards a goal in mind, the more “luck” you will have!;)

-Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?


-Where would you like to travel?

Japan! San Fran is always on the top of my list of places I like to go when I “run away from home” but it has been a whole 2 years since I went there, and I REALLY miss is! Italy is another place I just know I would really enjoy! I have such a long list of places I want to travel to.. but those are the first 3 that come to my mind.

-Favorite part of your daily routine?

Taking my 2 doggies for a nice long walk at the end of the night. It’s so relaxing and calming. A time for my dogs to enjoy themselves and explore, and a time for me to collect my thoughts!

-What part of your body are you most uncomfortable with?

Hmm maybe my teeth? Porn has taught to me to love myself and be comfortable in my own skin for the most part! I realize now what a waste of time it is to not like the body that you have, and it’s a lot better to love yourself!:)

-What do you do when you wake up?

Hit the snooze button once or twice, then masturbate and cum twice (that usually doesn’t take very long. just a few minutes” then jump in the bath! I shave my legs and pussy, quickly wash with organic oil soap, then throw on some clothes and walk my 2 dogs, that have been watching me this entire time and making faces at me to hurry up in the bath lol!!

-Who are you most comfortable around?

My family! My Dad, Mom and little brother.. and my best friend, Johnny.

-Have any of your ex’s told you they regret breaking up?

Yes, many. Too bad, so sad for them I don’t “go backwards”

-Do you ever want to get married?


-Who was the last person you had a serious conversation with?

I tried to sweetly explain to a good friend of mine, who is a man, why most women, when they are “venting” about their bad day, or frustrations, aren’t looking for a solution, or someone to “prove to them they are listening” but instead, just a empathetic shoulder to cry on. And a simple “Wow, that sucks, I hope everything works out” is the most helpful thing he could say to a woman. He didn’t understand at all. It made me frustrated.:(

-Would you rather live without TV or music?

TV! I could NOT live without music!! I went without any TV for a year and a half recently, and now I only have HBOGo and AppleTV. So I now have to pay for every TV show or movie I watch! It really has me cutting down and being way more aware of what I Watch and how much time that takes up.. Whenever I watch TV when I’m traveling or visiting a friend, I realize I’m not missin much!

-What do you say during awkward silences?

My life is one awkward silence after another! I usually giggle or say stupid stuff.

-Trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean?

OMG, neither! I’d like to keep my feet on the ground, thank you very much! I’m terrified and also super interested in the ocean.. but I’ll leave that exploration to the experts!

-What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

2 adorable puppies jumping on me and getting in my face about walking them!

-Ever wished you were someone else?

Hell no! That would be a waste of who I am! I just hope to constantly become a “better me.” 🙂

-Ever been in love?

Yes, but I try to avoid that type of trouble these days!;)

-Last thing you ate?

Half of an avocado that was grown in my best friend’s back yard. (I’m SO jealous he has an avocado tree in his backyard! One of my goals is to get a house with fruit and avocado trees!) With just a little bit of Old Bay (it’s a Maryland thing) and some lemon squeezed onto it.. DELICIOUS! I’m ADDICTED to avocado!

-First thing you ate this morning?

I always start every morning drinking a tall glass of water while taking a bath! Then I had scrambled egg whites with avocado and brocolli, a tall glass of soy milk, 2 shots of espresso, and 2 orange slices.

-Are you hungry right now?
I’m always hungry.. and why are so many questions in this thing about food?! LOL!

-Facebook or Twitter?


-Twitter or Tumblr?

Twitter! Twitter over everything Hello, you haven’t noticed? I’m a “Twitter whore!” LOL! And anyways, I’m just about over Tumblr.. I mostly use it when I just want to scroll through a bunch of porn, or sexy black and white, or puppy pics to give my brain a break from whatever I’m working on.. My blog there gets NO action anymore anyways! I’m going to start posting all of my “GOOD STUFF” RIGHT HERE on this blog, where I should be spending most of my time!

-Are you watching tv right now?

No I’m listening to Band of Horses on YouTube, surfing Twitter and while casually filling out this questionaire. I’m always multi-tasking online.. I’m so ADD!

-Craving something? What?

Yes.. Cuddles. I really wish I had someone with big strong arms to hold me tonight as I sleep.

-What colour are your towels?

Gray and Black. My personal bathroom is blue, gray and black contemporary modern, and my other bathroom is just black and gray (what a strange question)

-How many pillows do you sleep with?

like 4, but I have like 10 pillows on my bed total, so I have to kick some off before bed every night

Do you sleep with stuffed animals?

No but I sleep with a living dog who LOOKS just like a stuffed animal. He’s kind of like a cross between a Pomeranian, an Ewok, and a Furby

-How many stuffed animals do you think you have?

I have 3 Alice in Wonderland stuffed animals in various places around my home.. a cheshire cat on the back of one of my couches, a white rabbit on the dresser next to my bed..

-Favourite ice cream flavour?

Cookies and Cream mmm sooo good!!

-What colour shirt are you wearing?


-First person you talked to today?

my agent

-Last person you talked to today?

Dani Daniels

Last movie you watched?

Yesterday I watched Million Ways to Die in the West. It was very funny!

-Do you tan a lot?

only before important photoshoots

-Do you type fast?

very fast!

-What should you be doing?

Oh probably something with a higher priority than filling out a random interview thingy on my blog.. Like writing scene descriptions for the first new scenes that will be going live once launches, organizing my newest pic sets, answering emails, shooting clips for my Clips4Sale store, or even webcamming? But hey.. I do what I want!;)

-Who was the last person you cried in front of?

my best friend Johnny, earlier today, on the phone

-Do you believe in love at first sight?

Well I don’t think you can love someone without truly knowing them.. their good AND bad.. but I think you can immediately feel deep attraction and fascination with someone when you first meet them.. and if you follow that, it could quickly lead to true love!:)

-Do you believe in true love?

Of course I do!

-Are you currently bored?

NEVER! I say if you’re bored.. you’re boring! How could you be bored when life has so much to offer? (especially living in LA!)

-Would you change your name?

Well, I do have several names.. LOL

-Do you sleep with your doors open or closed?

OMG.. closed! I don’t know if I could sleep w them open.. why? I don’t know, LOL! Is that weird?!

-How tall are you?

-Summer or Winter?

I live in Southern California, it’s ALWAYS Summer here. I absolutely love it!

-Night or Day?

Porn usually wakes me up at the crack of dawn, but I am generally a night owl!

-Tea or Coffee?

I like organic green tea or espresso shots

-Get the closest book next to you, open it to page 42, what’s the first line on that page?

Ok I have to cheat because the 1st book I pulled is a Banksy book, with no page numbers (but a lot of kick as pics of art!) So the SECOND book closest to me that I pulled.. is a book called Memories of My Melancholy Whores and page 42 says: “The secretaries brought in a cake with ninety lit candles that confronted me for the first time with my number of years” Umm. well.. that was weird!

-Do you regret anything from your past?

I think anybody who would say that they have no regrets from their past must be lying or in very strong denial!!

-Do you miss anyone from your past?

of course, many people!

-Was today a good day?


Well, that was a fun little break from a stressful and crazy busy day.. I guess I’ll get back to work now! Now. its YOUR turn! Let’s hear it! And.. what did you think of my answers? Do any of them surprise you, or am I pretty predictable by now?

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Meloncakes Shoot

I finally got to take the time that my super awesome Meloncakes t-shirts deserve, and spent a day shooting some sexy pics! I’m super happy with the results.. and after I send the entire batch of A+ pics over to my friends at Meloncakes, I will sort thru them and post some of the best here.. and once the new and improved goes live, the entire set will be one of the many “bonus pic sets” that will be posted in the members’ area, including the super naughty nude pics we snapped that day also;)

But I couldn’t wait to share just a few of my favorites with you guys here and now! I was feeling sexy this day, and I think it shows.. what do you think?;)

psst-click on the pics to make them bigger! (once we relaunch the new and improved website, the blog will ALSO be new and improved.. the pic quality and layout of this thing is going to be WAY better!;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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