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First Boy/Girl

Wow, it’s the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one! 2 days ago, the first boy/girl scene to ever be posted here at went live!

I’m getting some amazing feedback on it so far, the members are really loving this scene!:)  That makes me feel really good! A lot of thought, time, and effort went into this scene. I picked Logan because I really enjoy him, and the location because.. well, look at it! And with my fav photographer, StillsbyAlan directing and shooting the scene, I think it turned out great!

And many of you have asked for “MOAR!” you want to know when the next boy/girl scene will be posted in the members’ area.. Well I can tell you guys that I have shot 4 boy/girl scenes and 2 blowjob scenes for exclusively so far, and more to cum!

But I want you all to know that there will still be plenty of solo and girl/girl updates, so don’t worry about that!;)

Yeah, he even stuck things in my butt AND DP’d me! I was so shocked and appalled that Logan would do such a thing and that my photographer would let it happen! lol!

Feel free to leave any comments or questions you have about this scene or my new boy/girl scenes here! I check back here often and even follow up with comments on previous posts (if you ever asked me a question here on my blog, go back and check.. I probably answered you!)

I hope you’re all having a great weekend!:)And if you’re a member of and HAVEN’T seen this scene yet, I suggest you login and check it out!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Teal is the New Black

I just love this solo scene I recently shot for!

I admit, it is probably going to be awhile before this scene goes up.. maybe in January..

but I couldn’t wait to share some of the pics RIGHT AWAY!:)

I hope you all are having a great week so far! It went by fast for me.. I started the week off with a day of relaxation, with a massage and facial at my fav spa.. I needed it sooo bad! I shot a b/g/g scene for Naughty America, which is quickly becoming one of my new fav companies to shoot for! It was super hot, and you all know I will let you know when that scene comes out! The rest of the week has been filled with stress, problem solving, computer work, and other craziness.. but I’m facing it all with a positive attitude and smile on my face!:)

I plan on blogging more in the upcoming weeks, so keep on checking back here for more sneak peek pics and other naughty fun;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps-members of can now download my pic sets as a zip file. Yet another item crossed off of my “to do list” for making this website exactly what I want/what the members want!:)

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Nothing Worth Having Ever Comes Easy aka My Rant About Lazy Girls

LOL at the girls that ask me for business advice and I open up to them…  I take the time to tell them things that it took me years to realize, learning most of my lessons “the hard way..” Giving them valuable advice I wish somebody had given me years ago..

Then they say “yeah, I don’t want to do THAT..”

Did you think that I was going to tell you that anything I have earned in my career came easy for me?  Did you think that there was a shortcut around hard work? Well, maybe there is and I haven’t found it yet, but I have worked my ass off, seven days a week, for years, to get to where I am. I have made many hard decisions and sacrifices for my job. And yes, it took me a long ass time to get here. But I never give up and I give everything I do my 100%.
If you weren’t willing to do the same, why did you even bother to ask me?

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