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Recent Interview For LukeIsBack

Here’s a little bit from a recent interview I did for LukeIsBack:

SM: You’ve recently decided do to B/G scenes. Was that a difficult decision and what made you make up your mind to do it?
AL: I wouldn’t say it was a difficult decision because once I make my mind up to do something, I’m in it 100%. But I don’t make any rash decisions and I thought it over for a LONG TIME. For a long time I wanted to keep that part of my life private, but now I’m ready to share it with my fans and let everyone watch! I can’t say it was one thing or another that made up my mind for me. It was a number of things … it was a progression. It’s a decision I haven’t regretted one bit either. I’m having a BLAST shooting these B/G scenes for Manwin. It has been so much fun!

SM: You’re an all-natural girl which I think is awesome. Do you think people appreciate that you’ve stayed natural? Have you ever been tempted to get breast enhancements?
AL: There are some people who appreciate it, sure. And there are some people who don’t. There are going to be super fans and haters and everything in between no matter what you do in life, which is why I only choose to do what makes me happy. I live for myself and what I want, not what others want me to be. I’m just grateful that I do have fans who love my body and my work and don’t want me to change. When I first started webcams and porn was when I learned that there were men who not only liked my petite body type, but PREFERRED it. Porn taught me to except my body just the way it is, and to love myself. And nope, I’ve never been tempted to get breast implants.

SM: With you being so petite and all-natural, I think it would be fun to see you in some “contrast” scenes with bigger and bustier ladies.
AL: I’ve have done some “contrast” scenes. I just fucked Anastasia Pierce two days ago for a scene for both of our websites. She said in her thick, sexy accent “Lay down and open your mouth, I’m going to give you a mouthful!” and shoved her big tit in my face. It was great! I love ladies of all shapes and sizes. It’s chemistry that attracts me to someone, not their looks. GF Films does a lot of “contrast” scenes and I’ve been in many of them!

SM: What are you thoughts on tattoos becoming so popular amongst the girls?
AL: I’m in the process of getting my only tattoo removed. It’s already about halfway gone. By December I will have zero tattoos or piercings.


you can find the rest of the interview here:


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Aaliyah+Cherie Bloopers

As you all know I have shot MANY g/g scenes with the lovely Cherie DeVille.

Sometimes when I get a picture set of ours before it gets posted, I get this amazing set that is so full of sexiness, every single picture is just so beautiful and we look so good together, and you can just feel the intensity and magic between us by looking at those pics..

And then.. sometimes I get picture sets back where almost every picture we are goofing around, laughing, being silly.. basically an entire set full of hilarious blooper pics.

So as I sat here looking thru this newest batch, thinking to myself “I think I like about 5 pics from this entire set.. WHAT am I going to do with these silly pics?!” it came to me.. post them on my blog so you can all laugh along with me! Here’s some of the best (or worst) from this new set..

Cherie looks completely bored as I kiss her. LOL!!!

Not only are we cracking up at who knows what, but we are both doing some really super sexy posing here.

I don’t even KNOW what’s going on here..

And this one if my fav.. I almost choked on my tea laughing so hard when I first saw this one! I love the look on Cherie’s face as she creepily grabs my ass, as she hovers 2 inches off of the floor.. impressive! And I am just way too into it for what is actually happening lol


I actually have another entire set of pics that’s even funnier than this one. I just sent it off to OpenLife to post in the members’ area of as a Friday bonus update sometime soon. Look for it, you will DIE LAUGHING, I promise!;)

I always say, my goal is to either make you laugh, make you cum, or both;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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Recent Interview

My most recent interview was for Tattle.XXX. I did one of their late night radio show called Brewin After Dark, and had so much fun! The show’s host, a slightly inebriated Ashley Graham and I talked about everything from getting roofied to our fav male performers to my puppy, Bear. I hope they have me back on their show soon! Here’s a little sample from the interview:


Oh yeah, you’re in the adult industry. How did that happen?

Long story short I went from a broke preschool teacher on the East Coast to a broke webcam model to a successful webcam model on the West Coast to a solo girl website model to a porn girl. And I’ve enjoyed every step along the way:)

What’s your favorite thing about being a Porn star?

I love everything about it! Sometimes I really can’t believe it that I’m being paid to have sex with gorgeous, fun people! Every day is different and a new adventure. I’ve never had a dull/boring day on set. The travel, the hours, the glamor, ..did I mention THE MIND-BLOWING SEX?!:)

What’s the funniest on set story you have?

I’ll never forget Veronica Avluv tearing my pantyhose off with her teeth in a moment of passion..then turning her face away from the camera to pick bitch of pantyhose out of her teeth for the rest of the scene..I was trying so hard to not laugh! ..Then she started tribbing me and squirting on me and I forgot all about it;)

What’s the one place you’ve enjoyed shooting most and one spot you never want to go back to?

Earlier this year I got to spend a week in Costa Rica for and it was such an amazing experience! I would def love to go back there, anytime. Miami for BangBros was also fun!
As far as shoots locations I’d never want to do again.. cold swimming pools in the winter and the desert in the Summer rank up there with least fav experiences. And yet, they’re 2 places that always look good on camera and will probably continue to come up for me. You just have to put a smile on, focus on the sex and have fun despite what kind of conditions they throw at you!:)

you can find the rest of the interview here:

And you can find them on Twitter at @PSpinPoker and @BrewinAfterDark


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New Pics

When I get a set of pics back for the first time, and I get to open that zip file and see what’s inside.. see the end product of lots of hard work from a team of people I carefully chose.. it’s like CHRISTMAS FOR ME!:) Many of you know how much I love the “pic” aspect of my scenes, even if they aren’t the most popular part of the scene, or even my website.

Well, today I got THREE pic sets back. All of the completely different than the last. I SQUEELED when I opened this set, shot by my fav photographer, Alan E. As every scene of mine he has ever shot, I am absolutely in love with this set!:)

So I thought I’d share a “sneak peek” with you guys! I hope you like them, too;)

This scene is getting sent to my new partners, OpenLife, Monday morning. It will be live at soon!:)

One of my fav changes OpenLife has made to my website is the “preview vid” section from upcoming scenes. Remember before when we just had a calendar with a preview pic? Well now you get a little trailer instead! How are you guys liking that feature?

The matching video for this scene is even hotter than the pics!!;)

Happy Saturday everyone! No shooting for me today.. I plan on spending today at the gym, at a yoga class, and spending some quality time with my little puppy, who just turned 2:) What are you all doing this weekend?

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Pin-Up Glamour Sneek Peek

While searching for new scenes to send to OpenLife for, I found my 2nd pin-up scene, and discovered..gasp!..that I never posted it! How I overlooked this awesome set, I have no idea! But it is now in the mail, on it’s way to my team, and will be posted here in the members’ area in the next few weeks. (there will be a preview video for it in the “coming soon” section once it’s scheduled to be posted. this system is really cool and is def a step up from the calendar with 1 preview pic we has before!)

So I want to share some of the pics from this set with you all! This was shot the same day as the other pin-up scene, and was my first attempt at pin-up. The hair, makeup, outfit, and even poses were a group effort in a team consisting of Eric Swiss the photographer, my fav makeup artist, Ricardo, Redd the awesome PA and Kbal, who is my biggest fan who dreamed all of this up and made it happen! I had a blast with it and would love to shoot more pin-up soon! I hope you guys like it too:)

Have a great week everybody!:)



Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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House of Darling Shoot

I finally got to shoot with Joshua Darling last week!:) It feels like Josh and I have been trying to make this shoot happen forever, but something out of our control always got in the way.. One time it was a Blizzard in New York delaying a flight.. yeah, weird stuff like that. But I think it’s better that we had some time to get to know each other a little better, and got an idea of what the other’s shooting style is. We didn’t shoot porn, per se.. but just “Created art for art’s sake.” Which is fun to do time to time:)

We finally made it happen in my home last week. Many of you know I have been fixing up my place and working on it for over a year now, slowly.. painting, buying new furniture, listing stuff I need on my wishlist, etc.. to make it a space that I could shoot in. I am finally getting happy with the results, and I’m stoked whenever I get to actually use it.

And I think we got some great shots! He’s leaking the pictures back to me, one by one, slowly.. such a tease.. but I have absolutely loved everything I have seen so far. And to be honest, that’s very rare! I’m pretty picky when it comes to my pics, and on average if a photographer sends me 4 images, I will probably like 1 of them..hopefully.. lol!

So I will share with you all what he has sent me so far. Once I have a good collection of 15 images I will post them as a Friday bonus updated here in the members’ area of 🙂

I love this pic! Josh says my bedroom incorporates his 2 fav “styles..” Japanese and 1920’s.” I couldn’t of said it better myself!:)

I love the natural light in this pic! And I love those of the only presents I bought myself with my “b/g money.” 😉

When he snapped this pic he said “Damn, I’m so glad I moved to California!” LOL! A special fan of mine bought me this bike last year and I promised him it would find it’s way into many porn scenes. This is the first but def not the last shoot I will get to do with it:)

And this is my fav pic yet, by far! Bear’s modeling debut, and I have to say, I think he did GREAT! I told Josh “we probably have a good 5-10 seconds before he jumps away/starts acting bad, so snap quick!” But Bear sat there and posed like a professional for as long as we asked him to. What a good boy!:)

I hope u guys like these pics! More to come sooooon!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3
ps-You can find more about the photographer, Joshua Darling here:

His website for ideas and art about sex:
His personal page at Darling House:
and his Twitter is: @jmdarling

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