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The Cowgirl Dilemma

I feel the need to share something with you guys about my b/g scenes.. I was just going to post this on Twitter, then realized it would probably take at LEAST 10 tweets to get it all out.. so why not post it here instead?:)
Ok, here it goes..

There’s a position I’ve done in almost all of my b/g scenes called cowgirl. It’s just a fancy way of saying “girl on top, riding the dick.” I love this position and I’m always happy to do it. BUT.. I can tell the cameramen are never happy with me when I do it.. and some of you viewers might not be either.. and this is why..

I KNOW I’m supposed to be turning around and looking at the camera while this happens. I see many girls plant their two hands on either side of the guy and look directly into the camera while getting fucked like this. Many b/g scenes look like a girl modeling while she happens to have a dick in her pussy to me..they look almost indifferent to the guy fucking them, it’s all about the girl getting fucked and that’s IT.. But I’m sorry, I can not do that. I can’t and won’t take “all of the credit” for the scene and I refuse to ignore the person who is so graciously fucking me..

When I’m supposed to be looking into the camera (or at least looking in the general direction, showing my face somehow) what I’m doing it looking into the guy’s eyes, kissing him, sometimes whispering to him, connecting with him. For me, sex is a special thing. I need to have passion, a connection, and some sort of feelings with the person I’m fucking, on camera or off. You are literally letting another human being enter your body when they are fucking you. You’re both working your hardest to give each other pleasure.. I don’t see these guys as a stunt cock or someone who is there to “get the job done so we can all get paid and go home.” for me, it’s SPECIAL.. even if it is now my job. That’s just how it has to be for me.. or I won’t do it.

The same goes for girls, too.. I ADMIT, I have delivered some sub-pay g/g scenes in my time. It’s bound to happen.. it’s always a big bummer when it does tho and it really effects me.. I bring that bad mood home with me, sometimes I just can’t let my disappointment go. I’d say almost every time this has happened is because I felt like the other person wouldn’t connect with me, refused to, for whatever reason..despite my best efforts.. if somebody isn’t going to make eye contact with me, or kiss me, or even talk to me before the scene.. I will try all I can.. but as they say.. it takes 2 to tango. Luckily this rarely happens for me tho. And when it does, I still try to give the other person an orgasm or two and think of the fans who are watching. I always give my 100% for you guys, no matter what!

SO.. next time you see me riding a dick, and the camera is zoomed in on my pussy getting fucked, and it pans out, and you’re wondering why the hell I’m not looking at the camera, and just what the hell IS going on that you can’t see.. now you know. I’m having my moment. So let me have it, then I’ll get back to fucking for your viewing pleasure;)

I love you all!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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AVN Article:)

I woke up this morning to a new avn article that was posted about me. I just wanted to share it with you all:)

Mark Kernes was on set with me all day on my 1st day of a 2 day shoot for Wicked Pictures last week. In those 12 hours I probably told him way more than I should have, especially since he pulled me aside and asked me some questions right after I got done fucking Tyler Nixon.. and anybody who has seen me on webcam knows my brain turns to mush right after I cum! But I think the article turned out great and it really made me smile!

..the only thing Mark left out that I figured he would of wrote about is how ridiculously nervous/anxious I was right before my sex scene with Tyler Nixon. When he finally stuck his penis inside of me, I came so hard within 10 seconds! I was all “oh, sorry, hold on everybody, I’m cumming!” LOL!

I can’t wait for this Wicked movie to come out. It’s my first chance at acting and playing a romantic role, which I told you all back in April was one of my goals for this Summer. Was I any good at it? I have no idea.. we’re all just going to have to wait and see!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

Here’s a pic of Barret Blade, the director of the WIcked movie, Star Kissed on set, day 1.:)

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