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Random Confession:Crying Like a Baby

I’m a pretty tough girl, and it takes a lot to “get to me.” But there’s ONE THING that will make me cry like a baby.. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Unsuspecting animal friends pictures or videos. I just can’t help myself!

Show me an Animal Planet show about an elephant and a wolf that were best friends, then got depressed when they were separated.. only to be reunited years later.. and.. OMG.. they still remember each other!! Or a picture of a cat mama that raised a bunch of piglets whose Mom died and I LOSE IT.

This is my kryptonite!

Oh man.. a cat and a bird.. they’re supposed to hate each other but..they’re hugging.. I..can’t.. take it!! :'( LOL


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

and this one.. OMG!!! AHHHHH!!!

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Spring Cleaning

Hey guys I just wanted to point that I just added a BUNCH of new listings to my personal store!:)  I recently got my hands on some merch (DVDs, mags, etc..) that I have been trying to collect for you all for awhile now.  Also, I am doing some SPRING CLEANING and in order for me to continue to fit in my little apartment with it’d limited closet space.. I need to get rid of some of my old, favorite things to make way for new things:)

I just listed 2 new Girlfriends Films DVDS

Road Queen has one of the first scenes I ever did for GFF, with the legendary lesbian porn performer Veronica Snow on her 2nd scene back to porn after taking a very long hiatus.

And Mother Daughter Exchange Club that has the scene from the first day I ever met Anastasia Pierce. (We are good friends now and you all have seen her in other scenes with me here at!;)

and I got my hands on 4 copies of the Cherie magazine I was in last year.. who wants one?:)

I also listed the pair of heels I wore in my most popular scene with Cherie DeVille that I destroyed while eating her pussy next to the pool on that beautiful Summer day.  I am thinking I could get both her and my signature on these well worn heels that most def smell like me, if the buyer wants that.;)

I also have some other stuff I haven’t worn in scenes but are still just as worn/loved by me that I need to take pics of and list, also.  Such as panties, bras, socks, flip flops, etc.. items that have served me well but it is now time for me to let them go to a new home.. haha;)  So if there is something you wish was listed in my store but you don’t see here, feel free to ask me!:)

ALSO I wanted to announce that for the months of February and March, if you contact me  before making any purchases from my website and pay me directly, I will give you 20% off of any item!:)  (More if you’re purchasing a custom video.. click on the custom video list to see details about that)

There are 2 reasons why I’m doing this:

1. Obviously CCBill takes a % of the money you pay for an item out of the amount they send me.  (This is completely fair and a small price for me to pay for them to so graciously host my store!) And I also get paid a week or two after your sometimes I like to try to avoid that. Especially for the next 2 months.. And more importantly..

2.I will ask that you pay me with an amazon e-giftcard, sent to my personal email. (it is free and easy to do, and you don’t have to sign up for an account w amazon or anything like that) I am saving up for 2 things that I feel are necessary for the never ending process of converting my little apartment into a decent “shoot location.”

These 2 items are going to change my 2 “set options” into 4 or 5, essentially.  Which will be such a big help for me in many ways.. porn shoot locations are expensive and usually far away from me.  I have started to shoot a few scenes in my space, and it is SO GREAT!  But until I get this beautiful white rug and white couch, I have kind of already utilized all of the space that I have and I can’t shoot anymore until I get one or both of these items. Neither are in my budget right now, I am still financially recovering from buying my Mom and Dad a tv for X-mas and the AVN show in Vegas, but I figure I can save up amazon egiftcards and get them eventually!:)

Spring is here (at least here in California) and you all know what that means.. next comes Summer.. more #FHCNTP scenes!  Aww yeah! (if you don’t know what that means, you don’t read my blog enough ha;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

UPDATE: I now have the white rug. Someone special to me bought it for me for my birthday! IT looks just as awesome as I thought it would on camera.. I can’t wait to shoot some porno on it!:) I almost have enough for the white couch, too! Keeping my fingers crossed!:)


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Sorry Bout That..

As much as I like teasing you guys, it really was an accident that the solo pics only from the hot and heavy Trinity St Clair/Aaliyah Love scene only went up last week.  So to make up for it, I’m posting a couple more pics here, and the rest of the scene is going live this week!:)

It won’t be ready by Wednesday, but it will be going live this week, I promise. And I promise it’ll be worth the wait;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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Random Confession:Threesomes

I’ve never been in a 3some off camera. Would you believe it?! It’s the truth!

But.. I get invited to them ALL. OF. THE. TIME. LOL!!!

It’s like this:

My “civilian friends” think I’m a safe person to have a 3some within their relationship because I’m the “porn girl” so of course I’ll know what I’m doing and probably wouldn’t get weird/clingy about it.My girlfriends ask me ALL OF THE TIME to please come fuck them and their boyfriends!

My porn friends always invite me into their 3somes because.. well, they’re horny! And we’ve already fucked on camera, so why not off, right?

The guys I’ve dated probably figure the best part of dating a porn girl who is obviously bi is.. you get to fuck all of her hot porn friends, right? LOL!

soooo funny!!

I have nothing AGAINST 3somes, I was just never the perfect suituation for me, and I just never got around to saying yes and having one.. But ya know, 2013 is still young.. you never know what this year holds for me! LOL!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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