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Tonight’s Webcam Show and a Hot GIF!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who came to tonight’s webcam show!  I really appreciate you guys spending your Friday night with me! Don’t forget, next week’s show is also on Friday night so I expect to see you all then too!;)

Check out my first gif EVER!  Kbal24 made it for me and I love it, it’s mesmerizing LOL!

This is what happened LAST webcam show.. I think this is after I came all over the toy and I was licking it off like a good little girl:)

Have a great weekend everyone!!:)  Me, I’ll be on my webcam doing pvt shows all weekend long, so if you want to play with me.. you know where to find me!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Tomorrow’s Feature Webcam Show

Hey guys this is my only day off until next (not THIS, but NEXT) weekend so I’m trying to stay away form my computer today.. and so far failing LOL!

So although I have TONS of crazy stories from yesterday to tell you all, it’s going to have to wait until tomorrow’s webcam show because after this blog I’m <gasp> turning my computer OFF and going OUTSIDE!

I just wanted to let you all know, obv I had to push the webcam show day back to Friday since I had a shoot pop up at last minute for me yesterday, and now it has happened for next week too.  So you guys get 2 Friday webcam shows in a row, but usually I will try to schedule them on Wednesdays, since we all recently made the decision that that would be best.

ALSO, someone just pointed out that on my calendar it says the show is at 5pm PST but on my front page it said a different time.. doh!  So I went in and changed it so it’s all good now..

TOMORROW the show will be at 5-6pm PST and

NEXT FRIDAY it will be 8-9pm PST

I like to alternate the times so everyone can make it to at least one or another (if not both!) I have lots of fans on the East Coast that go to bed early, and fans in the UK, etc.. so I have to try to think of everybody!  Hope this works for you guys;)

OK this is it, computer is going off NOW!  Love you guys I hope you all are having a great Thursday!  I will be on my webcam doing pvt shows all day tomorrow before and after the member’s feature show if you want to catch me, I’ll be at

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Dreaming of Ariel Rebel

I had the strangest dream last night you guys!  And it’s unusual that a dream stays with me all day and I can still remember it vividly, even after a full day!  So I think I need to share it with you all, maybe we can interpret and figure out what the hell is going on in my twisted head hehe:)  I warn you..this dream contains no sex at all!  Sorry!  LOL:)

I had a dream about Ariel Rebel, and I think her sexy friend Mandy Unleashed was there too!  They were visiting California, but it wasn’t California, more like Illinois, where I grew up.  I was going to take them across this lake to a mall, because I remember reading on Ariel’s blog that she once went to a WetSeal store in America but they don’t have then in Canada so we were going to go crazy shopping there!

So half of the lake is frozen, but obvious not cold, because we walk on the ice until the water part, then I jumped right in and we swam the rest of the way!  We get to the mall and we walk into the store and get kind of lost.  We are trying to find our way around but it’s really confusing, and we end up in a backroom full of clothes racks full of clothes, and someone who works there is yelling at us to get out and we were trying to but couldn’t find the exit.  Then I think the store caught on fire but we weren’t too worried at all about it, we just knew it was time to go.  Then we are standing outside the store and we get on a boat and some of my Aunts and Uncles are on the boat too.  We are chillin and having a good time, until I want to go swimming but my family tells me not to, it’s not safe.  I tell them to lighten up I do it all of the time and jump in.

Then my alarm went off.

Weird huh?!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

ps-So did everyone have a good weekend?  Did anybody do anything super fun?  I want to hear all about it!:)

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Yay New Lingerie

So last weekend I headed to the mall with a couple Victorias Secret giftcards and about $100.  My plan was to find NORMAL clothes for everyday instead of photoshoot/webcam clothes for once!   I find it’s not easy to find normal clothes that I love enough to spend my hard earned money on, especially pants!  I think I only have 3 pairs of pants that fit me and I like right now.. it’s much easier to find cute stuff to wear on camera!  This time I was on the look out for long sleeve cute shirts and/or maybe a pair of jeans.

I went to all of my fav stores and the only thing I could find that I was really diggin was this gray sweater until I realized I liked it because I owned one just like it.. doh!  I always do that LOL!  Then I went to Victorias Secret and within 5 minutes my hands were FULL!  “OMG this is soo cute, and they have it in 10 diff colors, ok, which 2 colors would look the best on my webcam?  These are Spring colors I could do a really cool Sprintime photoshoot in this one!”

Needless to say this is what I ended up leaving the mall with.  And yes, I spent both gift certificates and all of my money!

Also, it being right around Valentines day, the stores were full of all sorts of sickeningly cute pink stuff covered in hearts and bows.. which is totally my style!:)

But I have to say I’m not upset that I didn’t get the cute pair of pants and long sleeve shirt I had in mind, I’m really happy with what I got!  You can expect to see me wearing my new threads camera sometime soon!:)  YAY new lingerie!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Noob Files: Random Twitter Noob

I promised you guys more Noob Files and I will deliver!  I’ve had a massive amount of Noobs contact me lately, and I’ve recorded it all for your entertainment!  Wait until you guys hear about the email from a “photographer” I got last nite..oh boy!

This one is just a silly little convo I had with a guy on Twitter.  I cut and paste both of our convos so you can see word for word what I saw.  Sometimes the way the Noobs write is just as funny as what they are saying!

This guy was hitting me up on Twitter nonstop, spamming his email address over and OVER.  This one I KNEW wouldn’t end well, but I was intrigued to find out exactly what kind of Noob this one would be.. he did NOT disappoint!

santa has been generous to you this year!hurry up and email me to find out im john

im john email me at <>

Hi!  Sorry I dont give my personal email out to strangers, but if you become a member of my website you can email me thru there.

hurry up and email me at <> or santa will take your presents!

um I don’t even know what that means  “if you dont move fast Santa will take ur presents” LOL

i was already at your site, im <> and your presents are here already if you dont move fast santa can take them.john

just checked ur timeline..u say the same thing to like 50 girls? (his Twitter timeline was literally him telling every porn girl he could find on Twitter to email him and the crap about Santa blah blah blah)

not one will move for a millionaire, have fun marry a looser that is not me!

you spelled loser wrong LOL

money can’t buy you class or manners. doesn’t matter how much $ you have, I don’t respond to someone who talks to me like that. good luck with your spam

i got you to respond and im not showing my ass—–ests… im john


no life, no love.. no riches, no future.. so why?


Then I blocked him!   LOL!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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More Gothic Lolita Sluttiness

Wow I got such a good response from that last blog post that I had to share one more pic with you guys!:)

So how is everyone’s weekend going so far? TGIF!!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Gothic Lolita Polaroids

I recently had a little fun at a photoshoot unlike any other I’ve ever done!  It was a local shoot by  a photographer I like to call Cheki Noir.  After spending a couple of hours with him, not only was he a super cool/professional person to work with, but I came to the conclusion that I finally someone that is as obsessed with Japanese culture and girls as I am!  He even gave me a little present which was collectible cards (like baseball cards) but they’re pics of hot Japanese girls.. he really knows the way to my heart!:)

He asked me if I’d be willing to wear my Gothic/Lolita dress for him and my fav pink wig.   He was so sweet because he kept on saying “I know I shouldn’t ask all of this of you, it being out first shoot and all..”  and I’m like “Are you crazy?!  To have an excuse to wear this outfit is what I live for!  Then to be told I’m getting paid on top of that.. this is AWESOME!!”

As you can tell by the big smile on my face, I had a great time!

We only shot for 2 hours and when we were done we had 300 Polaroid pics to sort thru.. fun!:)  I’d say at least half of them turned out, and I got to pick my top 5 favs and autograph them.  He was nice enough to email me a couple so I could post them here on my blog!

If you guys like these I have a couple more to post here!

BTW if you want to check out more of Cheki Noir you can find him here:


Tumblr: (hey he should post some of these pics on his tumblr, don’tcha guys think?:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Sexy Pic From Photoshoot With Alluring Vixens

Hey guys it’s Monday morning and I have sooo much to do today it’s ridiculous!  Because I’m so super busy rt now I couldn’t post a nice long email telling you all about my shoot this weekend, (don’t worry, i will later!)  but I do have time to share a pic with you!


Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Love This Pic!:)

I just love this pic from next week’s update, another pic set I’m really excited about!  It’s called Girl in a Box and if you guys are really nice to me I will def post more teaser pics before the scene goes live!!:)

It’s just a pic I snapped with my phone camera off of my laptop screen.  It’s completely unedited fresh off of the memory card!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Feelin More Blue

So the last pic I posted is the only “finished, ready for internet” pic form the Cosplay Slut scene I have laid my hands on so far..the suspense is killin me!!!   But I was sneaky the other day when I got to go thru all 450 pics form this scene and narrow them down to my 60 favs.. I got out my new phone and snapped a couple pics!:)

This one was def a keeper!  There were a lot of pics in this set where I’m doing this pose and it was hard to narrow it down to only 1 or 2.. I guess I really liked tugging on my big ass hair bow that day LOL

Here’s another I really liked.. grr I’m eating my panties!!

Then I played around with a cool new photo app I got on my phone and took a bunch where I messed with the colors, contrast, etc and took a bunch of crazy pics.  This is my fav one tho:)

I am hoping to get the rest of the pics back in a week or two, I will keep you guys updated!  I really hope you guys dig this pic set as much as I do!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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