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Silhoutte Video Teaser

Last time I was in Vegas I brought my flip cam and had some fun shooting all sorts of behind the scenes videos!  I had some freetime waiting for the photograher and makeup artist to show up, so I shot this vid on the balcony of the Blazing Bucks loft.. I was just experimenting and playing around with silhouettes and I really like how it turned out!  (the camera angle could be a little bit better, but hey, it’s totally amateur!;)

Here is a teaser..I hope you like!  I will be posting the entire video in my “PODS personal vids” section inside my member’s area soon!:)


[flowplayer itemprop="photo" src=’′ width=480 height=270]

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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People Will Believe What They Want..

I just had a good talk w my exbf turned good friend.   We dated back when I was 17-18.  Turns out he has this memory of me saying to him “I didn’t get into porn to spite you, I got into porn because of you” and it’s “All his fault” that I am “what I am” now.

But the funny thing is I never said that and I started webcaming months after we broke up+it had nothing to do with him, had to do with a debt to the DMV LOL! But people will believe what they want to believe. I let him keep his fantasy…

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Introducing Bear

By now most of you know that 2 weeks ago I got myself a brand new baby puppy!  But I haven’t had the time to upload some pics of him+post a blog until now..Here he is!! Isn’t he ADORABLE?:)



His full name is Teddy Bear Love but I don’t like the name Ted or Teddy for a doggy so I just call him Bear for short.  He is a 10 week old PeekaPom (half Pekingese..ya know, the short dogs with the long hair, cartoon character large eyes and flat piggy noses.. and half Pomeranian..ya know, the tiny little yappy dogs that look little fluffballs) and it took me awhile to find a male PeekaPom that was all black.  I searched for an hour or two every single day for about a month until I found one!  So when I found this little guy finally, I knew he was meant to be mine!

When when I found out he was located in San Jose (about 400 miles form where I live) I decided to just hit the road (around 1:30pm too! I took my time LOL) and go pick up my puppy!  Needless to say, it was a eventful and exciting drive!  Check this out:

So this happened right in front of me!  I was pulling up just as the cops were shutting down the road and the smoke and small flames started.. I was pissed because those 2 cars pulled in front of me, but when the fire turned into a series of explosions, it seemed like we ALL were WAY too close and wishing there was a way to back up/get the hell outta there!  The black smoke was burning my throat/eyes the way the smog in LA does LOL!

Eventually the firetrucks came and put it out, but we were sitting there watching one hell of a show for a good 30-40mins.  When I finally did get to drive past, guess what it was?! One of those trucks that carries cars.. it was full of cars..about 10 or so..and the last 4 cars on the end were MELTED from about the back of the front seats was seriously one of the craziest things I ever saw!  I tried to get a pic for you guys but it turned out too blurry because I was trying to hurry up and get back on the road as fast as I could!

I wasted so much time and gas sitting there watching the pyrotechnics that I had to pull over at the next gas station.  Luckily it was the next stop up.  I started filling my gas tank up, then I looked up and saw this and almost had a heart attack!



Holy crap!  But it was all worth it when I finally picked up my little baby.. he was just a tiny little ball of black fur, all scared and shaking.. I loved him the minute I saw him!:)


Here’s Bear in his bed on the long drive home!  I sped the entire way and we got home by 1:30am. My GPS said 2:45am. boo-yah!:)  He sat in my lap for the first hour then I made him sit in his bed.  He was so well behaved he stayed put the entire time.  He hasn’t been that well behaved since LOL!

I already have soooo many pics of him I wasn’t sure how many I should post in this blog!  I don’t want to become one of those porn girls that only talks about/posts pics of her puppy!  So if you guys haven’t noticed I have been alternating talking about him and posting XXX pics on my Twitter to level it all out LOL!

But here’s one of the cutest pics of him I have!  He’s such a naughty little monster right now but then he gives me THAT face and all is forgiven!:)

I’m glad I finally got some time to share those stories and pics with you guys!  Don’t worry, it def won’t be the last time I post adorable pics of Bear hehe:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Shyla Jennings is Yummy!:)

Oh wow I just realized which scene is going live here at this week!  It’s the “Aaliyah Loves Shyla” pic/vid set (plus solo sets of both of us as an added bonus!)


Here a couple teaser like?:)  I already told you guys all about this scene during my last member’s webcam show.  I told you how hot Shyla was and how she was SUCH a good kisser puuurrr!!  I really think this is going to be the hottest girl/girl scene on my website yet!:) I can’t wait to read all of the member’s comments on this one!


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Happy Titty Tuesday From Barbie

I just love this pic it makes me LOL! This is my blank Barbie look, get it?  Oops, how did I end up here and what happened to my clothes?:)



This is from an upcoming scene shot by Tammy Sands for Twistys and!:)  We had a LOT of fun with this scene!:)

Happy Titty Tuesday my fellow freaks and pervs!  I hope you like my pic;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Titty Tuesday Cheki Style

Happy #Titty Tuesday everyone!:)  Today’s pic comes from a photoshoot I did with Cheki Noir last week.  Check my last blog post for some behind the scenes pics from this day:)

Let’s make today an awesome one!:) When you start your day off with boobies, how can it be that bad?:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Sneek Peek Pics From Photoshoot w Cheki Noir

Last week I had a really fun time shooting with Cheki Noir!  We did another Japanese girl inspired, Gothic/Lolita themed shoot and I think the pics came out great!  Actly, I don’t have any official pics to show you guys yet, I am still waiting for Cheki to send me some samples (we just shot a couple days ago, these things take time!  Esp since we shot real Polaroid pics and he has to scan them into his computer one at a time!) But I do have a couple behind the scenes pics I took with my phone to share with you guys!:)

This piano was such an awesome touch, I really want to shoot with it more!  We discovered later how reflective it and the bench I was sitting on turned out to be in the pics.  We got some awesomely artistic but at the same time kinky pics of my spread pussy reflecting in the bench.. awesome!:)

I loved the wig and dress so much I wore them home and did a member’s webcam show in them!   This is a pic of me sitting in rush hour traffic on the way home trying to keep calm but hoping I would make it home on time!

Here’s some of the art we created that day!  If you click on the pics it becomes bigger BTW!  Check out the super spooky black and white pics on the left.. they are both of our favs!  I look like a ghost in those pics I think.. soo cool!:)

I hope to have more pics from this shoot for you guys soon!

You can follow Cheki on Twitter at @ChekiNoir

Also, here are 2 blog posts+some pics form the last time Cheki and I got together:

I hope you all are having an awesome week!:) Cya Wednesday at the free member’s webcam show?

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3



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Random Confessions #4 Damn Buttplug!!

I have a ritual I go thru everyday to transform myself into the webcamslut who is “down for whatever” that you all know and love:)

About 15mins before my login time, I insert a buttplug, just to “warm up” my butt and prepare it for a long day of “Ass Fuck Schoolgirl” shows:)  Then do the last minute things I need to do to get ready..grab a drink, wash my dildos, pick out an outfit..

But somewhere between walking around with that plug in my ass rubbing all of my most sensitive areas and looking at the toys as I’m lining them up on the bed, I always get super horny and decide to masturbate.  Sometimes it takes 5 mins, but more times than not, 1 orgasm isn’t enough for me and it takes longer.. 20 mins, 40 mins.. an HOUR!

So if you see me post on Twitter “I’m about to log on in 5mins!” then you don’t hear from me for awhile, then I log on super late.. you know why;)

Can you blame me?!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Funny WebcamSlut Faces and Photoshoot Tomorrow

I just wanted to share this with you guys because it totally had me cracking up! member and overall cool dude @goldengamingod has a blog where he promotes all of the hottest porn/webcam girls, including me!  One of my fav parts are the screencaps of my weekly feature webcam shows. (the hour long webcam shows I do weekly that are free for all members)

This blog post was about the funny faces us girls get caught making sometimes on camera!  When I saw the caption I thought “oh no.. he’s gna post up some super embarrassing unflattering pics!” But actly they’re super funny and totally made me laugh!



The rest of the blog post with other girl’s funny faces can be found here:

Speaking of looking funny.. my next feature webcam show is tomorrow night from 7-8pm PST!  I hope to see all of my awesome members there!!  I have a photoshoot with @ChekiNoir during the day and we plan on doing a Gothic/Lolita themed photoshootthat involves this super awesome black and white dress and black wig with pigtails that I plan on wearing home and during the webcam show!  This should be fun:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Happy Titty Tuesday!:)

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Titty Tuesday this week than to post up a brand new pic from a scene I am very proud of!  This scene was shot by Tammy Sands a couple weeks ago.  It will be going up on and here at very shortly.. But until then, I’m going to tease you guys with some of my fav pics from this set!:)


YAY boobies!  I hope everyone has an awesome Tuesday and an awesome week!!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps0the more of a response I get, the faster I will be convinced to post more naughty pics from this set;)

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