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Pop Porn Pussy Poll

Another fun interview I recently did was a short 14 questions for the Pop Porn Pussy Poll.

Here’s a taste of the silliness that ensued..

5. If you had to describe your vagina in three words, which words would you use? Horny, ready, and willing.

6. What really sucks about you? Sometimes my mouth gets the best of me. I still have some strange sense of wanting the world to be “fair”, and sometimes I speak out when it’s not. And, that gets me in trouble. A comment I recently saw on my streamate account basically sums it up. “She’s really cute, just hit the mute button.” LOL

7. What’s your kink? Being submissive (for the right person, someone I respect and trust) and that includes following directions, serving, being spanked, being rewarded for good behavior, being punished for bad behavior, etc;) Use your imagination..

8. What’s your favorite TV show? RuPaul’s Drag Race


You can see the rest of the interview here:

And you can find Pop Porn on Twitter at:


And thank you Pop Porn!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Recent Interview for Mens Mag Daily

Here’s a snippet from one of my latest published interviews:

Mens Mag Daily: At what point did you even start considering the adult industry as a possible career choice?

Aaliyah Love: I was actually a broke pre-school teacher and I was also going to college at the time. I was super poor because teachers don’t make shit. I was living in a bad neighborhood and I drove this shitty minivan with the back window smashed out. It was pretty bad so I discovered webcamming. I figured I would do it for like three or four weeks just to make some extra money and get ahead. At that time I was really prude and shy. I kept thinking that I “wasn’t like those girls” and that I was just going to do it for a bit. That was over 10years ago (Laughs) What happened was I was really good at webcamming and I became the website’s spokeswoman. They started bringing me to Playboy mansion parties and porn conventions so I started meeting porn people and talking about opening my own website and stuff like that. I slowly started easing into porn.

Mens Mag Daily: When you say you were prude, what do you mean? Give me your definition of prude.

Aaliyah Love: Okay, well I only had sex with like four guys and they were all guys I was in a long term relationship with and that I loved. I wore baggy clothes and I never wanted to show my body. I would wear a t-shirt over my bikini at the beach. I would wear t-shirts down to my knees. I was a party girl but I was never a “slutty” girl. I enjoyed sex but it was a very private thing for me.

Mens Mag Daily: Has your personal sex life changed since porn, are you less prude?

Aaliyah Love: Yeah, I wouldn’t call myself prude at all anymore. Not only do I get to fuck most girls and guys that I want to fuck but I’ve basically tried everything that I want to try. I have way more confidence now. I can hit on somebody and not worry about getting turned down, my feelings won’t get hurt.

Mens Mag Daily: I was speaking to Ashley Fires recently and she said you’re one of her favorite girls to perform with.

Aaliyah Love: Aww, that’s soooo sweet of her! Yeah she was one of the first girls I performed with and we always shot together for our websites. We did webcam shows together. We even took a week long porn trip to Montreal together and fucked a bunch of French Canadian girls. We haven’t worked together in years but we’re planning to get together and shoot some scenes for our websites sometime in the next few months!

Mens Mag Daily: So you’ve had no negative experiences in the porn industry?

Aaliyah Love: No to be completely honest, the most abuse I’ve received while in the business is the mean stuff people say on Twitter and that’s basically my only complaint. For female performers, Twitter is part of our job. It’s how companies can see us and how we can promote scenes we have coming up. Some of the stuff on there is really the only negativity that I’ve encountered. Nothing bad has ever happened on set though. The worst thing that has happened is that maybe a couple of these poor guys can’t keep their dicks hard when they need to but we get through it..

You can see the rest of the interview here:

And you can follow Mens Mag Daily on Twitter @MensMagDaily

And a big thank you to Mens Mag Daily! I appreciate the interview and VIP treatment on Twitter. You guys have been very sweet to me:) XOXO


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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Happy Sunday Give Away

My little brother is coming into town for an entire week in a few days from now. I am SOOO EXCITED to see him, and since I will be taking 7 days in a row off from work it’s MY vacation, too! So in celebration of my upcoming vacation, and in a last ditch effort attempt to get rid of this pile of porn DVDs in my living room before I have company over, I will be giving away more FREE PORN!:)

The first 5 people to reply to this blog post will receive a free copy of one of these 2 DVDs in the mail from me to them:

Game of Bones includes a hot g/g scene between Tanya Tate and I

Bangin the Boss includes a hot office setting b/g scene between Mark Wood and I

All you have to do is reply to this blog post, then tell me which DVD you prefer. The first 5 replies are the winners, it’s that simple!:)

ALSO, since I am trying to get rid of as much of this porn before my bro comes that I possibly can.. from today until Tuesday morning, when I will be taking all packages to the post office, any DVD purchase you make, you get a free DVD of your choice. You can look at my online store, then purchase them from me directly. I just got my paypal account taken away from me, so I will be accepting amazon gift certificates as payment. $25 plus shipping if you’re outside of the US gets you TWO DVDs.

Hope everyone had a kick ass weekend!!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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More Porn Goodies:)

I’ve been a very busy little girl! So far I’ve spent the last 2 days reviewing 4 new scenes that I will be posting here at after the relaunch. That’s 3 solo scenes and one hot b/g scene. That’s all I’m giving away about that for now.. 😉

I also just added a lot of new items to my online store! Including these:

These DVDS:


This lingerie:These pics:

And for the next week, I added a discount code for 20% all purchases in the next week. Because why not:) And you can use it as many times as you like! Just type in “fuckmeAaliyah” in the discount promo box at check out.

And here’s the link to my store:

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone I hope you are having a great Summer!!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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