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Kicking Ass and Taking Names!:)

I’m happy to announce that since I posted this blog:

I am already able to put a little check mark next to 2 more companies from the last week.. Girlfriends Films, whom I shot with yesterday, and Holly Randall, whom I shot with a couple days ago (behind the scenes pics coming soooooon-one of the next blog posts!)

I am also adding a new girl to my “worked with..want to work with again” list, her name is Cherie DeVille and she is YUMMY!:)  I had the pleasure of working with her yesterday for Girlfriends Films and we had FUN!  We got to make out (my fav thing to do..lots of kissing!) for a LONG time..then she made me cum SO FAST I was amazed! It made tears come to my eyes I came so hard!:)

I also made plans with the beautiful Destiny Dixon to stay with her and shoot a couple hot g/g scenes with her at the end of the month.. this should be fun!:) Another check mark!:)

I also took a couple girls off of my list:(  One I found out does bad drugs, and another was snotty to me when I hit her up to shoot content. Hey, I don’t care HOW CUTE or HOW POPULAR you are.. if you’re a bitch to me, I am NOT licking your pussy LOL!

I am a very goal oriented girl, and I knew this list would be a good idea!  I am DETERMINED to cross every girl on my list off before 2013.. so far so good!:)

I hope everyone is having a good week! OMG I just realized it’s #TittyTuesday! Ahhh! Let me see what I can post for this hmmm.. 🙂

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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Another Pic From My Day w Dani Jensen

Hey everyone, TGIF!:)  I hope you all are having a great Friday..

Me, I spent almost all day driving 2 hours South (2 hours in LA traffic.. it’s only about 30 miles lol) and 90mins back to see my chiropractor.. Part of my recovery from my amazing photoshoot with Holly Randall yesterday.. I am falling apart.. but it was sooo worth it hehe!:)   I am just now working on uploading the behind the scenes pics I took with my phone yesterday and posting them here on my blog, but it is slow going, since I am also working on the world’s worst. migraine. ever.:(  I woke up with a very stiff neck (I get neck and back problems all of the time, I have the spine of a 90 year old woman) that cause a bad headache. My chiro adjusted my neck and I can move again, but the headache lingered.. waaah!

But I realize it’s been a few days since I posted a blog, and I did promise you guys more pics from the next girl/girl scene to be posted here at, so here is another pic from my scene w Dani Jensen🙂


Can I just say that Dani is a VERY convincing Smores Girl?:)  Oh yeah, we had some fun with this scene!:)  Are you guys just squirming with anticipation to see it?!  Yeah, so am I!!:)

I hope this starts your weekend off the right way!  Plz show me some comment love and RT this blog post if you want to see a naughtier pic from this set;)

I love you all,

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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BTS Hot Buttered Porn Shoot

I recently shot for Hot Buttered Porn with the adorable Dani Jensen.  This shoot has been a LONG TIME (like, 2 months!) coming, but the timing was finally right, and we shot a super hot scene!

Plus, you know I’m stoked I already got to cross another girl off of my “2012 Girl Wishlist” aww yeah..2012 is off to a great start!

In fact, I think it’s funny, the first 2 girl/girl scenes posted this year at are 2 of my fav girl/girl scenes ever!  AND.. they’re both with super sexy redheads!  I love it!  I hope you guys do too!

So this is just a little example of all of the fun we had on set that day.  I’m still not sure why this shy little Chinese man was there, but he kept me cracking up all day long!  At first he would get soo embarrassed when I said bad words, like “fucking” but I told him if he’s gna hang out with me on a porno set, he’s gotta chill out and not get all shy when I swear!   You can see he still winces and laughs when I say “FUCKING!” it’s friggin adorable!  LOL!!

And I still have no idea what movie he’s talking about, do you guys?  I really wanna see it!:) Even tho he kinda tells us the entire movie, including the ending in this little video.. uh oh, spoiler alert! LOL


Oh and I haven’t even mentioned how much fun Dani Jensen was.. nor have I posted any pics of us together.. Well that’s because I’m gna TEASE you guys for a bit first!!  But let me say this: you all know how long I have waited to get my hands on this little girl, and it was soo worth the wait!;)

But I will show you guys one of my solo pics, I love this one!:)  It was such a bright, sunny, beautiful day that day!  I love my California life!:)

So this scene goes live sometime in mid-March.  I will be posting more pics and stories as the date gets closer!;)

If you guys convince me you want to see more by hitting the RT button at the top right of this blog post and we get that RT number up to 10 or more, then I will post more pics;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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I just got the txt.. My shoot tmrw got canceled:( Aww I’m kinda bummed!

I was really excited about working with Tammy Sands again, the last time we worked together we created some super hot scenes.. such as this one:

and the girl she had me paired up with was super cute!  Also, this was going to be her last shoot with real boobs before she goes and gets implants, so it was gna kinda be a big deal:(

These things happen all of the time (I’d say models flake/cancel on g/g shoots about 40% of the time in my personal experience) but when it’s a gig I was really looking fwd to, I can’t help but be a little disappointed.:(  Plus, it was going to be a paid gig plus I convinced Tammy to work in a trade solo masturbation scene to post here on for me it was like my dream shoot!  Oh well!  Such is life.. I hope I get to work with Tammy in the future sometime! I told her to keep me in mind next time she has a cute girl and is wondering who to put her with;)

Instead I’ll be getting my car looked at in the morning (there’s like 7 things wrong with it, I have the money to fix two of those things right now, gna ask the mechanic which 2 are the most in need.. he will probably say breaks and tires!) Then webcamming in the afternoon.  Oh, and I’m finally switching my internet!  I FINALLY see reliable, (semi) fast internet in my future! wahhooo!:)

I hope everyone had a great weekend?  What did you do?  Cum see me in my chatroom Monday night if you want to play with me;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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My Promise

I promised you guys if you RTed the last blog post about my super sexy scene w Veronica Ricci, I would post another.  Well I am a woman of my word!:)

I was stoked that we got to wear legwarmers in this scene.  There isn’t enough porn with legwarmers in it.. do you guys agree?:)


I hope everyone is having a great weekend!:)

I plan on being on my webcam doing pvt shows ALL DAY tmrw!  Cum by and see me if you want to get down+dirty w me;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Happy Hump Day/Early VDay Present:)

So I took a totally amateur, candid set of pics as a last minute, surprise Valentines Day gift for all of my lovely members!  I hope you guys enjoy it!:)

We actually had to push back the Veronica Ricci/Aaliyah Love g/g scene until next week and post this scene today instead, so we could get all of our “Valentines day promo sets” out in time!  I hope you guys don’t mind.. But you guys did get this blgo post to 10+ RTS–>

So I will live up to my promise, of course, and post more pics from that scene throughout the week!:)


In the meantime, enjoy my silly pink Valentines pics!  I hope you guys like them!

You can tell me what you think about this scene, or any scene, or anything you want at tonight’s feature webcam show!  You know I do it here, every Wednesday night, an hour long FREE show for all members..and I expect to see you ALL there tonight!:)

And I hope you all know it really doesn’t matter if you are “attached” or “single” this VDay, because you always have someone who loves you.. ME!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Random LOLs:Grammar Nazi

Wow this made me LOL!:)

..ok maybe now you guys will understand why I’m such a Grammar Nazi sometimes.. it’s very important!;)



Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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2012 Girl Wishlist aka “To Do List” :)

Girls I hope to/plan on working with in 2012:

Lexi Belle
Allie Haze
Celeste Star
Heather Starlet
Elle Alexander
Angela Sommers
Yuri Luv
Ashlynn Leigh
Veronica Ricci
Dani Jensen
Destiny Dixon
Katie Jordan
Tiffany Tyler
Lily Cade
Sinn Sage
Dylan Ryder – RETIRED:(
Tia Ling
Yuki Mori


Ariel Rebel
Veronica Vice

Girls I have worked with in the past+would like to work with again in 2012:

Shyla Jennings
Veronica Avluv
*Dani Jensen
*Veronica Ricci
Aiden Ashley
Cherie DeVille
*Destiny Dixon
*Lily Cade
*Sinn Sage
Jelena Jensen

Companies I’d like to work for in 2012:
Girlfriend Films
Filly Films
more print (magazine) work

More trade scenes (scenes that will be going on my website) with:
Holly Randall
Tammy Sands
Ric Young
Pussy Eating Club
Corwin Prescot

I also plan on opening a fetish clip store sometime mid-2012.. stay tuned for that;)

So what do you guys think of my goals/aspirations to lick some of the prettiest pussies in porn this year?  As you can see I have already been busy this year and got the honor of crossing two hot redheaded girls whom I’ve been crushing on for awhile off of my list!  They were both promptly moved to my “work with again PLZ!” list.. maybe I can even get some repeats this year..who knows?:)

Now if you could plz answer some questions I have for you guys, my fans.  Because it’s not just about fulfilling MY pervy desires/fantasies.. but yours too;)

Out of all of the girls on my list, which one would be your top pick?

Is there a girl or two who is not on the list who you would like to see me with?

Or are there any companies you would like to see shoot me in 2012?
(psst-if you contact these companies via Twitter/email it greatly increases my chances of them hiring me!;)

Let’s work together to make 2012 the horniest, kinkiest, sexiest year ever here at 😉

I hope you’re all having a great weekend!;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Hump Day Teaser: Aaliyah Love and Veroncia Ricci

Next week’s update is a super hot girl/girl scene with the sexy Veronica Ricci! Puuurrrr.. she was sooo much fun!:)  I really think you guys are gna love this scene!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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