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Cold As Ice Sneak Peek Pics

I wanted to post a sneak peek at next week’s solo pic scene called “Cold As Ice”  I really like these pics, which is why I chose it as the first scene to go live here at in 2012!:)



For those of you that didn’t hear the “behind the scenes” story (told during my last feature webcam show) about these pics, they were shot the night before a 3 day long photoshoot in Vegas.  I woke up the next morning VERY sick, but did the all of the shoots anyways.  So this set and an outdoor nudity scene that takes place in a parking garage, (which will also be posted in early 2012) are my best scenes from that whole 4 days!

I had flown out to Vegas on the latest flight they had, and by the time we got to the hotel, it was about 10pm. I had to go to bed soon to wake up early the next day, and Ric didn’t have any lights, but we were still in the mood to shoot SOMETHING..



So we decided to take everything out of the fridge and put me inside of it! (Actually, RIC decided!  I was scared.. but sometimes you have to trust your photographer!  Even when he wants to strip you naked and stuff you inside of a fridge..)

And it actually turned out really cool.. in some of the pics you can tell I’m inside of a fridge..



And some just look like I’m bathed in light.. like this next one!  I love this pic because it looks like my pussy is GLOWING!:)



I hope all of my members like this scene as much as I do!  I can’t wait to read all of your comments/feedback:)


BTW you can always click on the pics to make them BIGGER!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Noob Files:I Dont Understand How Webcam Works Noob


Although webcams have become as popular as they have, and have become a pretty widely known thing, I am still surprised at the amount of guys that just don’t seem to GET IT!  And I find myself actually explaining to these people how it all works..even though it all seems VERY obvious to me…

Apparently some people just don’t get what kind of services a webcam model actually provides.. I know it has been awhile since I posted a Noob File, I have been trying to simply block and ignore the Noobs and only focus on the positive lately.. but some are just too good to pass up!  I can either laugh or cry about having to deal with these kind of people, and I know how much you guys like to laugh at this kinda stuff with me.. so here it goes..


I get about 5-10 emails like this a day. I never respond, unless it’s someone I’ve gone pvt with, then of course I’ll hook them up!  But 95% of the time, it’s just a Noob.. This time, I just HAD to respond..


Hi can you send me a pic of your bare feet and a pic of your pussy please


LOL why would you ask me for pics when this is a WEBCAM WEBSITE and you can see my feet and my pussy LIVE! Cum into my webcam chatroom, I’m online right now if you wanna see it.. I also have a website if pics is that’s what you’re into. You can Google me.

I can’t use payed services so will you do them pics and I will send you good pics in return

<I don’t reply necessary>

come on baby I will send you good pics of mi cock and you know you want to see it

so Rude! you come to a webcam website, tell a webcam girl that you can not and will not pay for her services, but will she please go out of her way to send you pics, for free? FUCK OFF

what’s your website?

and here’s a fun little chat I had in my freechat this afternoon:

Rapist: Are you an escort?(yep, the dude’s username really was RAPIST. now, even if I was an escort, do you think I would say YES to this guy?! LOL)

me: No, I’m a webcam model. This is a webcam site. If you want an escort, go to an escort website. It’s simple, really.

Rapist: I’d love to fuck your asshole, how much for an escort baby?

me: I don’t escort. I only do webcam shows.If you’re not interested in that, you should prob log off, cause that’s all I got for you..

chatter#2: You escort?!

me: no, I do NOT escort. I just give webcam shows.  My Gold show starts in 3 mins.. and it’s super hot.

chatter#3: so when are you coming to TX?

um, seriously? LOL!

Plz tell me you guys see where I’m coming from and haven’t just became a jaded, bitchy old webcam model.  These kind of convos would drive anybody crazy, right?

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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AVN dress

I am still in shock, was nominated for an AVN award this year.. OMG!!:)  This is the first year I have been recognized by the AVN awards, so I am very honored, shocked and exciteddddd!! Awww yeah, I told you guys 2011 was the year of AALIYAH LOVE!!:)

My webmaster said “You HAVE to go to the awards!”  So yeah, I guess I’m going to Vegas in a couple weeks to go to the AVNS, party with pornstars, and shoot some porn w my fav photographer, Ric Young!  I LOVE MY JOB!:)  My life doesn’t suck:)

Now comes the fun part!  I get to pick a dress!  And I need to make a decision quick, this dress needs to be ordered and shipped ASAP so I can be sure to get it tailored (if need be) and have everything ready with plenty of time:)

But I need your help you guys!  Help me decide which dress I should wear to the AVN awards, and why!:)  I can only afford to order 1 dress this year, so we have to get this right the first try.. OMG!  This is why I am counting on you all to not let me down here:)

I was wondering if I should put my opinions in here but I don’t think I will.  I kind of have it narrowed down to two dresses, but I’m not gna tell you all what I think, in case it accidentally sway’s anybody’s vote.  I will tell you when all of the votes are in what I think.  It’ll be interesting to see if you guys agree w me!;)



This dress has everything I like.. pink, black and sparkles:)  It’s strapless, and with my little boobs strapless dresses usually don’t work that well with me..but almost all of these dresses are strapless, so oh well!  I can stuff my bra if need be haha.

..I prob wouldn’t wear it w those type of heels, althought they are pretty sexy!  But this IS a porn thing, so I’ll prob wear some sexy black platform heels, maybe some thigh highs too;)



OMG can you say black swan? You know I like the puffiness, it’s fab!   It’s still sparkly on the top, like the first dress, which I like:)  I’m sure most porn girls won’t be going int his type of direction when shopping for their might be a tad frillier and more girly than sexy than some of the others’, but you know I’m fine with standing out;)




Also black and fluffy, and looks very sophisticated and sexy. Also NOT strapless, so that’s 1 less worry for the night for me:)  This dress would look hot w some diamong earrings and maybe even a tiara or something sparkly:)  You know I have to work the sparkles in somewhere!;)




I really like this color and I think this dress is beautiful!  I kept on coming back to this dress on Ebay my eyes kept on going to it!

But I’m gne be honest, I think this is really my unrealistic but “a girl can dream (sigh)” dress.  It is really hard to find sexy white heels.  Although I am FINALLY the proud owner of 1 pair, thanx to a certain someone who bought them for me;) I don’t think they’re the right kind of style for this dress, or the AVNS.  I also don’t have anything white to match it, like a purse, or jacket, etc.. but it’s so pretty I had to include it in the vote:)




Just like the last dress (duh) but, obviously, in my “go-to” colors!  I think this is one of the dresses I was thinking about wearing to the XBIZ awards a couple years ago actly (but I ended up not going, so didn’t get any dress)


Sooo.. what do you guys think?:)  Place your vote now!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Milk.. It Does A Body Good!

You guys know how I am, always playing with my food..





Santa I have milk and cookies for you! Cum and get it.. 😉


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Dani Daniels/Aaliyah Love Scene Finally Up!:)

A couple months ago I posted this pic of Dani Daniels and I on my G+ and my Twitter and everyone went CRAZY!!  I got so many comments about people wanting to know when this g/g scene with Dani Daniels and I would be posted, why I was such a tease for making everybody wait so long, why couldn’t I just be a nice girl and post the entire set of pics for free, RIGHT NOW?! etc.. Some people even got so worked up about it, I had to tell them to please calm down before I banned them LOL!

Well I’m just following up with you all and letting those of you who haven’t noticed yet, or maybe aren’t a member of right now know that this scene was FINALLY posted here on my website last week!:)

And the comments/feedback that I’m getting now that it’s finally up are even more intense/excited/crazy than before! Apparently it’s everyone’s fav g/g scene on my website now.. cool! It’s def one of mine too, Dani Daniels was so much fun to work with, I can’t wait to work with her again sooon!:)


So if you want to see the video and pics, you’re gna have to sign up for a membership and log in! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed;)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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