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Changes Here at

As most of you have probably noticed, has gone thru quite the facelift lately. And there have been many changes to the website. I wanted to post this blog to answer any questions you guys may have and let you all know everything I know about it, and to put some of your minds at ease.

I’m sorry it has taken me a solid week to post this blog, but I have been super busy this week dealing with everything associated with the change. This change will be good for the website and for all of us, eventually, but we are in a transition period right now, and there is so much for me to think about and deal with right now!

So basically here’s what’s happening.. is moving from the BlazingBucks network to the OpenLife network. OpenLife redesigned the website and I personally love the new design. They will also be redesigning this blog eventually. But way more has changed than they look of and I’m sure many of you have questions. I made a list of questions myself and had a convo with the guys at OpenLife today. I have to be honest, I wasn’t happy with changing anything, and I was weary and skeptical at first. But after a conversation with them, I am positive and excited about the change and believe OpenLife can help me make my website what I’ve always envisioned for it for 5 years now! This WILL be good, once we “iron out the kinks.” So this is what I found out:

First of all, regarding content (pics and vids.)

-I will still be updating 6 times a month. Once a week with a pic/vid scene and every other Friday with a “bonus update” that will usually be a small pic set, or sometimes a behind the scenes video. I have to admit I held onto my content until this convo, (just in case it didn’t go as planned) so we will prob not have a new scene up this week. BUT I have 11 new scenes to send to them, PLUS we just got permission to post the 6 scenes I shot in Montreal with Kinky Amy, the Lane Sisters and Ashley Fires so in a week from now we will have plenty of content to be posted and there will never be a gap in postings again, I promise you.

-I think we “lost” some scenes when we made the switch. I can’t put my finger on which ones, but I don’t think the “latest scenes” really are my latest scenes..they are fixing that now.

-there will be no calendar per se, but you will be able to see the next 6 scenes to be posted AND instead of 1 pic from that scene as a preview, you will now have video trailers to watch instead. I thought that was pretty awesome:)

-the email system was obvious taken away. This is where I plead my case and let them know that THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE. I understand a BIG part of my website is the interaction, and I insisted they bring it back. It will be back eventually, it’s high priority on their list. In the meantime, I follow all of my members on Twitter, so any of you can DM me on there, anytime, day or night.

-also, WEBCAMS. They understand the importance of having a live show. They will be bringing back the Streamate live shows and once they do, I will be doing at least 2 shows a month. Just like old times:) AND YES..they will still be recorded and archived, AND they will be bringing back all of the old archives. They said this is “on the list” AFTER the email system, so “it’s not going to happen tomorrow.” I asked them to be as speciific as posible about when they think it’ll happen so I could tell you guys, and they said “This Summer.” I will keep you guys updated about the webcam info whenev I find out something new!

-GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS! Perhaps you have already noticed, there will be MANY MORE girls’ websites that you will have full access to by being a member of I don’t know how many right now, but they listed so many current and popular pornstars to me, I knew you guys would be pleased. I know they’re working on setting up websites for Tiffany Tyler and Teal Conrad right now. And you guys will have full access to all of their content and webcam shows, by being a member of my website!;)

I think that’s it for now.. If any of my members have any questions please ask them here and if I don’t know the answer, I will find out for you ASAP! Thank you everybody for your I said we are currently under construction but doing the best that we can to keep you all happy and satisfied. I guarantee you if you stick with me thru this change, you will def enjoy all it has to offer:)

I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Costa Rica Pics

The night I got home from Costa Rica I promised you all I would post pics from my trip soon..and I’ve been blogging about everything but since then!

Well since I’ve been home sick and BORED AS HELL these past few days I’ve had time to download a few to my computer..

I have many more that I will be putting in a folder in my personal pics section in the members’ area of, and I am waiting on the pics that the 2 other girls took on their phones.. but I may as well post what I have now, right?:)

And for those of you that don’t know, I spent 7 days in Costa Rica shooting for with the lovely Lola Foxx and Anikka Albrite. It was a BLAST and the perfect way to end a crazy month of traveling! I shot my first boy/girl scenes for Brazzers, then the next day I left for Phoenix.. I did Phoenix (for a 4 day shoot for then I was home for 2 days.. then I did 2 days in Vegas (for a heel fetish shoot for then I was home for 30hours, then I spent a week in CR.

There was a beautiful infinity pool surrounded by rain forest on our property and I spent MOST of my time in it! Whenever I wasn’t shooting or eating, I was in the pool!

And most of that time, I was naked in the pool!:)

Our last shoot there was a 3some in the pool. Once we finished, we heard thunder. We waited 5mins and it was a DOWNPOUR! We decided to stay in the water and take what is probably some of the most passionate and sexy pics EVER! I only snapped two, and they’re pics from the back of Anikka’s camera.. but they’re better than nothing!

As I was passionately kissing these 2 beautiful women in the warm pool, the cold rain beating down on us, surrounded by rainforest, I knew it was a memory I’ll never forget!:)

Lucky Anikka is on a vacation of her own right now in Fiji but once she gets back I will def ask her for more of these pics!:)

Here I am about to do some night swimming.. in the pool!

And here I am trapped under the waterfall ahhhh help me!:) LOL!

We shot a scene where one girl was on one side of the waterfall, and we were on the other side, and we were licking each other thru the water.. it looked pretty awesome! It felt pretty awesome too!:)

Here’s another view of the pool and where we were staying.. none of the pics I took do it justice, but it was def the nicest house I’ve ever stayed in! It was BEAUTIFUL! It was one of those types of houses where everything is open, and lots of the “outside” was also “in” with patches of trees/plants growing indoors, and a stream of water that flows from the front of the house, thru the house, then becomes the waterfall that flows into the pool.. it was all so very tropical and lush and beautiful!

Here’s a view from night time..

And here’s a not so good and blurry (but you get the picture) pic of the indoor stream. I slipped and fell into that indoor pond and almost broke my toe on those rocks my last day in Costa Rica! I now have a huge scar on my leg from it..and my toe STILL HURTS!:/

But I took this (also blurry) pic 5mins after my fall. Ain’t no broken toe going to get me down!:) I spent this day in a glass room, during a tropical thunderstorm.. listening to the rain come down, reading a book and RE-laxing! It was PERFECT! I even got some videos of the rain.. I will be uploading those next!

We also saw MANY critters in Costa Rica! This lizzard was right outside a room as Lola Foxx was shooting one day.. this thins was HUGE! I had to snap a pic:)

We also saw LOTS Of monkeys every day! They surrounded the house! I have lots of monkey videos too:)

I have lots more pics to dig up from this trip including some interesting pics and HI-larious behind the scenes vids from the g/g scene Anikka Albrite and I shot! I also shot a really sexy scene with Lola Foxx, which was such a release, since we had been trying to fuck each other for a LONG ASS TIME! We had been on set together and on camera together many times.. but it was always something other than SEX! One time she tied me up and fingered me for a SECOND.. and another time we spent all day wrestling and rubbing our bodies against each other.. but we never fucked! I sometimes love it when tension builds up like that and then you finally get to do it and the sex is just as good as you think! I didn’t even mind that much when he asked us to do a 7 minute tickling video..where I was the one that gets tickled..after! Small price to pay;)

The scenes will be on but I have no idea when they will be released. Your best bet is to ask them, email them if you are a member of their website.And if and when they DO go live, please let me know! I want to see these pics/vids as much as you guys do!;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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Pics From Recent Shoot

So last week I got together with my fav photographer, Alan E and shot 3 hot scenes for He was nice enough to share these pics on Tumblr/Twitter last night so I saved them to repost here for you all. These are the only pics from the 3 scenes I have seen so far, so we are all seeing these sneak peeks for the first time!:)

I just had to do the low pigtails again. I always love this look:) What’s not to love? pigtails by the pool!:) (FHCNTP, anyone?;)

Scene #2:

Scene #3

Also, I was going to do a members’ webcam show this weekend (last 2 days) to discuss SO MUCH with you guys.. but I got sick instead and spent the entire weekend in bed:( I’m actually going to the doctor tmrw morning. So that’s going to have to be rescheduled, I’m sorry guys!:(

I’m taking my sick ass back to bed now! Hope you all enjoy the pictures!;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Random Confessions: Masturbation Fantasies

People always ask me what I masturbate to.  And I guess it’s a valid question, while many people masturbate to porn, even some of you masturbate to MY porn… I guess it’s natural to wonder what the girl you’re masturbating to… is masturbating to.
I always struggle to answer this question, but now I’m going to attempt to tell you all.
What I masturbate to, really, is just moments. Whether it’s from a memory of something I’ve already done, which admittedly is probably about 90% of the time, or it’s to porn, it’s always over a moment that lasts one minute or less. It’s a feeling, a look, and action.

For example, sometimes I think about this one time, years ago.. I was having really hot sex with my boyfriend at the time. We probably fucked for over an hour that night, but the memory that I masturbate to from that night lasted probably three seconds. He was on top of me fucking me and kissing me at the same time. He took his fingers and shouted them down my throat and gagged me. The gagging turn him on so much that he gasped and pulled his fingers out and started furiously kissing me.
I masturbate to that gasp all of the time.

Another example is a porn scene I used to masturbate to all of the time. This scene is about 40 minutes long, and it is super hot in its entirety. It’s a threesome scene with two girls and one guy. But the moment that I always fast forward it to, I masturbated to, and always made me cum was a look that she gave him. She was being fucked up the ass by one guy and the other guy is standing over her. He takes her head and chokes her out a little bit, then he takes her head and turned it towards the dick in her ass and commands her to look at it. She does as she is told, but then for a split second she looks back up I looked him in the eyes and you can tell that they have some sort of connection. Perhaps he was her boyfriend, or maybe they just fucked in the past. Who knows, but she looks at him as if she completely trusts him… She wants him to know that she’s doing it for him. Or something like that. Who knows what really went on between them and what was going on in her head..
But I masturbate to that look all of the time.

Another thing that I masturbate to often was a moment in time during my 9 girl orgy called Lesbian Fuck Club directed by Lily Cade. There was a moment about halfway through when Lily and I met on the floor. She pulled me into her lap and wrapped her arms around me and started finger banging me really hard. I told her “Don’t stop, don’t stop.”  She said very confidently “I’m not going to stop, I’m not going to stop until I am done.” For some reason this made me panic just a little and I went to pull away ever so slightly, and she gripped me harder and kept fucking me, and we locked eyes.
I masturbate to that grip all of the time

There is somebody in my life who I feel very strongly for. For reasons I cannot get into here on my public blog, we aren’t together, we can’t be together, and we might never be together.. Such is life. But there was one day, months ago, when our foreheads pushed together and he was whispering to me, and we almost kissed.. But then the moment was gone, and we never did. It was probably the most exciting 2mins of my life.
I masturbate to that almost kiss.. All. Of. The. Time.


So there you have it, folks. Now you know what it is that makes me cum when I am by myself with nothing but my fingers or perhaps a vibrator and my brain to give me an orgasm. I don’t know if this information will turn you wan, or disappoint you, or surprise you, but there you have it. So now you know what I masturbate to.


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

What do you masturbate to?

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