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Asian Girl Poses

This is one of my new fav websites!  OMG a blog dedicated to people from all over the world practicing the cutest “asian girl poses”..  Loves it!!:)  I’ll have to see if I have any “non-nudes” to submit!  (Prob not tho LOL)

Here’s one of the easiest and my fav asian girl poses.

I took this pic at my photoshoot with Tammy Sands for Twistys on Monday during some “down time.”  Photoshoots usually have lots of downtime, so sometimes I like to take naughty pics of myself and send them to people.. Who got this pic?  I’ll never tell:)

Here I am doing the exact same pose!  It’s like I’m a 1 trick pony or something hehe.. Somebody should teach em how to model!

I have a lot more fun behind the scenes pics I took with my phone that day!  I will be slowly teasing..I mean uploading/posting them through out the week/weekend so check back here soooon!:)

Have a good night everyone.  Remember, it’s still HUMP DAY for a couple more hours!  Make them count!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Pics From My Prom Night

Ahh prom night.. it was everything I expected, and more!  I could tell you, but just take a look at these pics to see what I mean..



LOL  actly, they were shot a couple weeks ago by Ric Young in Vegas!  This whole scene turned out way better than I pictured it in my head!  Ric Young really is a genius when it comes to taking pics!:)


Obv not your typical set, but that may be one of the reasons I like it so much!:)



I really think you guys are gna like this scene too.. it includes a behind the scenes vid that’s an hour long!  We took 995 pics with this set, it was SO HARD to narrow them down!!:)  I can’t wait to post it!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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Titty Tuesday

Twisty’s titties!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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So I was just going thru some of the scenes and pic sets that were posted here at earlier this year and late last year and I fell in love with this set, “Girl in a Box” all over again!

So I wanted to refresh everyone’s memory and remind them how hot this set was:)




BTW you guys sometime today (check my Twitter for the exact time..depends on when I wake up, how long it takes me to do boring errands, and how long it takes me to get pretty+set everything up) I’ll be trying out this new feature at Streamate called party chat!  They only selected a handful of girls to try it out with their biggest fans, so I thought I’d ask you all to cum chat/play w me tmrw!

Apparently it’s awesome for the girls because they’re making more money than usual AND they get to set exactly how long the pvt shows is gna be..which is kinda nice sometimes, so you know exactly how long you have to get off+get everyone else off!:)  It’s also awesome for the chatters because EVERYONE is contributing to one $ goal set by the model, so they are paying a lot LESS, and one lump sum, to get a much longer show than usual..pretty fucking genius if you ask me!:)

For those that don’t know my pvt chat I do at Streamate are seperate form my website here, so if youw ant to take part in the fun today, you have to sign up and get ready for me at

cya guys there!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Hawaiian #Titty Tuesday

ALOHA everybody!  Just because I’m on vaca in Hawaii don’t think I was going to forget about Titty Tuesday!!!:)

Here are some fun pics from the time I went to Hawaii with Ashley Steel!

Needless to say, I had a blast at the nude beach!  I started getting naked the second we got there!

We had a little photoshoot at the beach, with Ashley as the photographer and me as the crazy naked girl running around causing a scene!  It was funnnnn:)

And yes, there were lots of people at the beach that day!:)

I hope to get more nude beach pics for you guys this time!  In fact, I hope I am at the nude beach taking pics as you read this blog!:)

Have a great week everyone!  I will be back Tuesday next week, just in time for more titty tuesday blog posts yay!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Random Confessions #1

So just like the “Noob Files” (and a couple other new ideas I have up my sleeve!) I have thought up another fun topic that can be a normal staple here on my little blog.. it’s simply called “Random Confessions” and I think that’s all of the explanation you need!  Sometimes I’ll post just one random thought, or many.. but since today is the first time I’d like to start off with a bang and post a few!


2nd day on the job of webcaming I freaked out and told customer I’d call the cops on him!  I got in big trouble and almost fired!


In the spirit of this week’s scene update, I will admit that I HAVE masturbated to Bill Clinton, lots of times!  And I bet lots of girls have!  He’s the sexiest. president. ever.


And I’m so ashamed of this, but I can’t sit in an airport for more than like 30 mins before I HAVE to get some fast food!  McDonalds!  Esp if it’s in the morning I get THREE hashbrowns and I cover them in salt and 2 apple pies and devour them like it’s my last meal!  So scandalous!:)


Ok what’s YOUR random confession?  Come on, don’t be shy!:)

I’ll be back in 1 week to read all of your answers.. the funniest one gets a surprise from me!!  What is it? I can’t tell you.. duh, it’s a SURPRISE!:)

Have a great week everyone!:)I love you all!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Noob Files:Fake Photographer Noob

OMFG you guys I can’t believe I haven’t posted this gem yet!  This exchange of emails with this major NOOB is what actually inspired me to start the NOOB FILES.

I swear this is all true. I know it seems way too idiotic to be true, but sadly, it’s all copied verbatim from my email.  Yeah, I was pretty amazed myself.


Let me just start this story off by giving you guys some back story: I recently joined a website for photographers and models to exchange ideas, post their work, etc.  I had been going back and forth with someone who I did my homework on and I knew he was a “real” aka professional photographer.  We were in the middle of setting up a specific time/place to shoot, and I gave him my yahoo email to contact me on.  SO when I got THIS email, I assumed it was THAT GUY.  Normally I get emails like this on a pretty normal basis and I just delete them, but in my defense, I thought I was talking with someone else!:)

I absolutely love your look.  I just finished reading your profile and am really interested in figuring out a way to do a shoot with you.  I’m just starting to build a portfolio in this genre since photography has been a hobby of mine but I want to take it to the next level.  I’ve got two shoots currently scheduled. The type of shoots I’m starting to do are like the MetArt, Maxim style, but I’ve got some of my own preferences from that.  I will say that you have some of the greatest curves and that’s my weakness.  Plus you have one of the most genuinely nice faces I’ve ever seen… I’ve just got to believe you are a genuinely nice person.  I’m trying right now to meet good people that I can work with.  Even if you and I can’t get it worked out, maybe you can refer me on to some others that could.
Since you like strong shoulders… here’s a few pics of me.  I’m a genuinely nice guy who loves to kiss… that part of your profile struck a cord with me.  Hope to hear back from you soon.  Hope you like the pics…
Paul Childress

<attached are 5 pics of him, from his naked chest, him flexing his arms, and his penis! Yup, he asks me to work with him, refer him to my other model friends, and then sends me a cock pic! WOW!>

my reply:

WTF is wrong with you? I would never work with a photographer that sends me naked pics of himself.. that’s really not professional!

God I feel really bad about this… I can’t say sorry enough.  I really am a nice guy and I want to do this professionally.  I have a partner and we are setting the business up now.  I can see how I shouldn’t have sent you those pics.  It’s not like I thought in any way I had some kind of “chance” with you and I definitely didn’t send them for that reason.  I did really like what your profile mentioned and it came across as you being just a genuinely nice person, which struck a chord with me.   We are starting to put together content for the site and what we are looking for is artistic explicit nude.  No penetration, toys, nothing like that.  As I said, we are going for the femjoy, metart kind of style, though we do have a few differences.  So far we have worked with two models… nothing but professional.
Anyway, I’m really sorry.

LOL again! If you were a good guy, you wouldn’t have to go around telling people “I really am a good guy”  I have a feeling your shoot will be NOTHING like a professional, Maxim, Met-Art style shoot.  You sent me cock pics dude. Then you use my bio as a reason for thinking I’d enjoy getting naked pics along with a business discussion?  (which bio, the one on my porn website?  Because my modeling bio on <website> for photographers says nothing about my sexual preferences, why would I discuss that with photographer, people I’m looking to do genuine business with?)
Also, who are the 2 models you have worked with? I’d like to ask them how professional your photoshoots were.  I am getting the feeling that you don’t even know the definition of the word?
The fact that I have to explain any of this to you just proves to me that you don’t GET IT and you’re not just wasting my time, another creeper on the internet.. I will however make the most of our little exchange, I think I’m gna post this on my blog so me and my friends can all have a good laugh at you!;)  And so other models are warned about you.  This is NOT cool!
Go ahead, post your blog I don’t mind.  Again I am really sorry and I just…
he goes on to tell me how professional he is and how his shoots are so blah blah blaaaa…


I mean, I get why random noobs send me cock pics, but a photographer?   Can you imagine interviewing someone for a job and having them just sneak into the conversation about “how much they like to kiss and BTW here’s my junk” LOL!
I think this guy just earned the title of HEAD DOUCHE..
Biggest. Noob. Ever!
Aaliyah Love XOXO <3
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