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Awesome Halloween Light Show!

WHOAH, how cool is this?!  The weekend may be over but Halloween is still a day away!!:) I’m still in the festive about you?:)


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Halloween Pics

I was really bummed I didn’t get to do an official “Halloween scene” for this year, but with moving and everything else I have been dealing with, I just didn’t have time to fly to Vegas to shoot the scene I wanted to do.. ah well, there’s always next year, right?  But I still have lots of Halloween cheer to share with you all!:)

I have tons of Halloween pics so I thought it would be fun to post 1 blog a day for the next 3 days until it’s officially HALLOWEEN!!:)

So starts the first night of…


(ok I hope you pictured that in your head as being said out loud by a Dracula-type of voice.. and add a “BWAHAHAHA!” to the end of it for scary effects!:)

Tonight I’m gna post some pics from pumpkin patches I’ve been to.  I LOVE celebrating all holidays, I just like any excuse to act silly and have fun! I’ll accept any invitation to go to a pumpkin patch with a group of friends, run around and act silly like we are kids!:)


This is a pic that has been posted before, but it’s so much fun I had to repost it!  This was taken 2 years ago at “the” Pumpkin Patch in Malibu where all of the celebs go to see and be seen.  You have to walk a gambit of paparazzi that are crowded out front to get into the actual patch, they are all whispering to each other “is that someone?” “nah, I don’t think so..” then they charge you $ just to get in.. LOL!  It all seemed a bit much to me, but it was def a “Hollywood experience”!:)

The only celeb that was there was this gross rich heir dude named Gummy Bear who is like my age but looks like he’s 50.  5 mins after we left the beautiful Christina Aguilera showed up with her son.. so close!  But anyways, I wish I could take this rocking horse home with me or at least rent it for a couple hours to do a super fun (and sick and twisted) photoshoot!

This pic was taken that same day!  Random fact but a current member of bought me that sweater and I think I wore it about 100 days in a row LOL!  It is in almost every single pic taken of me (besides the naked ones!) that Fall/Winter!  now that is the sign of a GOOD present!:)

This is from a week ago when a group of friends were taking an 8 year old nephew to the patch, so of course I wanted to tag along!:)


ok these “Indian woman”dolls in front of the teepee they didn’t let me go in weren’t only creepy but kinda offensive LOL. Their hair was really gross I so didn’t want to take a pic w them but my friend made me so I made the best of it+tried to look cute.. but..yuck!

and there was a petting zoo! YAY! I took the kid in with me since everyone else was being so squeemish about touching the animals..WTF is their problem?  I love all animals and any chance I get to pet them up..I jump at!  They were soo cute I wanted to squeeze them all!:)

..and here I am again, amoungst the pumpkins, again.  Pick me pick me! Take me home with youuu!!!:)

I hope you guys enjoyed these pics and they got you in the festive mood!  There are plenty more to cum!


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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ChipIn Home for the Holidays

So I just created a ChipIn page to help me get home for the holidays!  I don’t know what else to say about it besides the little description I wrote on the page itself(which I cut and pasted here in the blog post too), other than I miss my family so fucking much and I would be so happy/relieved to be able to buy these tickets and reserve our spot at the dogsitter’s soon. Any bit would be appreciated, even $5!


So this account was set up by me to ask everyone for a little help this year so I can go home and be with my family for Christmas time. Everyone who asks me what I want for a gift this year I will send them this link instead. Because being with my family this December is the most important thing to me right now.
And I know I won’t be able to afford it on my own. This year has been a great one, but a struggle financially for me. I just moved to the city and it took me 3 weeks to get internet set up to be able to start work again. Then I had more internet troubles which resulted in me having to pay $300 a month just to get service so I can continue to to webcam shows and work on my website! The extra money added onto my monthly expenses hasn’t been easy! I will work hard and be able to pay all of my own bills as I always have, but coming up with an extra $1100, plus taking a week off of work is something I just won’t be able to do this year:(
For those of you wondering, I came up with the $1100 like this: It is mid October now and I just checked airline ticket prices. Just like every year, across the board (I tried the 3 closest airports and all airlines) the flights are the same price no matter what.. between $700 and $950.  (During non-holiday season they’re usually about 350-400..grrr!!)  They WILL GO UP and fast. So I set that ticket price at $800. Then I will have to drop my dog off at the dogsitters while I am gone. My dogsitter costs $60 a day. x 5 days that’s $300. I will also need money for taxis and food and extras that always add up to about $200 when all is said and done, but I will handle that on my own. I just really need to get to my family, and the rest will work itself out!:)
Last year I only saw my family twice, once in June and at Thanksgiving. I could not afford Christmas. I regretted it so bad, esp when I could hear the disappointment in my Dad’s voice but he said he understands. I made a promise to see him more than 2 times this year. I have not visited them yet this year. I feel awful about it and I miss my Mom, my Dad and my little brother every single day! If you guys help me make this wish come true that would make me the happiest girl ever!:)
Thanx for checking out my page and reading my plea!;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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MORE Fucking Internet Drama For Me..

I just wasted more time on the phone with internet “tech support” that have no fucking answers for me and were no fucking help. Big surprise. I call up Clear and I ask her why my internet isn’t fast enough to even use about HALF OF THE TIME and her suggestion is to clear my cookies “that will help” LOL
“no, it won’t. So do you have any other solutions for me?” I say
Then she tells me to close all windows except the 1 that I’m working on at the time and that will help too. OMFG!!! So I hang up on her. And call back..
The next lady tells me “When customers are experiencing slow internet due to overuse of bandwith our suggestion is for them to use their internet and therefor the bandwith less.” OMFG MY HEAD JUST FUCKING EXPLODED!
“So basically ur saying if ur internet is slow, just log onto the internet less?!” and this bitch has the balls to reply with a “yes, ma’am” WOW WOW WOW
So I ask to speak to a manager. She tells me “Sure, but he’s just gna say the same thing I told you.  “I highly doubt it! Put him on the phone!” I say
I’m put on hold for 12mins.
So I start off very calm and polite. I tell him I am amazed and he will be too when he hears what this lady just told me. He takes a deep breath and tells me THE EXACT SAME THING and explains to me like I’m 5 years old that I am sharing bandwith with all their other customers and blah blah blah.”
“I am not concerned with the explanation of why my internet is slow. I am well aware. I am also aware that you guys turn the bandwith down at night at 10pm. I have been speed testing my computer about 5x a day for 2 weeks now. I work from home, I need faster ineernet than what I am getting. I am calling to ask you if there is a solution to the problem.”
and again, he tells me to “use your bandwith less, therefor making it better for everybody as a whole.”

I refrain from flipping the fuck out and tell him “Well you guys promised me faster internet than Verizon, which were basically offering me shit. It was great for 2 days and ever since it has been about the same. WTF?” and the dude doesn’t have any response for me. Not even a patronizing “I understand ma’am and I’m really sorry..” or even “Damn, that sucks.” But instead he’s just like “So?”

Then I flip out on him. He remains quiet. He don’t give a fuck. I’m sure he gets 100 calls like this a day.

So basically I have lived here for 5 weeks now and I am back a square one with my internet. I am so upset/stressed out, not to mention the HUGE AMOUNT of time and money this has cost me. I’m so upset you guys:(

I do have another solution. (supposedly..) It’s gna cost me $300 a month and who knows if they will work or not. I am so drained from these phone calls and don’t even have the $ in my bank to sign up w them now so I guess I’ll have to deal w them on Monday morning.

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ScreenCaps From Last Nite’s Feature Webcam Show

Last night I did my first feature show from my new place!  It took me an entire month (since the last show) but I FINALLY got it all figured out.. yay!:)  It was a great crowd, I’m glad so many people logged in to play/chat w me..thank you everyone who was there and made it such a fun show!  If you are a member of but you couldn’t make it, don’t worry, every feature show I do is recorded and posted in the webcam archives right after I log off.  And if you’re not a member, well, you really should be!;)

The show went over the 1 hour mark, I think it was about 90 mins total (somewhere after orgasm #3 I lost count!) and these pics are only from hour #1.  What they don’t show is the pantystuffing+Hitachi Magic Wand action that went down!  Mmmm..that was FUN is all I have to say!:)

So the next feature show (which is the hour+ long show I do once a week that is FREE for all members) is next Wednesday!  I know I tell you guys this all the time (I’m trying to drill it into everyone’s heads!) but the schedule for my webcams won’t ALWAYS be posted on the front page or member’s section of (the area where it says “next show is..”) but if you go to the calendar, you can see when and what scenes I have scheduled for that month and the feature show times.

Feature shows are always on Wednesdays, unless I absolutely can’t make it that day, then I usually try to make it up on Saturdays.

BTW speaking of pantystuffing..several of you mentioned you wanted to buy those panties that got stuffed sooo deep during the show but I haven’t gotten 1 email about it since..what’s up w that? heheh:)

I hope you’re all having a good week and I’ll see you at my next webcam feature show!;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps-thank you @Goldengamingod for the screencaps and mention on your blog!;)

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Penis Size Discussions are BORING

From now on whenever someone asks me to discuss penis size I’m just going to refer to this reply right here. This basically sums it up for me:

Nothing bores me more than discussing penis size. I am a very small girl with a tight pussy so size doesn’t matter to me. What does matter is attitude and confidence. And nothing projects less confidence than a man wondering and asking me repeatedly if his penis size is “good enough”. I’d never fuck a guy so hung up on one body part. Doesn’t matter if ur cock is 20 inches long, you will never get it near me if you are so insecure you need to discuss it like that. Nor does “bigger” always equal “better.”

# of inches does not matter to me. # of orgasms does.

that is all I’m gna say about it.

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#TittyTuesday w Aaliyah Love and Charity Bangs

HAPPY TITTY TUESDAY EVERYONE!:)  It’s Tuesday, again, already?!  Wow the days/weeks just seem to fly by!

I know I have been slacking and I didn’t post a #tittytuesday blog last week..I’m sorry!

But to make up for it, I have selected a couple sexy pics from my recent shoot with the sexy and oh so sweet Charity Bangs…enjoy:)

Here Charity is sucking on my titties..

..and here I am sucking on Charity’s titties!:)

And if these pics aren’t enough for you, here is the other blog I posted about our scene together:

And if THAT isn’t enough for you, you will just have to wait until the entire scene (20min vid, 100 solo pics of Charity, 100 solo pics of me, and 100 hot pics of us FUCKING!) goes live here at!;)

I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!:)  It is raining/cold here today but bright and sunny in my webcam studio!:)  I just started the morning off with an hour long cyberfuckfest with a “regular” of mine.  Now I’m taking a break for a Starbucks run, going to walk my puppy (yes, in the rain! yuck!) and take a shower. I plan on being back on my cam tonight!  Check my Twitter for specific log in times;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Drama/Life Update

I have so much to tell you guys that if I told you the entire story of what has been going on with me since I moved, this blog would be way too long for anybody surfing a porno website to read.  So I will just dish on the major points here to let you guys know what’s up with me.  I will get into the finer points, the nitty gritty, later.. like in the next couple blogs I post and during this Wednesday’s member’s feature webcam show!:)  It’s def gna be a long show because I have so much to tell/show you all!  But I digress already..

So I moved here 3 weeks ago as of today.  Just yesterday I FINALLY found an internet that is fast (enough) to webcam on, YAY!  That’s right everybody, I’m BACK!:)  I can’ even begin to tell you all how happy that makes me and what a relief this is.  I have literally been “waiting to exhale” aka waiting to allow myself to be really happy/excited about my new living situation until I worked out this one little.. but very important..aspect.  Any good feelings I was having were overshadowed by the thoughts “yeah..but the job..ugh:(” Which SUCKED because I REALLY LOVE living here, and I love EVERYTHING ABOUT my new place.. and now I can finally celebrate..waaahhooo!!!:)  I will have to save my long list of reasons why I love living here for another day tho.. Just know it’s perfect for me:)

So long story short (or not so short) this what happened.. When I moved in here they told me that I only had 1 choice for internet and tv.  Verizon and DirecTv.  Apparently the building and these companies have some sort of deal going on..lame.  But I really didn’t care, tv is tv and internet is internet, as long as the prices are around the same for what I’m used to paying, who cares?  Now I have lived in 6 different locations since I started webcamming, and I never had any problems with my speed/connecting.  I even lived in a barn on a fucking horsefarm down a mile long driveway for 8 months and never had any issues there!  So imagine my surprise when I call Verizon, cut thru their bullshit deals they were trying to push on me, tell them “I just want the fastest and best” then discover their “fastest, best” was SLOW AS SHIT!  It reminded me of internet from like 1995 LOL..  I could barely download movies from Itunes let alone webcam. (the upload speed was about 1mpbs and UPLOAD SPEED was 0.36 FYI) Now I knew this couldn’t be right and spent a lot of time on the phone with Verizon.   To add to my frustration about not being able to work was not being able to have an intelligent conversation with anybody I talked to there.  One time I sat on hold for 42 mins then when someone finally picked up I said, politely in a nice voice “OMG would u believe I just sat on hold for 42 mins?!” and the repty I got back was “ma’am, can you confirm your address and DOB?” FUCK U BITCH aren’t u supposed to at least give me the typical patronizing  “I do apologize about that ma’am but we are experiencing a high call volume, how may I help u?” LOL!  And one time I got transfered to 8 diff people in 1 hour. They all asked me to confirm EVERY FUCKING DETAIL ABOUT MYSELF.. then I would start to ask my question.. “DO YOU HAVE FASTER SPEED INTERNET IN MY AREA, YES OR NO?” and I’d get a reply like “Can you confirm your Mother’s maiden name ma’am?” then put me back on hold..grrr!!  This went on for DAYS, an entire week.  Over a 2 day period I spent 6 hours on the phone w Verizon.  Not one person sounded like they knew what they were talking about.  Then I had EVERYBODY making suggestions to me.  Some were helpful, most were not.  But this is a topic I know NOTHING about so I had to check out every single suggestion made to me, and I do appreciate all of the help you all offered me, I really do!  It’s def the thought that counts..and alls well that ends well:)

But after 2 weeks of not finding a solution, I was starting to feel helpless and hopeless:(  I dunno if you guys could tell or not, but I was getting VERY depressed!  I’ll make a confession here..I spent every dime I had on this move.  You know how charges on your credit card don’t always go thru until the next day?  Well that day I paid my old apartment off (full rent) then I wrote a check for $3500 for my new place (1st months rent+a bunch of bullshit deposit/charges, whatever..) then I spent $650 on the movers, etc.. My first night in my new place I got a full tank of gas for my SUV, I got some groceries and dogfood.  The next day all of those charges hit and I had negative $600 in the bank.  Now I know that’s very irresponsible of me to do and not a good place to be in, but I wasn’t sweatin it, I thought “I’ll hop on webcam tmrw and make more money. I’ll be good in a week or two..” then this all happens.  So now you can see another reason why I was depressed/panicking! I’m sitting in a house with slow ass internet, no tv, all of my stuff in boxes, no money in the bank, no money coming in.. and I’m thinking.. “a couple weeks ago I was in beautiful, safe Orange County with some money in the bank, a solid job, etc.. what have I done?!”  Some of you may be thinking “OMG girl it was 3 weeks, you’re so dramatic!”  And you are RIGHT!  And I knew at the time when I was really letting this all effect me that I would laugh about it when I finally found a solution, and I always try to remain a positive person, but as the more time passed the more worried I got..

But I ended up finding another company that offers me internet that’s fast..enough.  I say it like that because it’s not super fast. (download speed between 1.5-4mbps and UPLOAD speed always around 1.1) And I think I have found a “Plan B”.. (more like Plan mother fucking Z by now) I have been testing my speeds at  They offer “internet for businesses” so I called them up.  The guy looked up my area and told me he could offer me “Almost the same speed that you’re getting now but completely reliable.  The company you are with now the speed might be effected by things like weather or how many people in ur area are on at the time” which doesn’t sound good LOL.  Only catch is they are $350 a month.. YOWZA!  I think I usually pay around $70.. and that’s a LOT.  But if I must I will, because I’d rather be paying that much and making money than not!  I just wish I wouldn’t of had to go thru all of that to get HERE.. but I guess that doesn’t matter now.


What matters is I am back on the internet and  am back on my webcam..waaahhhooo!!:)

So if you have been missin me and want a pvt, cum see me here:

and if you are new to CamModels, plz sign up your new account thru my page, I get a credit for every new person I sign up!:)

I’m also back to doin feature shows for my lovely members..thanx for being so patient with me guys!  Next show is Wednesday, I have it posted on the calendar;)

I love you all and I hope you’re having a great weekend!!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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