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Update on the Daily Drama That is My Life

Hey there everybody, I know (hope) some of you have been missing me and wondering what I have been up to and when I will “officially” be back online.  I have been posting about it a little bit on my Twitter, but I thought a blog would be best to tell you all exactly whats going on here.  I apologize in advance, this blog post had no exciting girl on girl stories or pussy pics.  Like I said a couple weeks ago, it can’t always be rainbows and buttplugs (just most of the time;)

So a week ago this Saturday I moved from quiet, perfectly manicured, safe but extremely boring
Orange County to the city.  Where exactly?  Why does it matter?  There are enough stalkers and craziest out there for me to ever give away my exact location of course, but let’s just say I am in the heart of the city and I love it!  I love everything about it!

My first day here I got to fulfill a fantasy of mine I have always wanted to do but never got to.. I woke up and WALKED to a Starbucks and a little cafe and got breakfast!  Where I lived before and have always lived is more like quiet suburban areas where I couldn’t really walk to ANYTHING so this was BIG for me!  I love listening to the sounds of the city at night, I love being high up and being able to look down on all of the activity below, I love living closer to my friends and closer to the valley.  This means I can now make it to early call times (for photoshoots) and casting calls.  Before I had to turn down a lot of work because I just lived too far away!  In other words..more porn opportunities!:)  I can keep listing all of the reasons why I love where I live..there are MANY!  But what I really want to tell you guys about is the one thing I do NOT like that is really fucking everything up for me right now sigh..

My internet connection is so slow here that I can not webcam on it.  I know, I thought that was crazy too..I’m in the city, not in the middle of  I was given 1 choice for internet service here..Verizon.. and I’m not even going to get into all of the stress I went thru spending about 5 hours one day on the phone and then on Twitter with them trying to figure out the most basic of things.  But as of now, I have the connection speed of a turtle and it’s like 1995 all over again when I surf the net..yeah, it’s THAT BAD.  It has really depressed me so much and I am so upset, I need to start working again and making money or I won’t be able to live here long!  I was so excited and motivated setting up my new studio space, and I really like this studio way better than my last two, it has such potential to be a really cool spot!  Until I connected to the internet.. then it was like it crushed my heart:'(  ..And I don’t even want to think of having to move to another apartment.. I do not have the money or sanity left for that.  Plus, like I said.. I love it here!  Ugh, I’m getting all upset just typing this out..:(

I am trying to stay positive and keep telling myself there HAS TO be a solution.  I haven’t found one yet but I have found a temporary solution.. my friend Porno Dan is going to let me use his webcam studio!  We only have 1 day set in stone for sure so far, this Sunday (tomorrow) from 12-3 I’ll be in freechat on Streamate, and I will be starting out with a partychat!:)

Dan says we can discuss the rest of the week schedule when I get there.  I told him I would literally take ANY time that it is free, so as long as I’m not bothering him or inconveniencing him in any way.  He is so sweet to have offered and I’m so grateful, I just don’t want to overstay my welcome or take advantage of someone’s kindness, ya know?

I am also kinda nervous about camming from there and realize it has to be a very temporary situation for many reasons.  Some of the biggest reasons are I’m nervous about camming on equip I’m not used to, I have been using the same lights/camera for 8 years now..He obv uses his set up there for way different things than I will be using it for so I am hoping I can figure that all out and still give my customers the same quality and show that they’re used to.  If it IS decent, I am hoping I can do a feature show for my members this week from there!  Again, I’m just not sure when yet, but I will know Sunday night when I get home, and I will post my webcam schedule here:

I haven’t always stuck to my sched posted on my bio at Streamate and it never really mattered to me since I worked from home and could log on at any time, but I will now most def be sticking to it STRICTLY FYI!)

and the feature show time on my calendar, like I always do. Here:

So I will let you all know what times I will be on cam this week form Dan’s studio.  I hope to see as many of you on Sunday in my chatroom, I need you all to be there for many reasons!  Like I said I’ll be starting my session off with a “partychat” which is a 10min show that will only cost the chatters $10.  So you have no excuse not to buy in and jerk off with me;)

And everybody plz plz send me good vibes and good thoughts. Plz picture me doing a near future feature show from my own webcam studio in my new apartment and smiling and telling you all “phew! I’m so glad all of that drama is over with! I can’t believe I let it upset me so much!” Because right now, I need all of the help I can get!

And speaking of help, I am in great need of some necessities for my new place that I obv just can’t afford rt now.  Stuff like cleaning supplies, dog stuff, a wardrobe to hold my clothes from Ikea (the closets are so small here, I could chose to either fit my shoes or my clothes in my closet..I went with shoes hehe) patio furniture, etc.. Any giftcards from amazon, Ikea or Home Depot would be GREATLY appreciated (you guys know I must be desperate because I never do this hehe) and rewarded with signed smut magazines, panties, or a trial membership to if ur not already a member. 😉

I hope you all are having a great weekend!!

And of course I wasn’t actly gna post such a long blog without posting a pic of my pussy!;)

I love you all!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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My Week

This was my last week to not only pack up my entire apartment into boxes, and work as much as I can, but to enjoy this area and soak up everything I love about it because I’m moving this weekend!  Ahhhhh!

Instead I spent the entire week since Sunday afternoon SICK SICK SICK in bed! Booo!!! I’m still sick but time is up, I guess I gotta get outta bed+get to work! What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?

I have been trying to go the natural, holistic route all week, which usually works for me!  But not so much this time.. (I’m sure it HELPED, but I still feel like crap!) This is the 1st time Throat Coat tea didn’t make my throat feel all better, even when I had strep! WTF! (cue the “I’ll coat your throat and make you feel better!” jokes..) So now I am getting my sick ass up and going to the store to get some DRUGS!  I’m thinking/hoping DayQuil will make me feel human enough to do the work I need to do today!  Starting with boxing up a bunch of stuff and carrying the boxes out to my car.. ugh I wish I had help for all of this:(

So that’s what’s up with me guys!  Sorry I don’t have anything more positive or fun to say, but hey, it can’t all be rainbows and buttplugs!:)

I AM excited/nervous/scared about my new place tho!  It’s a big move for me and the puppy.. we are moving to the CITY!   I will be a lot closer to porn valley+where most of the jobs I’ve had to turn down because I live so far away, so I’m stoked about that!!:)  Who knows what the rest of the year will bring, but whatever it is, I’m ready for it!!

I hope you all are having a better week than me!  I really wish I could of spent all week on webcam playing with you all, esp since I’m not sure how long it will take me to set everything back up and get all connected and ready to work from my new place.. I am hoping just a few days.. I will have to buy a new desk for my new studio, since this old one is ghetto and def not gna make the move (it’s already falling apart! Everything in my webcam studio gets used HARD until it breaks LOL!) I have Geek Squad coming over Tuesday to help me set everything up, just in case I need help (which will be most likely knowing me!) So hopefully I will be able to do next Wednesday’s feature webcam show.. but we just have to wait and see!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Woo Hoo It’s TITTY TUESDAY Again!!:)

So in my last blog post I said that I wasn’t going to post any more pics from the day I shot with Charity Bangs until the scene is posted but guess what?!  I LIED!  So what r u gna do about it.. spank me?!:)

Happy Titty Tuesday everyone!

For many of us I think it probably feels like a Monday.. Hope your weekend was good tho!:)  And I hope this hot pic from my shoot last week starts your week off right, and gets you excited about the upcoming scene!:)

Love from Aaliyah Love😉 XOXO <3

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I Kissed Charity Bangs and I Liked It!

I have been on a roll lately getting offers and booked for all sorts of awesomely hot girl/girl scenes!  It seems like shoots like this come in waves for me, and once I shoot with one big company, I get all sorts of offers!  I am loving the attention and I’m trying to fit in as many as I can into my schedule and still find time to webcam 4-5 days a week, prepare for my upcoming move and train my new puppy..phew!  My life is NEVER boring!:)

Last week I did a shoot for the Pussy Eating Club.  (As a card carrying member of the unofficial pussy eating club for years now, I’m glad they finally gave me a call!:) As usual, I asked for the “trade” instead of the pay for the scene, so I will also be posting it here on for all of my sweet members to enjoy:)  I was super excited when this company asked me to send them a list of girls I’d like to work with.  I’ve sent out lists like this before but never heard back or got booked with ANY girl I requested, so at this point I just felt it’s something the companies do to humor you, or to see if you’d respond, or, who knows?  So I sent them my list.. 2 days later the 1st girl on my list is booked for a girl/girl shoot with me!  OMG..really? But after she checked her sched it turns out she couldn’t make it.. so, guess what?  They booked the fourth girl on my list later that day!

And it was the sexy Charity Bangs..

Isn’t she hot?!:)  We actually met awhile back (the day I shot the 5 Girl Orgy and the Home Alone scenes that were both recently posted) at a studio.  She was shooting a BJ scene and I was getting ready to use the space when she was done (yep, sloppy seconds! LOL!) and we got along right away when we met!  She’s such a cutie and fairly new to porn (fresh MEAT!) so I’m glad to of caught her before she becomes a huge big name pornstar and forgets all about lil ole me! heheh:)



..and we had lots of fun!;)  And that’s all the teasers you’re going to get from this scene until it’s posted next month!

I have to say I think the girl/girl scenes posted here at this year have all been so mind blowingly hot and fun to shoot!  I love that you guys watch me have all of this fun with my sexy girlfriends!   Just you wait what I have planned for the rest of the year!;)

BTW did everyone have a good Labor Day weekend?  Tell me about it!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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