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Feelin Blue

Here’s a fun pic from an upcoming scene!  Right now we lovingly refer to it as “Cosplay Slut” scene, so until I can cum up with something better.. that’s what it’s going to be!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Barelist Interview

I recently did an interview for They have always showed me and a lot of L<3VE so I wanted to do the same for them!:)

Here’s some of the highlights of the interview:

What was your first job?
I started baby sitting when I was in 5th grade! I found a bike abandoned in the woods near my house and I took it home and cleaned it up and rode around my neighborhood putting up flyers I had made advertising my “professional and affordable babysitting services”. I used to run home from the bus stop after school and jump on my bike and ride off to my jobs! I think I charged $4 an hour. That was big bucks to me back then!!
I also started working at a local pet store when I was 15 years old. The youngest age to work there was 16, but I have always been very convincing when I needed to be I guess:)

Do you have a hobby that would surprise most people?
I am about to start horseback riding English/Jumper style. I used to ride horses when I was younger, but haven’t since I was probably in 5th grade! I have missed it so much and dream about it all of the time, and one day I woke up and said to myself  “Stop dreaming about it and DO IT! What’s stopping you?!”  So I have been shopping and collecting all of the gear that I need.. my first lesson is a week away.. I’m SO excited and nervous..wish me luck!:)

Who is your favorite adult star (past or present)?
I have so many.. I can’t just name one! I love watching Sasha Gray, Bree Olsen and Jenna Haze because they always are genuinely horny and cock/pussy hungry, which sooo turns me on! I’m also a huge fan of Japanese porn! 🙂

You can read the rest of the interview and check out a bunch of teaser pics pulled straight from my weekly updates go to:

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Noob Files: Nigga Pweeze Noob

No matter what your job is, you are bound to encounter the occassional mean, hateful or just plain dumb acting person.  I get probably more of this at my job than the average person I’d imagine..

When I first started webcamming, I used to let stuff like this get to me, and if I was in freechat, there was a good chance you’d see me arguing with some keyboard warrior that wanted to insult me and fire me up.. I thought I was “showing them!” but really I was just showing my horny customers, the ones that actually liked me and was there to spend their hard earned money and time with me that I was more interested in arguing with noobs than talking to them.. doh!

These days I’m not so serious, I’ve grown up a little and realized that life is too short to get upset over what random strangers on the internet say or do, and when I do encounter the occasional online hater, rude dude, or just plain idiot, 95% of the time I chuckle and ignore it.  But call it immaturity or sometimes it’s just plain curiosity, every once in awhile, I can’t help myself and I do respond.  The result is almost always pure comedy..

I’ve saved the top 2% of the craziness I’ve dealt with over the last year or so in a folder on my computer lovingly referred to as the “NOOB Files”  I am now going to open these files to all of you, my awesome fans.

Here’s an email I got about 2 months ago.. we talked about this one during a member’s webcam show and everyone agreed, NOOB!:)

Hey Aliyah I love the pics you post on (free website) I was wondering about the purple dildo you always use.  Can I have it? 😛

My reply–>Hihihi!  Sorry it has taken me 2 months to reply to your message but I don’t come on this website and check my messages very often.  I’m glad u like the pics.. Only a few are posted here on (this free website) you can see a lot more on my site,  About the dildo..yes!  We can discuss it, but can you plz email me at () so we can discuss further? Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

Hey. This is (dude) from the (free site) forum about the dildo :P. Can I still have it? heh.

oh hey! yes you can;) I’ve never sold my used dirty dildos before..but I’ve sold lots of wet panties and magazines hehe..
My panties usually go for $50. so how about you send me $50 and Ill stick it deep in my pussy+get it wet+covered in my juices then double bag it before sending it to you?:)
are you talking about the big purple dildo I always use? yeah, that on was in my pussy like, 5mins ago 😉

oh:( sure i couldnt just have?

LOL! yes, I’m sure.. it’s my fav dildo, so I’d have to buy a new one.. and it would cost me $40 to buy a brand new one… plus I’d have to drive to the post office and pay to mail it to you..

pweez?? 😛

OK first of all, a grown man should never, ever say “pweeze!!”  Nothing makes my pussy drier than a man talking baby talk.  Esp after he’s asked a stupid question and gotten a logical answer in return. 2nd of all, lose my email. Don’t ever contact me again you NOOB.  BTW it’s spelled AALIYAH 😉

This is the 1st Noob File post.  There will be plenty more to follow if you guys think it’s funny and I should post more!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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My View From the Bathtub

ahh I love taking super hot baths!!:)


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Aaliyah Love Does Yoga

I just got back from possibly the best and hardest yoga class I have EVER taken and I feel GREAT!  I am sitting here, still sweating, all of my muscles, but esp my leg muscles somewhere in between “hurts so good” and “WOW what did I do yesterday?!”  Which is a great place to be, except if I am already feeling like this 20mins after my class, I can almost be guaranteed to be way past “WOW what did I do yesterday” and into “OMFG I can’t walk!” tomorrow morning!  I’m not sure what I can do to make it better other than drink a lot of water and maybe stretch some more before I go to sleep tonight?

One of my New Years Resolutions was to become more healthy all around (yeah yeah I know, what an original concept!) and a big part of that is to start working out more and to do exercise that I enjoy instead of getting bored with my gym all of the time.  I used to be hardcore into yoga but since I hurt my back really bad a year and a half ago, I have been kind of scared about it, and only took a “Level 1 Gentle” class every once in awhile.   Now I am telling myself to suck it up and stop being such a baby about it to to trust my body and GO FOR IT!  This is week 3 that I have gone at least 2x a week, last week I went a whopping 4!  I can already feel my muscles and my back get stronger and have more energy aww yeah!:)

I also plan on getting back into horseback riding, I have been collecting all of the equipment that I need and I am almost there, but that’s another story for another blog post (hopefully it won’t be a story about me falling off of a horse hehe!)

So so far in 2011, I am sticking to one of my resolutions and feeling great about it!

Did any of you make any resolutions?  How is it going?  I want to hear about it!

I’m going to jump in the bath now, then make some green tea!  Have a great Sunday night everyone!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Screencaps From Last Weeks Webcam Show

Here’s how last week’s feature webcam show went.. summed up in 15 provocative pics:)

Thank you to everyone who made it to the show.. I think it was one of the best for me so far, just because of the crazy/funny conversations that were going on during the entire show.. you guys crack me up!:)  Then follow that up with 2 nice hard orgasms.. what more could I ask for?:)

If you missed it, the show was recorded and archived immediately in the member’s area under WEBCAM>ARCHIVES so I hope  you all go check that out!

I just scheduled my next 2 weeks of feature shows and posted the details on my calendar.  I made then for different times so hopefully everyone who wants to cum to the show can make it to at least one of them?

Which reminds me.. I also wanted to ask you all about the webcam show dates/times.  Some sologirls do their webcam shows the same day/time each week.  I haven’t done it this way yet, I do 1 show a week but it’s always different.. do you guys think it would be better if  had a set day of the week, like Wednesdays, that I always did my feature shows on?  Or do you prefer how it’s done now?

See you all tomorrow night in my chatroom!;)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Top 10 Scenes 2010 Part 2

5. Yellow Dress

During my last feature webcam show, several members admitted that this was one of their fav scenes of 2010.  That made me sooo happy, not only because it’s also one of MY favs, but because I tried a new technique that I’ve always wanted to do, but never tried before with the video, and it’s a big hit!:)  It’s the first (but def not last!) of this kind posted here at  Jay Allan shot this video with a HD cam with lots of closeups and slow, sensual moves, and then it’s all set to music.

This week a new video will be posted that uses the same style, but you will be able to hear my moans thru the’s called “Summer Lovin.”

4. Food Fun

Last year it was the strawberries, this year, I made a salad!  I love doing food fucking scenes for many reasons, but #1 reason is because it combines my 2 fav things.. sex and food!  How many sologirls have you seen DP themselves with a cucumber and carrot?:)

Here’s a blog post with more pics from this scene and other Food Fucking scenes from

3. Naughty Maid Part 1 and 2

This was one of the most popular girl/girl scenes from 2010!!  It was also one of my fav scenes to shoot..mmm I love me some Veronica Avluv!  I can’t wait to shoot with her again… she’s so passionate and yummy!:)  2 long videos and lots of matching pics of Veronica and I going at it, both dressed really pretty like pin-up models.. what more could you want?

The blogs I posted about this scene were also some of the most popular blog posts from 2010.  Here’s 2 of them:

2. Merry XXXmas!

I really overdid it X-mas 2009, and I was worried about how I would outdo it this year, but I think I nailed it:)  I had so much fun rolling around in the fake snow and getting off in my little winter wonderland!  I love how this scene turned out, plus it’s fresh in my mind, being the last scene posted in 2010!:)

1. High Glam in Polkadots

Most def my fav scene of 2010 and one of my fav pic sets EVER!  I designed this entire set, and I had it all in my head for months, and I really feel like it turned out exactly as I had planned!  It all started out with the headband, and I built around that LOL!  I love everything about these pics, my hair and makeup, my fav Trashy outfit, the awkward pretty poses, etc.. I even used one of my fav pics form this set as the large picture in the middle of the front page of!

So that’s it everyone.. Hope you enjoyed!  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!  I want to thank everyone who became a member of my website in 2010, without you I wouldn’t be able to keep on doing what I’m doing..  and I am having so much fun doing it, I don’t ever want to stop.. THANK YOU!!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Top 10 Scenes of 2010 Part 1

I know that this post is a little late, but better fashionably late than never..right?:)

I started writing this blog before Xmas but it has taken me awhile to narrow it down, there were so many scenes posted in 2010 that I’m proud of!

It was also interesting to compare 2009’s scenes to 2010.. I think that the quality of my pics/vids has gone up, and I can tell that as time goes on, I am feeling way more comfortable and natural in front of the camera!

I think it would be interesting to hear what everyone’s fav scenes were..and why??

Here’s my first 5.  I’ll post the next 5 sooooon:)

10.Outdoor Masturbation Instruction

This scene was shot by request from a chatroom of members during one of my member’s webcam shows.  I quizzed everyone about what kind of scenes they want to see more of at, and everyone said they wanted more masturbation instruction videos, like “Show Me Your Pink” and “Hot Masturbation Instruction” from last year.  I also get requests to do more outdoor scenes all of the time.. so this seemed like a no brainer!  I got tons of really positive member reviews/comments from this one so I think I did good:)  This was shot by Jay Allan in Malibu on a hot Summer day!

9. Good Vibrations With My Sybian

It’s a very simple scene, just me in my miniskirt stripping and sitting on my sybian and cumming very very hard.. but sometimes that’s all you need!  I liked the pics from this scene so much I used them for my current Twitter background!:)  I also like how my hair turned out and my cutsey socks with the hearts on the bottom hehe:)

8. Cocktease Schoolgirl (Part 1 and 2)

I think this is a scene that deserves more credit than it gets.. it’s got a little bit of everything.. dirty talking, a schoolgirl jumping on the bed topless, spanking, shaved pussy.. need I go on?  But unfortunately only half (about the first 7 mins only) of this video got posted with the matching pictures and I didn’t realize until I got a bunch of comments back like “what a tease.. when are you posting the rest?” doh!  So the second half was posted as a “Part 2” but the video was never posted in it’s entirety, which is a huge bummer:(  I still think we should repost it as a full video so everyone can jerk off to it:)


This scene is a pic set only.  But it’s one of my all time fav pic sets.  I wish my hair really looked like that in real life hehe.. expect more pic sets with crazy color wigs/outfits/scenery!:)  I like trying to look like a slutty japanimation character 🙂  This was shot by one of my fav photographers, Ric Young in Vegas a month ago.

6. Little Lost Girl Scout

This scene was one of the most popular scenes posted in 2010..everyone loves this slutty little girl scout:)  It was also one of my most popular blog posts, it was on Google’s #1 page for “slutty girl scout fantasies” and “slutty girl scout pics” for a long time!:)   I love roleplaying, dressing up and being silly.. I believe sex should always be FUN..don’t you?:)

5. Green Car

This is another scene that is pics only.  Jay Allan and I shot it in a matter of minutes and I never thought the pics would turn out as good as they did, but I have to say.. I think I look HOT in this scene!:)  So that’s why it’s one of my favs from 2010.. good enough reason?:)

This is the end of Part 1…  Tomorrow I will post Part 2 and reveal my top 5 fav scenes of 2010!  Can you guess what they are?  Are the the same as your favs?  You will just have to cum back here tomorrow to find out 😉

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Ok 1 More Purple Haze Pic!

OMG I got such good feedback from the last pics I posted that I’m gna give you guys 1 more to tease you until the full set goes live!

This is one of my fav pics from the whole set:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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Purple Haze

I just got another fun pic set and matching behind the scenes video from Ric Young today and I couldn’t wait to share some of these with you guys!

I call this one Purple Haze 🙂

I am having waaaay too much fun with these crazy wigs!  I was stoked when I was digging thru my outfits and this one matched PERFECTLY!

We shot this scene about a month ago in Vegas.  I really think everyone is going to like this one!:)

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

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