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4 Years in Pictures 2011-NOW

2011 was the first time I shot with Alan E aka @stillsbyAlan.  We shot this gritty, raw scene where I was crawling around on this warehouse floor, followed by a very, um, DEEP interview all about masturbation. It was fucking brilliant, if I must say so myself. But the fans also love it, it’s a very popular scene here at

Alan also introduced me to Shyla Jennings, and shot our first scene together..

I worked with him a couple more times and a few weeks ago named him the official photographer of  So next year when I post the “2012-now” blog post, you will see mostly his work.:)

I was excited to get a couple of opportunities to shoot more fine art type of black and whites in 2011, mostly with photographer Ric Young, who shot this. This MIGHT be my fav b+w set I’ve ever done.. top 3 for sure!

but I also played with a lot of color!:)

.and colorful girls:)  I picked Dani Jensen to be my very first girl/girl scene of 2012. This was shot a coupe days after New Years. I wanted to shoot with Dani for years, but only recently.. around late 2011, did I start to get better opportunities to be able to select my companies, photographers and girls I want to work with, so I have become very picky!  And Dani is the cream of the crop, she’s so beautiful and so much fun!  We had a great time and when I got another opportunity to pick her, I jumped at the chance and we did a live webcam show for Penthouse JustDani in mid-2012. She seems to be a crowd favorite on my website and I really want to get her back here at SOON!:

..and I finally got to work/play with girls I had been crushing on for YEARS.. in 2011 I got to travel to Montreal for a week. One of my last days there I got to meet up wit Ariel Rebel, whom I had admired for YEARS! This was a dream come true! The day I spent with her and Max Rebel and walking the streets of Montreal during their 1st snowfall of the year are my 2 fav memories from that trip that I will never forget:)

In 2011 I began to feel like I could start taking some really pretty, elegant and serious modeling pictures..

But then again, I never took myself too seriously.. LOL!:)

After Dani I developed a ginger fetish and I think the first 3 g/g scenes of this year were all redheads. Veronica Ricci was also one of my favorite. She’s one of the most gorgeous girls I’ve ever seen in real life. She reminds me or Ariel the mermaid! This scene was also a member favorite:)

In early 2012 I shot with Tammy Sands. This picture is from our first shoot together, and it’s one of my very fav sets, ever.  Tammy says she likes it because I got to play a “bitch princess” haha:)  Soon after this shoot Tammy and Rob, the owner of Twistys called to let me know I won Twistys Treat of the Month for April. This then changed my whole career, and is a large reason 2012 has been very different, very exciting and amazing for me!  Ever since this happened is when I started booking more shoots with more companies, and meeting some girls I had only fantasized about before, and flying to beautiful locations and many other amazing opportunities that have come my way. I think I owe a LOT of it to Tammy Sands and Twistys!:)

And the list of hot girls I’ve been shooting with goes on and on.. Having a 3some live on webcam with Destiny Dixon and Cherie Deville was def a great experience that I will never forget!

And you all just voted Destiny as the #1 girl you all would like me to get back on asap. I’m doing all I can to make that happen!:)
In 2012 I got to shot with Holly Randall.  She was sweet enough to give me all 3 scenes to post here at  They are some of my favorite solo scenes I have EVER shot!  You can tell because you will see pics from these 3 scenes all over this website, this blog, my Twitter, my Tumblr, and any promos about me!:)  She was great to work with and I had so much fun trying on the 3 different looks that Holly envisioned for me.  3 looks I would of NEVER of thought up for myself.that’s what made it so great!:)

I love LA. On a personal level just recently, in this time frame that the blog is about, did I become a “true Californian” I feel.  It took me awhile to adjust and aclimate myself to the LA way of life.. I have never been anywhere like HERE.. but I can honestly say now that I LOVE LA and I love my life and I wouldn’t want it any other way:)

These past 4 years have lead me down this path that has turned my life into this amazingly exciting, fast paced and fulfilling life that sometimes I still can’t believe it mine. Every day is a new adventure, every day is different and exciting and crazy in it’s own way. Each photoshoot I learn something and I grow and become a better model, I hope. I am a very happy and grateful little girl to be able to live such a life. I hope you can see even a small part of the 4 years of pictures I have posted for you all to enjoy. I owe a large part of it to you all, my fans. Without you, wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be here! You all are so good to me and I really am grateful from the bottom of my heart for each and every one of you who have supported me and encouraged me through out the last 4 years. To all of the members of, past and present.. I LOVE YOU! Thank you so much!!:) 2012 has been an amazing year, the best year of my life. Here’s to 2013 being even better!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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4 Years in Pictures 2010-2011

So I realize it’s now Nov 3 and I still have 2 more “4 Years in Pictures” blogs to post.  Oooops.. what can I say? #AaliyahLoveFAIL haha..

October was a very crazy month for me. Not only was it the 4 year anniversary of but I had many outside distractions.. Such as a girlfriend who came into town to visit last week. Her trip turned from a 2.5 day vaca to 8 long days of not being able to get to my computer or take care of anything I was planning on.. I lost the last week of my month.. ahhh! (But that’s another story for another blog post.. I need to get these posted first!:)

So now we are celebrating 4 years and 1 month of 😉

2010-2011 was a GREAT time for!  I feel like I cranked out some of my best scenes ever during this time period! I was finally starting to learn about how to control my body in front of a camera, and was still steadily gaining popularity. It was a good year:)

I had to include a pic from this set! Even tho you can’t see much of the car and it’s just a handful of pics we shot impromptu, it’s gotten SO MUCH attention, and it still very popular to this day! Everyone loves the Delorean:) It’s even ended up in some Back to the Future blogs! Plus you guys know how I feel about black and whites.. I love them!

I also posted some really hot g/g scenes this year:)

And I even got to design and direct some creative pic sets I had floating around in my head.. this set, Girl in Box is still one of my favs (can you tell? I use these pics for all sorts of promo stuff.. they’re everywhere!)

This scene has probably got to be my most popular food fucking scene here at (Besides, of course the “strawberry incident”)

And everyone loves the Little Lost GirlScout scene.. see what I mean? This time period def produced some of my best scenes EVER!:)

I think this scene was the most popular scene on my website for a long time.  The video is different than anything I had done up till this point, with lots of creative angles, depth of field shots, close-ups, and music over a long, sensual tease before I get to the “action.” I knew it was a rick to try something like this but everyone seemed to love it!  And because of that, I have started to do these type of videos again with my new official photographer, Alan E. (You will see it in the next couple weeks of updates, actually)

Everyone had been telling me for years that I remind them of a Japanimation/cartoon character so I finally got to do it! As much as I love my black+whites, I also love my crazy bright in-your face colors sometimes.

This epic g/g scene between Veronica Avluv and I is legendary.  It’s most def the LONGEST g/g video on, and one of the hottest!  It has 5 or 6 (hard to count) sex scenes and each one is just as passionate and kinky as the last!  And it was all dreamed up in the sick and creative mind of Veronica Avluv. This was the day we became good friends, and have been ever since. If you’re a member and haven’t seen this scene, I suggest you log on and watch it RIGHT NOW!:)

More color, more wigs, more goofy faces.. I was really in my element this year:)

Best X-mas scene ever posted on You be the judge!  I try to out-do myself every year, but I always go back to these pics, I just love them. I loved this entire year, thanx to you all:)

The very last blog post of this series is coming tomorrow! So you all better comment and ReTweet this one as much as you can tonight! Just sayin:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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