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And The Winner Is..

I am finally ready to pick a winner to my latest contest, where I asked you all to name this super hot XXX scene I recently shot with Holly Randall. (which, by the way, is today’s update here at

I said I would pick a winner on Sunday.. but I was too busy partying on Sunday and was nowhere near a computer.. LOL!  (I will tell you guys more about this later!)

But like I said earlier today in the comments section on the link above.. “…the best part of having a contest that I’ve created is I get to make up my own rules..sometimes as I go along! Is it fair? no. But it’s my contest, so what r u gna do?! hahaha..
What I’m trying to say is there were SO MANY GREAT entries that I am going to HAVE to pick more than 1 winner here!”

1st of all I have to say, I love the references to me being a story book character/princess, such as
@ChrisMTL calling me “Goldilocks all grown up”
@TBoneVT “Snow White and the not-very-dwarfish Dildo”
..getting compared to a Disney princess or any sort of fairy princess type will always get a smile out of me:) But.. you guys didn’t win, sorry!  I wanted something more sensual, glam, grown up, sexy..

special mention goes out to most inappropriate name that made me giggle from @kbal24 “Curls, Curves and Cunt!” (he didn’t want to post that one on the blog at first, he told it to me in a webcam show, I told him you BETTER post that! haha)

I narrowed it down to 4 winners:
@YourRedDog “Once in a Blue Moon”
@kbal24   “My Blue Heaven”
@TboneVT “A Seductive Test of Innocence”
@Guido “Blue Love at First Sight”

You each win either a pair of my panties, an autographed 8×10 glossy pic of me, or a 24hour free pass to this website,!:)  so contact me so I can hook you up!:)  congrats to the weiners!!!:)

I loved all of the entries, thank you guys for playing my little game:)  There will def be more in the future! I think you ALL did a better job at I would of at naming this scene, I really wish you guys could name EVERY scene for me, LOL!  But there can only be 1 overall winner and name for this particular scene..and it’s you @YourReddog for “Once in a Blue Moon” YAY you won! congrats!;)  When I first read your entry it made me smile, I really dig it! Thank you for that!;)  Once I post this blog, I’m going into my admin to change the name just in time for it to go live!

I can’t wait to hear what you all think about this one, I think it’s REALLY hot!:) I hope it makes you really horny for me!;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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New Pic Set Added to Personal Pics Section

I’m glad we got to discuss the “personal pics” section in the member’s area at the last webcam show. Now that I know you guys, my members, DO care about that section and def want to see more personal/candid pics, I have been working on creating some folders of pics and thinking about how I want to group them all together and label them in a way that makes the most sense (yep, I’m STILL over thinking it! I just can’t help it LOL)

So I started off with an easy one.. It’s actually a folder I have had posted for awhile but left empty for an entire year.. #FAIL!  I finally searched thru my old files and pulled all of my embarrassing, silly, and hilarious pics from my wisdom teeth surgery from last year!  OMG you guys, these pics are.. well, let’s just say, nobody can ever accuse me of not being able to make fun of myself! I would ONLY share these types of pics in my member’s area, I would NEVER post these somewhere like Twitter for everyone to see! VIPS only!:)

I announced it on the calendar (for Monday) and posted this little blog so everyone is aware I posted these pics! Keep your eyes out for the next folder, because it’s coming soon!:) I have SO MANY silly pictures in folders on my computer named things like “PHONE PICS-need to be sorted! post these somewhere damnit!” LOL!

I hope these pics make you guys LOL as much as they did me! Let’s all laugh at my pain now! Because it’s always kinda funny when someone you love gets hurt.. dontcha think?:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Sneak Peek Pics and “Name That Scene” Contest

I am really loving this scene, recently shot by Holly Randall! Everything just came together and I was feeling beautiful that day!:) I love how these came out.. I have a feeling I will be using these pics a lot in upcoming blog posts, Twitter, Tumblr, etc!  Thank you Holly for making me so beautiful!:)

..Can you guys believe we shot the intense bondage scene, the one against the red wall, the same day we shot this?  I love how I get to play dress up and try on different characters all the time!  These are probably some of the “softer” and sexier pics I’ve ever done.. what do you guys think of them? You know how I have been telling you all that it’s my new goal to get into Penthouse magazine?  Well I think these are the pictures I should email them..what do you think?

The video that matches these pics is VERY hot too! I use a glass toy that felt soo good.. It was early in the morning, my first cum of the day. I EXPLODE in this video, it’s pretty intense!:)

And although I think my posing is getting better with time, my ability to name these scenes hasn’t. Right now this scene is called “Glass Toy in a Blue Room” ..yawn!  Not only is it WAY too literal.. thank you “Captain Obvious..” but I think such a beautiful scene deserves a beautiful name.. don’t you?

So once again I need your help, guys!  Plz give me some ideas, what do you think I should name this scene?

..I have a surprise for the winner;)

This scene goes live May 23!
I will pick a winner May 20, exactly a week from today!!:)

You guys always blow my socks off when I do these contests.  The participation I get from you guys is always well above and beyond what I expect. I’m sure you guys will do it again this time:)

Good luck to everybody! You all have an equal chance of winning! You don’t have to be an member to win this time.. in fact, if you’re not a winner, maybe a scene, or a free pass will be your prize?;)  I might be offering the winner a list of possible prizes and letting them pick!;)

BTW click on the pictures to make them bigger!;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Quick Update-What I’m Doing Right Now

Hey guys, for those that don’t know, I’ve been sick in bed for 3 days straight. I have the flu and strep throat, bleh, it SUCKS!  All of the meds I am on right now, like antibiotics, are really hurting my stomach!:(  So much so that it’s keeping me awake right now.  So I’m trying to distract myself by working on my website…
I answered all blog comments from the last couple posts..comment back, keep the convo rolling! I always check back to older posts for new comments! you?:)

I also decided which scenes will be posted in the next 6 weeks. And DAMN you guys are in for a treat! Some of my hottest scenes EVER are on their way!

By the way, I am now officially posting 6 scenes per month, every month!  An extra bonus scene goes up every other Friday! These scenes are always “wildcards..” you never know what to expect them to be, they are usually different in one way or another from the “typical” XXX scenes I post here at every Wednesday.. sometimes they are crazy pic sets I did for fun, behind the scenes videos, or short video clips. I have a couple clips from my upcoming fetish clips store that I will be posting here too in a couple weeks from now;)
You can always check when and what scenes are coming up and also what times my weekly feature webcam shows are here on my calendar: BOOKMARK IT!:)

And I just added a bunch of brand spankin-new items to my store. I LOVE all of my lingerie and panties, and some of the items I listed I’ve owned for YEARS.. but I need to get rid of it to get some new shoot clothes! I have worn it all on camera one too many times and I need some brand new, sexy lingerie to wear in my upcoming scenes!  I also listed some new smut mags that I am featured in. This time, I was only able to get a couple of each magazine, most of them I only have 1 copy left, and I’m not sure if I will be able to get any more.. so I suggest you act fast if you want those!  I also listed my 1st Girlfriend Films DVD I was in, called “Me and My Girlfriend” which features a really hot g/g scene with Dani Daniels and I! If you collect XXX DVDs, this is one you HAVE to add to your collection, autographed by yours truly of course!;)

Next, I am tackling the mountain of emails I have.. going to answer as many as I can until I fall back asleep..wish me luck!;)

I hope everyone is having a better weekend than I am!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Behind the Scenes Pics From My Shoot w Holly Randall

I recently shot with Holly Randall for the 2nd time.  We got to shoot in her new studio, which had some amazing sets!:)  As always, I took as many behind the scenes pics as I could for you guys..

This was my 2nd look.  Really pretty lingerie on a girly, so glam, so beautiful!  I loved every second of it. And I especially loved the big glass toy she gave me to play with in the video.. (coming soon!)

I LOVED my hair!  I felt like a lion with a long flowing mane hehe:)

This scene just might be my fav scene of all time.. And I say that without seeing one of the pics that she took or the video!  I just loved everything about it!  Is it east to balance holding a bike with one hand, spreading yoru pussy with the other, up on your toes? No! But was it worth it? YES!:)

I LOVED my makeup the entire day..this is the day I met my new fav makeup artist, named Ricardo.  To be honest with you guys, I don’t like my makeup about 70% of the time when makeup artists do it.:(  It really bums me out and it’s hard for me to “get in the mood” and feel pretty when I don’t like what I see in the mirror.. but it was exactly the opposite w this one!:)  I have requested him for every Twistys shoot I have done ever since.. He went to put red lipstick on me and I freaked out.. I HATE red lipstick and I hate how I look in it! It’s just not my style.. So he went with this hot pink.. which I was very cautious guys know I NEVER play my lips up.. but I LOVED it so much! I couldn’t stop making this face haha! I feel sorry for Holly who probably took 300 pics and I’m prob making this face in 100 of them she’s probably thinking “WTF?” while editing them.. sorry Holly!:)

I hope to get these scenes back from her soooon so I can post them here at!  I just know all 3 of them are going into the top 10 list at the end of the year. I can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say about these 2 scenes!:)  I will post some teaser pics here on my blog once I get them!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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