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Vegas Pics

Hey there Aaliyah Love fans, how was your Memorial Day weekend?  I know some of you are anxiously awaiting the blog posts+pics I promised after this week’s shoot in Vegas..  I’m still downloading and sorting thru all of the candid pics and behind the scene vids I took, plus trying to coerce a couple more pics out of Ric young, the photographer, every single day hehe:)  I took way more video and personal pics this time than all of the other times combined!  Ok, that may be exaggerating a little.. but I took a lot LOL..

Here’s 3 fun pics I took from the balcony, where I sat naked for a good portion of the trip!


This is my view around noontime, it was so hot and dry it felt sooo good!:)


My view around sunset.


Vegas at night!

Isn’t it beautiful?:)  There’s only 3 places where I get giddy and extremely happy like a little kid anymore.. that’s going home to see my family, Disneyland, and Vegas!

We shot for 3 days straight (ok, we shot for 2 days straight then recovered and limped around Ric’s house the last day!) and got some really awesome stuff this time!  I can’t wait to share more with you guys..and I promise I will sooon!

I leave for Hawaii in exactly one week so I am going to have to get everything I want to say off of my chest and everything crossed off of my to do list so I can relax with a clear concious on my vaca!:)

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend?

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Things I’m Currently Obsessing Over

I thought posting this on a Friday would be a great start to the weekend!  A little list of things that make me smile, hopefully it will make you smile while reading it!  I wanted to call it “Things I Love” but it’s more of an obsession, really..

1.Japan Store

Right next to the place where I take my yoga classes is a “Japan Lifestyle” store.  I love it when I get to yoga a little early so I can browse around this place, it always puts a smile on my face!

Plus all of their Hello Kitty stuff is way cheaper than other places, apparently they aren’t aware of the 700% markup on everything Hello Kitty that most other stores believe in haha

Wall of Hello Kitty!  This always makes me SMILE!:)


They even have little kitchen sponges, toilet bowl cleaners, etc with smiling faces on them.. how cool is that?!  Super kawaii!:)

2. The model Mosh!

So I have always really admired this girl for being an amazing model!  She was always on my list of fav models with other girls like Masuimi Max and Apnea.  But my admiration has become close to obsession and if you follow my Tumblr page you will see I end up posting almost as many pics of her as I do myself!  I was lucky enough to find a Tumblr fan page dedicated to her that keeps all of the original watermarks on the pics and even links back to her website a lot so I feel ok reposting them!  Here’s a couple:

I think she has such a pretty face, I’m jealous of her perfect bangs, she seems to be in total control over every part of her body and face at all times!

The reason why I like her so much is because she can pose her ass off!  She is so flexible and so creative, her poses are so twisted and awkward looking..and yet they are always soft and beautiful looking!

ok ok, one more..

This is one of my fav pics of her!  Can you say HOT?!

So now you guys see why she’s become my new obsession.. I really admire models like her and would even consider her to be a role model!  I want to be like Mosh when I grow up!:)

oh yeah, the link to my Tumblr is

in case you were wondering:)

3.Sea Snax

Since I can’t eat sushi that much anymore due to getting mercury poisoning a couple months ago, I decided to try these one day while stalking the sushi counter at Whole Foods (hey, habits die hard!)  I know it looks weird, and at first I was also weary, but now I can’t get enough of it!  All it is is dried sheets of seaweed with just a tiny bit of Olive Oil and sea salt.  The front of the package says “strangely addicting!” and let me just tell you, they are right!  I have discovered that however many packages of Sea Snax I buy is however many will get eaten THAT NIGHT before I go to bed!  I mean, I DEVOUR this stuff!  It’s a little crunchy and a little salty and a little bit like sushi.. what’s not to like?:)

BTW.. you all need to go out and try yourself a bag of Sea Snax.. trust me!:)


I dunno why but ever since I saw a huge white owl fly over my dog and I a couple months ago, and it was such a quiet peaceful moment that I feel like it was a pretty amazing experience, I have been kinda obsessed with owls!  Then, I started following this tumblr:

and some of the pics they post are soo fuckin cute!

like here is a random pic I took off of their front page.. I don’t even like purses like this, but with the owls on it, it makes it very vintagey, and kitchey, and suddenly, I want it!  What is that?!

Don’t worry guys, I won’t start collecting those crochet owls that everyone has on their walls in the 1970’s, I like kitchey and cheesy, but even I’m not THAT cheesy LOL!

(And I realize this wasn’t my first reference to Tumblr in this blog post.. perhaps my next installment of Things I’m Currently Obsessing Over I will list Tumblr?  Hmm..)

oh yeah, then I was looking for things that are brown+just the right shade of “Tiffany blue” for my living room of my dreams (I say dreams because I can’t afford it rt now, but online window shopping sure is fun!) and I find this pillow..

OMG OMG I think I just creamed my pants, I don’t know why, but I feel like my life won’t be complete until I own this pillow!  Not only is it the PERFECT colors for my living room, but it is fucking awesome!  Amazon says it’s out of stock, but went ahead and I ordered one doesn’t charge your credit card until they deliver the item so it’s all good.. But rarely have I ever seen an item on amazon go out of stock come back into stock.. (yeah, I’m a mother fuckin amazon expert!:) But I am keeping my fingers crossed because I am starting to become obsessed with owls.. they’re cool!

So.. now I want to hear all about your obsessions.. Have you discovered anything new and cool in your life lately?

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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I’ll never forget the first time I logged onto the internet.  The computer screen was blue and my Dad helped me log on thru DOS.  The modem took about 3 mins to connect and made all sorts of funny noise.  But then after a short wait..there it was.. What the fuck IT was I had no idea..none of us did!  I remember seeing a chatroom full of scrolling text.  Me and my Dad typed something like “HEYY EVERYBODY OUT THERE! SO WHERE IS EVERYBODY FROM? WE ARE FROM ILLINIOS.” and got a reply back “please turn your caps lock off, it’s like yelling in here!” Wtf did they mean by HERE?  I pictured an actual room, because up till then, HERE was an actual physical SOMEWHERE.  Screaming?  I pictured someone repeating my words over a loud intercom.. but if they could hear that intercom, shouldn’t I be able to to??  Well, whatever.. We continued to type in caps lock for months, completely unaware, LOL!

The day I discovered BBSs and I realized I could spend all day meeting people cooler than the lame-Os I went to school with and I WAS HOOKED.  And I mean HOOKED.  Half of the fights me and my Dad used to get into were over the phone bill.. because the internet took up the phone line at the time..remember?

I also remember internet dating BEFORE THERE WAS INTERNET DATING!  My first kiss came from the internet.  So did my first a lot of other things!  I was a 7th grader dating 9th graders from 2 towns over!!!  If only my classmates believed me maybe I wouldn’t of been such a dork.. My first serious boyfriend owned a BBS and he let me cheat at all of the games and I had “mod priveledges” in the chat rooms.. I WAS QUEEN OF THE BBS and it felt goooooood!

Back then the internet was so different, (remember AOL? .exe?) it was so noisy to log onto that it took 2 pillows and my down comforter wrapped around it plus me praying to God for my parents to please not hear it connect in the middle of the night.. I told you I was HOOKED!  (I can’t believe I thought God would help me sneak onto the internet late ant night hahaha) I would have to type 1 key at a time so slow so it would be silent..and I’d also be praying they wouldn’t pick up the phone..oh no not the phone!  It would be right after school and I would be in the middle of a hot and heavy chat with my boyfriend, or some other random chatter and my little brother would pick up the phone and BAM! connection gone!  Oh yeah, did I mention, I was also CYBERFUCKING at a very young age.. It was fucking amazing!  To discover that everyone else was just into masturbation as I was..  (the next 2 paragraphs have been edited.. let’s just say.. FUCKING AMAZING! )

Why am I telling you guys all of this?  Well it just occurred to me today that I have been cyberfucking strange men I meet on the internet for over 10 years now.. Since I was a little girl.   It never gets old it’s always exciting and mysterious and FUCKING AMAZING!!!

It’s no fucking wonder why I’ve been a webcam model for 8 years now when most girls don’t last 6 months!  It’s no wonder the obsession with being the best #webcamslut, knowing everything there is to know about how to make a man cum using only my camera, my keyboard, my words and my body..

I FUCKING LOVE IT! and I’m NOT GONNA STOP.   Not anytime soon.

I am so glad you guys feel the same way about me!  Or I’d be cybering with..myself? 🙂

Just one more little tidbit about ME I thought I’d share;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3 <—-this is where I “cyber” these days. 😉

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Titty Tuesday Colorful Titties!:)

Since last week was all about black and white titties, the absense of color, I thought I would make this #TittyTuesday all about COLORFUL TITTIES!

You have GOT to be a fan of color if you are a member of my website, or else my scenes would cause your eyeballs to pop out of your head!  and you have GOT to be a fan of titties, well, because everybody is a fan of titties.. that is a no-brainer!

Here’s the most colorful titty pics I could cum up with.. what do you think?

OMG I’m So Surprised You’re Looking At My Titties Titties

Purple Haze

Pink Smashed Together to Make Cleavage to Make You Think About Titty-Fucking Titties! (even tho they’re slightly hidden;)

more pink! of course in a blog post about COLOR there’s gna be a shitload of PINK if it’s on my blog!:)  This is a masturbation instruction scene, which is a crowd favorite here at

Sunshiney Titties!

OMG could this pic be any brighter?! All of the yellow makes me think of sunshine!  I couldn’t NOT post it in the colorful titties blog post!  This scene is very naughty, it ends with me stuffing my panties deep into my pussy then pulling it out with my own teeth!  And I stretch those little panties out very far holding on tight to them wit my pussy muscles and my mouth, it’s pretty impressive:)


Purple Pouty Titties

Don’t let the scowl fol you, I’m really happy.. I’m just trying to get my way with you!  and I think it’s gna work too!:)  I bet some of you were surprise dot see this pic.. I post pics form this scene a lot, because it’s one of my fav scenee, but I have never posted this one!  and it’s kind of different than most of the other pics in the scene, and one of only 3 pics where I’m not smiling.. so I thought, why not, switch it up!:)

another no-brainer when it comes to colorful titty pics! WOW sometimes I get a little extreme w the colors I am starting to realize this hehe!

Red Skulls Pin-up Girl Titties

another pic I’ve never posted form a very popular scene that is one of my all time favs scenes, and the color in this scene has a lot to do with that!  I’m stepping all over you in this pic, how does that make you feel? aaah don’t lie, you like it you pervert!:)

ok well I have about 100 more colorful titty pics I could post but I think I better stop there!  I have been giving an awful lot away for free lately.. I sure hope everyone appreciated it! #justsayin 😉 Ahh but the members know that all of the best stuff I save for the member’s area.. VIP mother fuckas!!!

So I think it would be fun if we all voted for our fav pic again.. just because it’s fun!:)

What is your fav colorful titty tuesday pic and why?

Mine is a tie between purple wig and skulls outfit!  I think purple wig wins just because I give the skulls pic a 9.5 instead of a 10.. it’s not a totally flattering pose for my body (but I was just trying to hold onto the fence and not fall into the cacti below and also not get a splinter up my ass!) and I also wish I could see a little bit more of the red hair, which you CAN see in other pics from this set!  It was one of the first scenes shot for this website and still one of my favs!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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100 Truths Part 2

Part 1 was quite the read huh?  This officially takes away my guilt for not posting any “long read” blog posts lately!:)  Now you guys know 100 useless facts about me!  Tell me some useless facts about yourself now..


53. First piercing? =ears

54. First best friend? =a girl named Amber. Her Mom was a huge pothead and we used to steal her pot from her LOL!

55. First sport you joined? = basketball. I’m 5’2″.  I wasn’t very good.  But what I lacked in skill I made up for in pure toughness.. I liked “checking girls” until I got pulled out of the game haha

56. First vacation? = every Summer my family would drive 4 hours to Baraboo Wisconsin to sleep in a tent, sit around a campfire, pick berries and ride in a boat for a that’s what I call luxurious living!:)

58. First time you left the country? does the Bahamas or Bermuda count? If not, I recently went to Montreal. I cant believe it took 26 years for me to leave the USA! Now that I have my passporte, watch out!:)


59. Eating.. nothing! and that is killin me because I’m a huge snacker, I’m always eating SOMETHING..all I can eat is mashed potatoes, smoothies and chocolate. I ran out of potatoes and I just finished off 2 smoothies. I am super hungry but it is a form of fasting (I’m still getting about 1000 calories a day somehow!) so I’m hoping to come out of this skinnier at least!:)

60. Drinking… hot tea-green tea, throat coat, echinacea mix

61. I’m about to…go to bed! But I am procrastinating. I don’t have to be up at any time since I’m taking the rest of the week off to recover. and I’m sitting here wondering if I should take another pain pill now so I can sleep uninterrupted, or go to bed now and see how long I make it before the pain wakes me up (uh, I don’t really like either option LOL!)

62. Listening to… =new Britney Spears CD “if I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me?!” HOT!!!

63. Waiting on…my wisdom teeth holes to heal so I can go back to work!!!!


64. this weekend? = I have a photoshoot this Saturday so I hope my bruises/swelling/pain goes away by then!  Sunday I have a beach clean-up I want to go to, even tho none of my friends can go so I’d have to go by myself.. and I’m usually too shy to do something like that.. eek! (shoot got canceled and thank goodness because I’m still not 100%!)

65. next week? I’ll be 100% healed so that means lots of webcam and yoga like always, a photoshoot with HypeOnlineMedia on Wednesday, feature webcam show on Saturday (ha, I said this 2 weeks ago!:( ) month? my best friend is going on a vaca to Mexico for her bday she wants me to come with I need to raise a certain amount of $ by the time she wants to buy the all inclusive tix so I’ve been trying my hardest..I really really want/need a vacation!! (wow so much changes so fast! this prob isn’t going to happen anymore.. but I’m relieved! Tell you guys about it during a feature show I promise..too much to type!)


67. Lips or eyes? = eyes!  doesn’t matter what his lips look like as long as he’s a good kisser!

68. Hugs or kisses? = kisses!

69. Shorter or taller? =def has to be taller tan me!  but I’m 5’2″, so like, everyone is taller than me!

70. Older or Younger?= older!

71. Romantic or Spontaneous?=both are good but not necessary!  I would chose spontaneous because you have to be a “go with the flow” type of person to be with me.  If plans get canceled, so what?  Life is too short to care about it, just go with Plan B!:)

72. Nice stomach or nice arms? =nice shoulders!

73. Sensitive or loud? = I don’t like men that are overly sensitive!  I want to be the emotional one in the relationship!  Mind you I don’t want to be with a robot..but I can’t be with someone that cries more than I do!  Or somebody who takes themselves too seriously! and loud..what does that mean?  In the bedroom?  Loud as in the yell a lot?

74. Hook-up or relationship? I am in the market for neither, but when I get horny enough I will be looking for a hook-up only.  Or I’ll just surf Twitter for a super hot girl in the LA area, and ask them if they want to “shoot” OMG I love my job!:)

75. Trouble maker or hesitant? = Both and Neither!  There is a balance of course.. you can be a trouble maker and not be immature.  I’m a pretty mischevious person and you have to keep up with me so I think that answers that question. can def consider your actions “think before you act” this is a sign of maturity.. but at the same time.. if you are just going to sit there and over think it and “play the tape until the end” for 100 diff ending scenarios, weighing the pros and cons.. then what you have is.. ME!  I need someone in my life to tell me to “stop thinking and just a little!”


76. Kissed a stranger? yes!  He became my fuck buddy for a solid year and we are still friends to this day.. It happened in Vegas!  R u surprised? LOL

77. Drank hard liquor? = LOL yes

78. Lost glasses/contacts?=I always lose my sunglassses/scratch them!:(

79. Kiss on a first date? oh yes:)

80. Broken someone’s heart? yes!  and I can say honestly it is so much better to be the one getting their heart broken then to be the one breaking their heart!

81. Had your own heart broken? yes:( cest la vie

83. Turned someone down? yes

84. Danced with a stranger? yes

85.Left a club with a stranger? No!  Why, have you?  you WHORE! LOL!


86. Yourself? More than anybody on this planet! I know I can be whoever I want to be and do whatever it is I want to do!

87. Miracles? oh yes!  I believe in the power of positive thinking/visualization I have witnessed miracles happen to me and those I love too much to not believe!:)

88. Love at first sight?  I believe in attraction at first sight. I believe some people are meant to be together and they can feel that connection the minute they see each other or maybe they were connected in a past life or something like that, who knows)

89. Heaven? Life is heaven, every day is a gift Earth is a playground!:)

90. Santa Claus? of course I do!

91. The Tooth Fairy? I DID until I left my wisdom teeth under the pillow last 2 nights and… nothing happened! WTF tooth fairy?

92. Angels? Yes


93. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at a time? NO because boyfriend means exclusive=we are only dating and having sex with each other!  if I’m with you I’m with YOU!  But I have dated multiple people before.  They all knew about each other and it was all casual.

94. Is there one person you want to be with right now? no there is not, like I already said right now I am focusing on ME and I chose to be single

95. Did you sing today? LOL random question.. no I didn’t, I can barely open my mouth right now I’m in too much pain!  Also I didn’t take a bath or drive, and those are the 2 places I usually sing LOL

96. If you had 100$ to spend right now what would you buy? I would put it towards my Mexico vacation fund.  But if I had to spend it right away, I would prob buy some clothes.

97.If you had $1000 to spend right now what would you buy?  I would put it towards my $3000 student loan debt.  Once this is paid off I can start looking into going BACK to school (and building more debt.. yay!)  Sorry for the boring answer but it’s true hehe

98.How much time did you spend filling out this 100 truths?  I’m not sure I didn’t keep track of when I started but way longer than I wanted to LOL!  Half way thru I realized I must be REALLY bored to continue on with all 100 questions, esp when half of them are so stupid it’s almost insulting my intelligence LOL! But when I usually spend 4-8 hours a day webcamming, and I have removed the webcam from my days, I have to find something to fill those hours in with!

I just hope you guys enjoy these blog posts and don’t just roll your eyes and skim over them.. they’re slightly fun for me and, I’m sure there’s at least a couple of questions that are new and you didn’t know the answer I right?:)

99. Are you afraid of falling in love? afraid? absolutely not! love is a beautiful thing!  and it will happen..when it’s meant to happen.  I just don’t believe that is right now for me, and I’m ok with that:)

100. Posting this as 100 truths? yes, pulled from my cousin’s Facebook page onto my blog!  Enjoy guys!:)

I love you all,

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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100 Truths

Ok you guys I normally wouldn’t have time for silly questionairres like this, but for the last 2.5 weeks I have been recovering from wisdom tooth surgery (who knew it would take this long?! ahhhh!!!)  and not webcamming obviously, so I have nothing but time for silly internet surveys like this!

I have found pulling these questions from places like Facebook or Twitter I sometimes get better questions than your average porn interviewer asks hehe!:)

So here I am, middle of the night, I should be sleeping but my face is pounding no matter how I lay on my pillows, so instead I am playing with my doggy and I keep on coming back to this questionnaire.  Perhaps by the time I’m done it will be morning and another day will have passed.



1. Last beverage? hot tea-a mix of lemon Throat Coat, Organic Echinacea, Jasmine Green Tea

2. Last phone call?  to my Dad.  I like to cry to him when I’m sick/in pain

3. Last text message? to my gay boyfriend Robby he says he goes to “fashion shows every week” I’m calling his bluff and trying to make plans at the same time “Robby baby I’ll be all better in 1 week lets go to a fashion show! Next Tuesday?”

4. Last song you listened to?  if I don’t set my ipod to a specific song, my ipod alarm clock wakes me up to Aaliyah If Your Girl Only Knew.  I think that’s slightly ironic and super funny:)   I think that went off this morning but then I got up,turned the alarm clock off because I am taking this week off, took more pain pills and herbal tinctures then went back to bed.

5. Last time you cried?  last night. because of the pain from my wisdom tooth surgery being so great, and I’m usually not a big baby about pain, I have a high tolerance!  I called my Uncle and he said it’s to be expected and to give it a whole more 7 days before I start panicking.. OMG.. 7 days! (I wrote this like 6 days ago don’t worry haha)


6. Dated someone twice? = yes had an on and off relationship when I was younger. super dramatic+unhealthy+lame! glad I got shit like that out of my system back then!

7. Been cheated on? = yes

8. Kissed someone & regretted it? =yes

9. Lost someone special? = yes

10. Been depressed? =yes

11. Been drunk and threw up? =oh yeah


12.purple has always been my fav color

13. but lately I love to look at and wear hot pink and



15. Made a new friend? I haven’t made any new friends as in people who I have met in 2011, but I have def strengthened many friendships from 2010!  Several of my “aquaintenences” or “drinking buddies” have graduated to real friends who I can depend on!

16. Fallen out of love? this year I chose to not focus on love relationship wise but just self love, which includes spending time getting my priorities straight, taking care of business, getting to know the real me, moving to somewhere that is more suited for me, saving some money in the bank, etc.. it’s all about being single and happy this year!!:)

17. Laughed until you cried? yes while talking to my little brother he cracks me up so much!  I feel mostly myself when I am around him.  I constantly do and say stupid things while I’m around him just to get his attention and to make him laugh! He was talking about when we were playing a certain Mario Nintendo game that we played all day long, everyday.  And it was the very first time he finally beat me at the game.  And I threw the controller “like a boomerang and it swung around and gave me an instant fat lip!” I don’t remember that but it sure is funny!

18. Met someone who changed you?  Well this year is only 4 months long so far but by yoga instructor, who you could say I met at the beginning of this year when I started going to yoga regularly, has changed my life!  I think you all know by now all of the ways I feel like yoga has changed me for the better!:)

19. Found out who your true friends were? OH YEAH!  More so in the last 6 months than the last 6 years of my life. I miss the days of going to school where everyone I know is under the same roof 5 days a week.  Where all of your playground drama is worked out on the playground, then people get on with their lives.  Friendships get complicated and weird as you get older.  Esp for girls. #justsayin

20. Found out someone was talking about you? = see #19 🙂

21. Kissed anyone on your Facebook friend’s list? I don’t have Facebook


22. Are you married? nope! never been married, never been engaged

23. How many kids do you want to have? none!  I LOVE children and if I had them, I would dedicate my life to my children and be a wonderful Mom!  But I’m not ready to dedicate my life to anybody besides myself.  Life has so many options and fun things to explore!  I chose the childless option.  But if anybody ever needs a babysitter, give me a call!:)

24. Do you have any pets?  1 dog named Prince Caspian.  he’s part teddy bear part beast

25. Do you want to change your name?  I already have 3 names.. that’s plenty:)

26. What did you do for your last birthday? I worked webcam during the day, got dressed up in a super cute black dress w/ a tiara and went to a seafood restaurant and got laid

27. What time did you wake up today? around 10am, took a pain pill and went back to sleep till like 3pm. If I was working I would get up around 9-10 and go to bed around 1am

28. What were you doing at midnight last night? probably watermarking pics to post on my blog or surfing Twitter on my phone form the couch

29. Name something you CANNOT wait for? I cant allow myself to be 100% excited about the Mexico June vaca trip until the tickets are booked, but I am really hoping and dreaming it will happen!

30. Last time you saw your mother? aww don’t make me all sad now!  Last time I saw my Mom was way too long ago,  in November for Thanksgiving.  I miss her so much!:(

31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life?  Well since we are on he subject I would love to see my parents more.  To have the time and money to travel to them.  OR fly them out to stay with me!  I LOVE California, but I LOVE my family, who lives in Maryland.  It’s one of the biggest dilemas/conflicts of my life right now.  I would love to see my family more than 2x a year, it’s just not enough!

32. What are you listening to right now?  I went to a World of Color at Disney (the night time water show) with my friends the other day and I’ve been singing The Little Mermaid ever since and I just downloaded the main song to my ipod I’ve listened to the same song on repeat about 10x in a row now.. pretty obnoxious! “I wanna be where the people are.. I wanna see, wanna see them dancing! strolling around on those.. what’s that word again? oh…FEET!

33. Have you ever talked to a person named Kendall? huh? I met Kendall from the Girls Next Door during a Playboy mansion party.  Me and a friend asked her “Kendall, do you smoke pot?”  and she nodded her head yes and smiled!  I also know a webcam girl named Kendall Banks

34. What’s getting on your nerves right now? that I’m not healing as fast as I’d like to and the pain isn’t subsiding fast enough for me:(

35. Most visited webpage?



36. What’s your real name? LOL

37. Nicknames? oh boy.. Princess Molly Starr, Molly, Ms Love, Aaliyah, ass fuck schoolgirl, #webcamslut 🙂

38. Relationship Status?  Single and lovin it!:)

39. Zodiac Sign? Pisces

41. Elementary? = dear watson, elementary!

42.High School? I moved Summer between Junior/Senior year I was heartbroken I didn’t know anybody I graduated with! #lame

43. ethnicity? I’m 50% Lithuanian, French, German.

44. Hair color? blonde bombshell baby!:)

45. Long or short?  long and luscious

46. Height? 5′ 2

47. Do you have a crush on someone?  I’m not really crushing on anyone right now

48: What do you like about yourself? everything!

49. Piercings? earrings

50. Tattoos? nope

51. Righty or lefty?  righty


End of Part 1Part 2 coming soooon:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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#TittyTuesday Black and White Titties!


Happy Tuesday Everyone!  Today we are celebrating breasts..

more specifically, MY BREASTS!:)


how very sophisticated!:) (I am sipping my tea with my pinky sticking up right now!)


Back to the Future Titties

Hard Nipple Titties


Black and White Cube Titties

(that was the name of the scene, they’re def not square titties! hehe)


Bodyscapes Titties

Silhouette Titties


Trapped in a Box Titties


I Just Love This Picture Titties


Damn I wasn’t aware that I did so many black and white scenes.. Fun!  I want to do more!!!  MOAR!

Which pic is your fav? I’ll tell you my top 2 pics after you all tell me yours!:) (I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!! hehehe)

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Tomorrow is WEDNESDAY you know what that means.. a new scene is going live!

Also means a feature webcam show woot woot!

you can always check my calendar if you get confused.. right now it is set a month in advance for me  so you can plan ahead of time and make it to my feature shows!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Today’s Webcam Show CANCELED :(

I feel awful about this you guys but I have to cancel today’s feature show:(  I’m super sorry I hope you guys aren’t that upset!

I think I’m prob the most upset about today!:( I was really looking fwd to this show, esp since I cleaned out my webcam studio and discovered some outfits+toys I haven’t used in soo long, they’re all piled up here on the bed looking very sad and unused!  Plus today was supposed to be the marker of the first day of me “getting back to my normal life” and “joining the world of the living” as my Mom puts it.. (for those of you that don’t know I’ve been recovering from wisdom tooth surgery for 2 weeks now.. blaaah!)

I was feelin really sick yesterday but told myself to just sleep it off take lots of vitamins and meds and today I would feel all better.. they told me it would take 1-2 weeks to recover, and it’s been 15 days now!  But I woke up feeling really really bad today.. I feel like I have a nasty flu, plus I’m STILL in pain with my teeth!  I am really fucking sick of explaining this and complaining to you guys, and I’m sure some of you are too so SORRY about that too but I just want you all to know whats up with me..

I called my Aunt and Uncle (he’s the surgeon who took my teeth out) about this and they were thinking of maybe flying me back out to Oregon to take a look at me.. OMG!  So this sounds expensive and stressful.. but the other option would be for me to find an oral surgeon in my area that could take a look at me.. which might cost the same amount?  I don’t know.. my Aunt and Uncle are pretty well off, but they haven’t offered to pay for the ticket, nor will I ask them..he did this surgery for 100% free for me which already saved me like $2000+!  (But if I had known all of this would happen, I would of honestly left those teeth in my mouth!!!) Also I feel so awful I don’t know if I could fly like this.. I’ve been trying to motivate myself to take a bath for the last two hours!  So far I’ve made it form my bed to my couch to my computer.. and now I’m going back to bed!

I know most of you will be super cool and understanding about this, but I also realize some of you may be pissed off.. you might of even scheduled your day or weekend around my camshow (thank you!) or maybe you’re a new member who hasn’t even seen a live show yet!  Well all I can tell you guys is to please watch my archived webcam shows and there’s over 100+ pic/vid scenes for you to enjoy.. Plus I’m not even going to mention the 2 years of awesome blog posts you could read.. hehe:)  But I do plan on making it up to you guys!  Once I get better I’ll either do a super long show, like a 2 hour show, or maybe several shows in 1 weeks or.. something!

I have 2 shows sched for next week but those r both up in the air depending on what happens..but I will def know very soon and let you guys know!

Ok I’m going back to bed, even writing this blog post and sitting up at the computer for these couple mins has exausted me and made me feel poopy:(

Again, I’m really, really really sorry everyone!:(

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Another Help Me Name That Scene Post!

You guys were so impressive with the blue wig scene.. I’m sorry.. “Animantion Masturbation”  that I’m going to ask you guys to name another scene for me!

I ask for this one in particular because I really like this scene, it’s obvious different than any other scene I’ve done for, it’s one of the coolest and most creative scenes Ric Young and I shot during our last photohoot, so I want to give it the respect it deserves!

Right now it’s just called “Weird Panties” and although they are really weird panties, the were actually made by a fan of Ric’s who hand makes panties.  He made this pair out of a garbage bag!  Not only that, but they are obv a tad.. LOL.. too big for me.. but like most Ric young scenes that were his idea (we usually split, half my creations, half his.. how cool is he!) I usually start out wondering what king of drugs Ric is on and how his idea could ever work out, feeling totally ridiculous and not sexy..then we take a couple pics and Ric lets me take a peek at the camera and.. POW!  amazing!  art!  porny art.. artistic porn..whatever, me likey!:)


This obv isn’t one of my lo colorful, whimsical, cute and fluffy happy scenes that I usually like to do, but I still felt beautiful and strong and totally in control, even tho I was tied up!  Get a good look at ALL the pics before you come up with a name please!:)


Ooohh and I like how Ric slightly scratched the pics up and tinted them, to make them look.. extra gritty and dark?  Cooooool!:)


And here’s one more!

ya know what? I’m actly gna post one more! I don’t normally give away THIS MUCH for free, esp before a scene even goes live.. but I want you guys to get a good feeling of what the entire scene is like.. Plus, I admit, I just couldn’t narrow it down anymore hehe:)


So, any comments, ideas, questions about my new up and coming set?  You guys know I like it all, the good, the bad, the ugly…give it to me now!  And give it to me hard damnit!  I realize this scene probably won’t be everyone’s “cup of tea” but I also have awesome fans that appreciate the original creative scenes I allow myself to do once every.. 6 scenes or so!:)

I love the hair and the makeup that Ric’s make-up artist, and very beautiful fiance did, I wouldn’t be able to do anything like it myself!  Thank you Alice I love you!:) <3 <3

ALSO.. I wanted to make sure everyone went back to this blog post and read the comments I left about all of your ideas!  I have a confession to make.. I almost fucking forgot to name the scene, it was 11:45 and I just happened to log onto the computer and look at my blog and.. remember!  So I posted it in such a hurry I wasn’t able to give it the usual “Hey look over here! I replied to all of these comments!” fanfare on Twitter and Tumblr, etc I usually do.. Plus, I see nobody has comments after my comments, so common sense tells me nobody has seen my comments yet.. duh!

How many of you go back to the blogs to read what happens after the comment you leave?  Well, you SHOULD!  I am even guilty of this sometimes, but I am trying to be better!   And my fans are such super fucking awesome people with great ideas that sometimes the discussion after is better than the actual blog post itself.. #justsayin!:)

I can’t wait to see what you guys cum up for this one!!

I love you all!!  Thank youuu in advance!!


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


ps-click on the pics to see much bigger versions!:)

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Whats Up W Me

Well I usually wouldn’t post a blog as “blaaah!” as this one, because I am a strong believer in positive thinking, and I think moods are contagious, but I just wanted to let you all know what’s going on with me..

As most of you know I got my wisdom teeth out a week and a half ago.  Actly, I’m surprised as how many people don’t know, everyday someone on Twitter is like “wait, what’s wrong w u? why are you eating nothing but smoothies and constantly complaining?” Not that I think everyone should be up on the Aaliyah news 24/7, I’m sure most people have better things to do.. but if you follow me on Twitter, all you have to do is click the page back button.. but don’t get me started on Twitter pet peeves hehe.. ANYWAYS!

I was expecting recovery to be a week to a week and a half.  I asked everyone I could about what it was like when they got theirs out, and I heard a lot of people who got it out in their 20’s tell me “a week at least” or even “2 weeks!” but I thought that wouldn’t be me, I’d be back to work way sooner than that!  But just to be safe, I was going to take 10 days off of webcam, I had a shoot scheduled for tomorrow, and I would come back with my hair, nails and tan looking all perfect form the shoot and knock you all dead with an amazing come back webcam show

Alas, perhaps I was a little too hasty in my recovery plans.. The surgery was last Friday, and today I have to tell you all, I AM FUCKING MISERABLE!  I am in lots of pain, I’d say between an 8-9 constant.  I’m not gna get into all of the details about one of the teeth being more complicated to get out than the others and everything I’ve been going thru blah blah blah because I’m not gna complain more than I have to here, but I’ll just say this: it suuuuucks!

Then yesterday was the icing on the cake.. After being copped up for over a week, I decided to drive down to San Diego and spend the day with Ashley Steel and her cute doggies.  It was an hour and half drive, and I started feeling not so hot.  I pulled over on the side of the road and got sick..and more sick..and really really sick!  Here I was, 50 miles form my house, 50 miles form her house, TRAPPED!  I was literally getting sick every 5 minutes or less, shaking, sweating.. One time a car pulled over on the side of the highway and started backing up. it coudl of been someone tryign to help me, or it coudl of been a mass murderer!  I didn’t stick around to find out, I closed the door and continued to puke out the window while driving (ok, this disgusting blog post makes up for all of the bonerific pics I usually post! Sorry for any disgusting mental images here ok!)

So I got to Ashley’s house and I was a MESS.  Note that Ashley and I haven’t hung out in like, a year.. she must of been thrilled to see me..and continue to take care of me, playing my nursemaid, feeding me anti-nausea meds, etc.. I woke up in her bed around 9pm and drove all the way home, puking the entire way!  I don’t even remember climbing into my bed when I got home, but I did wake up 15 hours later covered in sweat with all of my clothes still on! (somehow I had managed to take my shoes off and put on slippers tho LOL)

And it was a good gauge of how much paid I’m in when I couldn’t keep anything down, including pain meds!  Eeek..not good.. all I can really say is.. I’m fucking miserable!

One good thing that happened is I was really not looking forward to canceling the shoot, because it is with a company who I have set up shoots with and the shoots have been canceled last minute, about 5 times now!  We have been trying to shoot since 2010 LOL! It’s always legit reasons, and sometimes it wasn’t even me canceling, but still, I have never met this company before, and with so many undependable bitches working in porn (or NOT working.. hardy har har) you kind of have to fight AGAINST the “flakey, undependable porn girl” stereotype.  But when I got that txt I was like “YES!” and txtd them back what was up w me, and they were totally cool and understanding and we will reschedule again.. thank you HYPEONLINEMEDIA!!:)

Not to mention all of this laying down isn’t even comfy or relaxing to me, if I stay in bed too long or sit on my old ass couch, that is when my neck and back get out of wack and I need to go to the chiro for an adjustment.. but I couldn’t possibly drive there right now, or have someone touch my face to adjust my neck.. FML!!

So I hope everyone who has been disappointed that here have been no member feature webcam shows (believe me guy, nobody can be as disappointed as I am! and cleaning out my werbcam studio I discovered so many lost outfits and toys..yay!)I hope you all forgive me and can be understanding and just go into the webcam archives and dig out a show you’ve never seen before, there’s so many there to chose from, do you really think you have seen them all?

Have you seen the one where I wear a red horsehair buttplug, to match my red hair streaks?

Or the first purple wig show when I wore a tight white tank top and brought in a pitcher of water and did a wet tshirt show?

Or the 2nd (or maybe 3rd?) purple wig show when I was majorly drunk LOL

Or.. the famous strawberry incident?;)

Just a couple “oldies but goodies” off of the top of my head!:)

And also forgive me for being later than usual on emails.. although I did get a huge surge of energy when I first got my teeth taken out and replied to everyone’s emails and even posted a shitload of blogs, so I hope that all keeps you all company for awhile:)

But just like you should never go to the grocery store when you are hungry, I prob shouldnt of picked th time when I am in my most pain and my most “poor me” to write this, tomorrow I’ll wake up and say “ooh I’m so dramatic..somebody call the waaaahmbulance!” I am slowly getting better.. even tho it is slower than I expected.. I am sooo fucking lucky to have a job where I can say “oops, I think I need to take 2 weeks off of work instead of 1 to finish healing!” and not get fired:)

Like I always say, as long as you guys keep on coming back to watch me, I’ll never stop being a naughty little internet slut for you all!:)

I hope everyone who is reading this is doing better than I am!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

so please, distract me, tell me what I’ve been missing..what’s going on with you guys?

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