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Thursday Tease

So I’m glad you all liked last week’s update: “Aaliyah Can’t Keep Her Clothes On.”

We shot these pics just about a month ago, I think it was one of my last shoots of 2012!:)

..but I have news for you all.. those pics are just a small part of a bigger picture.  A picture, or scene, where the adorable, petite Trinity St Clair and I get it on for your viewing pleasure!;)

So that’s why this blog post is a tease, even tho it’s about pics that have already been posted.. because now that you know there’s more to this scene..aren’t you just dying to see it?:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Help Me Find AEE and AVN 2013 Pics!

They have been pouring in very slowly, but I have seen only a few pics from AEE and AVN so far. I’m sure everyone coming from from Vegas is still in recovery mode.. I know I still am!  But I also know how good some of my fans are at searching thru the internet and finding things I haven’t even seen of myself yet. And I bet in the next few days a whole bunch will be posted all over the internet!

So if you guys find any pics of me or friends of mine from AEE and AVN 2013 plz send me some links and I’ll post the best ones here on my blog:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

so far I was about to find a couple close up red carpet pics


I know over the span of those 4 days I had to of taken tens of thousands of pics.. now I’m on a cyber mission to find as many as I can! Help me guys, let’s see what we can find!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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XBiz 2013 Pics

I have been scouring all of the blogs and pages and pages of pics for pics from the XBiz awards. I have found some hilarious ones. I wanted to post as many as I could find for you guys before I left for AVN!

I decided on this dress last minute. The belt broke 20mins before I hit the red carpet. But I pulled it all together just in time:)

That’s me, always perving on some girl.. and always keep it classy on the red carpet LOL!

Funny story.. Aiden Ashley txtd me and said “I saw a pic of you peeing on the red carpet” I said “WHAT?!” Then I found this.. and had to take to Twitter to explain LOL!!!

I told her I was actually picking up my salad and purse that I sat behind the photographers.. but I knew the cameras were on me, so of course I was going to crouch down in such a slutty way.. again.. always a lady:)

I do see how she could of thought that tho.. I DO look like I’m up to no good here..

Pic of the salad, for proof.  Lily Cade is so sweet, she carried this damn salad around in a big paper bag for like an hour before I got there. She had people ask her about it varying on asking her if she has drugs in it (yeah, Lily and her bag of drugs she always walks around with.. LOL!) and someone else thought it was her purse.. doh! My friends are awesome.

I have no idea who I saw but obviously I was VERY excited to see them LOL

So that’s all of the pics I have found so far. I didn’t take any, my phone is too crappy to take any sort of half decent pics. I am sure there’s more out there.. if anybody finds more, plz email/tweet them to me?  I will post them on my blog when I get back from the avns..

Then I will start scouring the internet for avn pics, and post those here too!;)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Poll Results

I’ve been having lots of fun with my newest feature at, the polls section!  I added it to the members’ area about 6 months ago and since then I have been asking members of every and any question I could think of that has to do with this website/my porno/what they want to see more of.

Some people have asked me what MY vote on certain polls is, what my opinion on the results are, etc.. and some of the results kind of surprised me! Sooo.. let’s discuss some of the poll results right now!:)

The last poll I posted, I asked you all What’s the perfect amount of pics per video? The choices were
100+ the more the better!
doesn’t matter because I don’t look at the pics
depends on the scene

So first of all, MY opinion is 60-80 pics. Notice almost all of my recent scenes (and from here on out) will have somewhere in that range. That answer came in 2nd place, the winner was “100+ the more the better!” Wow, I’m kind of surprised! I’m glad there are so many of you that enjoy my pics that much, thank you:) I always wondered what the perfect amount of pics per scene is.. sometimes I think 70 is too much, but I guess you guys don’t. Good to know:) I’m also surprised that this choice won since the first poll I posted had these results:

I asked you all “What part of do you spend most of your time?
The winner by a landslide was “videos” of course. No surprise there:)
But then I was shocked that “pics” weren’t second. In fact, they were ALMOST tied for last place with “blog/personal pics and other” (I’m still wondering what the OTHER could be.. guys who voted for this option, care to share with us?:)

But that’s ok. whether anybody is looking at the pics or not, I will always have pics to match the videos and post extra pic sets on every other Friday because taking pretty pics is one of my fav things to do!:)

The shocker for me was this question, it totally made me LOL.. you guys are going to have to explain this one to me!:)
I asked During my solo masturbation scenes, what toys, if any do you like to see me play with the most? The choices were:
glass toys
colorful toys-purple, pink
realistic looking toys-flesh colored dildos
doesn’t matter
no toys-fingers

So the #1 a landslide.. for awhile was realistic/flesh colored toys. It recently fell into seconf place after “Doesnt matter as long as u cum hard” Ok, that’s cool, I can dig it.. EXCEPT.. I have NEVER used a flesh colored toy in ANY of my scenes.. LOL!!! So I need some of you guys who voted for this option to tell me WHY!? lol!:) Then “glass” and “no toys-fingers only”are tied for the 3rd spot.  Considering glass is what I use the most, especially lately, I figured this would be #1 response. I guess sometimes you guys can be unpredictable;)

The last poll I wanted to share with you guys was lots of fun and very revealing!:) I asked you all “Out of These Girls Who Have Already Been Featured on, Who DO You Want To See In More G/G Scenes W Me?” It was hard for me to only narrow it down to only 6 girls, but that’s all of the spots I had. So the chocies were:
Cherie DeVille
Destiny Dixon
Lily Cade
Dani Jensen
Charity Bangs
Randy Moore

And the girl who won by a landslide is Destiny Dixon! No surprise there, I want her back too! So I promise you guys to get her sexy face..and ass.. and everything else.. back her eon for more fun sometime this year.. the sooner the better!:)  Cherie DeVille came in second and I’m shooting with her next week actually.. so there ya go, your wish is my command!:)

So now I want to hear all of your opinions on the results and feel free to share what you voted for.  And if you have any ideas for future polls, plz let me know!:) Thank you everyone who participated in my polls on your way to watching my porn. My members make keeping this website running so much fun for me, thank you:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3






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Opps, I Lied..

I totally lied to you guys in that last blog post, I told you this scene Glam Slam was going live this week, but.. it’s actually going up next week.. oops!:)

So to make up for it, I guess I’ll just have to post another pic from that set here to tease you guys a little more.. 😉

How about a nude this time?

I hope everyone is having a good week so far! I’m just running around crazy preparing for the xbiz awards and the CRAZINESS that is going to be avn.. ahhh!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Monday Teaser-Glam Slam

Bleh it’s Monday! But for members, that mean’s it’s just 2 days away from this week’s update.. here’s some teasers to keep you going until then;)  I really like this scene named Glam Slam! I’m not so fond of the name, but you all know how naming scenes and writing scene descriptions isn’t my strong point.. if anybody has an idea for a better name, I’m open to suggestions!:)

The matching vieo is also super sexy!!:)

a big KISSSS for all of my fans!!:)

I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of this scene! Plz rate it and post comments when you watch it!:) It goes live this Wednesday!!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Pretty Non-Porny Pics

A couple months ago I got to shoot with photographer John Zelezny for the first time.  It was a fun creative collaboration on both of our parts, and I am thrilled with the results. We shot some pretty, artsy nude..but not

I just wanted to share a couple pics from the shoot with you all..


This is the most popular pic I have ever posted on my Tumblr:)

I look so innocent! Fooled you!;)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps-you can find more of John’s photography at and his Twitter is @JohnZelezny


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My Top 10 Favorite Scenes of 2012

10.Do As I Say
shot by Alan E

I’ve done many masturbation instruction vids as requested by my fans (it was the #1 request in one of my recent polls, actually!) but I think this scene is one of the sexiest I’ve ever done. I guess I will have to take a poll soon to see which masturbation instruction the members liked the most:)


9.White Hot
shot by Eric Swiss

We shot this set waiting for a girl to show up for our shoot that day. We were just goofying around by the pool, and I never thought the pics and vid would turn out so.. pretty! And HOT!:) This scene has also been a fan favorite as one of the most popular solo scenes on since I posted it this Summer!:)

8.Once in a Blue Moon
shot by Holly Randall

I love the pics from this scene so much! Whenever I have to send our pics for promo stuff or to companies I want to shoot for, I use the pics from this set. It’s also special to me because it was you guys, the fans, who named this scene.
Remember that contest I held on my blog? Well, here it is if you don’t;)


7. Tied Up in a Red Room
by Holly Randall

This is def the sexiest solo bondage scene I’ve ever done!  I had so much fun during every part of shooting this scene. (Although I DID have to go to the chiropractor the next day to get straightened back out..ha!) The girl who tied me up was so cool and she was an ARTIST! It was awesome meeting her, and I enjoyed practicing patience while being tied up. The video is so fucking hot, I remember cumming so hard over my OWN dirty talk haha!:)

6. 3some w Cherie DeVille and Destiny Dixon

2 of my fav girls, together on one bed, with lucky me in the middle! Do I really need to explain any further than that why this is one of my fav scenes from 2012?;)

5.Kiss the Cook
shot by Tammy Sands

This scene is so much fun! I’ve done lots of “kitchen porn” but Tammy Sands made this one special. I love how we hid all of the glass toys in the dishwasher and I’m sooo surprised to find them haha:) I use these pics whenever I can and everyone always thinks they’re so adorable:) Tammy Sands was one of my fav photographers to work with in 2012 and I hope I get to shoot w her a lot in 2013:)

4.Smore That Ass w Dani Jensen
shot by Hot Buttered Porn

Not only is this scene original and HI-larious, with the catch phrase of “Yeah I want Smores..S’More of THAT ASS!” but the sex is super hot too!  This is the 1st time I shot with Dani Jensen and she was so adorable and so much fun, I got to request her 2 more times in 2012. She’s the perfect amount of adorable and fucking dirty, and you guys know I got a thing for redheads;)

3. Low Rider
shot by Holly Randall


2. Pool Girls g/g scene w Cherie DeVille plus Baby Oil Scene
shot by Eric Swiss


1. Black and White X-mas
shot by Alan E







Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!🙂 2013!!!



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