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Merry XXX-mas 2012!:)

I am so in love w this year’s X-mas scene. I put a lot of planning and hard work into it! I hope you all like it too;)  I want to share some random pics from this set that I haevn’t yet published on Twitter or Tumblr.

Usually I only post 2-5 pics per set for free and save the rest for the members’ area.. but I’m in a giving mood.. it IS Christmas, after all;)

grr I love chewing on snowflakes lol:)

Photographers hate it when I look away, but whateva, I do what I want! Neva gna stop!:)


Kissss to all of my fans! I love you all:) XOXO

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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This.. Or That?

As you guys know, I like taking polls and getting your opinions on things as much as I can. I am just really interested in the way people think/feel and why they feel that way.. especially horny people:)

So as I was going thru the pictures for another new scene I will be posting soon, I found the photographer left the test pictures we took in the beginning in the bath he had sent me. The photographers always take a few of these to make sure the lighting/colors/etc are just right before we start shooting away.. Well this time I also had him take some test pics of the 2 outfits we had chosen for the set, to see which would look better.

So I’m going to ask you all which outfit you would of picked, and why?

Although most of you have prob seen the outfit I ended up wearing if you follow my Twitter or Tumblr, but there are no right or wrong answers.. Actually, my photographer and I each had a different opinion, and our reasons.

By the way you all can laugh at the slly faces I’m making in these pics..obv I wasn’t posing or caring about what I looked like at all, I was just trying on lingerie and snapping a pic as fast as possible:) They could def be put in the Bloopers personal pics folder tho haha:)

so, would you of chosen blue..


..or pink?

I’ll tell you all what mine and my photographer’s choices were and why after I get all of your opinions!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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