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4 Years in Pictures 2009-2010

And here’s blog post #3 of the 4 I have created to celebrate’s 4 year anniversary!:)  I have pulled some of my fav pics from some of my fav scenes from the 2nd year this website was live.

If you’re a member, do you remember these scenes? Have you scrolled all the way back to “the beginning” and watched them?

In case you missed it, here’s blog #1, with some of the first pics I ever took!

These 2 Valentines Day scenes are still very popular to this day. The photography wasn’t the best, and I could tell I had NO CLUE what I was doing when it came to posing for the pics, but it still turned out super cute.  This is one of the first holiday scenes that started a long tradition of hot holiday porn scenes here at🙂

This was also the year I landed my first magazine spread AND magazine cover!  It was for Barely Legal, a magazine I’ve always liked. Earl Miller shot it and it was one of my first “pro” photoshoots.

He also got this photo set into Tight magazine.  Years before I started porn, when I was a very shy and awkward girl I found a copy of Spread in a guy’s bathroom. I flipped thru it and wished that “one day I wish to be as pretty as these girls.” So I was super excited to have my very 1st 2 print publications to be 2 magazines I knew well, and never even dreamed of being in!:)

This is still one of my fav g/g scenes to this day! And one of the messiest I’ve ever done. We planned for the feathers to come out of the pillows, obviously, but not half as fast or as much as it did! Feathers+wet holes=hilarity. Somewhere on this blog there are posts with some hilarious behind the scenes pics I took this day.

This is a pic from one of the most popular and talked about solo scenes I’ve ever done, called “Asstastic.” It was a simple impromptu scenes where I just shake my big round booty in the camera, but you all go nuts for it!  I have tried to recreate the magic that is Asstastic since, but nothing gets better ratings than this one. I’m so glad u guys like it:)

My first, but def not last public nudity scene for Shot by Ric Young. In fact, there have been many outdoor/public nudity solo scenes posted here since, and they all happen to be shot in Vegas! I think it’s the Vegas heat that just makes me want to take my clothes off and keep them off!

This set was fun to shoot, I covered my entire body and hair with SO MUCH baby oil.. it was crazy! And I get murdered in the end..ahhh! (If you’re a member and have no clue what I’m talking about, you need to dig thru the scenes and check this one out, it’s one of a kind!) Ric Young shot this and I feel like he was one of the first, if not first, photographer that encouraged me to shoot “non porn” artistic picture sets. It really got my creative juices flowing and we continued to shoot all sorts of weird and twisted, sexy but not necessarily porn type of pics+vids throughout the years!  They’re all posted here at Thank you Ric!

My first 4some.:) This scene is still in the Top 10 Top Rated list, after all these years! I guess you guys like it or something hehe;)

And another crazy scene shot by Ric Young. The craziest part, however, was teh clean up that happened after we stopped shooting. The paint was supposed to match the wall, BUT IT DIDN’T. so I ruined an entire wall in somebody’s photography studio. And it was everywhere, and it was all over me..I was supposed to get just “2 drops on your boobs, it’ll look cute” Ric said.. OOPS!

I was so excited to wear this wig with the matching panties. I also think this is the very 1st masturbation instruction posted on this website.. am I right? (can I get a fact check on this one? Anybody? lol) Pics like this from scenes like this remind me how much fun I have always had with, even in the beginning.  When this website first launched I had SO MANY, YEARS of ideas floating around in my head. I didn’t always know how to carry them out the right way (I knew nothing about hiring photographers, lighting, modeling, etc!) but none of that mattered so much to me at the time. I just knew it would create a place for my fans I to connect on many levels, and for me to do and be whomever I wanted to be, let my freak flag fly!  And I’ve done just that. And I’m loving every minute of it. I can’t believe it’s already been 4 years, wow!:)

Blog #3 of 4 coming up soon!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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4 Years in Pictures 2008-2009

This month is the 4 year anniversary of my partnership with Blazing Bucks for!!:) It’s been a wonderful and amazing 4 years and I am in the mood to CELEBRATE and THANK MY FANS!:)  Along with some contests and free giveaways, and some surprises I haven’t announced yet, I put together a series of 4 blog posts chronicling the 4 years that has been on the interwebz.  I chose my fav pics from each year. Hope you guys enjoy:)

This is from the 2nd or 3rd shoot I ever did for I loved this picture for so long it was my absolute fav. It’s on my 1st business cards (that have my myspace and my yahoo IM on!)  Many of you will recognize the dress, I still have it and it still makes it way into some scenes and webcam shows occasionally:)

WOW I used to be SO tan and SO skinny! I think I was like 22 yrs old here.. I forgot about this picture until I was looking thru this set. I wanted a pic that showed off the heart cut-out butt in the panties, but I just had to post this one instead. But if you’re a member and you haven’t seen this scene yet, scroll back to the very beginning and check it out, those panties are fucking crazy:)

I was so proud of this set, I thought I was a creative genius for not only coming up with having a mirror, so there’s..gasp..2 of me in every pic.. but also sticking a suction cup dildo to it. Little did I know what an over used porn cliche it really is LOL! But that’s ok. For a girl who just started shooting, I think I really turned the sexy in this set and got a couple really great pics! I still love this set to this day!:)

This was also one of my brilliant and original porn ideas that I came up with and just KNEW it would be a big hit:)  It was like 102 degrees in the valley this day. The photogs were taking forever to set up and I was hot and hungry. I ate too many popsicles while waiting and when it came time to film the scene, the 1st popsicle melted fast and there were no more orange ones.. the crew was NOT amused. This is probably the 1st food fucking scene here at

I will not apologize for posing with my arm around a teddy bear while spreading my pussy wide with a huge smile on my face (I so wanted to post THAT pic instead of this one, but I think EVERYONE has seen that pic 1001 times by now, right?) I was trying to be ironic and funny while turning you on and making you feel like a big pervert at the same time. Some people got it, some people didn’t. That’s fine, I still love this set. It’s the first but def not the last set of me and teddy bears on a colorful twin sized bed!:) On a sidenote, my hair was lookin almost light brown instead of blonde that day, dontcha think?

Anybody who’s ever been to my website probably recognizes this set. The very 1st page of has a very large picture of me spraying that water on my ass and looking oh-so surprised about it for the first 4 years.  A couple of days ago I changed it to a more recent picture of me in a white bikini shot by Tammy Sands (how many of you noticed?) This was shot on a VERY hot day (like 107 degrees is I remember correctly) in the valley and we were all MISERABLE. So the 2 scene ideas I came up with was an ice cube scene, and then I climbed in the sink and just started spraying myself down with cold water! This isn’t even me posing, this is just me cooling off haha..little did I know I’d be spending MANY hot days in the valley sweating my butt off while trying to look sexy. Now it’s just 2nd nature to me:)

I wanted to do a scene where I got to wear a sexy maid outfit and I find my Master’s porno mags while cleaning and..well.. u know how the rest goes! During the filming of the video part, I threw open a random porn mag and there was a picture of.. ME! It was my 1st magazine and I was blown away! I kept it together until the scene had ended the started squealing “look..IT’S ME! AHHHH!” That was my best behind the scenes story the 1st year probably:)  I also gained the respect of my photogs that day by spontaneously shoving that feather duster you know where. It’s the 1st but def not the last scene a feather duster has been there haha.

The beginning of my obsession of playing with color..and wigs!:)  We shot this the same day I shot the gold panties scene. Everything was so edgy and artistic and I knew then I wanted scenes to be more creative than your average sologirl porn website.  I never wanted to do “girl on bed with dildo” or “girl on couch with dido” scenes, I wanted to take crazy and creative and silly pictures. I wanted to connect with my audience and talk directly to the camera in my videos. I wanted to keep in close contact with my fans and get as much feedback as I could to make this website even better, every day. And I think so far we have accomplished that. I’m proud of where I started because it shows me how far I have come.

These first pictures and videos are about as amateur as you can get, from the photography to the outfits and “set design” to the modeling (ok, most of it is the modeling!) But that’s ok, because I have learned so much from every shoot and every single picture I have taken. And I’d like to think I’ve made this website as much yours (the fans, the members) as it is mine.

Thank you everyone who has been with me for 4 years and thank you to everyone who has just recently discovered this website. without you this wouldn’t be possible. As long as you keep on coming back for more I will keep on doing what it is that I do best;)

I love you all,

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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