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So I came across one of those silly questionnaire thingys that a bunch of people on my Tumblr timeline were doing and as much as I think these kind of things are cheesy and lame, I also can’t resist them!  so here it goes..

S – For a Secret
T – For a Turn On
F – For a Fear
O – For an Obsession
L – Something I love
H – Something I hate
P – For a phobia
C – Something I’m craving



ok my answers aren’t going to be as “sexy” or fun as they normally might be, due to my current “recovery” status, but I’m just going to answer truthfully for what’s going on in my little world right now:

S-I can’t think of much since I have been doing nothing but spilling my secrets on my Twitter/blog/during my webcam shows lately!  so the only secret I can think of is “it should be no SECRET to anybody that I’m being a big baby while recovering from wisdom tooth surgery all this week!”

T-I honestly haven’t been horny enough to masturbate since I got my teeth out, would you believe it?!  I think if I started masturbating it would just hurt my cheek and I’d have to stop anyways.  The first time I do masturbate once I get out!  That’s going to be a BIG ONE!

F-That the huge bruise on my face isn’t going to fade 100% by Saturday..I have a photoshoot scheduled for this Saturday! eek!

O-My wanting to lose 4 more lbs by this Summer had become an obsession recently!  But now that I’ve had nothing but mashed potatoes and smoothies to eat for 4 days straight, I think that will be no problem:) Well, I got that goin for me at least!:)  LOL

L-I love my friends for watching my doggy while I was home recovering.  My dog is pure love but he’s also super big and doesn’t know his own strength.  He would try to lay on top of me and tackle me, which, would not be so good right about now.

H-I hate being in pain!  I hate taking this much time off of work! I hate having a chipmunk face!  Somebody call the waaaaahmbulance!

P-a phobia is something that you are so scared of, that is paralyzes your life..although I am a scaredy cat about a lot of stuff, there isn’t anything I’m scared of enough that would hold me back from doing anything I would want to do..the closest thing is I get really afraid of the dark sometimes!  I didn’t know Black Swan was going to be as scary as it was, and I slept with sleep mask on but with my lights on for like a week after seeing that movie!

C-I’m craving..SUSHI!  Ok big surprise there, but I just got my results back from both mercury tests and they’re both IN THE CLEAR!

The first test, the blood test,  said my level was at a 9, and between 1-14 was “in the normal range”  aww yeah!  (This is the test that I was at a 42 last time I took it!)

Then the 2nd mercury test I took, just to be safe, is a pass/fail type of test, and I PASSED, no dangerous mercury levels detected.. woot woot!!:)  So once I can eat solid food again.. and once I can start working webcam again and making money so I can AFFORD it.. I’m going to eat a sushi dinner.and it’s going to be AMAZING!!!!:)

I’m glad I could end the questionnaire with a positive thought!:)

soo..what are yours STFOLHPC for this week?  Either pick one and go off on it.. or you can do all 8!

I am stuck in bed/on my couch with nothing but my phone to entertain me for at least another 2-3 days..(my Uncle said a week, but I can only afford another 3 days, so we will see..) the more blog comments and scene comments I get the more you guys can help distract me from this pain/boredom!  (Now when I put it like that, how could you not?  I really make you feel guilty there don’t I? hehehe)

This is only fun if everyone participates and does one!  Please help distract me!!!  Don’t be shy!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Help Me Name Next Week’s Scene!

I am super excited to finally be posting this scene you guys!!:)

You know..this one!  I’m sure you have seen me post random pics from this scene here and there for a loooong time now!  Well… I finally got the entire set fresh from the photographer this weekend, so it will be going live next week! waaahhooo!!!:)

But I need your help!  I need to chose a name for this scene and I want to know what YOU think I should call it?

Jay Allan, the photographer, and I were lovingly referring to it as “Cosplay Slut” even tho I’m not exactly dressed up as any sort of specific cosplay character..I’d like to think that I do look like some sort of horny Japanimation girl, which someone once told during a webcam show that that is what I reminded him of, and I always took it as a huge compliment!   But I would kind of feel like a poser calling it “Cosplay” since I’m not rockin any sort of specific costume, just a short skirt and some blue hair! (but does it really matter? Hmm..)

Here’s the first time I posted pics for this scene.. actually they’re just a couple of low-rez pics I took with my phone

Then here’s a blog I posted while I was editing down the pics form this scene.  Another low-rez pic I took  with my phone, this time of the actual computer screen!

..and here’s a teaser pic I randomly posted on the blog one day

I called the blog post “Feelin Blue” because it’s the first semi-cute phrase I could think of that I could come up with that had to do with the blue hair. (duh, this isn’t rocket science!)  But I think it could also be slightly ironic, if I call it “Feelin Blue” since I have such a huge cheesy grin in every pic.. right? I’m a big fan of slightly ironic!;)

I’ll admit, I’m really bad at coming up with scene names, and sometimes I sit around and over think it, like you see me doing here.  Or sometimes, every once in awhile, my tech support team that uploads the videos for me gives the videos names and I’ll just leave whatever they chose.  This is when you see scenes like “pink dildo on the couch” or “naked outside” and “naked outside again” LOL!

I have been on some girls websites that have super cute and witty little titles for every scene and I wish I had that skill but I just don’t…it probably isn’t a big deal, and I’m sure some of you are going “oh, I’ve never even noticed the scenes have titles.. there’s..words.. on this website?” I right? LOL!

But I am really proud of this particular scene, plus I have been waiting forever to get it from the photographer to post, so I want to give this pic set the royal treatment that it deserves!

So help me out guys, what do you think I should name this scene?:)

Cosplay Slut

Feelin Blue

Aaliyah Love’s Blue Period


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3



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Titty Tuesday..FUCK YEAH!


you guys!!!


it’s that time of the week again..






Time to unleash the twins!

Warehouse Titties!

Studious Titties


Twistys Titties


Girl Scout Titties!

Cosplay Titties!

Hard Nips Titties


Which Titties are your favs?  Place your vote now!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Surgery/Recovery Ramblings Day 2

The amount of Twittering I did the first 2 days of my recover are incredible!  You guys seemed to follow the last blog post just like this just fine so here’s part 2:

PART 2 DAY 2 taken straight from my Twitter!

(spooky here is telling me he didn’t like any of the scary looking pics I posted yesterday so I’m telling him to flip thru my Moby account..there’s tons of naked pics on there for goodness sake!)
@sp00kyisg0d ok do this..go back to that pic,then go the top right of the page,start clicking thru my other pics till u find the juicy ones!

(then he tells me he he was just joking.. duh! I hate it when people do they really think I’m that sensitive and/or dense? I’m usually joking too.. I just assume you know that! #justayin) @sp00kyisg0d no worries I knew;) Id like to think I have a little bit 4 everyone on my Moby acct! A wide array of silly/sexy/kinky fantasies

@LaniBrooke yeah those were pain and drug induced tweets LOL! Just woke up feelin a little better than abt u sweety? (poor Lani got her wisdom teeth taken out like a week ago!)

(my friend Buck says he’s also recovering from a different type of surgery and he’s been in bed for FOUR WEEKS.. eek!) @BuckAngel OMG @ 4 weeks Buck wow! Im doin a little better than yesterday, have to fly home tonite not looking fwd to that craziness!

#FF @AaliyahLove69 For many reasons, but mostly because she entertains sober, drunk and straight off the surgeon’s table! Amazing tweets :)@kbal24 (thanx KBal! haha)

hazel! But they change color wit my moods!  Sometimes they are very green, sometimes they have gold flecks.. @AaliyahLove69 hazel or brown?? (random question..but not a disrespectful in any way, so..ok, I’ll bite?)

@peterjtromp oh, I use + as an AND sign. With only 140 chars to express myself, I have to get creative:) (this guy said he didn’t “speak twitter jargon, therefore didn’t know what + means” seems pretty obvious to me but, whatevs..)

Good morning everyone! Glad to see I still have followers after yesterdays firestorm of tweets haha I love you all!

Happy Friday! Xo (still feelin the twitter guilt/shame form the night before)

@___ how’s my doggy? I miss him sooo much! (deleted my dogsitters name, just because)

Def not even half way recovered but thank u babe:) RT @errol234:Hi Aaliyah hope you are fully recovered and have a fantastic day 🙂

@ChrisMTL I got 130 unfollowers yesterday haha..I was a little over the top but whatevs!  The true fans/friends will stay..right?:)

(Buck wishes me a safe and uneventful flight) @BuckAngel I plan on it! I have window seat but its on the side of my face that’s all bruised so no sleeping for me:(

@unilineartuba day off of…? Im taking an entire week off of webcam and my next photoshoot is next Sunday! 🙂 (a DAY?! LOL!)

@MissAshleeAdams u just joined twitter? Where u been? LOL! U shld txt me sometime! (ah this is a side convo but I left it in because I love this girl and you all need to follow her if you’re on Twitter! We both used to work for the same webcam show. I fell in love w her big Texas hair and sexy womanly curves she’s such a cutie mmm.. oh yeah, but I digress.. ah sexy girls distract em so easily!)

@MyPornProfile I used to want larger boobs until being a webcam model gave me confidence to love my body exactly as it is:)

@Steve_fla not really LOL! Gna take a couple more days.. can barely drink liquids rt now, face is all bruised

@ChrisMTL same! Got about half of a cup of Throat Coat tea down that’s abt it..for some reason my throat is hurting as bad as my teeth about OMG my throat DOES hurt.. soooo bad!

@ChrisMTL either from them really drying my throat/mouth out during surgery or..maybe they dropped something down there on accident hehe

Plz follow my sexy canadian friend! RT @sassymeli: RT my tweet plz guys:) youll help me to have more followers :))))

(you all remember Sassy Meli right?:) puuuurrr…

@andydick Im in Portland too! Why r u here? (so this is day two when I first woke up, probably around noon time, I hadn’t even left Portland yet!)

It really is haha! Actly got a ton of signups last 3 days..wonder if it was the tweetstorm? RT @unilineartuba:Uh, well, tweeting is PR work!

@ArielRebel I <3 geek girls..they’re sexy;)

@colric12 sometimes in my pics they look dark brown and on webcam they look blue..weird! Has to do w lighting I guess..

(oh yeah back to the eye color thing..)

then we have a little side convo about me shooting for this one was pretty entertaining and I honestly barely remember posting any of this.. I was sitting in my Aunt and Uncle’s living room wrapped in blankets sitting by a fireplace while typing all of this out on my phone.. LOL!)

@unilineartuba maybe..if als wants me to! I’ve shot w them 2x so far. But I’m not going short+brunette for them so mite be a dealbreaker

@unilineartuba last time I did that I tried go go back to blond 2days later, most of my hair broke off to 2-6inches..just finally grown back now! Eek (true story!!)

@unilineartuba I never did the peeing, I had to do the speculum..refused to do the pussy pump!

@unilineartuba they make u shoot 10+ scenes in a day..u work from like 6am-8pm so u can only turn down so much hehe..

@unilineartuba but yeah I wasn’t into the speculum either! I only saw those pics years later cause a girlfriend is rly turned on by that

@unilineartuba ..and she dug the pics up and posted them all over her blog..I was like ewww!

(he says he likes the pussy pump that plumps up the girl’s lips!) @unilineartuba my pussy is already puffy and fat dont need a pump haha!

Uh oh I’m starting to flood twitter again haha! U guys rock thanx for distracting me from the hurts sooo fucking bad rt now:(
(even with the shame and guilt from yesterday’s Twitter explosion hovering nearby, I can’t help myself for reaching formy phone and doing the exact same thing again today! Will I lose another 130 followers? Hmm.. maaaayybe?)

@pantybiduk I have my own panty store thank u very much, my fans buy directly from me cut out the middle man. So stop spamming me bitch (I must be out of it! calling spam bots a bitch!)

Ok guys im in so much pain gna go lay down for a bit+try to forget abt it:) I hope you all have a great Friday!!:)

@biotoxin all 4 wisdom teeth. 1 is giving me way more trouble than the rest..had to be drilled+pulled out in pieces eww yuck

@biotoxin sounds like ur doing way better than I am..good for u!:)

@aizatarista Malaysia? Wow cool! I love that I have fans from all around the world!:) xo (I love hearing form fans from places I can only dream of traveling to.. how cool is that? and what is it that’s bringing us all together.. S-E-X!!:)


@MissAshleeAdams we r so excited u finally decided to join Twitter yay!:) and yes that’s still my #..hit me up whenev!:)

(my sexy girlfriend again!!)

@richcash I have no idea how ur gna narrow those pics down from 950! That scene is GOLD everyone is gna love it!

@richcash maybe we could do a part1 and part2.. 150 pics each. Or something like that? Oh and @zivity is gna love that set!

@biotoxin ewww! Yeah I’m sipping on a jambs juice smoothie rt now! (day 2 I had half a bowl of mashed potato soup and two large smoothies form jamba juice! they took all damn day to eat and were completely melted and room temp but I was sooo hungry!!)

@biotoxin my uncle is an oral surgeon and did a great job. I was drugged first, then put under, then drugged more after I woke up:)

(after this I realized 2 hours had passed since I last looked at the clock and had to quick pack my stuff and rush to the airport with my aunt! we had an hour long drive in rush hour traffic where we had a very interesting conversation where I did 90%of the talking.. oh boy:)

Holy crap almost missed my flight! On my way home LA here I bathtub and bed are calling me!

I’ve already made friends with everyone sitting around me on the plane woohoo this is gna be fun!

(oh lets just say..I was as MESS on this airplane! I was making friends (in my mind at least) with cotton in my mouth, talking way too loudly, looking for things over and over, spilling tea on myself.. I prob should have stayed at y Uncle’s house one more day!

Im usually the most antisocial person to fly with but not this time! Its an on going commentary here in the peanut gallery..#ohboy (this tweet got sent like an hour after we were in the air.. I tried to send it, it went thru the first time! so I tried to send more tweets and a text after that, none of them went thru.. weird..huh?)

@colric12 there are certain places I am very antisocial+like 2 be left alone. like while flying, at the gym, etc..

wow the bruise on my face is just growing and growing. just took a pic, way worse than the beat-up Rihanna pics I swear! #eek! (I do a lot of repeating myself on Twitter, esp when I’m on lots of pain meds, I make o apologizes for it LOL!)

(then this guy asks me “who hit you baby?!” LOL! #duh) @SoloRossoneri10 LOL! nobody! I got my wisdom teeth taken out+it bruised the side of my face bad! Nobody would ever dare hit me

so I have a dilema: I want to cut and past everything I posted on Twitter for the last 2 days+post on my blog, but it’s all backwards!

unless I go line for line.. which would prob take me hours.. hmmm..

@KCGrizzly yeah I’m trying to avoid doing that..will take lots of time.. but I do have nothing but time on my hands for the next week hehe


I always thought it was really cheesy when people would take their twitter feeds and double them up as blog posts, it almost seemed like cheating. I think I saw people do that more when Twitter first came out than they do now, but still.

But the amount of Twittering that I did in these two days is more than I could ever dream to type out on my beloved blog here, and especially covering the range of topics, feelings and personalities that I did here.
The day before I went in for surgery I looked on YouTube for funny videos of girls waking up/coming out of wisdom tooth surgery and rambling. I was wondering if I was going to be one of those girls. The couple of videos I took are funny for sure but they are very short, just little snippets to make you laugh.  But these ramblings here, his is pure “Aaliyah Love has lost it GOLD!” so.. I hope you all enjoyed:)

You all know I usually aim to make you laugh AND cum, but sometimes if I can only get 1 out of those 2, I will take that if I have to:)

Thank you all for helping me recover!  Keep it up:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Sexy Easter Pics

Since so many of you liked the gif from last year’s Easter feature show, I decided to hook it up even more and pull some screen grabs to post here!


This was a really fun and memorable show for me!  Ooooh look at my little ankle socks, I think I should wear them on camera more!  What do you think?


I wasn’t sure what to wear to this show but last minute I pulled it together!  I wore a short denim skirt by request, then I matched my leopard print ears to my brand new leopard print Victorias Secrets!:)

And I was worried because I couldn’t find any LARGE carrots for the show, so I bought a bundle of tiny carrots instead..

..let’s just say, they did the trick!:)

You can always watch this webcam show, and every feature webcam show I have ever done, in the WEBCAM ARCHIVES in the members section!

Like I said this is still one of my fav all time feature shows and even tho it was a year ago I can remember it like it was yesterday.. so much fun!

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!  Please eat lots of candy for me today since I can’t!  mmm..Reeces peanut butter eggs!!!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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I’m really sorry I couldn’t do a special Easter feature webcam show this year for all of my awesome members, but I have the next best thing for you all instead..

a fun and sexy gif from last year’s Easter webcam show!!:)


(if the gif isn’t moving for you, click on it!)

Well I hope everyone is having a good Easter and a good weekend!  You guys already know what I’m doing!

In between naps and lounging on the couch I have been stopping by my computer to sort thru some of my half finished projects that I’ve always wanted to get to but were always way low on my to do list, after photoshoots and webcam shows.. but now that I def can’t and won’t be doing either of those for a whole week, I hope to get thru a lot of these random pictures, behind the scenes videos, half written blog entries, etc!

So far I uploaded all of the behind the scenes pictures I took with my phone from the shoot I recently did with the sexy Shyla Jennings. I watermarked my fav pics of us together and will be posting them in a blog once this pic->>

reaches over 1000 views, as promised.  I zipped the rest of the pics up and will be emailing them to Shyla soon!

I also pulled all of the embarrassing wisdom teeth pics off of my phone and put them in a special folder on my computer to play around with later.  I now need to figure out how to get the 3 videos I took that day onto my computer without a USB plug.

Next I’m going to sort through all of my behind the scenes videos from my recent trip to Vegas/photoshoot with Ric Young.  I have a series of 5 videos that  took throughout the 1st day of our shoot that I want to edit into 1 long video to be a “day in the life of Aaliyah Love” to post as an update with one of my fav scenes from that day.  So far I’m 2 videos into it..

So hopefully I’ll be posting some fun stuff here and there while I’m out of commission!  ..stay tuned my fellow freak balls!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3


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Surgery Day Ramblings

So right after my wisdom teeth surgery I took to Twitter to distract me from the pain and boredom.  I was still pretty out of it when I started, and I continued to tweet NON STOP until I passed out that night like 10 hours later.  So instead of repeating myself and trying to sum up everything I shared on Twitter with you all the other night, I’m just going to cut and paste everything from my Twitter page that day!  I left in the @messages that made sense and went along with the convo and took out some other “side convos” that wouldn’t of made any sense since you guys would only be able to see one side:)

I warn you it’s long and rambly and not all of it makes sense!  I’m also posting the one embarrassing pic I posted that morning, with me being miserable with a mouth full of cotton.

I have plenty more pics that get increasingly worse (in more ways than one) and 3 videos that were taken AS I was waking up from anesthesia that are worth a thousands laughs!  These are going to be posted in the member’s area ONLY and will only be up for a limited time.  I need a few days to download to my computer and pick out the best ones, so stay tuned because I will let you guys know when I decide to post them!

Im always the last on the plane..what’s the rush?

U suck at twitter haha RT @DreamnetFaith69: I’m unfollowing you because you don’t follow back:@AaliyahLove6O

Omg Im in weird! Goooodnight everyone! Tmrw morn is surgery blaaahh LOL xoxoxo

So they drugged me up+put me in a chair. Just occurred to me I now have 0% chance of escape. Fuck.

They’re gna let me keep my teeth so I can gross my friends out w them cooooooll!

KC tells me to have a calm+eventful procedure: @KCGrizzly nothing w me is uneventful u know that haha Im already wrecking havoc in this office haha

Surgery is over I very high+confused rt now (that was fast!)

(this is when I stop to take 3 diff videos..OMG are they funny!)

I think I just took aomse vids but im rly nor sure rt now im hiiiighhh

(wow I dont even remember posting some of these tweets LOL!)

Ok funny gross sad pics and vids taken! Im too fucked up to figure out how to upload the,,prob best I get a good ???

just fell asleep+woke up when they were talking abt me on the tv..or at least I thought they were..I think I’m fucking confused hah

@DragonJ14 the vids will be posted in my members area only..for a short time only! They’re super funny so I have to but..def not looking good

I keep poking/pinching my numb this my chin?! I can’t feel them at all! Sooo weirddddd

Christ asked me if my Uncle played any pranks on me during surgery, like he did with some of my other cousins:@ChrisMTL no nobody messed w me at all! he says he only messes w the girls..little princesses like me get the VIP treatment:) #lovemyfamily

@ScottieHeartz it Sooo weird! At least im not drooling on myself.. at least I don’t think I am? Hehehe

@KCGrizzly go ahead and laugh baby..that’s what I’m here for! can’t make u cum looking like this so the next best thing is laugh:)

@ScottieHeartz I’m laying in bed so I can drool away+sleep in a puddle:) mmm sounds comfy right about now haha (comfy,

really? ok, this must be when the drugs started kicking in more haha!)

@ItsTheRocketeer nah not really my lips+chin are just numb.. and I’m in pain..can’t stop looking at the holes in the mirror! (uh, holes in my mouth that is)

talking about the teeth they let me keep.. I refound them later that day! (is refound a word?!)
@DragonJ14 they’re not supposed to let u have them but I’m special:) ahh fuck I think I lost mine haha

Just had my webmaster post a blog for me called Right Now plz check it out! I think its time for me to go beddy bye

Kinda bummed the only thing I can’t do on my fone is access my member’s emails U guys would be getn some interesting replies

Trying to sleep so the pain will go away but I also took lots of drugs to make the pain go away so now I’m too high+distracted to sleep haha Thursday,

No only from the cotton I keep stuffing into my faaarrrr RT @ferrall420: @AaliyahLove69 Do you have chipmunk cheeks ? (this changed later OMG!)

@JustinSteere can’t access my blog or members emails from my fone its so lame:(  (even when I’m in a drug fog and just out of surgery..I’m thinking about my sweet members!:)

@ferrall420 oh yes my uncle is a top notch surgeon:)

(ferrall asks me if I said anything funny during surgery) @ferrall420 I don’t think so but uncle wasn’t there when I woke up he has 2nd surgery. Im sure Ill hear all abt it tonite hehe

Do people read my timeline before asking questions like this or..? #duh RT @ItalianHubbee: @AaliyahLove69 did you go to the dentist? (haha I’m so mean)

LOL RT @toughcity:cottonmouth, but not the kind you get from weed.Nah, the kind that says ‘hey I just had 4 teeth ripped out of my mouth’

(already missin my webcam too!) @streamate Im totally down rt now too haha..can’t wait to get back on my webcam..prob another 4-5 days ahh!

(crazymike asked about where I’m going on vaca in June) @crazyjamoke29 Mexico w my BFF if I can get the $ by the time she wants to buy the tickets! I haven’t been on a real vaca in abt 2 years ahh

@crazyjamoke29 dunno yet but I def wont be announcing the exact location of my vaca until its over #dontwannamakeittooeasyforthestalkers

@crazyjamoke29 that’s if I go..its 50/50 rt now. Need to sell like 100 more pairs of panties haha  (yeah, still need to make way more $..should be working right now to make it but.. you know:)

@crazyjamoke29 all I know is it’ll be a private resort right on th beach where no kids are allowed w a sexy room I can take smut pics in (priorities! no kids to bother me and a room I can shoot porn in and a beach, what more could you want in a vacation spot?!)

Ok not only is the whole right side of my face is swollen but its also bruised! My whole jay is a big purple bruise..really sexy!

Wish my left side would swell+bruise too so I could at least look even! Right now Im just a one sided chipmunk..

(angusblu asks me “what jay means” and I go off on him..LOL!) @angusblu Its a typo dude.Im not gna tell u what it means because I bet ur smart enough to figure it out;) talking abt the side of my face..

Sorry but it just amazes me when people can’t read thru typos these days..its a pretty simple concept #duh #commonsenseissexy (bitchy Aaliyah coming out)

(but he took it well so I apologized..kinda) @angusblu no worries babe just given u shit;)I always speak my mind..those that can hang become friends. Those that can’t can go away hehe:)

Ok now the pain is making me a little crabby..should I log off now or just keep on telling people like it really is? LOL

Btw when I do call people out for being retarded,its only because Im not self censoring as much as I usually do..I always think like thisLOL (so I guess what I wanted you all to know here is I’m always a bitch in my head, just sometimes I’m better at not letting it out than others? LOL! I have no idea what I was talking about..)

@KathieGullionPH fuckin spam blogs are about food shoving produce up my pussy..not restaurant coupons #lame (so whats the point of telling a BOT off, they’re a bot?! I think I just wanted to mention “food fucking to be honest)

I want to but Im in too much pain to sleep this sucks ass RT @greg072: @AaliyahLove69 Need to get some rest girl (-:

I appreciate my family letting me recover here in their plush ass house but I just wanna go home:( I miss my bed my dog my tv my bathtub

Gna leave these teeth under the pillow tonite..I know its been awhile but I hope the tooth fairy hasn’t forgotten abtme!:)

(KC asks me how much the tooth fairy used to give me$) @KCGrizzly it used to depend for me..usually a buck or two, but it would include a letter, both covered in glitter!

@KCGrizzly one time I wrapped my hand around the tooth then duct taped my hand shut so she would have to wake me up to get it..didn’t work

@KCGrizzly just like the time I set up boobytraps for th EasterBunny! Trip wire in the kitchen, a stack of metal cans behind my bedroom door

(unilineartubasends me a sweet poem abotu the toothfairy) @unilineartuba aww so sweet!:) Coming from u I expected the toothfairy to be anally raping someone by the end of the poem or something haha

U know how sometimes u fall asleep somewhere not ur house+wake up+u dunno where ur and it takes u like 10 secs to figure it out?

That just happened to me but it took me a solid MINUTE to figure it out..LOL! sooo out of it! 🙂 (I seriously had no idea where I was for, a WHILE!)

Cool u can have them u creepy girl! RT @angelazodiak: @AaliyahLove69 I want your teeth!!! #creepy  (I wonder what she wants to do with them?)

I bet I got unfollowed a lot today I tweeted sooo fucking much LOL! Sorry fone+ur tweets are the only thing that got me thru 2day (I did..130 unfollowers in all! I dont blame them, look how much I fuckign Twittered in one day OMG!!!!)

(so now I’m feeling guilt and wondering how to make it up to the people who didn’t unfolllow me) Ahh I was gna go thru my fone pics+post a random naked pic 2 make up for it but plixi will delete my account..that I just opened today grr:(

(explaining for the 100th time my pic uploading system dilemas) @donrhule sexypeek doesn’t have fone upload feature

(or do they now?) I use MobyPic but the android app is crap I’ve had to delete it 3x 🙁

@Gentle_Canuck I don’t make the rules..I just follow them! (Sometimes ha) alrdy suspended from TwitPic, TweetPhoto+Yfrog #lame

@Gentle_Canuck wouldn’t be a big deal if the MobyPic would work good. It seriously #fails about 80% of the time! So weird

@Gentle_Canuck no I have no more room in my life for more twitter pic apps LOL! Besides Im gna try to start posting pics on my blog 1st+linking from there which is the smartest thing for me to do. Except for special occassions like today/tmrw 🙂

Ill post some random non nude pics instead! let’s see what I can find on my fone.. haha BTS pic from upcoming super awesome scene shot by @richcash we shot 975 pics+90 min video! Fun! probably the sexiest pic I’ve ever posted on Twitter last one for the night! I love this pic shot by @JayAllanPhoto this set will be going live in 2 weeks I think!

It was harder than u think to fine NON nude pics on my fone LOL!

Me thinks I have to cut and paste all of my crazy tweets from today+post on my would be fucked up if I didn’t! And sprinkle in some of the funny pics I took of myself today! That way I wont repeat myself so much haha and a lot of my members read my blog but dont do the Twitter! #goodideaAaliyah! #Imfullofthem

Thanx for hangin out w me today guys it really helped me pass the time+get my mind off of the pain! I think I’m gna try to go to bed now..


DAMN I Tweeted so much this day this has to be the most I ever did!  I literally laid in bed and did nothing but tweet from the time I got home from surgery (about 12noon) till the time I passed out (probably 2am?) with a couple of naps in between!  I was in so much pain and you guys really helped distract me and get me thru, better than any mind numbing tv show!  I love my fans and this is a great example right here why!

Tomorrow I’ll post a blog about my “Surgery Ramblings Day 2” so please let me know if you liked this blog post or not, if it made sense to you or not
(it just occurred to me the people who don’t read my Twitter but only my blog might be confused by the “Twitter jargon” let me know if thats the case! I hope not tho!

It’s the closest to on going commentary about this whole ordeal from me that you’re going to get!  I probably tweeted every 5 minutes or less those 2 days..OMG out of control haha!:)

Goodnight everyone!!:) XO

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Right Now..

Getting my wisdom teeth taken out right NOW as you read this post! I’m getting all 4 teeth pulled, then have to fly home form Oregon to California in pain and recover at my apartment all one to take care of me!! I’m so not looking forward to it.. (if you’ve been to one of my last 4 feature webcam shows you know how much I have been dreading+worrying about this! ahhh)

So I don’t normally do this, but feel free to spoil me.. buy me little presents or buy my panties, whatever makes you would really make ME happy!:)

You can buy me a little somethin somethin off of my amazon wishlist:

OR you can buy YOURSELF a little somethin somethin from my smut store;)

I also like gift certificates (what girl doesnt?) to stores like Bebe, Express, Metro Park,Victorias Secret, Target.. ya know, all of the same girly stores all girls dig!:)

or you can send me lots of scene comments, blog comments, blog RTs+emails to come home to..That would make me a very happy girl!!! (AND be understanding when it takes me awhile to reply while I’m recovering!!)

I hope you all are having a better day than I am!!!:(


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Taste the Rainbow!

Here’s some fun colorful pics from an upcoming scene called Taste the Rainbow!!


think I’m asking for someone to cum lick my pussy in this one!:)



I love this pic for some reason, I’m sure lots of you have seen me post it on my Twitter like, 10 times haha!



Hope you guys like this pic set..I look forward to all of your scene comments!!:)

So how is everyone’s week going so far?  I leave for Oregon in a couple of hours eek I’m trying to not think about it and just keep busy until it’s time for me to leave for the airport! I’m not going to go on and on about how scared and nervous about this surgery I am (mainly because I already have during my last 3 feature webcam shows haha!) but I’ll just say I can’t wait until this is all over and it is like a week from now!

I purposely saved myself a bunch of members emails to reply to, behind the scenes pictures and videos to sort through, picture sets to edit down, and a bunch of other little computer projects for when I’m spending the next week taking off of webcam but will probably be very bored with nothing to do!  So you all should be getting some interesting emails from me this weekend haha!:)

I hope everyone has a good Thursday+weekend!  Wish me luck I’m going to need it!!! :/

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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I’m Naughty!

What can I say? I just can’t help it..

I was born this way!:)


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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