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I Heart Veronica Ricci!:)

I have been sooo busy doing photoshoots lately, fucking so many beautiful girls in beautiful locations..that I haven’t had time to blog about all of the beautiful girls I have been fucking!  Ahhhh!:)

I just checked my backlog of behind the scenes pictures and short vids I have, and they go all the way back to July.. eek!

So instead of being OCD about it and overthink it and try to put them all in cronological order, then decide it’s too big of a project to even start (because that’s what I would normally do, and have been doing) instead I’m just going to post some fun pics for you all to enjoy, whenever I find a little pocket of time to do so:)

I got invited back by the Pussy Eating Club to do another girl/girl scene a couple of weeks ago.  Last time they asked me for a list of girls I’d like to work with, which I thought was sooo cool!  They contacted the first girl but she wasn’t avail on the dates that I was, so I got my 2nd girl choice (out of about 20 girls, I’m such a slut LOL!) who was Charity Bangs.  Well I guess our scene was so hot they decided to invite me back for more pussy.. and this time, my first choice was avail..

VERONICA RICCI (drools like Homer Simpson)

I’ve been wanting to work with this girl for a long time!  mostly because she intrigued me, I thought she was super hot everytime I saw her, but she also looked completely different in every single pic!  It’s like I couldn’t get a handle on how she looked exactly, she was like a chameleon but she pulled off every single look.  I had to fuck her.

And without giving too much away, the scene went great, we got along so well, I have some very silly/goofy bts vids to post in my member’s area soon that will make you guys LOL!:)

Right before we started shooting, Veronica snapped these couple pics w her IPhone.  We both wish we had taken more now, but I’m just glad we remembered to get something!:)


GOOFY FACES!  She had such a fun personality she had me cracking up several times during our scene..I think we might of even pissed off the photog once or twice! “Ladies! Let’s focus!” He kept on saying.. Focus on Veronica’s delicious, juicy pussy?  Yes, sir!  You don’t have to tell me twice!:)

Just like the last scene I shot for Pussy Eatign Club I decided to go with the “trade” instead of get paid, so the scene will be posted here at too!  It includes 100 solo “pretty girl” pics of me, and the same of her, then a hot 20min sex vid of us doing what we do best and a set of matching pics from that.  I really think you guys are gna love this scene!:)

I kinda feel like I have been saying that with every girl/girl scene I post lately, but honestly, I kinda feel like with every girl/girl scene I do, I get a little “better at it.”  I grow more passionate about it and the girls, and get into it way more than I did just a year ago.. I don’t know if you as my fans can tell that by watching my scenes, but lately doing girl/girl scenes is like my favorite thing to do!:)

DAMN, it’s good to be me!:)



Here’s a pic right after we fucked!  I think I look stoned but I’m not, I’m just pussy drunk and very satisfied:)  This is my “OMFG I can’t believe I just got laid by this hot redhead!” look.;)  Veronica looks fucking ADORABLE here, don’t you think?:)  I hope we get to work together again sooooon!!:)

And thank you Pussy Eating Club for being my “porn fairy godmothers” and making all of my girl/girl fantasies cum true!  I hope I get a shot at my #3 or #4 girl on that list sometime before 2011 ends;) #justsayin hehe

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Just a Little Thanx

So this afternoon as I’m walking to Starbucks, minding my own business, looking straight ahead, a big black guy walks up to me screaming “You stuck up racist little white bitch! You don’t dare look up because you think all big black men are going to kill you, that’s what you all think!  Fuckin prissy white BITCH!”
The dude standing next to me waiting for the light was a black guy wearing headphones.  He turns takes them out of his ear and turns to me+says “What did he just say to you?!” As I just stand there w my mouth open, stunned. I could barely repeat what he just said but tried my best.  We both stood there shaking our heads at the crazy guy.
“I don’t think that” I say and LOL.
“Good, cause I wouldn’t do that, I’m a lover not a fighter” he says and introduces himself.  We fist bump and smile.
We end up talking all the way to Starbucks+in the end he wishes me a Happy Thanksgiving and gives me a hug.

So a little bit of love came outta random hate:)
I’m thankful there are still good people in this world, and that most people are mostly good. There are always a few assholes in the crowd, but we’re not gna let them ruin our fun, are we?:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps- eeek! Still getting used to city life..I’m almost used to random people yelling at me or asking me for stuff on the street but to have someone run up to me, yelling and cursing.. and to say something so ugly.. that wasn’t cool:(  I’m actly still kinda pissed about it and would like to give that guy a piece of my mind!:( That’s probably why, hours later I’m here blogging about it.

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Best of Club Magazine COVER!:)

So two things came in my mail today that put a huge smile on my face!!!



Yup, my replacement Starbucks card from the one I lost a couple weeks ago and a Best of Club magazine with GUESS WHO on the cover?!🙂  Ahhhhh!!

Ok, you may be thinking the Starbucks referrence is a little random, but I dropped my card with $18 on it the other day while walking home from my morning Starbucks run.  It was registered so I went online+canceled it+ordered a new one, but they told me it would take 5 weeks to get to me!  I was totally bummed, but then it only took 6 days!  Plus getting this the same time as the magazine..well, added bonus!;)


Here’s my face when I realized we got the cover!  YAY!:)  I had no idea, I was only told we were in this issue.  This is my 3rd cover and 4th magazine!  Wahhhooo!!!:)



And here’s just a little taste of the juiciness that is our spread!  I think every pic posted I have my tongue on Nicole Ray’s neck, ear, mouth or pussy LOL!  This scene, 100 pics and 15min matching video in all, was shot by Earl Miller and posted here at a couple months ago.. so if you want to see it all, you better become a member!  This was my only scene with the lovely, young, all natural Nicole Ray and not soon after she “took a break” from the industry.  I’m not sure if she has come back yet?? but I’m def glad I got to fuck her good while I had my chance!;)


..and this pic, well, just because!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


ps-I will have lots of autographed/personalized copies to list in my store to sell really soon..I’m hoping in a week or two from now!  You know I will def let you all know the min that happens!:)

In the meantime, you can def pre-order yourself a copy.  I will be accepting amazon ecards for payment for these mags, or anything in my store for that matter!  I’m gna need all of the help I can get buying everyone holiday gifts this year:)  Just email me if you’re interested!:)





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My Appearance on The League

So for those of you that missed me mentioning it on my Twitter, the other night I was on a tv show called The League on the FX channel..OMG!!

Forage-acation” is the name of the website and apparently I’m the hottest chick on the site since it’s mostly pics of ME on the front page!  It shows a bunch of my Little Lost Girl Scout pics LOL!  (That’s def gotta be one of the most popular solo scenes I’ve done in 2011) I guess it’s a website for guys who have a fetish seeing naked girls out in the wilderness, amongst the forage’s actly not a bad idea haha!

The guy who owns the computer claims he never saw it before, but then his friends point out it was a link to the MEMBER’S AREA!  Way to be a real man and pay for porn dude!:)

[flowplayer itemprop="photo" src=’wp-content/uploads/2011/11/ayl_theLeague.mp4′ width=654 height=480 splash=’wp-content/uploads/2011/11/theLeague.jpg’]

All I gotta say is.. how cool is that?:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps- check out the guy to the left of the screen in the button up shirt w black cardigan over+glasses.. he’s DISGUSTED with it..the face he makes is hilarious!  It reminds me of the faces my gay boy friends make whenever I try to explain to them something about my job:) ha

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Happy Titty Tuesday From Aaliyah Love and Dani Daniels

Aww yeah I just got my hands on some super hot scenes of mine from Tammy Sands over the weekend!  I am going to be a busy busy girl over the next couple weeks editing and resizing my fav pics.. I love this part of my’s so FUN!:)

Among the scenes was the girl/girl scene with Dani Daniels and I!  She was so much fun to play with Mmmm..I really hope I get to shoot w her again sometime!:)

I guess our scene was so hot that not only will it be posted here at sometime in the next 2 months, but it will also be in the March 2012 issue of High Society magazine.. YAY!!:)

Here’s the first teaser from this scene that I’ve posted.. enjoy!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Happy Titty Tuesday From Aaliyah Love and Shyla Jennings

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!  I am STOKED about the shoot I am doing today!  I get to work with the adorable Shyla Jennings AGAIN! And Holly Randall is shooting us..aww yeah!  I’ve wanted to work with Holly for 2 years now, since I met her at the XBIZ awards.  So today I have a super hot girl to lick and kiss and fuck all day long and a very talented woman photographer getting it all on video for you guys..oh this is gna be GOOOOOD!:)

We shot a scene March this year and it was def one of my fav girl/girl scenes EVER!  Shyla is sooo yummy..and she has the face of an angel, doesn’t she?  But don’t let her innocent looks fool you.. she is naughty!  We had so much fun together.. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for me today!:)

Here we are being silly, right before we got it on!

Since we are both showing 1 boob, that still equals a pair of titties.. right?  ..titties for #TittyTuesday.. YAY!:)

Have a great Tuesday everyone!  I will try to take some behind the scenes pics for you all;)

I will be flying out to see my family for a few days tmrw morn, so there will be no feature webcam show that night, sorry everyone!  I won’t be on webcam for the rest of the week either, but I will be back Monday night.

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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