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Exciting Announcement

So I have a very exciting official announcement to make that’s going to change the look and feel of forever!:)

I have named one of my fav photographers and friend, Alan E, as the official photographer of!

So what the hell does this mean and why am I so excited about it? I’ll tell you why…

From the time Blazing Bucks and I launched almost 4 years ago until now I have never had an “official photographer” aka someone who shoots MOST of my pics/vids.  I feel like MOST girls who have solo sites like ine DO have this. It was kinda a disadvantage for me, to be honest..

Now obviously I never had any problems getting a vast array of photographers to shoot me, and I always had scenes to post every week.. BUT.. the way it works was this: I most shot “trade scenes” (which I have explained during my members webcam shows) but it basically means everyone that day works for free, and the photographer and the model both get to keep whatever content (pics/vids) you shoot that day. It’s a great way to collaborate with other girls and photogs you would like to shoot with but maybe not get the chance to otherwise. It’s also a great way to get free scenes for your website (it’s fucking EXPENSIVE to fund a photoshoot!)

BUT the system had it’s flaws, and some of them really bothered me. Without going into too much detail (omg this blog post is already so I still have your attention? lol) some of the things that bothered me about this system is there was no consistency. Sometimes I’d shoot with a photographer who would take 200 pics of me that I think would look AMAZING, give them to me colored corrected and sized just right, ready to post on my website as is. And some would hand me 200 pics and Id like 20 of them and feel like I wasted my time. Some photographers shot cinema quality looking 12-15min videos, and some would only want to shoot pictures, or would want to shoot 7min videos, or only behind the scenes videos, etc.. And sometimes, I admit, I would have to post those sub-par pics or vids on my website just to have an update that week. That made me feel very shitty. And some photographers were such assholes that they wouldn’t even give you the content, or get abusive when you ask for it, etc.. (don’t even GET me started on those experiences!) Also another thing that I don’t really like about trades is usually the photographer/company you are trading with usually has a theme/setting/outfit picked out. I am fine with wearing whatever someone else wants me to, and following their script/vision, etc.. it all leads into really good sex..solo or g/g, which really matters in the end, right?  BUT if the scenes are going up on my website, I would prefer to be able to have 100% complete control over the look of the pics. And I’m not just talking about outfits or sets, but some photographers I’ve shot with in the past have posted very embarrassing and unflattering pics. Pics where I’m yawning or my eyes are half closed. Some photographers obviously don’t care about their work or reputation as much as I do. And that always gave me a bad feeling too..

But that has all changed now. Alan E is one of my top 5 fav photographers of all time. He has ALWAYS made me look my best. Not only that but he’s just a cool dude, he’s easy going, honest, professional and fun to work with. I think you all will see what I mean in the behind the scenes videos I’ve already shot and will continue to shoot.

And now I have complete control over every scene. It’s an awesome feeling but also a nerve-wrecking one. If the scenes are great, then I am awesome and it is a great thing that I’m finally getting my way. But if they suck, we all have no one to blame but ME.. LOL! So don’t be surprised if I ask you guys for a LOT of feedback once these scenes start going up..

And I have to add, this doesn’t mean I won’t be doing ANY trade scenes anymore. There are tons of photographers and, more importantly, hot chicks out there who are constantly offering me trade shoots. I’d be nuts if I turned down some of these girls, ha!  But now I get to be PICKY with which trade shoots I accept. I will have time for working with only the best now, and never because I’m desperate to meet a deadline and get a scene, any type of scene, posted. But because it’s an opportunity I wouldn’t want to pass up. Which is a pretty awesome feeling:)

I don’t expect you guys to know which scenes on my website were shot by which photographer, so here’s some choice pics from some pics Alan has shot for me in the past..

This was our first scene we ever shot together.  I like the pics from this set because one thing that Alan E does that is very appreciated by us models, especially when we get pics back that make us look great, is he really takes his time and poses us.  I always think of a photographer as a mirror, they can see the things that us models obviously can not. Alan knows this and won’t snap the picture until you look your best. And some of the most awkward poses where you’re thinking “omg I feel SO weird, there’s no way this can look good!” end up being the best pics ever. So there’s no way these pics couldn’t happen without the photographer paying close attention and the model being able to take his directions and make it look good/put her own style into the pose..

Like this one:)

Also Alan shot Shyla Jennings and I together for our first time! It was a magical day, to say the least;)

He also shot this fan favorite “Masturbation Interview” scene early this year.  I think a lot of people likes the “video style” we did with this one, with the changing camera angles.  I HOPE you guys did because we used the same technique in a couple of the vids we recently shot!

aaaaand… speaking of pics we recently shot… 🙂

This is a SUPER hot scene that I’ll be posting in a couple of weeks from now. The video is like nothing we’ve ever done here at before, I think it’s going to blow you all away:) (and here I am doing what I always do, ruining an otherwise perfect picture with a goofy face.. why oh why do I do that haha)

We also shot this one the same day. Many of you will recognize it as my Twitter avi.  Also I know you guys will love this scene because I fulfilled 2 of your 3 wishes in the members’ poll about what type of scenes you would like to see more of. The #1 and #2 answers were stockings and masturbation instruction. (the 3rd was anal, which I also did that day.. ask and you SHALL RECEIVE you guys!;) Plus everyone knows I LOVE purple (that’s the same color as my bedroom walls!)

And I don’t want to give away TOO MANY surprises from scenes we’ve already shot and I’ll be posting soon.. but I wanted to show you guys some pics from the next Alan E scene that will be going live here at you like?:)

I wanted every scene we shot that day to look completely different and have a different “vibe” than the others.  This one is more “moody” lighting, I’d say they’ve got a “grittier” feel to them. (Especially after I got naked and started to roll around on the ground and got COVERED in black soot from the dirty floor was AWESOME)

So I hope you guys now understand why I am so psyched to have such a talented photographer shooting MOST of the scenes here at from now on. And I hope you guys can get excited with me!  I think it’s a really good thing that you guys will now have consistency in the scenes and you will know what level of quality and photography you can expect week after week.  Each scene will have an awesome XXX video, around the same # of matching pics and more often than not, a matching behind the scenes video.  Once I can get this ball rolling and I start releasing scenes we’ve shot together (including a VERY HOT Halloween scene!) you will see exactly what I mean;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Hump Day Pic Teaser

Here’s some pics from this week’s update here at  Missy Martinez was so much fun to play with, and is such a sweet girl, I have such a huge crush on her now!  (Usually people get crushes BEFORE they ever get to fuck someone, but in my line of work, sometimes things are backwards haha)

I think the scene description I wrote pretty much sums up what I want to say to you guys about the adorable Missy:

” This is Missy’s first (but hopefully not last) time here at, and I think you guys are going to like her as much as I do! Not only does she have a GREAT personality (1 look at her Twitter shows you shes just as smart and hilarious as she is sexy) but she has a great body, HUGE boobs, and the most perfect pussy I have ever seen. I think I said to her at LEAST 20 times that day “Omg, your pussy is.. PERFECT!” you can even see it on my face in some of the pics, LOL! Not only that but we had great sexual chemistry and we both came really hard. I can’t wait to hear what you guys think about this scene:) ”

I honestly hope I didn’t creep Missy out too bad, but I literally could NOT stop telling her what a perfect pussy she has!  It’s AMAZING, I’ve never seen anything like it before! Well, once you watch the scene, you will see what I mean;)

The look on our faces here says it all I think. Missy is in exctasy, waiting for me to get that tongue back on her pussy, but I’m too busy looking at the camera going “is this thing for real?!” LOL!

We had a lot of fun w this scene and I think you will too!  I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of Missy. I think we need to get her back on ASAP, what do you guys think?:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Another Picture Contest

You guys should know by now that there’s 2 reasons why I do scene naming contests..

1.I really like giving away stuff! Especially to my biggest and bestest fans! (if you are a real fan you won’t tell me that bestest isn’t a word btw) I like the whole concept of giving away free porn to those that DESERVE it!

This time I was thinking of giving away any DVD in my store to the winner or winners (I wouldn’t dare pick it out myself, because I don’t know which DVDs people already own, etc..)

2.I am REALLY bad at coming up for names for my, HORRIBLE! You will see the scenes I named myself here on my website, such as

“3 Girls in Pastels”

“Aaliyah Love in Red”

“Aaliyah Love in Blue”

yeah, I told you, I SUCK! I feel like I have unlimited creativity and motivation when it comes to designing these scenes in my head, and then acting them out in front of a camera.. BUT when I sit down to give them a name, my mind goes BLANK!  You guys are SO much better at it than me, you ALWAYS come up w really great titles! So once again, I need your help!

These pics are going to be posted as one of the “Friday Wildcard Bonus Updates.” For those of you that don’t know, every other Friday I post a bonus update that is usually something completely different than the solo or g/g pic/vid scene that goes up every Wednesday. It’s my chance to try something new and different and step out of my normal “porn boundries” without depriving you guys of the types of scenes you’re used to seeing here at It could be a funny behind the scenes video, a set of non-porn pictures, a short video, etc.. you just never know!  That’s why it’s a “wildcard” 🙂

I really like this set of pics and think they deserve an awesome name. My bright idea was “Avant Garde Aaliyah Love” or something with the word “Purple” (“Purple Haze” came to mind..even tho I already have a scene called that..doh!) but I know you guys can do better!:)

Ill be picking a winner sometime around October 1st. It will be the 1st give away in a month worth of give aways and contests to celebrate the 4 year anniversary of🙂

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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I Hate This Conversation

The other day I was on set with the beautiful Jelena Jensen. We were talking about social media and Twitter and what not. She said she uses Twitter for her porn life and she has a very private FaceBook account only for her family and close friends. I agreed and said I did the exact same, and “never the 2 shall meet.”  Then I made some crack about how HI-LARIOUS it would be if one of us would ever make the mistake and post to the wrong account.  As we were having this convo, I attempted to post the following tweet to my Twitter:

“Ok my new #girlcrush is @jelenajensen she’s so much fun!:) Puuurrrrrrrr”

But the house we were shooting in was on the beach in Malibu, and it had hardly any service. I must of pushed the send button about 1001 times, as I was walking out the door to go back to my car and drive home. I gave up and put the phone in my pocket. Yup, I’m sure you guys can guess what happened next..


But wait, it gets better.. I only find out this posted to my FaceBook account 4 hours later when I receive an email from MY FATHER about it.  Now I understand you guys don’t understand the severity of this situation unless you know my Father personally and know about our relationship.  Long story short, we have a GREAT relationship, I was always close to my Dad, and yes, he does know I work in porn. But he still sees me as “his baby daughter” whom he doesn’t even allow to post bikini pics or swear words on her FaceBook account. We NEVER EVER discuss porn, not once have we. He just asks me things like “Hows California? How’s your dog? Are you being safe? Are you happy?” and we both like it this way…  So there’s a little backstory, and even tho you don’t know my Dad, you guys know ME, so I think you will still get the feelings of why I wanted to die right after this happened:


email from my Dad:

Just curious. In the past month or so have you decided to more or less out yourself? Like this, for example: “Ok my new #girlcrush is @jelenajensen she’s so much fun!:) Puuurrrrrrrr”

It’s all up to you of course, and I’m not sure that it matters, I’m just a little surprised.

(so I assume my Dad means I’m talking about being gay when he says “out yourself,” especially since I was talking about a girl and a crush..)

my reply:


NO Dad. If I was a lesbian, you would know by now! I am sorry, that was NOT MEANT FOR FACEBOOK

I was somewhere with rly bad reception today and I tried posting some things over and over and it must of gotten posted to the wrong account SORRY it won’t happen again!!! lol

I talk about gay stuff just cause 100% of my friends are gay..that’s all. and that was a really embarrassing mistake:/ ughhhhh

my Dad:

Hahaha, I didn’t mean “out” like in gay. You posted a link to some porn star. I mean out as in I guess your porn job

OK, this conversation is just fuckin funny

(OMG OMG OMG my Dad just said the P word to me..then he said the F word! SO UNLIKE HIM. I’m DYING inside right now..even tho I know he’s just sitting there laughing)

me: (the only reply I could think of, after letting about 5 mins pass)

oh MAN Im hating this convo.. is it over yet?


It is. Move on my dear. LOL

(luckily my Dad let me off easy here.. thank GOD..but still..the damage is done.)

ok awesome. goodnight Dad

Goodnight baby. I love you.

Love you too

So now you can see why I can’t go home for Thanksgiving or Xmas this year or ever again, really.  This was by FAR the most embarrassing convo I’ve ever had w my family, so I hope you all can get a good laugh at it, so something good comes of it, LOL! (and for the record, I am also dying laughing. And I’m SURE my Dad and my Mom read over the email and laughed too.. my life is hilarious..never a dull moment, that’s for sure!)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Oh Pardon Me, But Mister 3, Why Must You Paint Them Red?

If you missed it, here’s some fun pics from last week’s Solo Scene posted in the members area here at I update this website with 6 pic/vid sets a month, every month:)


“I can’t explain myself, I’m afraid, Sir, because I’m not myself you see.”

“You may have noticed that I’m not all there myself.”

“But that’s just the trouble with me. I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.”

“Why, it’s MY UNbirthday too!!” 🙂


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

(psst-click the pics to make them bigger!)

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